Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm Crazy For Loving You, For Feeling You

As much as I love it when Kevin Federline performs (apparently, I'm the only one), I think I much prefer Kevin Federline when he's allowed to speak. GQ magazine was kind enough to allow K-Fed the forum with which to let the world hear what he has to say. This month's issue of GQ arrived in my mailbox yesterday and I spent some time getting to know The Federline a little bit better in his interview. There is some great stuff in the interview ... here are some of my favorite parts:

K-Fed allowed the GQ interviewer to follow him around as he did some radio promo -- at his stop at Power 106 in LA, K-Fed gets quizzed by radio DJs Tattoo, Luscious Liz and Big Boy the host of Big Boy's Neighborhood: During a commercial break, Tat asks Federline about his shoes. The most he has ever spent on a pair of sneakers, Federline says, is $1,500, though he's never worn them -- they hang on the wall in his closet "like a piece of art." Nice. I was unaware that Kevin had an appreciation for art at all. The on-air interview continues: Big Boy says, "If you do fifteen questions, we'll go ahead and play the song in its entirety." Federline smirks and leans way back in his chair again. Question number one: "If Britney Spears gave you a pass for a threesome, who would you bring into the bedroom?" Federline hesitates before buring out, "Old girl in Sin City." (Jessica Alba.)

The next two questions require less thought. "If you and Justin Timberlake were in a fight, who would win?" "I would." "When you smoke, do you use a pipe or papers?" "Both." Now Big Boy takes a deep breath and slides his chair in toward the soundboard. "Kevin Federline," he says, "If I were to make a business card for you right now, what should I put as your job title?" Federline puts down the licorice he's been gnawing on, and his smile -- suspended there between his two diamond earrings -- goes serious. "I'm an artist," he says.
Um ... yeah. Right. Anyways ... Kevin reveals that he's got more up his sleeve than just an insatiable desire to rap ... homie wants to act as well: Yes, he wants to act. Federline told his agents at ICM that he was concentrating on the music, but they recently sent him a script he liked. "I'd be playing a gangster-drug-dealer-type dude," he says. But then he got sick on the day of the audition. HAHAHAHAHHAHA. I suppose we should be grateful. Kevin goes on to proclaim that he is breaking new musical ground with his new album ... which sounds a bit like the stuff that Justin Timberlake has been saying lately, but I think I believe Justin more than I believe K-Fed: Still, he's confident that he's breaking new ground. "I'm the first white boy bringing the West Coast sound," he says. "It's gonna be huge. I'm doing shit not even Eminem does." I'm sure Eminem is quaking in his boots somewhere.

Kevin claims he only spends his own money and none of Britney's money: Federline laid down many of the tracks in his home recording studio. That way he could pop in and say hello to the baby. "I spent almost all of my money from Chaotic building the studio," he says. "I don't rely on my wife's money," he says. "I don't get any money from my wife." He tells me he made $2 million on the show, most of which he's spent. "I'm almost broke," he says. He also claims to have his children's health interests at heart: He's not allowed to smoke in the house, and, he says, "I won't never smoke around my kids. I never have." When I point out that there are plenty of photos of him smoking in front of his kids, he says, "If I'm outside, I always make sure I watch where the smoke travels in the wind." Kevin claims to be a scholar: He dropped out of high school in the ninth grade. "I had too much beef with people there," he says. "It's not like I was trying to be a badass or anything like that. But everybody hated me for who I was." When he turned 18, Federline got his GED. "I actually got amazing-ass test scores on it," he says. "Not that it's the hardest thing in the world. But especially the math. I got pretty high test scores for the state of California." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Uh ... yeah.

He ends the interview by pulling out his big gun -- his wife's coattails: The music ends, and Federline walks toward the stereo, or rather rolls toward it, dragging one leg. "I saved the best shit for last," he tells me. "I just recorded this shit with my wife [he never refers to Britney by name]. It's bangin'. No one's heard this shit yet." Federline wrote the lyrics, and Britney sings the hook: I'm racy/I'm crazy/for loving you/for feeling you. Ye gods, I can hardly wait to hear the whole thing for myself! It's gonna be so dope y'all. I really hope that K-Fed does more interviews ... he's such an interesting character. [Source]

Since the new issue of GQ magazine is the Fall fashion issue it's about as thick as a phonebook (but not quite as thick as the new issue of Vogue) ... most of the magazine is clothes advertisements and I came up on an ad for a 5 Star track jacket ... it looks quite good on a real model:

I don't think 5 Star really thought out this whole, let's use Kevin Federline as one of our models thing. They should stick with real models if they want to sell any of their clothes. [Source]

One last bit of Spederline news ... Britney Spears was lookin pretty pissed as she stormed out of Chin Chin restaurant in Hollywood over the weekend ...

Photo credit: X-17

What do you think set her off? I have a sneaking suspicion that her pesky little hubby had something to do with this little blow-up. [Source]

Here are pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal hanging out in NYC and we finally get a clear look at the new tattoo that he supposedly got on his inner arm:

Photo credit: Splash News

Boo! It looks pretty obvious that this tattoo is just something drawn on his arm with a pen or marker. Even tho the fake tattoo looks half rubbed off, it appears to be made up of Old English letters. Unfortch, it looks like he misspelled T-R-E-N-T. [Source, thanks Chris]

While Jakey was hanging out by himself in NYC, Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong were spending some more alone time hanging out in Miami, Florida doing a little jogging. Even tho it appears that Jake has won the role of playing Lance Armstrong in the biopic about his life, it looks like Matthew ain't giving up on Lance just yet:

Cycling legend Lance Armstrong has privately confirmed speculation that Jake Gyllenhaal will portray him in a biopic. He told sources at ESPN that Matthew McConaughey had been up to play the part, but lost out to Gyllenhaal. "He said that's why he has been spending so much time with them both this summer," said the source. Hmmm ... Lance ain't no dummy ... it looks like he's going to keep on "auditioning" Matthew for as long as he can. Shoot ... I guess I can't really blame him. But, I do think that it's poor form for Lance to be playing games with his heart. [Source]

Nicole Richie and Brody Jenner have really been joined at the hip these days ... here are new pictures of the pair hanging out at a pet store together:

Photo credit: X-17

I really think these two are just playing around with the media speculation about their love lives ... but it is interesting that they are already picking out pets together. That's a more rock solid form of commitment than having babies is ... well, at least in Hollywood. [Source]

Jude Law, the cad that he is, is always on the prowl for fresh meat. Here are a couple pictures of the randy boy trying to score some action for the night in front of the Spotted Pig restaurant:

Well, if at first you don't succeed ... [Source]

Can someone tell me what the hell is going on with Victoria Beckham's head? It looks like it has grown to epic proportions:

Yikes! It looks like her head is wider than her waist is. Surely she can't still be losing weight, can she? What weight does she have left to lose? I mean, can marrow be liposuctioned out of bones? [Source]

Here is a new picture of George Clooney and Brad Pitt taking a breather on the set of their new movie Ocean's 13:

Actors in their golden years are just so damn cute. [Source]

YES! Mark Z. Danielewski, the author of the utterly amazing book House of Leaves, is back with a new book. Here is the cover for his new book Only Revolutions which is due to hit stores on September 12th:

If you are at all familiar with MZD's work then you're prolly as excited as I am about this news. If you are unfamiliar with his work, I suggest you run out and pick up his book House of Leaves and read it post haste! It's amazing ... it's more than just a story -- it's an experience. I fully expect his new book to be just as engaging ... the official website for Only Revolutions is up and running. Even tho I haven't had the time to explore the site fully, I am very excited to read this book as soon as I get my hands on a copy. Trust me folks, MZD's writing style is as engaging as any new movie or new album is. Woot! [Source]

Kristin Cavallari is featured in the new issue of Blender magazine showing off her bikini collection:

While I think that she is such a pretty girl, I don't really need to know what her favorite sexual position is ... but I'm sure that information is useful for some peeps out there. Enjoy! [Source]

Heidi Klum is on the cover of the new issue of German Sports Illustrated:

Click above for larger size image

If you look closely, you'll see that Heidi is not wearing a bathing suit in this picture. Her suit is painted on with body paint. Soo ... does this count as a nip slip? [Source]

Kirsten Dunst is Marie Antoinette on the cover of the new issue of Vogue magazine ... here are a few photos from her amazing photoshoot:

I love this shoot! I am really looking forward to seeing Marie Antoinette. Click HERE to read excerpts from her Vogue interview. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to my boy Josh Madden! The eldest Madden child is celebrating his birthday today and I would be remiss if I didn't give him a little shout-out Pink is the new Blog style:

I hope you have a kickass birthday, I hope Sarah gives you the "present" I asked her to give you and I really hope you do more impromptu photoshoots like this one right here. We'll have to do it big when I come out to NYC next week! XOXO

Da News:
Yesterday evening, Jim, Davey and I had big plans for a rambunctious night on the town ... there was stripping strippers to be had and I was ready to go with my camera in tow. Unfortunately, fate had different plans for us. While we were on route to MJ's, Davey's car decided that it really didn't want to go any further ... especially since one of the engine belts decided it didn't want to live any longer. The belt snapped, the car started to overheat and our night was pretty much dunzo. We were aided by two very helpful strangers (one offered mechanical advice and the other helped Jim and me push the car to the nearest gas station) which kinda made the night not so terrible. Davey's friend Kenny had to pick us up and take us home.

And that was our night.

I'm really hoping tonight is a better one ... especially since it's my turn to drive. OY! I'm not sure what's going on tonight, exactly, but I hope it ends up better than last night did.

That is all ... I'm out.

PS: My interview with Louise Post of Veruca Salt has been pushed back to Friday afternoon, you still have time to send in your questions :)