Friday, September 01, 2006

The Really Big Show

Holy shizz, y'all ... MTV really knows how to throw a party ... and I'm still feeling the effects from last night right now. OY! It's all good tho ... I had the best night last night ... deets to come ...

Spederline surprised everyone by "appearing" on the MTV Video Music Awards last night ... unfortch they only did so via taped segment. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline presented the award for Best R&B Video (after they did a really dumb comedy skit that wasn't funny at all ... not even when she made the crack about K-Fed's cigarettes and his ass):

Um ... if this is what we can look forward to from K-Fed: The Actor then I think we're effed. This whole thing was terrrrrrrible! Man, once upon a time, Britney Spears' appearance at the VMAs was the stuff of legend ... her performances were always the ones that everyone was talking about the next day. I doubt anyone is talking about her most recent VMA appearance today ... well, except for me cuz I make a point to mention pretty much everything that she does (stay tuned, I have pictures of Britney going out for ice cream in just a little bit). If you missed watching the Spederline segment last night, click HERE to check it out. [Source]

But the big Spederline news of the day is not about their VMA appearance, it's actually Kevin Federline New Video Day! Ta-da! Here are some screencaps from Kevin's debut music video for his new single Lose Control:

Click above to watch the video

Yeah ... the video is pretty much what you'd expect ... a lot of posturing, a lot of that Yo! Yo! Yo! stuff that K-Fed is famous for. If you made your way to Las Vegas to appear in Kevin's video (the video was shot at Pure nightclub) you might to check it out to see if you made the final cut. All others can prolly just skip watching it. [Source]

Here are those Britney Spears getting ice cream pictures I was teasing you with ... I know ... exciting, right?

Photo credit: X-17

I bet JL just looooves hearing Britney prattle on about the Federline. DAMNIT! Is that a scrunchie that Brit has wrapped around her wrist?! She takes a few steps forward and then takes 15 steps backwards. OY! Why do I love this girl so much? [Source]

Alright, now that the Spederline stuff is out of the way, we can get to the real news ... last night MTV threw it's biggest party of the year at Radio City Music Hall here in NYC. The Video Music Awards returned to NYC after spending a couple of years in Miami ... here are a few photos from the red carpet and the show itself:

I must confess, I've yet to watch the show in its entirety ... after Sarah and I hung out on the red carpet, I was ushered into the green room for the duration of the show. That was a completely insane and surreal place to be for me ... but it was so incredibly awesome. So even tho I've yet to watch the show (we recorded it, so I'll try and watch it later on today) I did head over to You Tube to watch the OK GO performance of their song Here It Goes Again. Click HERE to watch it if you missed seeing it too. I also had to watch Justin Timberlake's performance which was pretty damn hot. Click HERE to see it. I had no idea that Jennifer Lopez was scheduled to appear at the show until she breezed by on the red carpet last night ... WTF is going on with her whole look? She looked like death! Her eye make-up gave her that Marc Anthony Zombie-look and that head wrap was not working at all for the Diva Latina. I hear Jack Black wasn't the best host and no single artist really dominated the awards ... what did you think about the VMAs? [Source]

Click HERE to see a list of all the 2006 MTV Video Music Award winners.

Click HERE to watch the entire VMAs online.

Earlier in the day yesterday, before the awards took place, both Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey showed up at the Style Villa at the Bryant Park Hotel and Jeremy from was there to snap some pics:

Everyone working the gifting suite made sure to keep the former Newlyweds completely separate ... in fact, they were on different floors at all times. Ah, what celebs won't go thru just to get free shizz. [Source]

Mariah Carey, to my knowledge, was a no-show at the VMAs this year but she did make an appearance at the BMI Urban Awards the day before ... here are a couple pictures:

I'm not exactly sure if that horse's tail she's got sticking out the back of her head is her own real hair or not but I'm not a fan of this look on her. I much prefer her big, sexy hair over the I Dream of Jeanie look. [Source]

Diane Lane, Ben Affleck and Adrien Brody were all on hand for the premiere of their new movie Hollywoodland in Venice, Italy yesterday ... here are a few pics:

Adrien was looking really sexy in his skinny black suit ... it's always nice seeing him on the red carpet. Hollywoodland is a movie about the death of the TV Superman George Reeves in the late '50s ... Ben Affleck plays the Man of Steel. I'm not a huge fan of Ben Affleck movies (except for Gigli, but I only really like that movie cuz it's so horribly bad but fun to watch cuz it's so horribly bad) but I do enjoy watching Adrien Brody on the big screen. Here's hoping this Superman movie is more entertaining for me than that other Superman movie that came out earlier this summer. [Source]

Brad Pitt and family are down in New Orleans to mark the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina ... Brad took part in the Global Green Press Conference and was looking all sorts of sexy as he did so:

Photo credit: Splash News

Actor Brad Pitt on Thursday unveiled a "green" housing design for New Orleans's Lower Ninth Ward and said he was appalled by the slow pace of rebuilding since Hurricane Katrina hit last year. Two New York City architects won a contest, underwritten by Pitt, for an affordable, environmentally sound housing design. Their complex of single family homes and apartments would be built from modular pieces into long houses on a site that connects to the neighboring Mississippi River levee with a wide pedestrian ramp. But Pitt said the recovery would not work if the city did not assure critical services such as schools, and that he did not see much progress in the area that needed it most. "I am appalled and embarrassed that residents still do not have the opportunity ... to decide if they want to get back into their neighborhoods and recreate their communities," Pitt told a news conference. Don't you just love it when Brad gets all save-the-worldy? I think it's insanely cool that he is using his money, his time and his good looks for such a good cause. Brad Pitt, I salute you! [Source]

While Brad was bizzy with his press conference, Angelina Jolie took the kids, Maddox and Zahara, out for a day on the town ... here are a few pictures of Angelina and co. taking to the streets of New Orleans for a little shopping jaunt:

Images removed by request

I'm not sure where little miss Shiloh Nouvel was but I don't think that Zahara and Maddox minded that she wasn't there -- more attention for them. Zahara is so freaking cute with those little afropuffs that she's got going on ... I love the white dress and pink shoes combo ... soooo cute! Maddox is still rockin' the mohawk like nobody's business. It's cool seeing the family out and about again. It's been a while. [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Harry Morton doing a little shopping at Cartier ... so of course the speculation is that he bought a ring for Lindsay Lohan, who he has only been dating for a few weeks now, and is looking to make an honest woman out of her:

After Harry picked up this little bauble from Cartier he apparently whisked L. Lo off to Hawaii for a romantic holiday. I don't necessarily think that the couple will get engaged but nothing really surprises me anymore. Wait ... that's not true ... I'd actually be very surprised if we start to see pictures of Lindsay wearing a bra again. [Source]

And finally, here is the new ad for Hilary Duff's new fragrance called With Love:

Hilary leaning against the piano gives the whole thing a classy look and feel. Keep this in mind when you're shopping for your own bottle of the stuff at your local Wal-Mart or CVS drugstore. [Source, Scanned by Jennifer]

El News:
So yesterday was a pretty cool day for me, I must admit ... I was very happy that I was able to share most of the day with my best friend Sarah who flew in from Detroit to do the VMAs with me. Sarah, David and I met up for a quick lunch before heading down to Radio City Music Hall to get our places on the red carpet. It pretty much was the same deal that I encountered at the MTV Movie Awards this past June. I brought along a big foam board pink arrow that said HAWT! on it and I had this grand plan to use it for photos on the red carpet ... yeah, that's not exactly how it went down. We were so crowded in with the other news media that there wasn't enough room to use the arrow. Ah well ... we had a blast nonetheless:

Geeze, I don't even know where to begin ... Jason Wahler was one of the first people to come down the red carpet (so he wouldn't have to compete with the real talent) and showed up with a really cheesy looking bleached blonde. When asked who she was he said that she was "some chick he just met". That's some classy shizz right there. There was a helluva lotta cleavage on the red carpet ... Ice T's chick CoCo had it going on but I couldn't decide who had the best cleavage between Janelle and Tyler from The Real World: Key West. They were both wearing plunging necklines ... is it wrong that I couldn't stop looking at Janelle's chest?

I got to take some pretty cool pics with a few celebs on the red carpet:

And I got to meet and hang out with a whole mess of celebs in the greenroom during the show. MTV was kind enough to get me greenroom access which meant that I got to hang out and drink with pretty much every celebrity who was at the VMAs. I really bonded with Brody Jenner, who showed up with Nicole Richie. Nicole and I hung out for a bit, took some pictures and gossed for a while until she had to go on stage to present the award for Best Pop Video. While she was on stage, Brody was in charge of holding Nicole's purse and BlackBerry ... it was so cute! We got to hang to hang out a bit and just talk. He mentioned that he reads the blog and gets a kick out of it which was nice to hear. Brody is one of the most down guys ever ... I really enjoyed hanging out with him. I also got to get to hang out with Tyler from RW:KW and the rest of the Real World/Road Rulers that were there. My lucky ass got a kiss from Jessica Simpson and a wink and a nod from Papa Joe Simpson which leads me to believe that hasn't put a hit out on me. I got to say hey to Axl Rose (even scarier in person), The Killers, Sean William Scott, LC and Heidi from The Hills and I got a "Hey Sexy" from Paris Hilton as she walked by ... at least, I think it was for me, I wasn't too sure which way the wonky eye was facing. I rounded out the night doing shots with Gabe Saporta and Elisa Anna from Cobra Starship. That guy is crazy ... hella freakin' cool.

I also got to hang out with friends new and old:

Much love goes out to Lindsay from Entertainment Weekly ... thanks for hanging out with me last night ... too bad about that thing we were working on ... we'll have to try again soon ;)

Ugh ... after the show, Sarah, David and I made our way to the AOL Lil' Kim party (which exploded as soon as she and Lil' Jon rolled in) and then Sarah and I cameoed at the Atlantic Records/Warner Bros. party. I have *no* idea what time I got home ... but I kinda remember having a great time ... it's still a bit hazy after doing the shots with Gabe. I seem to remember getting lulled into a McDonald's after getting a whiff of their french fries wafting out into the street ... but it was all Sarah's fault ... she made me do it! I swear!

Check out for all things VMAs ... MTV was pretty much all over NYC last night.

Much love goes out to Kevin, Mark, Emily and Nakiah from MTV for showing me the time of my life. Thank you all for taking such good care of me ... I love you all :)

OY ... this post is way late ... I'm gonna put it up now ... then I'm going to go crash for the next 14 days. That is all, I'm out.