Saturday, September 02, 2006

Arrested Development

Britney Spears' baby watch continues ... in lieu of doing anything interesting these days, Britney has been spending her time out and about doing what she does best ... which is basically going out for food or shopping ... today, we have pictures of her going out for shopping ... those pregnancy cravings seem to be kicked into high gear ... here are a few pictures of Britney hanging out with Mama Lynne Spears and baby boy Sean Preston:

Another day, another pair of cut-off shorts (tho, prolly the same pair that she always wears) and her fave maternity top (hey, at least it's stainless today). She keeps promising a comeback ... so I keep watching ... and waiting. [Source]

While Britney is bizzy shopping and eating, Kevin Federline is hard at work on the CBS drama CSI ... here is a picture of K-Fed on set:

Wait ... what just happened? Britney is doing nothing and Kevin is the one working? We must've slipped into an alternate universe ... I never thought I'd evever have to type the words "hard at work" in relation to Kevin Federline. Britney's man was all smiles on the set of the CBS hit drama "CSI," where the star has scored a role on the popular crime drama. During the shoot, K-Fed found time to chat with an actual LAPD officer on set in between takes. Observers say officers were instructed to keep curious fans and the "Pavarottis" (sic) at bay. Kevin plays a thuggish, arrogant teen who harasses investigators on the show, played by series regulars George Eads and Gary Dourdan (investigators Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown, respectively). Don't miss K-Fed's acting debut, set to air this fall on CBS. See ... acting won't be too difficult for The Federline ... he was born to play the role of the thuggish arrogant teen. [Source]

Jessica Simpson, who has been suffering from a loss of voice for the past week, suddenly and miraculously found her voice in time to perform live on the Today Show yesterday morning ... here are a couple pictures from her performance:

It seems, tho, that her performance was prolly a bit premature ... she had a hard time hitting and/or sustaining a few notes thruout her performance (click HERE to hear one especially painful-sounding vocal crack). Even tho I still think she was faking her ailment a bit (so as not to address those John Mayer rumors), it sounds like she was, in fact, suffering from some vocal probs. I'm not sure I love that huge plant she's got sticking out of her hair but overall she looked pretty good in that dress. [Source]

Here are a few really cute pictures of Heidi Klum doing a little shopping in LA with her children Leni and Henry ...

... tho, it looks like Henry wasn't at all interested in shopping at all. Heidi looks so radiant when she's pregs ... and her kids are so cute. I love Heidi Klum. [Source]

So ... get this ... a couple of random guys happened to stumble upon the unguarded set of Lost while they were chillin' in Hawaii ... and of course they took as many pictures as they could to prove that they were there ... here are a few of their photos:

OMG ... I love these photos! I would die to stumble upon the set of Lost and by the looks of their photos ... they had a blast. Click HERE to see their entire Flickr with all of thier photos. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan and her man of the hour, Harry Morton, are spending a luxurious holiday in Hawaii. Speculation has been running rampant that Harry is ready to pop the question to Lindsay (since he was photographed buying a ring at Cartier right before they left on their trip) but thus far we've gotten no word that that has actually happened ... but we do have new photos of the pair chilling poolside at their hotel:

Boy, Lindsay sure likes getting manhandled, don't she? I love that picture of Harry holding her head ... it's quite provocative :) [Source]

When Lindsay and Harry aren't sunbathing by the pool, they're sunbathing at the beach ... but you would never know that Lindsay spent a single second in the sun because she never, ever seems to tan at all:

She also never, ever wears the same bikini twice. I think she burns each bikini after she wears it. Honestly, I'm not expecting these two to get engaged but I don't think I'd be very surprised if they did. They do seem to be so in love tho ... [Source]

One last bit of L. Lo news, she is on the cover of the new issue of the French magazine Jalouse ... here are some pictures from her photospread:

Eh, I'm over her fascination with hats but over all I really do like these photos. She looks great in black and white (plus the Photoshoppers don't have to worry about her normal pallid coloring) and I really like her chunky bangs in the last picture. Lindsay does chic pretty well. [Source]

As I mentioned previously, Hilary Duff was the special guest editor of the October issue of Seventeen magazine (the Makeover issue) and here are (obviously staged) pictures of Hilary Duff's stint as the magazine's guest editor:

I know for a fact that Seventeen's real editor, Atoosa Rubinstein, often stands on top of her desk when she's hard at work putting together the magazine so it's not strange at all to see Hilary doing the same. [Source]

As editor, Hilary had to make some very touch decisions for the magazine's layout, including picking the cover photo ...

Hilary talks about her weight issues in the magazine's interview with her which should make for some interesting reading. The Hilary Duff edited issue of Seventeen is on newsstands now. [Source]

The News:
OY! The VMAs were insanely fun for me and my friends but I don't mind that all the hoopla is over and done with. Now I can spend time hanging out with David and Sarah ... and we can do whatever we want on our own schedule, at our own leisure. We all slept in yesterday (altho, I had to get up, write and then go back to sleep) so that was very nice. David and I met up with our friends Jeremy, Bianca and Colin for dinner at Bond St. last night. Jeremy is off to Thailand for a 22-day photo shoot today so we had a last supper of sorts to see him off. Joshua Jackson showed up at the restaurant and was seated right next to our table. I was watching for any juciness but nothing really happened ... he ate his dinner, made out the blonde chick he was with and that was about it.

After dinner, Sarah met up with David and me at Thom Bar at the Thompson Hotel ... that was where I ran into quite a few Pink readers:

I have to give a huge shout out to Nicolas, Andee, Kara, Margaret, Erika, Karen, Diane and Sue. It was very nice meeting you all ... thanks for coming over to say hey (and thank you Andee for the drink).

We had a very nice, chill night out together ...

Today looks like a chill day too ... and that's about it for now. I'm out.