Sunday, September 10, 2006

Gettin' Horn-y

Now that Lindsay Lohan is over the little drama of her stolen jewels, I can go back to talking about the normal day-to-day stuff about her meaningful life that I enjoy doing so much. Not that I didn't enjoy talking about her stolen goods but the damn bag was recovered so quickly, I hardly had time to enjoy it. Actually, I'm kidding ... I don't really wish ill will on L. Lo or anyone else for that matter and I'm very glad that she got all of her stuff back. Here are a bunch of pictures of Lindsay while she was in London before her famed orange Hermes bag o' jewels went missing at Heathrow International Airport ...

Lindsay let her boobs run wild (barely covering them with a thin, see-thru top) as she is want to do sometimes. She took the infamous Hermes bag out for a stroll (I wonder if her goodies were in the bag at the time these pictures were taken?) and did some shopping with her good friend Patrick. All in all, it looked like a pretty run-fo-the-mill holiday. See how much grand theft larceny can take an ordinary day and make it an extraordinary one? Here's hoping that Linds learned her lesson ... mind your bags while traveling people ... only you can prevent forest fires. [Source, Source, Source]

Rachel Bilson was on hand for a screening of her new movie The Last Kiss here in NYC on Friday night and she was a sight to behold:

She is such a sweetheart. She always looks so nice, so cute and so normal. I'm not a huge Zach Braff fan but I am very interested in checking out The Last Kiss because I'm very much looking forward to seeing Rachel in the movie. I'm not sure if I'll get to see the film while I'm in Paris but it's deff on my list of movies to see when I return home. [Source]

Pink reader Angela, a senior at UT, sends in these great pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal, Matthew McConaughey and what looks to be Lance Armstrong (wearing the visor in the second picture?) from the University of Texas vs. Ohio State football game yesterday afternoon in Austin, TX. Check out these pictures of boys rootin' for their fave team ... Hook 'Em Horns!

While I'm a little dismayed that the boys are rooting so vehemently for UT (I am a Sooner, after all), I LOVE that the guys are doing as much male bonding as they can. I'm not sure how long the McGyllenStrong trifecta will last but it looks like things are coming along nicely. Unfortch for the boys, they weren't able to cheer their team on to victory ... the #1 ranked Buckeyes enjoyed a 24-7 victory over the #2 Longhorns. I'm sure the guys found a way to comfort one another after the loss. [thanks Angela]

Check out these supercute pictures Hilary Duff and Joel Madden out for a stroll in their neighborhood late last month. Despite ridiculous rumors that the pair have broken up, Jilary couldn't be more in love:

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... they make a really cute couple. I know for a fact that they are very happy together ... it's nice that they can spend time together again after being apart for so long (due to tours, recording, etc.). Long live Jilary!! [Source]

Oprah Winfrey took time out of her bizzy schedule to visit the little town of Kosciusko, Mississippi for the dedication of a Boys and Girls club that has been named in her honor. Oprah braved the massive heat for the ribbon-cutting and naming dedication ceremony for the club:

A talk show icon returned to her home state Monday to leave her legacy. Oprah Winfrey spent her first six years in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Now thanks to her, children there have a new positive place to grow.

With a smile and a wave, Oprah Winfrey greeted hundreds of fans gathered in her birthplace of Kosciusko, eager to get a glimpse as she dedicated the brand new Boys and Girls Club that bares her name. "This center belongs to you," she told the crowd. "And I want you to nurture it, support it, take care of it, and lift it up" ... The center is place for Attala County school aged children to go after school, to do their homework and have fun. But the estimated $5 million dollar facility stands out from other Boys and Girls Clubs nationwide. The organization's president, Roxanne Spillette, spoke at the ribbon cutting. "I stand before the finest club I have ever seen in America," she said ... "Let God take control and God will dream a bigger dream for this center and for this community than I could have ever dreamed of myself," said Oprah. The center will serve approximately 300 children ages 5 through 18 in Attala County. It replaces the old Boys and Girls Club there that was run out of an old school building.
I really like that Oprah never forgets where she came from. She came from humble beginnings and managed to create an empire worth billions solely on her hard word and perseverance. I love it when celebs give back to the community. Well done, Oprah. [Source]

You may recall that I was lucky enough to run into Wentworth Miller at the Access Holllywood/TV Guide after-Emmy party at Social Hollywood a few weeks ago ... at that party they had a couple booths set up so that party-goers could have their pictures taken ... Jim and I went to the booth where they made your picture into the cover of TV Guide magazine and the other booth was just a regular picture taking booth. Here is a picture of Wentworth Miller from, what I believe, is that booth:

Yikes! They must've really shown him a horrifying picture to get him to react that way. [Source]

Scarlett Johansson is on the cover of the new issue of Vogue magazine:

Yeah, it looks like one hell of a snoozefest. [Source]

Here are a few outtake pictures from Justin Timberlake's photoshoot for Dazed and Confused magazine:

Images removed by request

The pics are so purdy ... I just couldn't resist. See them all HERE courtesy of [Source]

It's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... and this week we've got a really, really hot dude. Meet supersexy, supercute lacrosse phenom Sean:

While I think that all the guys I post from are hot, Sean is probably one of my faves. He's not overly muscley ... he just looks like a nice, cute guy. AAG also has a few videos of the boy in action ... running around in his little shorts doing lacrosse things with a big stick. There's also video of Sean's photoshoot in the water. This is one hot dude of the week that I encourage y'all to check out further. He's a total hottie :) [Source]

And finally, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to one of my other fave hotties, Mr. Ryan Phillippe ... who shockingly turns 32 years old today:

Ryan looks really freaking good for being 32 years old ... I'm sure he's spending a nice birthday today with his beautiful wife Reese Witherspoon and his adorable children Ava and Deacon. Please join me in sending out all kinds of pink b-day love to our boy Ryan! XOXO

Da News:
Yesterday afternoon I got to have a late lunch with my good friend Mike (aka the Thigh Master from at his place in the Upper West Side. We grabbed a quick bite at a nice little Thai place and then hung out at his new apartment for a while. After watching a bit of Tennis with Thighs, I met up with David and his family for his dad's Birthday dinner at a restaurant called Hell's Kitchen which is in Hell's Kitchen. The food was amazing! Everyone got something different so we were all able to sample one another's food. It was delish!

After dinner, David and his family went to see a show and I made my way to the Clandestine Industries Fashion Week fashion show at Capitale. I'm not big on fashion shows but this one was fun. Pete Wentz showed off his designs to a packed house ... Tyson from All American Rejects, Russell Simmons and Ryan Cabrera were among the celebs that I spotted. Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship was there too ... but he was in the actual runway show.

I got to meet a bunch of amazing Pink readers as well ... I have to give a shout-out to Chaz, Derrick, Teeter and her lovely twin sisters, Tiffany and Miss Modernage herself. Head over to her blog to see much better pictures from the Clandestine show.

After the fashion show, David and I met up again and we made our way to MisShapes for the V magazine party that was hosted by Kelis. I was under the impression that Kelis was going to perform ... unfortch, she did not perform ... she merely showed up at 2:30 AM and said about 4 sentences from the DJ Booth:

It didn't matter tho ... we had a blast dancing to all the fun music ... Lelee Sobiewski was there too but she was pretty much bizzing herself with drinking and stumble-dancing to be of much consequence.

I got to meet a bunch more Pink readers at MisShapes ... I have to give a shout-out to Bonnie, Joanna, Katie, Valens, Sophie, Margeaux and Kitty:

It was a fun night ... but a waaaaaay late night. I'm actually surprised I'm up today.

I'm meeting up with my friends Cara and Aaron for a late brunch ... so I gots ta jet. I hope y'all are having a great weekend! I'm out.