Thursday, September 14, 2006


While everyone is still celebrating the birth of the latest Spederline child (wildly rumored to be named Sutton Pierce, tho I've found no official confirmation that this is Spederline Boy #2's real name) let's not forget that today is all about the celebration of the 1st birthday of Spederline Boy #1 Sean Preston Spears Federline:

Sure, his little brother is only 363 days younger than he is but he is the first born Spederline son nonetheless. While I fear for your upbringing, little Sean P., I commend you for successfully making thru to your first birthday. You've weathered dangerous car rides with your mother, dangerous highchair spills with your former nanny and countless dangerous hours listening to your father try and create music. Kudos! And hey, at least you've got Perry Taylor, manny extraordinaire to look out for you -- hopefully, he'll get you some shoes for your birthday. Happy Birthday, Sean! [Source]


Okay ... I must confess, I am forced to cheat my way thru this week's recap of Project Runway. My plan all along was to download the new episodes of Project Runway thru iTunes and then watch them and the comment on them. Unfortch, they don't upload the new eps of PR in time for me to blog in the morning here in Paris. So ... I had to resort to reading ... gasp ... another recap. Eh ... it's the best I can do right now ... I'll deff watch the eps as they do become available so let's get to it:

I wasn't surprised at all that Kayne was the latest designer cut from the competition. I knew for the past few weeks that he was skating on thin ice ... I guess last night's challenge was the one that did him in. The challenge was to design a black and white dress which sounds very simple ... so, thankfully, they threw in a little twist. The designers that were eliminated in previous challenges who had won challenges before they were cut were brought back for this challenge to compete for one last time ... if they lost this challenge then they would be kicked off the show -- again. Imagine the suprise and chagrin when both Angela and Vincent were brought back to compete. I think it's safe to assume that Vincent really "got off" on being back on the show. See, while this is a novel idea, I think the fact that neither Angela nor Vincent came close to winning only proves that they were kicked off the show for a reason -- basically, they suck. I was a little disappointed with Uli's dress ... it would seem that she has fallen prey to the Laura Syndrome (i.e. the designs are all starting to look the same). Personally, I liked Michael's dress the best. It looked chic and well designed. I'm glad that Laura finally won a challenge tho ... hopefully it won't sting as much when she gets the boot next week. I'm sticking with my original prediction that the final three will be Uli, Michael and Jeffrey. Did I miss anything? Any drama? Hit me back in the comments and fill me in if so. [Source]

Okay ... fashion playtime is over ... let's get to the real Fashion deal ... as I'm sure you're all well aware, Fashion Week chugs along in NYC with various important designers showing off their wares for Spring '07. Sarah Michelle Gellar (my dear sweet Buffy) is in town for the various shows and wore this cute little number to the Marchesa show -- and while I have no idea whatsoever who Marchesa is, I still have to say that I love this outfit on SMG:

Well ... maybe "love" is too strong a word. I deff love SMG, that's for sure. Actually, upon closer inspection, this dress doesn't really thrill me ... it actually looks like something that could've been designed on Project Runway. I can just imagine how queens Michael Kors and Nina Garcia would say that the top portion doesn't flatter the bust. It's a good thing that Marchesa didn't have to compete on Project Runway ... for their sakes, it's actually a good thing that most important designers don't have to compete on Project Runway. [Source]

Michelle Trachtenberg (my dear little Dawny) is also partaking of the Fashion Week festivities ... here are a couple pictures of the lass at the Marc Jacobs afterparty (note, she isn't allowed to smile either -- altho, she is risking a semi-smirk in the first pic). My, my ... what a dark temptress she has become:

Her alabaster skin really works with this dress/look. The dark hair/dark lipstick combo give her that gothy-almost-Dark Crystal-without-looking-like-a-scary-Muppet aura. It's a nice look, I think. [Source]

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen used the Balenciaga party at Barneys late last week to show off one of Ashley O's own designs from her upcoming fashion line called The Row ... this green plaid jacket-type blanket thing is what she came up with:

Isn't it so cute to imagine little Ashley O workign feverishly in the tree trunk that she shares with her sister, carefully designing clothes for other elfin creatures to wear? I would imagine that it is Mary Kate's task to forage for nuts and berries so that they can keep up their strength for those long nights of work. Aren't they just so darling? [Source]

Blah! What the hell is Mischa Barton wearing?

Did I miss the memo? Is it 1963 again? Maybe, if you stare at this dress long enough you'll be hypnotized into believing that it looks good? That would explain that vapid look on Mischa's face (er, not that this vapid look is any different from the vapid stare she usually wears). [Source]

EGADS! It would appear that Kate Bosworth is taking her love of fashion (and apparently, her hatred of food) way too far ... check out these frightening pictures of Kate at a private dinner for Another Magazine in NYC this week:

It is really disturbing that when Kate bends over, the weight of her boobs pulls her loose skin in such a way that her breastplate/ribcage juts out. It looks like Kate Bos is only the latest Hollywood starlet to try and waste herself away to nothingness. Sadly, this isn't even funny. [Source]

If she isn't careful, Kate may end up looking just like this scary creature that was photographed walking around New York City this week:

Yep, basically Victoria Beckham has been reduced to just her lips, nips and stick-thin legs. Blech! [Source]

Jennifer Lopez, who looks voluptuous and healthy, is in Toronto for the Film Festival where she is debuting her new movie El Cantante. By night (at the film's premiere) she looks like her usual Diva Latina self, but by day (at a press conference) she appears to age considerably:

Yay! She finally colored her hair and got rid of her grey roots ... unfortch, with her darker hair lying down like that, she looks very matronly. She looks way better with her hair swept back ... and the bangs help too. [Source]

LOL! Justin Timberlake paid a little visit to MTV's TRL this week to promote the release of his second solo album FutureSex/LoveSounds and treated some fans to a little impromptu dance party:

The look on JT's face as he dances with his "biggest fan" is priceless. [Source]

And finally, Yunjin Kim is on the cover of the new issue of Stuff magazine ... celebrating the Women of Lost:

Um, wow! I have to admit, I never really pictured Yunjin in such a sexy way ... she could give Evangeline Lilly a run for her money. [Source]

Les News:
Well ... it would seem that my Internet situation has been fixed ... hopefully for good. Our wireless connection just started working late yesterday afternoon and has been in full operation ever since. Let's all keep a good thought and hope that it keeps on working.

While David went out to do a little shopping/scoping out yesterday, I spent some time walking around our new Parisian neighborhood. There is so much to see ... just standing back and watching people go about their daily lives is amazing. Here are a couple of pictures of an arch near our hotel:

I don't believe it is any famous arch or anything like that ... it's just a massively impressive and beautiful arch in the middle of the road in our district. Yeah, you don't see much of this type of architecture in the US.

Today, we're planning on heading out to Notre Dame and the surrounding area to sightsee and shop ... we talked about doing a river ride but who knows ... we're just going to venture out and see where the day takes us.

I hope things are well back in the US ... cuz things are amazing here in France!

That's all for now ... I'm out! La'tre!