Friday, October 06, 2006


GRRRRRRRRRRRR ... you will never believe the night that I had. I am not writing this in Detroit, I'm still in LA. My flight reservation got all screwed up and I was not able to fly out to Detroit last night as planned. After spending many hours at LAX late last night, I had to return home in the wee hours of this morning in the hopes of getting a few hours sleep and must return to the airport today in the hopes of making any flight out. I will try and put aside my EXTREME FRUSTRATION and write the day's post before I clean up and go back to the airport ... please bear with me ...

SO OKAY ... here are a couple outtake photos from Britney Spears' recent photoshoot for the 20th Anniversary issue of Q magazine. Sure the pics are airbrushed to hell (especially the second one, it's been so manipulated that it kinda looks like an illustration) but you can't deny the fact that when Britney cleans up ... she cleans up well:

I had planned on leaving up the Kevin Federline armpit picture on the splash page for a few days just for sadist's sake but this new Britney picture with the piece of candy on her tongue is so great that I had to make it the splash page picture. These new pictures have renewed my faith in the fact that Brit Brit can pull herself together when she needs to. Well ... okay, she knows how to hire the right people to make it appear that she has pulled herself together. It would seem that our dear Britters is capable of bringing sexy back*. [Source]

*This phrase prolly has about 2 months left before it's so incredibly passe that it can no longer be used ever again.

Madonna has reinvented herself, once again, as a humanitarian and has traveled to Malawai, Africa NOT to adopt a child of her own but to "adopt an entire nation of children". Yeah, it sounds like someone is trying to play catch-up with the Angelina Jolies of the world. No, no ... I'm just kidding ... I actually think it's amazing that Maddy is taking the time to devote herself to such an amazing cause. Here is a supercute picture of Madge and a couple of Malawaian kids:

Madonna visited an orphanage in this impoverished African country Thursday, handing out copies of her book "The English Roses" to a crowd of AIDS orphans as her publicist dismissed claims that she was going to adopt a child herself. The pop star was greeted by about 50 children as she arrived in a four-vehicle convoy. Bodyguards prevented journalists from getting access to the premises or approaching her. Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, said the pop star was on a private visit working on projects for children and dismissed statements from Malawian government officials that she and her husband, film director Guy Ritchie, would adopt a boy. "I have no information or confirmation regarding Madonna adopting an individual child. She's kind of adopting an entire country of children," Rosenberg said in an e-mail to The Associated Press in Los Angeles. "She is on a private visit to Malawi and is involved in the building of an orphanage/child care center as well as other initiatives to help the children of that country who have lost parents to AIDS." It sucks that all of these adoption rumors are overshadowing the real reason that Madonna is in Malawi -- to support the work being done for the AIDS orphans in that country. I always commend any celebrity for lending their fame for a greater cause, despite the fact that some may view such actions as a cry for publicity. Madonna has no use for such attention ... besides, she might even fall in love with one of those kids after all. [Source]

Behold ... another sign of the coming apocalypse is upon us. For Lo, in the land of the Parisii, two creatures of hideous proportions and terrifying might have come together as a united entity to lay waste to our planet once and for all. Yeah, in other words ... Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham have become BFF:

The robot-like women have been seen all over town, arm in arm, making their presence known all over town at Paris Fashion Week. They are mighty clever, those two. Under the guise that they are hanging out as "fans of fashion", they are really plotting our destruction. It's only a matter of time. Stockpile that bottled water and all those batteries ... they're coming ... they're coming for us all. You have been warned. [Source, Source]

I ... I ... I don't believe what my eyes are seeing. Is Matthew McConaughey actually wearing ... a shirt? An actual piece of clothing that is meant to cover his torso? For reals?!

Pink reader Kelly sends in this picture of usually bare-chested one in Huntington, WV attending a Marshall football game and promoting his new movie We Are Marshall. Oy! He is still sporting that raggedy beard but I suppose we can't expect overnight miracles. Wow ... who knew that Matthew even owned a shirt. I'm sure he just borrowed it from someone else. [thanks Kelly]

While others continue to have difficulty gaining entry into the uberexclusive fortress known as the Hyde nightclub, it would seem that Hollywood "It" Girls like Michelle Trachtenberg have no trouble at all traversing those sacred velvet ropes ... here are a couple photos of Michelle leaving the hallowed halls of Hyde earlier this week:

I shant comment on the black tights/grey other shizz ensemble ... because I am giving her props for being one of the cool kids who is allowed entry to Hyde. But I'm tellin' ya ... I might have to nab that girl and burn all of her tights/leggings/capris once and for all. I <3 her so ... I'm just trying to help. [Source]

Incidentally, Kid Rock is another one of the cool kids who is allowed to hang out at Hyde ... here is an almost unrecognizable Kid Rock at Hyde rockin' a whole new look ... a clean one:

You gotta love that homie is representin' Detroit Rock City. He must be feelin' that Tigers pride. I'd actually be proud just to be able to get on a damn plane and fly out to Detroit ... yeah, that would rule hardcore ... but I'm getting off track ... let's move on ... [Source]

Awww ... it would seem that Lindsay Lohan has been shopping at the Neverland Ranch gift and souvenir shop lately ...

... what, no sparkly glove? [Source]

Huh ... looks like the Neverland gift shop is having a sale.

Pink readers Ray and Jason send in these photos from the Detroit and Los Angeles sets of Transformers the movie. I'm thrilled that Detroit is being used as one of the cities that will be destroyed by robots from outer space ... but before I go off on another I-really-wish-I-could-just-get-to-Detroit tangent, let's just check out the photos:

I know that exact Detroit street corner ... it looks like it's Fort St. and Cass ... which is very near Cobo Hall -- also near Hart Plaza and St. Andrew's Hall. Soo cool! I kinda like that the Transformers have taken to the streets of my two homes, Detroit and LA, for the new movie. This info has renewed my interest in the flick. [Source, Source, thanks Ray and Jason]

If you have been anxiously awaiting the release of the Gwen Stefani dolls like I haven't (I swear) then I'm happy (very happy, but not happy enough to purchase dolls of my own, I swear) to report that your wait is almost over. The Gwen dolls are now available for preorder exclusively from Target:

If you are so inclined like I am not (I swear, stop looking at me like that) then you can click HERE to order one or all of them (tho I don't understand why you wouldn't want them all ... I mean, if you were going to get one of them you might as well get all of them ... not that I'm going to get any of them ... I told you ... you're still looking at me funny). [Source]

Jude Law is lookin' smokin' on the cover and in the new issue of the UK version of GQ magazine ... here are a few photos:

Yeah ... he's hot. I can see why Perry Taylor would want to work for him. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Phil was lucky enough to hang out and work with Veruca Salt as they tour the country and sent me this awesome photo of Louise Post's pink guitar case:

I'm really touched that Louise would put my sticker on her guitar case. It is a thrill to think that that case holds the guitar that Louise uses to rock the house with some of my fave songs ever ... and my sticker is on that case. Thank you for the photo, Phil ... it actually makes me feel Awesome! [Source, thanks Phil]

Sorry y'all, no Newslinks today

So yeah ... I'm basically all kinds of pissed about all this travel bullshizz. Believe me, I was a lot pissier last night (and if it weren't for THIS hilariously funny book**, I would've prolly done something very drastic) but I need to just get over it, get my butt back to LAX and hope for the best. I'm fairly certain that I'll make it out to Detroit at some point today ... of course, I was very certain that I would be flying out to Detroit yesterday so, I guess you never know. Wish me luck, I'm out.

**If you don't believe that the book is the funniest thing ever, click HERE to read some of the funny shit inside.

PS: Thanks for the head's up, y'all!