Monday, October 09, 2006

Celebrate Good Times

Kevin Federline is giving his wife Britney Spears' credit card a good work-out while he still can ... I would *hope* that once K-Fed's album drops and he starts making his *own* money that she will force him to spend his own moolah. But, in the mean time, Kevin is getting his shop on with Brit-Brit's cash:

It makes total sense to me ... Britney Spears' stolen childhood money, where she was forced to work for her millions from an early age, for a few pairs of ugly sneakers that K-Fed can wear once and then never again. It's not like the money can be better spent on their children or anything like that. [Source]

Amber Tamblyn and Sarah Michelle Gellar were both on hand for the Hollywood premiere of The Grudge 2 over the weekend ... here are some photos of Amber and SMG on the red carpet:

I love me some SMG but she looks really tired in these photos. Amber looks really nice in her pink dress ... tho the pose in that last picture is very reminiscent of the infamous Paris Hilton pose (NSFW) where we all got to see Paris's nether region (you know, for only the 45th time). [Source]

The celebs were really partying this weekend all over the place to celebrate club anniversaries, magazine parties or award shows ... here are some pictures from the red carpet at the Spike network Scream Awards that took place over the weekend:

It looks like all the hotties decided to show up at the Spike Scream Awards. Even tho Rose McGowan looks lit, she still looks hot. Jessica Alba and Kate Beckinsale followed the black dress code to a tee. Eva Mendes opted for that ugly skirt that Mischa Barton was wearing last week. So she gets the poop sandwich award. The Scream Awards air on Spike Tuesday October 10th at 10PM. [Source]

While the ladies graced the Scream Awards with their presence, the dudes were out in full force at the 2 year anniversary of Tangerine Nightclub and Lounge in Las Vegas over the weekend:

Yeah ... all the big names were deff in the hizzy at this one. Did DJ AM get mouthy with Shanna Moakler or something? That is some shiner that he's rockin' these days. Travis Barker is still suffering with his broken arm, Brandon Davis appears to still have his leaky glands problem and Wilmer Valderrama is dealing with that unfortunate sweater vest. Man, rough times for the men of Hollywood, huh? [Source]

Rolling Stone magazine threw itself a little party to celebrate its annual Hot Issue and some questionably "hot" folks showed up at the shindig:

Dave Navarro is deffo the hottest among this bunch of party attendees. Yeah ... Paris Hilton shows up at the opening of an envelope but how did the other guys* get in? Did someone leave the backdoor open? [Source]

*NOTE: And for the record, I do know that the guy in the third photo is Brandon Boyd from Incubus.

Brody Jenner appears to be doing A-OK since his breakup with Nicole Richie ...

... I understand the best way to get over an ex-girlfriend is to spend some time getting to know a few Playboy Bunnies. [thanks Mel]

Nicole Richie, too, appears to be weathering the breakup well. Here are pics of Nicole hanging out with some dude in Beverly Hills over the weekend:

Boy, it don't take long for Hollywood folks to get over their loving relationships, does it? [Source]

Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes continue their public associations with one another. Here are a couple pictures of Posh showing Katie how to utilize her recently upgraded Fembot breasts:

At least Katie's boobs aren't as garish as Posh's boobs are. See, there are advantages to being a robot. You never need to eat, you never need to show emotion, you never need to have a will of your own and you can inflate your boobs whenever it's required. Brills! [Source]

Pink reader Rebecca ran into a Jake-less, Matthew-less Lance Armstrong at the Lance Armstrong Foundation's LiveStrong Challenge in Austin, TX Sunday afternoon. Rebecca writes: Lance Armstrong led about 2,500 people who walked, ran and biked their way to a cancer cure. The group raised about $2.6 million here in Austin, and over $9 million total at 5 challenges held across the US:

The last photo is of Lance training in Austin this past Thursday for the upcoming New York Marathon. It appears that Lance is up for another conquest ... first it was the Tour de France, then it was Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey and now it's the NY Marathon. He's pretty ballsy. [Source, thanks Rebecca]

Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan spent some time recently doing some surfing together ... even tho the new season of Lost premiered last week it would seem that Summer Vacation is still in full swing for the love birds:

It's nice to see that these two are still going strong. I still think they make an odd couple (especially since we're so used to seeing her coupled up with Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway on Lost) but they do seem very fond of one another. It's so beautiful when a woman loves her Hobbit. [Source]

Speaking of couples surfing together ... what is going on with Jack Osborne and Kimberly Stewart? We know they're friends ... but are they more than that?

I ... uh ... don't know what to say. They make a good couple? A good couple of what exactly? Ew! Yuck! Boo! [Source]

Pink reader Lauren ran into Joel Madden in Chicago where Good Charlotte stopped off to play a show on their current tour. She managed to snap this cute picture of Joel holding her little nephew Tommy:

LOL! Tommy looks a mite uncomfortable but they look cute together. [thanks Lauren]

And finally ... have you ever wondered what Hilary Duff might look like as a Sims character? Well ... neither have I ... but we do get to find out anyways:

Hilary and her beloved Lola are Sims characters in the videogame Sims 2: Pets. I don't think that this particularly looks like Hilary Duff but they got Lola down pretty well. I don't get the Sims but I suppose this is good news for some of you gamers out there. [Source]

Les News:
David and I got to spend a leisurely day with Tracey and Zakiya yesterday. We hung out at Tracey's house for most of the day and then we all went to Somerset to shop for a while before dinner. It was a pretty laid back Sunday ... but it's nice being able to spend time with Tracey and Z.

David flies back to NYC tonight and I'm here for one more day. I'm spending the last day hanging out with my parents before I fly back to LA tomorrow. It's great being home ... but I'm not feelin' all this cold weather. I'm actually looking forward to getting back to the warmer weather.

Gotta get David to the airport in a few hours so we're off to lunch. That is all. I'm out.