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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Heeeeere's J.J.

X-17 has scored the first footage of the newest Spederline child -- Jayden James Spears Federline, Esquire. Mama Britney, grandmammy Lynne and auntie Jamie-Lynn Spears took little J.J. out for a little trip and then were videotaped upon their return ... so here is your first look glimpse:

Photo credit: X-17

LOLOLOLOLOL! Welp, that's all we get for now. Awww ... he's a little cutie! Wait, I think he's a little cutie ... you really can't make out anything in this screenshot. It could be Suri Holmes Cruise for all we know. Anyways, it is the first peek of the new Spederline baby ... click HERE to watch the video for yourself. Can you make out Jayden James in the vid? [Source]


Birth Certificate Of Truth: It's A Boy After All!

TMZ has confirmed what Celebrity Baby Blog reported a week ago concerning the actual name of Britney Spears' second child. Widely rumored to have been named Sutton Pierce it turns out that the baby is in fact named Jayden James:

Click above to see the full size image

The certificate, filed today at the L.A. County Registrar-Recorder's office, reveals that the boy's name is Jayden James Federline. The certificate is signed by K-Fed himself, although a close inspection reveals that the signature is more like printing. Daddy Fed inked his name on Sept. 13, one day after Jayden was born. Jayden James, huh? Sounds like he's gonna grow up to be a wrestling fan ... and now all this K-Fed/WWE nonesense makes perfect sense. Well, now that that's settled ... when can we see little J.J.? [Source]

Do any of y'all remember that this same sort of thing happened last year when there were rumors that Sean Preston's real name was Christian Michael?


On The Prowl

In what seems to be insane yet funny behavior (but is really just a brilliant cross-marketing ploy), Kevin Federline made his second guest appearance last night on the weekly WWE wrestling show RAW. Apparently, K-Fed was unhappy with his last guest appearance (you know, the one where he got his ass slammed onto the mat by John Cena in a wrestling move called the FU) and he decided to come back on the show to get his revenge:

Last Monday, Kevin Federline spent the end of his RAW debut face down on the canvas, a victim of an FU from WWE Champion John Cena. This week, K-Fed was back on RAW with revenge on his mind, and that's just what he got ... "Revenge is a dish best served cold," said K-Fed. "Last week, Cena gave me the FU and it was very painful to say the least. I was limping around all week in rehearsals for my upcoming concert tour. I knew I had to get mine." K-Fed wasn't the only one upset about the beating he received at the hands of the WWE Champ. According to Federline, a certain pop princess back in California was up in arms over the situation. "Britney was definitely watching, my whole family was watching," said a serious K-Fed. "She can't have someone beating up her husband all over the place. I've got to stand up for my family and hold it down" ... "I came to Chicago and I started making friends left and right,” said K-Fed in regards to a certain pair of Champions. "I've got my boy King Booker, the World Heavyweight Champ, and I've got my boy Big Show, the ECW Champ. I knew I had to bring out the best to get revenge on Cena." K-Fed's revenge came both during and after his friend Johnny Nitro's match with the WWE Champ. Federline was in Nitro's corner for the match, watching intently from the ringside area. At one point, Cena made his way outside the ring, and K-Fed was waiting. With one swing, Federline took out a week's worth of aggression, slapping the champion across the face. Through it all, the crowd booed Federline's every move, and K-Fed said the crowd's nagging was exactly what he needed. To those fans that booed him, K-Fed offered a short and pointed message. "It goes to show you I am America's most hated," said the fired-up star. "Guess what, you can all buy my album on October 31, Halloween. I've got all the tricks, treats and the candy." Um, I'm not exactly sure how many albums K-Fed hopes to sell after going on national TV to slap a grown man in the face but, more power to him I suppose -- anything that keeps him too occupied to rap is a good thing. Altho, I am kinda excited to check out his upcoming tour ... fo' reals, yo. [Source]

All the hot babes in Hollywood must have a thing for guys from Kazakhstan because many of them came out for the Hollywood premiere of the new movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan:

I keep hearing about how sober Courtney Love is but I keep seeing pictures that belie that fact. Does she just naturally look drunk all the time? I think it's her make-up that's throwing me off ... she needs to stop letting Francis Bean do it for her. Courteney Cox and Drew Barrymore were looking very lovely on the red carpet. I can't even watch the Borat movie trailer without laughing my ass off ... I'm sure the movie is going to do very well at the box office. [Source]

Other lovely ladies of Hollywood were on hand elsewhere last night for the Hollywood Film Festival's 10th annual Hollywood Awards in Beverly Hills ... here are a few pics:

Er, I guess "lovely" isn't really the right word to use in this instance ... these photos of the usually beautiful women (Jennifer Garner and Penelope Cruz especially) aren't very attractive. I blame the bad angles. [Source]

Never one to fall victim to bad photo angles is Lindsay Lohan ... who was at the Hollywood Awards last night to accept her Beakthrough Actress award for her role in the Emilio Estevez movie Bobby ... but ever the diva fashionista, Linds decided to wear one dress for the red carpet and another to accept her award:

I am horrified to see that she thought it best to wear the same pair of shoes for both dresses! Such bad form! How you gonna try and go all Mariah Carey-diva at an awards show by wearing multiple dresses and not bring multiple shoes? Tacky, tacky, tacky!!! [Source]

This past Sunday, a few celebs joined thousands of protestors in Malibu to protest the construction of a proposed natural gas facility that would be built 14 miles off the Malibu coast ... here are pics of a few of the celebs who joined the protest:

Photo credit: Splash News

"We have to use our voices and band together and stop this," said Oscar winner Halle Berry. The gathering — also attended by Cindy Crawford, Jane Seymour, Dick Van Dyke and Tea Leoni — was intended to raise awareness about how the energy industry has invested billions to liquefy and ship natural gas across oceans. There are five facilities proposed for California, with three along the Southern California coastline. One of the world's largest energy companies, Australian-based BHP Billiton, is seeking to build the terminal off the coast of Malibu and Oxnard. A decision is expected next year. BHP officials say the terminals would provide a reliable source of low-polluting energy. Opponents, however, say the terminals would not meet clean air requirements and could be terrorist targets. Brosnan, who hosted the protest, said his opposition to the terminals extends beyond the beach in his backyard. He plans to oppose other proposed terminals, including one in Long Beach and one in Port Hueneme ... Following a pancake breakfast, dozens of surfers, including actress Daryl Hannah on her pink board, paddled out to a sign bobbing in the water. The message to Gov.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has the power to veto the proposal, had a picture of the proposed terminal with a red line through it and the words: "Terminate it!"
Kudos to these celebs who showed up to lend their support to the protest. I, for one, think that these proposed facilities are a bad idea. Click HERE to watch a short vid clip from the protest. [Source]

Hmmm ... has Brandon Davis pissed off everyone in Hollywood so that the only person who will hang out with him is Nicky Hilton? Is Nicky Hilton so unappealing to men that Brandon Davis is the only guy who'll be seen in public with her? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? (Er, besides how gross Brandon's nipples look behind that 3-sizes-too-small sheer shirt)

Photo credit: X-17

That's right ... They would make the perfect new Hollywood couple! That way, both of them can be ignored and denied entry into clubs all at the same time. Brilliant! [Source]

Apparently, JoJo is not one of the celebs who has been blacklisted by the Hyde nightclub ... just the other night she successfully traversed the sacred velvet ropes at the uberexclusive nightclub:

Photo credit: Splash News

I love how the fact that she is only 15 years old had zero bearing on whether or not she could get in. That's a diva, y'all. [Source]

Let's get back to Lindsay for a moment, it seems that she's been going thru her little black book lookin' for male companionship since her recent breakup with Harry Morton. Here are pics of Lindsay with former flame (and former boyfriend to Kate Moss) Jamie Burke having themselves a little lunch together ...

... which, of course means they're dating ... right? [Source]

Well, not so fast ... because Jamie isn't tying himself down to just one girl ... it seems he's likes dating older chicks, too. Here is a cute picture of Courtney Love holding little Jamie's hand after emerging from having dinner together at Mr. Chow:

Isn't that precious? Not only was Courtney holding Jamie's hand but I bet she was also wiping his mouth and tucking his napkin into his shirt at dinner as well ... you know, before she took him home and got all freaky with the lad. Props to C. Love for pullin' a hot little twink ... I'm actually surprised she has enough sugar left in her bowl to garner any interest from boys at all. [Source]

Speaking of cougars on the make, here is a seemingly innocent picture of Anderson Cooper hanging out with a pretty cute younger fella ... and while this photo absolutely proves nothing about the relationship between the two, you gotta love speculating about the possible scenarios:

I know ... maybe Anderson is thinking about becoming a Boy Scout troop leader ... or he's interviewing a new assistant? Eh, who cares ... go on with your bad self, Coop! [Source]

In happy couple news, it would seem that Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson are still together ... or at the very least, still on very friendly terms ... here are pictures of the pair looking very coupley together in Toronto, Canada:

Rachel is in Toronto working on the movie Jumper (which costars Hayden Christensen) and Adam is there ... just to be with her because they are so in love with one another??? Yeah, that's the scenario I'm going with :) [Source]

Awww ... could little Kingston James be any cuter? Check out these adorable pictures of Gwen Stefani holding little Kingston as he naps on her shoulder:

Incidentally, Gwen did a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest yesterday to talk about her new single Wind It Up and Ryan mentions to her on air that he saw a picture caption of Kingston rockin' the faux hawk and saying "Bite me, Maddox" ... which is the picture that I posted in THIS post. LOL! Much thanks to Pink reader Dennison for sending me the link to the interview in MP3 format HERE from the No Doubt/Gwen Stefani fan site Beacon Street. Hi, Ryan ... glad to know you're a reader :) [Source]

Pete Doherty is never one to be called a dull boy ... especially when he's, like, out in public around other human beings ... you never know what might happen ... he could, for example, maybe get into a street brawl with a paparrazo and maybe end up walking away with a bloody head, perhaps?

The Babyshambles singer's experience in Rome was anything but La Dolce Vita when he was left covered in blood. Doherty, 27, jumped on the paparazzo and rained several punches on him before the pair were dragged apart. The fight was said to have been witnessed by several girls who had been invited back to the band’s hotel following their gig at the city's Piper Club. One said Doherty's head was "dripping with blood" and that band members had grabbed metal ashtrays to use as weapons in the brawl. Police were not called and the singer was treated by fans and his band members while the photographer was said to have gone to hospital. As Doherty flew home, it was said the photographer would file a complaint against him. You know what ... I bet Pete was bummed that he didn't have any new court dates on his schedule for the next few weeks so he thought, What the hell, and decided to try and beat the hell out of a photographer. Hey, at least this potential court date won't have anything to do with drugs ... unless he was whacked out on something when he went apeshit on the the pap. Yep, never a dull boy. [Source, Source]

And finally ... did you know that Evangeline Lilly is the spokesperson for a company called Karastan? Have you ever caught yourself in dire need a rug or window treatment but find that none of the companies who make these products have sexy enough spokes-models? Well, those days are over now!

Evangeline has come a long way from her says as spokes-model for the singles phone service Live Links. All I know is she better be getting fat paychecks for selling out to a rug company. [Source, Source]

Les News:
Last night David and I met up with our very good friend Gillian Sheldon and her colleague Johnny Lopez from TMZ. At Gillian's suggestion, we met up for an amazing dinner at Koi. I think we hoped that a big, famous celeb would also be dining at Koi at the same time but all we got was Jermaine Jackson and his chick with the scary eyebrows ... but at least they were in the booth right next to ours. I was pissed that we didn't get LaToya Jackson but ... what're ya gonna do?

Afterwards, we made a half-hearted attempt at going to Area right across the street but after watching everyone fawn over Reichen Lemkuhl who was trying to get in himself (he was Lance Bass-less ... which is why it took a little bit of time for him to gain entry). I don't think any of us were interested in waiting in line so we kissed our goodnights and went home. Nonetheless, we had a great night together ... Gillian and J. Lo are the best!

I'm not sure what, if anything, is going on tonight. We may go to Lucha Va Voom! or we may not ... dunno yet. And I guess that is all ... I'm out.



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