Thursday, November 02, 2006

Paying The Price

Have you ever wished that you had a Kevin Federline of your very own? Well ... thankfully, you can't ... but you can download your very own Kevin Federline computer desktop wallpaper at the newly launched

The broadband version of the site has an animated K-Fed standing around ... posing or something ... but it slows down your computer way too much to do anything but stare at his ridiculous posturing. There are, like, 15 different wallpapers to choose from so try not to lose your head. I quite like the one of K-Fed lounging on the couch with his feet up on the coffee table. There's something about seeing a straight G in his natural habitat that totally fascinates me. [Source]


Finally ... stuff started happening to move the plotline along in a more intriguing manner. If you have not watched the episode yet I highly suggest you close your eyes and scroll past the next section. There was a major development that might ruin the experience of watching the episode if you know about it beforehand. There were some great new questions posed in last night's episode, titled The High Cost of Living, that perked up my ears and got me caring again ... which is a very good thing. If my interest waned anymore I was afraid I'd slip into a coma and would miss the rest of the season:

Okay ... so where to begin ... I guess with the funeral of that Other chick Colleen. It's interesting that the Others all wore white cotton outfits for the ceremony -- it had a religious feel to the whole thing. This struck me as odd since we're supposed to view them as scientists. Seeing them all dressed up like that made them look clan-like. It's a far cry from the days in the first season when all we saw of the Others were shadowy feet creeping soundlessly thru the jungle carrying dirty teddy bears (do you remember that?) ... even tho we're supposed to believe that they were faking their savagery, I just don't see the connection from how they used to be to how they are now. I have a very hard time believing that Ben would confess to having the tumor in an attempt to win Jack's favor (telling him their "plan" to break him seemed too obvious to me). I also have a hard time believing Juliet is sincere as well. The first thing I thought was that they were using reverse psychology on Jack to get him to trust them in another way (ie. by telling him what they were going to do to trick him into trusting, they are attempting to gain his trust anyways). I suppose it's feasible that Juliet is really trying to bring down Ben by trying to get Jack to kill him during the surgery ... but I tend to believe that they are both lying to him, playing him, to see what he will do and for who. I wouldn't be surprised if Ben doesn't have that tumor ... or that no one has that tumor. The only problem is that, on this show, you can never be sure ... you never know what or who to believe. Yes, now we're getting back to the interesting stuff that makes me care what will happen. The other big thing last night was the whole Ecko thing -- we finally know, once and for all, that Ecko is a bad man and we know what happens to bad people who are unrepentant on the island ... yep, they Peace the Spork Out. It's interesting that the black smoke only comes around mostly when Ecko is involved (tho, the smoke did go after Locke last season as well) ... Locke mentioned to Ecko that he once saw a white light ... and all that Ecko sees is black smoke. We still have no idea what the smoke is ... or how it works (ie. how it's able to show visions from the person's past and throw people around) but we do finally know why Ecko was building the church on the island. Lastly, the Pearl station showed that there is someone with an eye patch holed up in another hatch somewhere ... who is that guy? Is he another button pusher? Is he an Other? How long til we get to find out who he is? They are promising that next week's episode, the "fall season finale", will be the "best episode of the year" (I'm supposing they mean this year and not of the whole season) so I guess we'll see. Will there be more death? Will they be able to give us a cliffhanger that will keep us wanting more? I sure as hell hope so. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan, Emilio Estevez, Elijah Wood and others were all on hand for the Hollywood premiere of their new movie Bobby last night. Here are a few photos from the red carpet:

I'm not exactly sure what the hell Lindsay Lohan was wearing ... that dress looked awfully messy and complicated ... and black lace always kinda looks trashy. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (collectively known as AshMoore) looked cute together ... as did Christian Slater and Emilio (well, okay ... not really ... but do I really have to draw attention to Christian's continually receding hairline and Emilio's puffy jowls? I didn't think so). Elijah looked pretty happy that Jared Leto was nowhere in sight and Nick Cannon was lookin' very dandy with that huge-ass pink handkerchief sticking out of his pocket. It looks like someone has been shopping with Farnsworth Bentley again. I've become a bit weary of Lindsay Lohan movies (I really got burned with Just My Luck) but this one looks interesting ... I may have to check it out. [Source]

Before Lindsay was blowing kisses at the Bobby premiere, she was doing the walk of shame in the early morning' after spending the night at Paris Hilton's place ... what do you suppose they were doing all night long?

My guess is that they were enjoying milk and cookies while doing one another's hair and giving Stavros Niarchos a hard time by prank calling him all night long ... [Source]

... especially since Stavros is so easy to have fun with. Here are pictures of Starving Nachos doing his damndest to try and impress Paris enough to take him back:

Everyone knows that the way to a woman's heart is by climbing on top of her limo and making an ass of yourself. [Source]

One last bit of Linds news, why do you suppose she was seen recently proudly displaying a 90 days sober chip from Alcoholics Anonymous? Surely she hasn't sworn off the sauce for 90 days? Where's the fun in that?!

Photo credit: Splash News

Maybe she's just trying to be really freakin' funny ... having a good laugh at everyone who thinks that she parties too much. Tho, I don't know that it's very cool to mock people who suffer alcohol addiction just for kicks. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez was a vision in red at the Latin Grammy event that honored Ricky Martin as their Person of the Year last night. Here are a few pictures of J. Lo with her cadaver hubby Marc Anthony and the man of the hour darling Ricky:

"You start asking yourself questions about 'why me, why music, why fame?'" Martin, 34, told The Associated Press in a recent interview. "And I just realized it was just a step. Music is only a step for me to be able to get to know about this issue and then talk about it." Martin, best known to his U.S. audiences for his crossover hits The Cup of Life, Livin' la Vida Loca and Shake Your Bon-Bon, initially didn't talk about his humanitarian efforts, fearing critics would claim he was doing it for media attention. He went public, he said, to give a voice to victims. In September, he visited Washington to talk to lawmakers about human trafficking. Martin brought a similar passion to his 12-song session in Ricky Martin: MTV Unplugged, set to air Wednesday on MTV Latin America and MTV Tr3s, the network's U.S. Latin channel, among other channels. It was taped Aug. 17 in Miami ... The Latin Grammy Awards will be presented Thursday in New York City. The show will be broadcast from Madison Square Garden on the Univision Network (8 p.m. ET). See ... I love my peoples and I've got mad respect for the Latin Grammys but if the man who wrote the song Shake Your Bon-Bon has been chosen as the Person of the Year I think I'd have to object. Why not Ugly Betty? She's way more entertaining than Ricky Martin. Actually, I keed, I keed ... kudos to Ricky for his charity work and all that stuff. I guess someone had to be chosen as Person of the Year. Incidentally, I understand Marc Anthony will be honored by the Latin Grammys for Best Solo Recording by a Non-Living Person (Traditional). [Source]

Brad Pitt is still workin' hard to help Jimmy Carter build 100 homes in a week for the impoverished people of western India ... here are more pictures of Brad lookin' all sexy and humanitarian:

Photographs showed Pitt, wearing a white shirt, dark jeans, goggles and a baseball cap, fixing a window grill with gloved hands. Another showed him intently slapping cement on bricks. This week, the organization is building 100 simple, affordable homes for the poor in Lonavla, about 85 km (50 miles) southeast of Mumbai, India's financial and entertainment hub. Pitt spent about half an hour working under the hot sun and talking to volunteers, newspaper reports said. I'm not exactly sure how much work Brad got done in a half hour ... but he did look good doing whatever it is that he did. [Source]

Reichen Lemkuhl and Lance Bass have taken the promo tour for Reichen's new book Here's What We'll Say: Growing Up, Coming Out, and the U.S. Air Force Academy on the road ... here are a couple pictures of the book launch party in NYC last night:

I gotta admit ... I am intrigued to see if this book is any good. Despite the fact that Reichen is extremely HOT, I'd like to see if he's an able author (not to say that not hot peeps are better authors, I'm just sayin'). I picked up a copy of the tome and have added it to my reading list. I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to read it in full but I'll do my best to let y'all know if it's a good read or not. [thanks Jenna]

Here are a couple more pictures of Ashlee Simpson mere moments after she got off her plane from London to LA ... call me crazy, but Ashlee looks a wee bit weary and prolly shouldn't be going out to nightclubs when she looks this haggard:

Photo credit: X-17

Altho, big sis Jessica Simpson was also lookin' pretty hit recently and she doesn't have the excuse of transatlantic/transcontinental flight to blame it on. Those whacky Simpsons ... you gotta love 'em! [Source, Source]

When Jared Leto isn't bizzy harassing hobbits or going apeshizz on bloggers he's bizzy getting his mack-daddy-ness on. Here are pictures of Jared and a new female friend in NYC:

You know, I bet she's only getting close to him because of his awesome music ... that's just my guess. [Source]

Diana Ross must have a magic wand ... a wand with such unimaginable power that it has the ability to end world hunger, bring world peace and cure every illness in existence ... but instead chooses to use it's massive power to make her look good on stage ... like in this picture sent in by Pink reader Brittany of Diana on stage in Melbourne, Australia last night:

Photo credit: X-17

I'm utterly shocked at how Ms. Ross can go from what she looks like in plain daylight (ie. EEK!) to lookin' like the diva supreme on stage. Go on, girl ... you may scare little children by day but you are one fierce beyotch by night. [Source, thanks Brittney]

I am happy to report that the artist formerly known as Sporty Spice is still alive and kicking ... here are pictures of Mel C trying to promote some DVD thing that she's trying to sell in London:

Aww ... bless. Wouldn't it be nice if we all bought a DVD so that Melanie can eat. Yeah ... but no. [Source]

Here is a picture of Madonna going for a little run (in a pretty god awful-looking jogging ensemble) in between her media appearances in NYC this week:

I've been doing my best to try and keep up with all of her appearances but it's hard ... she's on, pretty much, every news/entertainment show in existence. I did watch her interview on Dateline which I quite enjoyed. I've been inspired to make a donation to her charity Raising Malawi. I find her devotion to this new endeavor very impressive. Despite what anyone thinks about Madonna, you've got to respect her commitment to aiding the orphans of Malawi. Even if you can't donate much ... something is better than nothing. Click HERE to find out what Raising Malawi is all about and click HERE to make a donation if the spirit moves you. [Source]

And finally, Kylie Minogue is on the cover of the new issue of Elle magazine ... here are a few pics from the photo shoot:

These photos were shot by Karl Lagerfeld and I think I like them a bit more than the Vogue pictures that we've been seeing. This is a softer, more huggable Kylie ... much nicer than the hardcore, stylized Kylie in the other pics. [Source]

Les News:
David and I spent the afternoon in West Hollywood before we got the place ready for Sarah's arrival from Detroit (and when I say "got the place ready" I mean "we piled David's stuff into one corner so that Sarah can pile her stuff in a different corner"). Sarah arrived just after 11pm last night and unfortch there wasn't much time to catch up or hang out. She wanted to get cleaned up from hours of flying and I had to get to bed.

But tonight the three of us are going to a little party that my good friend David Pinsky is throwing. Fun times! It is so great having Sarah here ... actually, having both Sarah and David here. I might have to get to work on importing all my other friends as well!

I guess that's it ... have a great day. I'm out.