Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Emancipation Celebration

My, my, my ... what a great Wednesday today turned out to be. Not only did the Democrats make huge gains in Congress last night but pretty much everyone on Earth is still reveling in the news that Britney Spears finally came to her senses and decided to get rid of Kevin Federline once and for all. I am not ashamed to admit that I did a happy dance yesterday ... right here in my living room ... I should've taped it and put it on but the moment has passed ... ah well. I'm sure it was pretty much like the happy dance that YOU did in your very own living room yesterday. The news of Britney's divorce hit like an atom bomb ... let's try and get thru some of it ...

Here are a couple pictures of a very happy-looking Britney Spears as she emerges from a shopping trip to a Gap store in NYC just mere moments after the news came out that she had filed for divorce from Kevin Federline (who is commonly being referred to as FedEX all over the blogosphere):

She is positively GLOWING! Despite all that talk about how happy Spederline were together, it seems to me that a huge burden has been lifted off her shoulders and she now has a new lease on life. I'll admit it ... after Sean Preston was born I thought for sure they were going to be together forever -- they just seemed so suited for one another, so country together. The birth of the second baby just cemented that belief in me. But I always knew, in the back of mind (and I've voiced this before many times on the blog) that if Britney would just listen to the people who made her a star, if she just sought out the counsel of people wiser than she is than she might come to her senses. [Source]

And thank the Lord, it seems like she is listening to good advice ... here are super cute pictures of Britney ice skating in Rockefeller Center with her former manager Larry Rudolph -- the man who made Britney the superstar that she was ... and can be again:

Photo credit: Splash News

I have mad love for Larry Rudolph ... he can do it, he can bring her back to the heights of stardom that she once enjoyed not so long ago. Holla!!!!! [Source]

After shopping and skating, Britney took herself out for a nice little dinner at New York City restaurant Baldoria, where she showed off, once again, her killer bod:

Photo credit: Splash News

She looks happy. I am deffo happy. Everyone is happy! Woot!!!!! [Source, Source]

Oh wait ... not everyone is happy ... I don't think that Kevin Federline is very happy at all today. Just before the news came out that Britney was dumping his ass, K-Fed appeared in a video interview with Blender magazine where he talked about how much he loves Malibu (but it looks like he'll be going back to Fresno soon enough) and he also talked about what he was planning on giving Brit for Xmas (a go-kart which I doubt he'll be giving her ... since he needs to save all the money he has right about now). Click HERE to watch the Blender interview. In fact, there is other fun video to watch today ... apparently, Much Music caught the exact moment when K-Fed found out that he was getting dumped ... via txt message! It would be so sad if it weren't so embarrassingly funny. Kevin was shooting a show for Much Music when he was filmed receiving a very upsetting txt message on his Sidekick 3:

Daaaaaaamn! That really sucks. He not only got dumped ... but divorced ... via txt message!!! Kevin got visibly upset and tore off his mic before calming down and returning to finish the show. He must've thought that he'd be able to fix this little bump in his marriage. It looks like he was wrong. Click HERE to watch the Much Music video clip. [Source]

According to the iron-clad pre-nuptial agreement that Britney had him sign, it looks like all of K-Fed's pricey toys are going to go bye bye bye ... back to their rightful owner ... Miss Britney Spears:

Photo credit: Splash News

Any gift given worth over $10,000 will go back to the original purchaser. This includes a custom-built motorcycle Brit gave K-Fed for Christmas 2 years ago. Additionally: K-Fed won't touch a penny of Britney's money. All the millions belonging to Britney will stay that way. And: Spears won’t pay child support. Federline is still responsible for supporting his other two children with previous baby momma Shar Jackson. Luckily, Britney should be able to put food on the table for at least another 200,000 more years. I am very relieved to know that Britney had the foresight to protect her assets before marrying this fool. BUT ... it seems that K-Fed isn't planning on going down without a fight, from TMZ: TMZ has learned Kevin Federline may fight Britney Spears for custody of his children. Federline has not had much time to react to Spears' decision to end the marriage, and that's because she didn't tell him in advance that she was filing for divorce ... Spears has asked for sole custody of the couple's two small children. TMZ is told Federline is thinking of challenging that, even though Spears has functioned as the primary, if not sole parent, as Federline tours the country hawking his CD. Federline almost certainly cannot challenge the prenup. Sources say hotshot divorce lawyer Laura Wasser drafted an air-tight prenuptial agreement before the couple married. So Federline's only chance of cashing in is by mounting an ugly custody fight, trying to force a more lucrative settlement. Yeah ... that ain't gonna happen. If he's smart (which he ain't) he should just fade away with what he can get out of his 2 year mooch-job and not look any more foolish than he already does. Geeze ... I kinda almost feel sorry for him. [Source]

Here are screencaps from a vid of Jamie Lynn Spears having an upsetting conversation with her boyfriend (which you can watch HERE) after news broke of the divorce:

Photo credit: X-17

I know exactly how she feels ... if this whole divorce thing is a scam to whip up publicity I'm gonna be PISSED! It did cross my mind that this divorce thing may be faked ... but alls I know is that it better not be fake. I don't think I could recover if this is all a lie or a publicity stunt. I'm just gonna think happy thoughts ... happy thoughts of a single again Britney Spears. [Source]

One last bit of Britney news, Pink readers Gillian and Vanessa had themselves a little celebratory party for Britney Spears last night and send in these pictures of the cake they made:

It's not quite as vicious as Shanna Moakler's celebratory divorce cake so I don't think it's a bad thing at all. LOL! Thanks for the pics, ladies. [thanks Gillian and Vanessa]

OMG ... in other news ... cuz there are other things going on in the world right now ... yesterday was Election Day and people from all over made their way to the polls to cast their vote in this very important mid-term election. Here are a couple pictures of a very civic-minded Jennifer Garner as she makes her way out of her polling place yesterday afternoon:

I, too, voted yesterday here in California. I registered in mid October and recieved my voter registration card and booklet in the mail last week. I showed up to my polling place to vote only to find that my name wasn't listed in the registration book. I had to vote provisionally which means that I won't know for 20 days if my vote counted. You can see how this is of some concern to me. And I have to say, the voting system here in LA (or at least where I live) is insanely archaic and confusing. You have to put the ballot in this contraption that line up circles with the names of the candidates and then you have to use this special marker push thing to darken your holes. It's very confusing and I can see how it can dissuade people from wanting to vote ... at the very least, I can see how votes can be entered incorrectly. I'm glad I voted ... but I'm very bothered by how our voting system seems to be set up to confuse and discourage voters. [Source]

But the very good news is that the Democrats have taken control of the House of Representatives ... this is extremely good news because we are set to have the very first female Speaker of the House in our nation's history ... Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California:

With Tuesday's takeover of the House comes the near certainty that Democrats will elect the chamber's minority leader as the first madam speaker in U.S. history. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-California, knows how to play politics and has for a while. Perhaps that was best evidenced by the last three months, as the 10-term California congresswoman crisscrossed at least 18 states in her bid to propel her party to victory. Her own race, in the San Francisco-based 8th District against Republican Mike DeNunzio, was over before it started, so Pelosi embarked on the mission of erasing the 30-seat advantage the GOP has held in the House. Congratulations to Representative Pelosi ... I am looking forward to having her leadership in the House of Representatives. [Source]

Madonna is rockin' a bruised cheek after having a run-in with a papparazo this past weekend as she was making her way thru Heathrow airport on her way back home to London ... here's what poor Maddy looks like:

Photo credit: Splash News

"She had the baby in her arms when it happened," says the source. "When she landed in London, there was a lot of pushing and shoving. She was jostled around. She got hit in the paparazzi's commotion." David, the 1-year-old she is in the process of adopting from Malawi, was not hurt in the scuffle. "Thank God the baby is OK," says the source. Yikes! I can't believe the paparazzi were close enough to cause injury to her face like that ... actually, yes I can. At least little David was not harmed. [Source]

Here is a cute picture of Gwen Stefani and her baby boy Kingston James also arriving at Heathrow airport yesterday:

No injuries here ... just Gwen's ridiculous hair-do and Kingston's adorable little hat. [Source]

Here is your first look at a couple of the new Hilary Duff Barbies that are being offered at Toys R Us:

I can't wait until they come out with Good Charlotte action figures so that I can make Joel and Hilary make out and then fight with G.I. Joes. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Shiona tells me that there are Good Charlotte action figures and Pink reader Katie alerts me that they can be purchased HERE ... here's the Joel Madden doll:

Love it! Anyone wanna play? [thanks Shiona and Katie]

Here is your first look at the superfug-looking Lost action figures:

LOL at Kate and Hurley. Seriously, who would want to own these? Are people this geeky? [Source]

Here are a couple of pictures from the art issue of Vanity Fair that feature a wet and mostly nekkid Brad Pitt on the cover:

Mmmmm ... wet .... nekkid .... yes, please. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez is looking cute as hell on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine:

Hmmm ... first Whitney & Bobby, then Reese & Ryan and now Britney & Kevin. Is there a trend developing here? Isn't J. Lo a fan of following trends? Hmmm .. I'm just saying ... [Source]

Beyonce is on the cover of the new issue of Elle magazine:

Eh ... I got nothing. Enjoy the pics! [Source]

And finally, Sarah and I got papped at the Beverly Hills, 90210/Melrose Place DVD party last Friday night by the Defamer photog taking party pics:

You gotta love how Defamer is always all over all the action in Hollywood. [Source]

Les News:
I've been spending a lot of alone time reading and watching TV these past couple of nights. I haven't really been in the mood to go out. News of Britney's impending divorce from Kevin was a bit uplifting ... that is why I think I'll be up for celebrating the One Year Anniversary of TMZ at their party tonight:

TMZ was first to break the news of Mel Gibson's DUI arrest, Paris Hilton's DUI arrest, Witherppe's break-up and Spederline's break-up -- and let's not forget the infamous Firecrotch video ... I'd say they've had a pretty good year so far. I hear Shar Jackson will be there tonight ... I might have to do a shot with her :) I'm looking forward to toasting their success tonight. It'll be good to get out of the house, I think.

I hope you're having a great day today ... enjoy life people, have as much fun as you can. Be happy.

That is all. I'm out.