Monday, November 13, 2006

My Buddy

Yes ... yes, it appears that Suri Holmes-Cruise has indeed come out of seclusion to make a rare appearance in public as she deplaned in Italy earlier today with her "father" Tom Cruise. Pink reader Pia sends in this picture from US Weekly that, altho still grainy and unclear, appears to show that Suri has been unpacked from her box just in time for the TomKat wedding that is to come this weekend:

Um ... that "baby" sure looks stiff in Tom's arms. No wonder they won't let the paps get too close ... they can't be lettin' the truth get out, now can they? But we know what's really going on. Yessir, we do. [Source]

Word To Your Mama

It's a brand new week and the dust is beginning to settle a bit from the exciting news that Britney Spears has decided to kick hubby Kevin Federline to the curb. It looks like we'll have to wait and see what further develops from their divorce battle and what, if anything, will come from the rumored Spederline Sex Tape. Meanwhile, Britney Spears is bizzy working on her new album (tho I'm hearing that she's taking some time off from recording to be with her family for a few days) and K-Fed is still trying to make his rap career happen. Here is a picture of The Federline posing with what he supposes is a group of fans in Washington DC over the weekend:

Image Removed by Request

A quick check at shows that K-Fed only has one more concert date listed. I was under the impression that he had a few club dates left on his tour ... it seems that is no longer the case. The only listing left is for November 22 at the House of Blues here in Los Angeles, CA. Now ... you *know* that I must attend that show. It's not so much that I want to see and hear him do the rap thing with my own eyes and ears but ... maybe Britney Spears will be there too ... to join the rest of us hecklers in the audience. Actually, I have no interest in heckling him at all ... I just want to see him do his thing before he goes away forever. Yes, it's a sick fascination but ... I'm just too curious to let the opportunity pass by. [Source]

Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weiss were both on hand for the AFI screening of the new Darren Aronofsky film The Fountain this past weekend ... here are a couple pictures from the event at the Arc Light in Hollywood, CA:

I am a huge Aronofsky fan ... his brilliant film Requiem for a Dream is one of my favorite movies and I was very excited when it was rumored that he would be directing Batman Begins (altho, I'm very happy that Christopher Nolan did an awesome job instead) so I'm intrigued by The Fountain, despite what I've been hearing. I've seen the trailer and I suppose it looks like it might be good you can never be too sure. I trust that Aronofsky hasn't lost his touch so I'm willing to check it out in the hopes that I'll be blown away. There are only a few directors who I'm such a fan of I'd see any movie they put out -- Aronofsky is on ... Almodovar is another. [Source]

This weekend also saw the premiere of the new animated penguin movie Happy Feet featuring the voices of Elijah Wood and Brittany Murphy, both of which were on hand at the premiere ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Actually, portions of the red carpet were iced over so that other attendees of the premiere would feel right at home. The movie studio shipped in actual penguins for the premiere ... so cute! Tyler James Williams, who plays the young Chris Rock on the CW show Everybody Hates Chris, also attended the premiere. That kid is awesome ... he is such a great actor. I don't think that I'll be seeing this movie but I guess it looks cute enough. [Source]

The "big" story over the weekend is the most recent break-up of Jude Law and Sienna Miller. After hooking up then breaking up (due to a little incident with the nanny) then hooking up again it seems like the couple have decided to break it off again ... or something like that:

Jude Law and Sienna Miller have finally split for good, a source close to the pair tells PEOPLE exclusively. "It's a mutual decision," a pal of the actor says of ending the roller-coaster romance. "They have definitely come to the end of the road. They tried to make it work but it failed." Reps for both Miller and Law refused to comment on the private lives of their clients. Law, 33, and Miller, 24, were engaged to be married in 2004 but Miller broke off the relationship after his affair with his children's nanny, Daisy Wright, was exposed the following year. Eh ... in the wake of such huge bust-ups like the death of Witherppe and Spederline, I'm not sure that anyone even cares about these two. I like Jude as a single man ... it keeps the hope alive. [Source]

TomKat have left the country and have made their way to Italy to begin preparations for their big wedding this coming weekend. Here is a blurry photo of what promises to be Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Suri Holmes-Cruise, et al. deplaning in Italy today:

Images Removed By Request

Pretty much every news outlet on Earth is in Italy to cover the nuptials ... the National Enquirer planning on being all over TomKat all week long: ROME-- The Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes long-anticipated wedding celebrations have finally begun! The couple moved into a 7th floor penthouse at Rome's posh Hassler Hotel this morning, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively. The preparations for next weekend's nuptials at Odescalchi Castle, 25 miles away, are underway. Earlier the bridegroom-to-be stepped from a private plane at Rome's Ciampino airport, carrying their baby Suri in his arms. Cruise, Katie and their other children took a black limousine to the hotel. It swept into the garage area protected by a strong security detail from a company recommended by pal George Clooney, who has an Italian home. After Cruise and Katie settled into the suite they ordered a light meal of prosciutto and melon with buffalo mozzarella, washed down with mineral water. Ha! I love it ... the Enquirer even knows what they're eating! I sincerely hope this wedding turns out to be the true spectacle that we're all hoping it to be. I'm really looking forward to a close encounter of the XENU kind. [Source]

Here are a bunch of really awesome pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal participating in the Lance Armstrong Foundation: Ride for Roses in Texas which I am *mortified* to learn took place last month! Despite the fact that these pictures are kind old, I just had to post our Jakey poo in his cute little bike riding ensemble:

Yes, dammit! I realize that I called his spandex outfit "cute" but c'mon ... we've been thru this ... sometimes you have to make exceptions when it comes to hotness and spandex. Jake in spandex = hot, the dude standing behind him in the last picture = not hot ... make sense? Now if you'll excuse me ... I'm gonna go Le Sigh over here now ... [Source, Source]

... Okay, I'm back ... now, y'all know that I love love love Madonna. The woman can do no wrong in my eyes ... usually. I realize that she's been going thru a rough time with all the criticism that has been leveled against her concerning her adoption of little David Banda and I realize that high levels of stress can have an adverse effect on a person ... but ... c'mon ... what the hell is going on with her choice of dress lately?

Now, I don't hate the red jacket ... but the shoes ... Lord, the shoes have gotta go. I don't even know what to say about everything she's wearing in the second picture. Not only are her shoes viley wretched but that coat is atrocious and that mini-skirt thing is just ... EW! Maddy -- I loves ya with all my heart but if Lindsay Lohan can't pull off an outfit like that, well ... you see what I'm saying. Booooo! [Source]

Ye Gods ... what the hell happened to Gwen Stefani? I don't think I've ever seen her look this bad ...

... like, ever! Double BOOOOOO! [Source]

At least Nicole Richie is keepin' things hot ... look how great she looks at the opening of the new high-end Disney boutique Vault 28 yesterday afternoon:

I love it! She looks so good ... I can't get over how much I love her new darker hair color. Nicole looks amazing ... good for her!! [Source]

Here are some interesting photos of Jennifer Lopez on the set of her new movie Bordertown:

All these different J. Lo's remind me of the various J. Lo's that were featured in her video Get Right ... only homelier. I guess that's art for ya. [Source, thanks Vincent]

Pink reader Amarena sends in this hilarious Justin Timberlake promo poster that she swears was released before news of the Spederline divorce broke:

I'm not sure when it was released and I don't even care if it's an official Jive promo poster ... I just love it! LOL! [thanks Amarena]

Here are a few photos from the Kylie Minogue Showgirl Homecoming tour book. The pics look like they come from the same photoshoot she did for her 2007 Official Calendar:

I don't suppose that Kylie will ever bring a large tour to the US so I guess I'll have to hope for the eventual DVD release of the show. [Source]

The stars of the movie Dreamgirls are featured on the cover and within the pages of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly which is also the annual Holiday Movie Preview issue:

I absolutely love the cover ... and the Jennifer Hudson picture is really hot. I'm holding off on reading the article until I see the movie when it is released here in LA on December 15th. I'm only hearing amazing things about Dreamgirls and I hope the movie lives up to the hype. I kinda like how, for once, the focus isn't on Beyonce. [Source]

And finally, we all got to see the new official trailer for Spider-Man 3 which was released last week ... but have you seen the uncut version of the trailer which features raw film footage that was cut from the final version of the trailer? Well, if not then you're missing out on a lot ... like your first really good look at Venom:

Images Removed by Request -- Click HERE to read why

Click HERE to check out this movie trailer for yourself. God Bless Google Video! [Source]

Les News:
I have been on a movie feeding frenzy for the past few days and I gotta admit, I have been having a great time. Yesterday afternoon I had originally planned on seeing Harsh Times (starring Christian Bale) but at the last minute decided to go see Volver starring Penelope Cruz instead. As I mentioned earlier, I am a big fan of Pedro Almodovar so I wanted to make sure I saw this movie in the theater before it went away:

For me, the bottom line is Almodovar is a genius. I was hoping that Volver would be as good as La Mala Educacion and while I wouldn't go so far as to say it was as amazing as that film, Volver is a pretty good film in its own right. The whole movie seemed very Hitchcockian ... the scenes and especially the music made it feel like I was watching a modern Alfred Hitchcock movie -- but in Spanish. Penelope Cruz is really good in this role. She's funny and serious and, I've come to finally realize, absolutely beautiful . As the story unfolds and hard truths get revealed, she manages to keep the story believable. The story is quirky and is told in a bit of a disjointed fashion but it works.

I think the movie works because I went in to see it cold ... I knew nothing of the story at all. I suggest that if you're interested in seeing it, you should see it cold as well.

Tonight, I think I have a date with my friend Gillian. This afternoon I have to begin preparations for my weekend trip to Detroit. I know I said that I wasn't going to fly back East again for the rest of the year but recent events have made me miss my family and friends. Sarah and I are planning a really fun gathering at her place this Friday night and I'm really excited to go home ... just for a few days. Besides, next Saturday is the 1 year anniversary of the SASS danceparty at OSLO in downtown Detroit ... and I kinda don't want to miss that either. Woot!

That is all ... I'm out.