Friday, December 01, 2006

Brazil Is For Lovers Carvers

Before we get into any of the fun today I want to take a moment to pause and reflect on the fact that today is World AIDS Day:

Head on over to the official website of World AIDS Day to learn how you can help stop the spread of HIV and bring an end to prejudice. Click HERE for a short list of events taking place all across the US today. Click HERE to light a virtual candle in honor of World AIDS Day '06. Even if you think your small contribution is insignificant, just remember that there are potentially thousands of other people out there who are thinking the very same thing. If everyone does something to contribute, even something as simple as wearing a red ribbon today, then the whole cause will be better for the effort.

Silence = Death.

Okay ... les goss ... it seems there is no rest for the weary these days. Britney Spears continues her crusade to transform herself into a bona fide party girl seemingly over night. She's entering her 3rd (or is it 4th?) week of singlehood and she's already evolved from the good girl everyone loved and forgave ... to the pantiless lush who adopted Paris Hilton as her role model .. to this latest incarnation -- has she finally found a happy medium between going out and having fun while not overdoing it?

Miss Spears, who has thankfully taken to wearing pants when she goes out, hung out with her boys last night. I believe this guy with the ridiculously open shirt is one of her choreographers (Pink reader Kristin informs me that it's Brian Friedman, a judge on So You Think You Can Dance? who choreographed one of her videos). That is one hell of an amulet that he is wearing ... that yellow jewel looks like it was pilfered from one of Jennifer Lopez' old engagement rings (the one she got from Puffy?). I spent quite a lot of time in Oklahoma during my college years and I think I can still recognize a can of chewing tobacco shoved into the pockets of a dude's tight jeans when I see one (not that I was necessarily paying attention to things that were protruding out of dudes' tight jeans ... I'm just saying). Eh ... he's better looking than Brandon Davis, so he gets props for that. I say lose the grandma necklace and the shirt from Z Cavaricci (and to be honest, he can keep the chew, it's very "country") and he'd be a fine companion for our dear Britney. [Source]

UPDATE: My good friend Matt made me realize that the guy in the background picture with Brian is one of Britney's original dancers -- TJ. Wow ... he looks ... different these days.

I'm sure I have no idea what Arby's has to do with sports but last night Arby's held its inaugural Action Sports Awards in Burbank, CA. Apparently, the Arby's Action Sports Awards honors the "top action sports performances of the year" and brings together the biggest names in skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, BMX, freestyle motocross ... and Paris Hilton, of course:

Pamela Anderson made her first public red carpet appearance since announcing her divorce from Kid Rock ... so of course she had to wear super tiny short shorts. It turns out that Jamie Kennedy is to blame for all the shots of Britney's genitals that we've been subject to this past week. It's strange that Brit-Brit didn't attend this event ... I would imagine that she is a big Arby's fan. I have no idea what possessed Paris Hilton to attend an event in the valley maybe she also thought Britney would attend and was miffed to discover she got ditched instead? Such is the painful life of the Hollywood "It" Girl. [Source]

As I mentioned yesterday, Nick Lachey is the new part owner of the minor league baseball team the Tacoma Rainiers ... here is a pic of the big boss-man at the press conference that announced his part ownership of the team:

"It had always been a dream of mine to be involved in team sports in general, especially on a local level in your hometown," says Lachey, a self-described "huge baseball fan (who) grew up in Cincinnati, and baseball is kind of a religion there." A couple years ago, the Cincinnati Reds came up for sale, and "I made an attempt to become a part of the ownership," he says. "Unfortunately, it didn't work out, but it certainly reiterated my interest in having some kind of ownership involvement. So, when this opportunity came around, it felt like a great way to get involved." Lachey, 33, also tells the magazine, "Sports is – outside of entertainment – my passion. ... Clearly I'm not going to be playing for anybody in my lifetime, so to be involved on the ownership level is the next best thing." (The singer is also starting a basketball team with pal A.J. DiScala) ... "But I certainly don't want to be one of those meddling owners who is trying to give his influence where it's not wanted." Personally, I think this is a perfect new venture for Nick. He's always been a very sporty guy. I think he'll be just fine as a part-owner of a minor league baseball team. It kinda suits him, I think. [Source]

What have we here ... Brody Jenner and Lauren LC Conrad chillin' out together earlier this week at Area nightclub? Have the lovebirds mended fences and decided to get back together?

Of course just because they were photographed together doesn't really mean that they have rekindled their short-lived romance ... but it wouldn't surprise me. Whatev, they're cute together -- they should go out again ... you know, cuz I have a say in their relationship and all. [thanks Andrea]

Kanye West, ever the shy and introspective man that he is, doesn't like the world to know it but deep down, on the inside, he's a horrible label whore ... but you wouldn't really know it just by looking at him:

Actually, it's always bugged me that Kanye is so subtle. He really should try and stand out more. [Source]

Should we be shocked that Courtney Love actually makes a pretty cool-looking monarch?

Her crown is askew just enough to hint at the fact that she might be tipsy but not so much as to imply that she might be drunk. Hmmm, it's actually a good look for her. [Source]

Yesterday I made brief mention that Nina Gordon announced the birth of her first child on her official messageboard, but I kinda feel like this news deserves more than a brief mention. The first child born of loins of the original Veruca Salt is among us and we should rejoice!

From Nina's official announcement: hey everybody... just wanted everyone to know that ivy nightingale russo was born last tuesday night (a week ago) at 11:20 pm. she is perfect and beautiful (if i do say so myself) and jeff and i are beside ourselves with happiness. we brought her home from the hospital on thanksgiving day, and needless to say, i have never been more thankful for anything in my life. I know for a fact that little miss Ivy Nightingale is an absolutely beautiful baby and I couldn't be happier for Nina and Jeff. I can't wait until that little girl picks up her first guitar. Much congrats to the happy parents!! XO [Source]

Frosh Hollywood "It" Girl Hayden Panettiere has got herself an official My Space where you can hear 3 songs that may be included on her debut album (due out next year). Click HERE to check out her profile which is chock full of pretty standard head shot photos ... OR you can click HERE to check out Hayden's other My Space profile which has all of her fun personal pictures ... like these:

I've been told that the other profile is really hers but these days, who knows? Fake My Space profiles are as abundant as z-list celebs who get denied entry into Hyde nightclub. Betwixt the 2 profiles, I think I prefer the other one ... it has 100% less cheesy pop songs playing in the background. [Source]

So ... okay ... between these two dudes (er, I think they're both dudes) who do you think is hotter?

Personally, I think Telly has got James Blunt beat ... but then again, Telly isn't dating a hot supermodel so what the hell do I know? And no, I'm not a plushie, thank you very much. [Source]

Have you ever wondered what the incredibly aggro industrial-rocker Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails looked like in high school?

I bet he has the best band camp stories. [Source]

And finally, here is the cover artwork for the official uncut, unedited Confessions Tour DVD which is set for release in the US on January 23, 2007:

Thank Jebus! Additionally, The DVD will be packaged alone or in a DVD + CD digipak format. Praise XENU! Too bad it won't be available for Xmas shopping. [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday evening I was invited to attend a screening of the new Josh Duhamel movie Turistas. Even tho I was running a little late I managed to get there in plenty of time for the screening ... when I arrived I learned that Josh Duhamel, Olivia Wilde and Melissa George would be there to introduce the film ... of course I left my good camera in the car so I was only able to snap this crappy shot with my cell phone:

The audience was full of actors who appeared in the film (I was actually sitting next to the guy who played the Swedish dude who was the first one to be killed). The movie itself was pretty good:

It's not as much like Hostel as I thought it would be. Firstly, it's not as gory and secondly, you don't really feel that the characters deserve the fate that befalls them (like you do for the jerks in Hostel). In this movie, you actually feel for the characters. They accidentally become "ugly Americans/Westerners" and you find yourself thinking, "Dang, this could actually happen." If you're looking for extreme gore, then this movie isn't for you. It's more suspenseful than anything. There is a very engaging underwater chase scene that I really liked (and the cave scenes reminded me a little of the movie The Descent). And, hello, Josh Duhamel is shirtless prolly 85% of the time (and 40% of the time he's wet). There's a fair share of boobies as well if that's more your style. I'm not sure if the movie will do much for the Brazilian board of tourism but I enjoyed it.

Much love to Sarah for the invite!

After the screening, I had to hightail it across town to meet up with my friend Irene to catch a show at the Avalon, sponsored by Kenneth Cole Reaction and starring The Sounds:

I love The Sounds! They always put on a great show. I haven't seen them since Detroit (prolly about a year ago) but it was great seeing them again last night. The show was very, very fun even with all the alcohol that was being thrown all over the place. Click HERE to see all of my pictures from The Sounds show last night.

While rockin' out to the sounds of The Sounds I got to hang out with Irene and her friend Stephanie and I got to meet a few Pink readers:

I have to give a shout out to Angie and Michele & Cindy. It was great meeting you all!

Tonight I'm going to see Imogen Heap at The Wiltern. I am so excited!!!

Hope y'all are having a Happy Friday ... I'm out.