Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hangin' With Mr. Hefner

Lordy, Lordy ... last night was a blast ... even tho I wasn't feeling in tip-top shape I managed to venture out for one hell of a fun night ... but I'll get to that in a moment ...

It looks as if yesterday was a pretty cool day for birthday girl Britney Spears as well. She got her birthday celebration going early in the day and didn't stop until the early mornin'. Here are a few pictures of Mama Spears with her first born son Sean Preston as they spent part of her birthday hangin' out at the zoo:

Photo credit: Flynet

She looks like she was having a great time. Sean Preston looked bored as hell ... but hey, they did get to spend quality mommy/son time with one another. [Source]

After Britney got her mommy fix out of the way, she sent little SP off to bed while she hooked up with her BFFs of late (the ex-dancers) and THANKFULLY her former manager Larry Rudolph to start the night off with a little birthday dinner at Mr. Chow:

Photo credit: Matrix

It's interesting that she chose to dine at Mr. Chow just a few days after her soon-to-be ex-husband Kevin Federline was spotted dining at Mr. Chow. I'm sure it could be a mere coincidence but it does strike me as a little strange that she chose the same restaurant for her birthday dinner. It is clear that Britney was loving all the attention from the hordes of paparazzi who were camped in front of the restaurant taking pictures of her. I don't suppose it's another coincidence that she asked to be seated in the front window. [Source]

Whatevs ... I'm just glad that someone finally talked some sense into her ... she reunited with Larry Rudolph and then suddenly she's wearing underwear again:

Photo credit: Flynet

Thank Jebus! There is hope for the lass yet. I'm not sure if Britney received all the birthday gifts that she asked for ... but I'm glad that I got what I asked for yesterday. No more vag! Wee! [Source]

VH-1 threw its Big In '06 Awards yesterday on the Sony Studios lot in Culver City, CA and gave away their very fun, much coveted Big In '06 awards ... here is a smattering of pictures from the red carpet and the show itself:

From the looks of it, it appears that VH-1 threw a pretty awesome party. I've tried to stay away from finding out who won what but the pictures make it clear that Kiefer Sutherland and Justin Timberlake each picked up an award and I understand that Britney Spears also won an award. Tune in to VH-1 tonight at 9pm to watch the awards in their entirety and see who else was Big In '06. [Source]

Here are a couple of cute, if simple, pictures of Parker Posey from the Gotham Awards that here held in NYC earlier this week:

Even if the Gotham Awards aren't as "indie" as they once were, that didn't stop indie queen Parker from showing up to the party. I just love her. She's always so fun in every movie she appears. I don't even mind that she wore a silk bathrobe to the event (tho the flat hair might be some cause for concern), I just love seeing her out and about. [Source]

Elsewhere in NYC - also earlier this week, Lucy Liu and Shawn Ashmore were among the celebs who showed up at the AIDS Film Festival ... here are a couple of pics:

Once again, I have to commend any celeb who lends their fame to really great charities and events. I think it's awesome that celebs like Lucy, Shawn and the others who support AIDS research causes have no problem associating themselves with the cause. Lucy looked beautiful and Shawn looked hot. [Source]

In the "not beautiful nor hot" category we have Mary Kate Olsen going out for a cup of coffee here in LA. I just don't get it ... I just don't get her:

Photo credit: BigFoto

The bad dress, the horrid shoes and those ridiculous leggings -- which have a hole in them, I might add -- all conspire to make a horrendous outfit come alive. Yeah, I just don't get it at all. [Source]

Alanis Morrisette and her boyfriend Ryan Reynolds suited up for an afternoon motorcycle ride earlier this week here in LA:

Photo credit: Flynet

It must be true what they say ... the couple that bikes together, stays together. Ever since Alanis and Ryan got back together from their brief break-up early in the summer, they have been seen out together bike riding pretty much ever since. The only couple who biked together more this year was Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong -- tho, it's unclear if they are also still a happy couple. [Source]

Here are even more Gwen Stefani promo pictures from her sophomore album The Sweet Escape which is finally released this coming Tuesday:

The more I listen to it, the more I love the album. I think it has more of an '80s vibe than her first album did. I also think this album has more singles on it ... certainly, better singles. I *really* love the songs Early Winter, Fluorescent and Yummy. Trust me, the album is hawt. I can't wait to buy my copy on Tuesday. [Source]

And finally, it's time for us to gaze upon the Hot Dude of the Week ... and you know, it's not always about the young jocks wearing (or not wearing, as it were) jerseys, speedos and various clothing items from Abercrombie & Fitch ... sometimes it's nice to enjoy something a little more mature -- like fireman Chad:

Ring the alarm, indeed! It's getting hot in herre! [Insert some other cheesy catchphrase that alludes to overt sexiness and conveys a general feeling of attraction while referencing the fact that the model is wearing a fireman's uniform] Mmmm ... he can slide down my pole any day. What ... too much? Yeah prolly ... well, enjoy Chad and his heaving pecs anyways! [Source]

One more thing ... Pink readers Ellyn, Liz & Josie, Laura, Cortney, Lindsay, Rachel, Alyssa and Christine inform me that Natalie Maines, lead singer of the Dixie Chicks, gave Pink is the new Blog another amazing shout-out from the stage at their concert in Atlanta, GA last night. Christine writes: I went to the Dixie Chicks concert last night in Atlanta. I know you said you got emails from people from the Nashville show about her shout-out to you. She also mentioned it last night. She asked if anyone had attended the Nashville show and she asked if they looked up what she told them to. She then told us the story and also mentioned that all of the band members looked up the Britney thing on your blog yesterday and came to Natalie agreeing with her. She told us that we needed to rush home and look it up. I was laughing the whole time b/c I had already been to your site earlier that day and knew what she was talking about. She then said that her one joke in the show was gone (the K-Fed thing) but told us to just imagine how funny it would’ve been four days ago if she had dedicated "White Trash Wedding" to K-Fed. Then they went into the song—it was really funny. I'm seriously dying ... much, much love to Natalie for all the love from the stage -- I really wish I got to see them on this tour when they came thru LA earlier this month. Much love also goes out to the Pink readers who emailed me with news of this Dixie Chicks concert in Atlanta! XO

Pink readers Lindsay, Monica and Laura -- Michigan girls from Grand Haven, Lansing and Fenton -- were all at the Atlanta Dixie Chicks concert last night and send in this pic:


Les News:
While I'm a little bummed that I wasn't able to attend the VH-1 Big in '06 Awards yesterday, my throat does feel a little bit better today ... which is a nice surprise because Jim and I spent last night chillin' with Hugh Hefner, Carmen Electra and Playboy Bunnies galore at the Playboy Mansion. AXELab threw a fun little soiree at the Mansion and very graciously invited me to come party with them:

I have always wanted to visit the Playboy Mansion and last night was finally my chance. Even tho I wasn't feeling great earlier in the day, I knew that this was one event that I could not miss. Carmen Electra was joined by celebrity friends Colin Farrell, Shane West, Stephen Dorff, Nick Cannon, Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe on 24!!!) and Kevin Weisman (who Jim and I kept referring to as the "Alias Guy" all night long).

Before the action got hot and heavy, Jim and I made a beeline to the infamous Grotto so that we could soak up some of the sexy energy that teems in there:

We were a little bummed that there wasn't anything crazy going on in there ... so we took a few pictures of ourselves. Hopefully I can come back when the weather is warmer to bear witness to more debaucherous good fun.

I got to meet Carmen Electra, who told me that she was a fan. We talked a little bit about how I love her album (which, I'm sure, many of you don't even know exists) and how amazing it was for her to work with Prince. I also got to meet the beautiful Playmates Brande Roderick and Deanna Brooks ... along with finally getting to meet Hef's girlfriend Kendra:

It seems that I cannot go to a single Playboy party without running into my good friend Ryan (who I met at my first Playboy party earlier this year at the Detroit Superbowl party) ... and Jim and I also ran into our friend Gina (who managed to snare a pic with Colin Farrell despite the fact that Colin's PR person was being kind of a douche about people taking pictures). It was just a great time all around:

I have to give a shout-out to Pink readers Sharon, Nicole and everyone else who came over to say hey! It was great meeting all of you!

Jim and I had an absolute blast ... I'm so glad he was able to come enjoy the Mansion with me:

I have to send out much love and thanks to Al, Kaki, Theresa and Donna for the hook-up and for taking very good care of us last night. It was honestly one of my favorite parties I've ever been to.

Tonight, Jim and I are celebrating our anniversary (we met and became immediate best friends a little over a year ago) at Mr. Chow of all places. We planned and made our reservations at Mr. Chow weeks ago since that was the place where we met. I'm not sure if we can request the "Britney table" but it might be worth trying.

I hope y'all have been having a great weekend! I'm out.