Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yet Another One Bites The Dust

OY! It is COOOOOOOOLD here in NYC and I am operating on about 2 1/2 hours sleep but there is goss to be had so let's have it! I'm telling you, it was nice waking up with David today despite all the lack of sleep and the coldness.


Yes folks, despite the fact that I flew a red eye flight to NYC last night and despite the fact that I basically got no sleep, I still managed to watch last night's episode of Heroes. Hands down, this is the best new show of the season. They've done everything right since the beginning and wrap up with a "fall finale" that moves the story along, gives a major shake-up and ends with a cliffhanger that is worthy of making the audience want to tune in to pick up the story again:

For the most part, the episode was mainly about wrapping up a few loose ends before the show goes on hiatus (and a short hiatus at that, new episodes return on Jan. 22). Unlike other shows which shall remain nameless (but take place on a lost island), the peeps behind Heroes know how to move the story along without making the viewer feel bored -- at least I didn't feel bored. The heroes keep coming together, both good and bad. We see what Claire's father is capable of ... one minute he's a bad guy, then there is a ray of hope that he's actually good and then more bad stuff -- he's a great character. The Haitian is another great character. He never spoke before last night ... and only did so because he wanted to share some information with Claire (arguably, the most powerful hero) perhaps about her dad? We were warned last week that in this episode "a hero would fall" and we now know it was Eden who won't make it to the second half of the season. I'm glad that she stepped up and tried to force Sylar to kill himself (making her, essentially, a good guy) but it's unfortunate that he was able to overpower her and, presumably, steal her power of mind control (we didn't actually see who got shot or where, all we saw was blood) -- uh, oh ... that won't be good. I love Peter Petrelli ... he is my fave ... and even tho he had a vision of his future where he will be the cause for the nuclear explosion in NYC I don't think that'll necessarily happen ... or at least, I think the vision is flawed in that it's meant to be misleading. Damn, I'm so wrapped up in this show. I honestly can't wait for new eps to start up again. As I mentioned last week, with Heroes and 24 both on the same night next year ... Mondays are gonna RULE! [Source]

One more thing ... I found it very interesting that Hiro and Ando were discussing the catchphrase, "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" and whether or not it is an "if/then" phrase. If it is not, they had to first save the cheerleader and then save the world (as opposed to what we were led to believe, if you save the cheerleader then you will save the world). Hello! Brilliant! We were also introduced to a new catchphrase, "Are you on the list?" Well ... are you? I can't wait to find out.

I tend to not believe break-up rumors until I hear about them from either People magazine or from TMZ but there is a lot of buzz going around that, sadly, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have broken-up. E! Online is reporting the split but are citing Life & Style as the source of the story ... so I'm not totally convinced. That said, there were rumblings earlier this Fall about a rift between Brilson so I wouldn't be surprised if, in fact, the pair are really dunzo:

Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson have called it quits. According to Life & Style magazine, the couple, who began dating in 2004, are parting ways. This shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to followers of this column [Watch with Kristin], because we've noted that it's been quite some time since Adam and Rachel have gone out together in public. (Once upon a time, they were attached at the hip-hugger hip.) Hmm ... just because the pair haven't been seen together much doesn't mean that they're necessarily breaking up. Boo! Well, I've prepared myself for the worst in case it is true but I'm also holding out a bit of hope that they'll show up somewhere in each other's arms lookin' all lovey-dovey. They're just too cute to be over ... first Leichen and now Brilson? This really has been the year of the break-up. [Source]

Britney Spears pulled out of co-hosting the Billboard Music Awards and then Paris Hilton pulled out of hosting the awards altogether ... but that didn't stop the show from going off without a hitch last night in Las Vegas. Here are a few pics from the red carpet and from the show itself where Mary J. Blige ruled SUPREME -- she took home 9 awards:

... [I]t was a seasoned artist that took home the most honors. R&B diva Mary J. Blige's comeback album, The Breakthrough, delivered nine awards to the 35-year-old singer, including R&B/Hip-Hop artist of the year, female R&B artist of the year and R&B/Hip-Hop album of the year. The album debuted at the top of the Billboard charts in December 2005 and has sold 2.6 million copies since. Blige, in white go-go boots and a sparkly mini-dress, rocked the full house by belting out a medley of her Enough Crying and Take me as I am. But Mary J. wasn't the only big winner of the night, 17-year old Chris Brown took home three awards last night for New Artist of the Year, Male of Artist of the Year and overall Artist of the Year. Unfortch, I was unable to watch the awards myself but I did catch Janet Jackson's opening performance ... which I thought was pretty good. As long as she keeps performing the old hits, I can't be mad at her. I even liked her new hair-do. Click HERE to see a full list of winners from last night's Billboard Music Awards. [Source]

Jennifer Hudson paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday afternoon and here are a couple of pics of Miss Thang as she left the MTV studios in Times Square, NY:

Photo credit: Splash News

She looked so cute ... but she really looked fierce at the premiere of Dreamgirls which took place here in NYC last night ... [Source]

... J. Hud was lookin' like a diva-supreme in that white dress. She was joined by her fellow Dreamgirls cast mates Beyonce, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy and others at the Ziegfeld Theater in Midtown:

Photo credit: Splash News

Jamie and Eddie were lookin' pretty fly in their sharp suits ... Eddie was lookin' cool as can be even if he spent the day trying to weasel his way out of claiming that he is the father of Mel B.'s baby. I think it is such a bad idea to go on record like this so publicly because these things have a way of turning out bad in the long run ... but that isn't really the point. The point is that Dreamgirls had it's NYC premiere last night which means we are getting closer and closer to the film's release -- Woot! I understand that the movie was met with a standing ovation when it was finished ... which doesn't surprise me in the least. [Source]

When Paris Hilton isn't playing role model to Britney Spears she's back to being her usual Paris-self ... she met up with her once-again BFF Nicole Richie for a little shopping jaunt around town yesterday afternoon. Here are pics of the pair after they did some shopping at Fred Segal:

Photo credit: Splash News

On the plane last night, I met Pink reader Melissa and her sister who were flying back home to NYC with me and were telling me about how they ran into Paris and Nicole at Fred Segal. I'm sure the ladies were bizzy getting things crossed off their Xmas lists ... tho, I really think that Nicole needs to X that bandana thing she's wearing off her wardrobe list -- it's not cute. [Source]

After they were finished at Fred Segal, the ladies hit up Marc Jacobs to do some more shopping before they paid a little visit to the very un-Santa-like Santa Claus in the window:

Photo credit: Splash News

I dunno know about you, but I like my Santas fat and jolly and not scrawny and scrubby. [Source]

Anyways, after a long day of shopping, Paris then hooked up with her, apparently, on-again man-hunk Stavros Niarchos ... Parisopolis zipped off to Hollywood Video to pick up a little movie for them to not watch as they hung out last night (if ya know what I'm sayin'):

I honestly like Paris best when she's happily attached to Stavros. They look cute together and their relationship tends to class her up a bit. Hanging out with Britney Spears has her vagina is hanging out doesn't really do much for her image. And suddenly, I'm realizing that I'm actually talking about Paris Hilton starting to look classier than Britney Spears. WTF?! [Source]

TomKat have returned home to LA after their honeymoon in the Maldives was cut short due to inclement weather ... and yesterday, Katie Holmes was seen carting around a mysterious object hidden away underneath a baby blanket. Hmmm ... I wonder what it could be?!

Photo credit: Splash News

Not only was Katie carrying that something wrapped in that blanket but she was also showing off the big-ass diamond in her wedding ring. Ugh ... well, if she has to be married to Tom Cruise at least she can enjoy a diamond of that size. Victoria Beckham is in town scouting out homes for her and David Beckham to buy (I hear that Becks might be playing for a US soccer team but I've yet to sniff out any details) and Katie bundled up little Suri (I think it's Suri under that blanket) to visit Victoria at her hotel. They make such odd friends ... but if Katie really wants to up her Thethan level in Scientology then she better seal the deal and get Victoria to surrender her soul sign up and become a Scientologist. I'm sure this will be infinitely easier if the Beckhams do, in fact, buy a place in LA. [Source]

Apparently, David Beckham is all upset that a new nudie calendar featuring a Becks look-alike is being sold this holiday season because his soccer teammates keep giving him a hard time about it ... here is what he's all upset about:

HUNKY football ace David Beckham has given the bum's rush to a cheeky calendar that's on sale on a gay adult website. It appears to show him naked except for a cute apron as he sets about doing the housework. The saucy shots were actually posed for by a look-alike -- but that hasn't stopped his Real Madrid and former England team-mates giving him a ribbing. Becks, 31, is said to be "upset and angry" over the Celebrity Hunks Around the House 2007 calendar. It is set to be sold in top high street stores. But it's already a big hit on website www.bent.com where it's up for grabs alongside kinky bondage gear and sex aids. LOL! Aww Becks ... if anything you should be upset that this guy is a poor imitation of your hotness. [Source]

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... Britney Spears knows how to start trends. Earlier this year she got a bunch of female celebs to dye their hair black after she dyed her hair black and now it appears that Britney has inspired others to lose their underwear and to go commando ... behold, Jennifer Lopez sans panties:

At least J. Lo is wearing jeans so as not to have any unfortunate vag slips. Tho, I never thought we'd ever get to see this much cleavage from Miss Jenny from the Block ... at least, not this kind of cleavage. [Source]

And finally, I just have to point out how excited I am that Betty White has joined the cast of The Bold & the Beautiful where she plays evil bitchface Stephanie Forrester's mother. She made her first appearance on the show last Friday and then again yesterday ... here are a couple of pics:

Is it wrong that shizz like this gets me excited? Yeah, probably but I don't care. The marriage of two of my favorite shows, The Golden Girls and The Bold & the Beautiful is just really freaking cool ... and yes, I now realize why it is that I like dudes. Whatevs ... I still love it. It looks like Betty is gonna play a pretty harsh mother to bitchface Stephanie ... and I can't wait to see what happens. Oh yeah, the mom from The Wonder Years (Alley Mills) has also joined the cast but I'm all about the Betty! Woot! [Source]

Les News:
Blah ... I'm so beat. The flight from LA to NYC is rough but actually flying JetBlue made it a bit better. It was the first time I flew JetBlue and I loved it. The amenities were really great and really helped make the flight go a little faster.

At the airport and then on the plane, I got to meet and chat for a bit with Pink reader Melissa and her sister ... here is a pic of Melissa and me:

It was very cool meeting and chatting with you both! XO

Ugh ... I need to take a nap ... things should be back on schedule tomorrow ... have a happy Tuesday and stay warm wherever you are! It's about 70 right now in LA ... ah, the things I do for love. That is all. I'm out.

PS: I've recieved many emails from Pink readers who attended the Dixie Chicks show in Austin, TX last night who informed me that Natalie Maines, once again, shouted out Pink is the new Blog while on stage. I feel like we're dating now :) Much love to Natalie, again, and to all the readers (Bridgett, Rene, Tatem, Kerry, Aubrey, Courtney, Scott, Adrienne, Christina, Johnathan, Barto, Priscilla and Shelli) who emailed me with the news! XO