Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Jen Is A Player Hater

OY ... I find that I am extremely distracted here at David's new place ... we had a very fun night last night which led to a kind of late morning. It is very nice getting more than a few hours sleep, let me tell you. Let's get to it ...

Britney Spears is getting into the holiday mood ... well, at least the wax statue version of Britney Spears at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum is getting into the holiday season ...

One would hope that the wax Britney would be outfitted with a festive pair of undies, but then again, one can never be sure. The real Britney, on the other hand, continues to get her party on in and around the greater Los Angeles area. Apparently, last night she and a couple of her dancer friends went to a house party in North Hollywood. I'm glad that Brit-Brit has no issue at all with partying in the valley. Next time she can come to my place :) [Source]

Earlier this week, the principle cast (and a few old skoolers) got together in Hollywood for the launch of the 5th season of 24 on DVD ... here are a few photos from the event:

I love it! All of my faves showed up ... including Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Kim Raver. I can't wait until I get home and have some time to re-watch season 5 on DVD. What better way to get geared up for the new season which starts up early next year. [Source, Source]

Jennifer Hudson, Adrian Grenier and the boys from OK GO were all on hand for the Toys for Bigger Boys party that Stuff magazine threw in support of the Keep A Child Alive Foundation last night here in NYC:

Photo credit: Splash News

That's my girl, J. Hud. She is workin' it like a mofo. I love seeing her out at events. See, she don't need to be playin' second fiddle to no one. [Source]

Back in LA, a smattering of Hollywood "It" Girls (like Michelle Trachtenberg and Hayden Panettiere) along with some older chicks (like hot moms Maggie Gyllenhaal and Natasha Henstridge) were all on hand for The Hollywood Reporter magazine's Women in Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast which was held at the Beverly Hotel in Beverly Hills, California last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

Everyone looked so happy to be there ... except for Maggie. I think you have to pay that one to crack a smile these days. [Source]

Well, it finally had to happen. After denying that they were even together for so long and then denying that they had broken up after it was revealed that they were, in fact, together in the first place -- it turns out that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn have finally decided to call it quits. Vinniffer are finally dunzo:

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are "no longer romantically connected," a close friend of Aniston's confirmed to Page Six today. The couple who dated for over a year are "still fast friends," however. Rumors of a split were fueled when Vaughn -- who has been living in London the past few months filming "Fred Claus" -- chose to spend Thanksgiving in Bulgaria rather than in Los Angeles with Aniston. A rep for Aniston declined comment. While in Budapest, Hungary, tabloids reported Vaughn was spotted partying with two pals at an exotic dance club called Moulin Rouge where the girls put on "explicit" shows. Uh huh, well Star magazine contends that the break-up occurred because Vincey "shacked up" with a chick from Texas who happened to be vacationing in Budapest when Vince was there: On Nov. 25, while dining in a local restaurant with two pals, Vince befriended three female students at a nearby table — including Laura Mallory Lane, 20, a junior at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, who was on holiday while studying abroad in Rome. The group proceeded to have a cocktail-fueled evening that ended with Vaughn and Lane (who goes by her middle name of Mallory) in bed together — all of it documented in an e-mail entitled, "I shacked with Vince Vaughn" that Lane sent to 22 of her Gamma sorority sisters two days later, says a source! When the bars had closed at 2 a.m., Mallory wrote that the group ventured back to Vaughn's hotel and Vaughn asked her to stay for another drink — which she did. "I did not feel pressured at all," Mallory wrote. "We talked some more (and yes, we talked about Jen), and one thing led to another and obviously we were messing around before too long. We didn't have sex, but it was just as good :)" No sex, huh? Well, whatever it is that they "had" was apparently enough to cause Jennifer to dump him. Here is a portion of the email that Vince's chick sent out to all of her sorority sisters:

See, if you're gonna cheat on your girlfriend, you prolly want to make sure that the chick you're cheating with isn't a blabber mouth. LOL! [Source, Source]

Sadly, People magazine has confirmed that Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody have, indeed, broken up: "It was a typical romance and they just grew apart," a source close to the pair tells PEOPLE, adding, "They’ve been on and off for awhile now." In October, the couple of three years denied breakup rumors. That month, they were spotted looking lovey-dovey strolling hand-in-hand in Toronto where Bilson was shooting the sci-fi drama Jumper. Yet that romantic scene wasn't an indication that they were still together, says the source: "Exes do hang out."

But in happy news, Lance Bass is telling the world via his My Space profile that he and Reichen Lehmkuhl are working things out and have not broken up: Yes Reichen and I have gone through a few rough days.. but instead of dealing with it by ourselves we get the honor of everyone joining in on our pain! lol No worries... I have no doubt things will work out. We are very mature and deal with things the right way. Thank you for all your concerns! It does mean a lot when so many of you are begging us to stay together! Just please don't believe most the hype you read... like us opening up the relationship?! What the hell does that mean anyway? I mean I think I know what that means... and if it is.. then the answer is def NO! again thanks for all the concerns... peace and hair grease! LB I also chatted with a friend of Reichen's last night who confirmed that Leichen are still together so ... at least there is one ray of hope in this week of sad break-ups.

Okay ... let's move on ... Paris Hilton was spotted doing more shopping this week ... she was without BFF Nicole Richie but was seen with a new bruise on her arm. Here are a few pics from her shopping trip to the Beverly Center yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News

Now, I know that she's all happily reunited with Stavros Niarchos so you gotta wonder where all her bruises come from. Is the sex that good? Wait a minute, I'm not sure I want to know. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan was lookin' a little puffy as she went out this week ...

... perhaps that horrid green sack thing that she wore is making her look a little inflated ... or maybe it's something else?. [Source]

Here are a few really cute pictures of Courtney Love and her daughter Francis Bean Cobain backstage at the Billboard Music Awards which took place this past Monday in Las Vegas:

C'mon, they look cute, right? Francis looks really good with that hair color even if mama C. Love looked a bit wrecked in her nightgown. I wonder how long it'll be until Francis starts working on an album of her own. [Source]

The Scissor Sisters were in LA yesterday to tape an appearance on the NBC soap opera Passions ... here are a few pictures of the Sisters from the set of Passions taken by my very good friend Kevin Tachman:

Photo credit: Kevin Tachman

The episode featuring the Scissor Sisters airs on February 8, 2007. According to the press release, the band is integrated into the story line: In this two-episode arc, young witch Endora (Nicole Cox), a big fan of Scissor Sisters, conjures them up in Tabitha's (Juliet Mills) living room. The band, extremely disoriented, plays their first song and then suddenly disappears into thin air, leaving Endora wanting more. After Endora is put to bed, she decides she wants an encore. This time she makes them appear at the hottest club in Harmony, The Blue Note, where she is dressed as a Scissor Sister groupie. Realizing they are no longer at their concert, the band is once again confused, but decide to keep on playing for the excited crowd. Hee hee, sounds cute ... the band will perform the songs I Don't Feel Like Dancing and Land of a Thousand Words. [Source]

Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy, the only people who receive top-billing in the new movie Dreamgirls, are also the only people who appear on the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine ... but hello ... where is the real star Jennifer Hudson?!

It is my understanding that the cover is actually a fold out with Jennifer and Anika Noni Rose on the inside. Boo! What a crock of bull! You know the big names are all jealous of little upstart Jennifer. [Source]

Angelina Jolie is on the cover of the new issue, January 2007, of Vogue magazine:

Eh ... it's kinda blah, don't cha think? [Source]

Joaquin Phoenix is definitely not blah in the new issue of Blackbook magazine:

In this issue, Joaquin interviews Spacehog Arckid and is photographed in the second pic with lead singer Royston Langdon ... who is married to Liv Tyler. ONTD! has the interview HERE. [Source]

And finally, here are a few pics from Rachel Ray's visit to Sesame Street:

Photo credit: Splash News

Seriously, her cuteness is kinda nauseating but these pics with Elmo and Oscar the Grouch are just toooooo cute to not post. [Source]

Les News:
Last night David and I had an amazing dinner at this cute little place near his apartment. Then we went off to B-Bar for a charity event for Soulforce which he was co-hosting. We met up with his friend Jeremy and my friend Jeremy and my Jeremy's friend Matty and Matty's friends ... well, everyone else who was there (including Chad Allen, yes that Chad Allen) and a good time was had by all. I got to meet Pink reader Josh and his boyfriend and managed to not drink my face off -- quite a feat, I'm telling you.

Tonight David and I are meeting up with Corynne before we go see Leona Naess and Ryan Adams in concert! I am so excited. Ryan is David and my favorite performer together ... he sings a song that is very special to us. We're hoping that he sings it tonight ... but I won't mention it cuz I don't wanna jinx it.

Lovin' NYC, hatin' the cold ... but it's all good. That is all. I'm out.

OH, and last, last thing -- much love goes out to Ray, Leah, Carrie, Kiri, Courtney, Lindsay, Drew, Kristi, Mallory and Juanita for lettin' me know that Natalie Maines, once again (and prolly for the last time) shout-ed out PITNB quite a few times in Dallas at the final Dixie Chicks show of their tour in Dallas, TX last night. Yes, it's official ... Natalie and I are, in fact, dating.