Thursday, December 21, 2006

You're Tired!

First and foremost, I have to wish y'all a Merry Yule and a Happy Winter Solstice today! Today is the shortest day of the year which means that starting tomorrow the days will start to get longer again! Woot! Happy celebrations to you all!

Okay ... so we know that Britney Spears got a new tattoo this week ... and we know that she got it on her hand (her right hand, I believe) ... but we now know that she only got a little star tattooed on her hand so it's not as terrible as I thought it would be ... well, as far as hand tattoos go:

Photo credit: Splash News

Click HERE to get a good look at Britney's new ink. I gotta say ... I'm getting a bit concerned now ... oh who am I kidding, I'm freaking the eff out. I believe that Britney already has a tattoo on her ankle, and I know she has one on her wrist, has a fairy tattoo on her lower back (the area commonly referred to as the "stripper plate" area) and now she's got one on her hand -- can a rose tattoo on one of her breasts be far behind? I'm actually afraid to ask such a question. [Source]

Anyways ... here are a few pictures from Britney's second visit to the burlesque club Forty Deuce where she grabbed a couple of friends and got up on the stage to put on a little show ...

... before the management had to yank her off the stage. This does not bode well for a stunning comeback. [Source]

In positive news, Britney was snapped buying more underwear yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Splash News

See, we must encourage this good behavior so as not to have any relapses ... Good girl, Brit. That's a good girl. [Source]

Later on that evening, she got herself all glammed up (ie. at the very least, she ran a brush thru her hair) and went out for a night on the town with a few friends:

Photo credit: Splash News

She's still my girl ... I still lurve her with all my heart. Some things I just have to overlook and everything will be A-OK. I choose to focus on the positive and not the negative. After all, hope does spring eternal. [Source]

Incidentally, new pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears have popped up on the Internet treasure trove known as My Space:

OY! How long til she gets her first tattoo? [Source]

In really bad news, Evangeline Lilly's Hawaiian home burned pretty much to the ground yesterday morning ... and the industrious paparazzi were on hand to photograph the whole thing. Fire officials are calling it a "total loss":

Photo credit: Splash News

The Kailua home that "Lost" actress and recent Golden Globe nominee Evangeline Lilly rents with two other women was engulfed in flames this morning and appears to be a total loss. Five fire trucks responded to the call around 6:45 a.m. Neighbors said the fire started at least by 6:30 and quickly spread. There was nobody home at the time. "Lost" was filming at a Waialua Beach this morning and one of Lilly's roommates who works on the set returned home after the fire was out. She declined comment ... By 7 a.m. the fire was doused and soon after firefighters were able to enter the home. Part of the problem slowing the firefighters were the bars on the house's windows. Firefighters had to pull the bars off the weakened wood to get inside to check if anyone was home. Nobody was, said fire department captain Kenison Tejada. The good news is that no one was hurt or killed in the fire but what a total bummer to lose everything you own in a house fire. [Source]

Evangeline wasn't the only person "injured" because of this horrible incident, her boyfriend Dominic Monaghan suffered as well ...

... I believe they were scheduled to "do it" at her place that night. [Source, thanks Sharon]

The other big story of the day is this ridiculous feud that has sprung up between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump. As I understand it, Rosie made a few comments (as she's want to do) on The View about the whole Miss USA fiasco (click HERE to hear Rosie's comments) that unfolded earlier this week and referred to Donald as a "snake oil salesman". In retaliation, Donald Trump went on an insane 2-minute rant on national television where he just went off on Rosie calling her, among other things -- "chubby", "disgusting" and a "slob" -- you've got to see and hear it for yourself:

His comments are just completely outrageous! He pretty much blasts her for everything (he even mentions her failed magazine) and then says he may send "one of his friends" to steal away her wife all because she called him a "snake oil salesman" ... it's absurd! Not crazy enough for ya, click HERE to hear Donald give more of his comments on Rosie. Apparently, Donald is even considering suing her for making that comment about him. I'm just amazed at how crazy all of this is. [Source, thanks Joshua]

In response, Rosie has posted this on her official blog:

By 1990, the effects of recession left him unable to meet loan payments. Although he shored up his businesses with additional loans and postponed interest payments, increasing debt brought Trump to business bankruptcy and the brink of personal bankruptcy. Banks and bond holders had lost hundreds of millions of dollars, but opted to restructure his debt to avoid the risk of losing more money in court ...

It goes on for paragraphs citing other failed Trump ventures, apparently, as reported by Wikipedia. She then closes the post with this:

loving the wiki
i use it
do u

i will let u know if the donald sues me
or if kelli leaves me for one of his pals
dont u find him charming

LOL! Sooooo ridiculous! This is just insane. To me it seems like Donald Trump is whipping up as much controversy as he can to get people to 1.) care about the Miss USA pageant since no one seemed to care before any of this happened and 2.) to get people to care about the new season of The Apprentice, which debuts in a few weeks.

Incidentally, my David (editor of was just on the MSNBC show The Most with Allison Stewart weighing in on this story. He looked great, sounded amazing and totes made me swoon when he came on the screen :)

Moving on ... here are new pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal training tirelessly to get in shape for that Lance Armstrong biopic that he signed on for earlier this year:

Photo credit: Splash News

We always see pictures of him coming on the bike but never of him going. It's a view that we've been sorely missing out on. [Source]

Mariah Carey is spending some time in Aspen, CO chillin' with family and friends for the holidays ... here are a few pictures of Mimi posing with her niece in one hand only to cast her aside for a nice flute of champagne:

Photo credit: Splash News

After all, what better way to keep one's exposed cleavage warm than with a bit of the bubbly. [Source]

Heidi Klum, Seal and their kids are also enjoying the snow in Aspen for the holidays:

Photo credit: Splash News

Looks like fun! [Source]

Well ... the snow isn't fun for everyone ... Latin popstress Thalia thought she'd enjoy a little bit o' skiing in Buttermilk Mountain, CO but that's not the way things turned out:

Photo credit: Splash News

See, Latinoids are not accustomed to the slick and dangerous wintry conditions that Colorado has to offer. You don't see my ass out there trying to ski. TMZ is reporting that she may have broken her leg in her fall. To that I would have to say ¡Ay, caramba! [Source]

Omirion <3s his abs and he wants everyone else to <3 them as well:

Yeah, they're nice and all but I gotta know why he's wearing his underwear inside out. Note in the second picture that the "Calivin Klein" on the waistband is backwards ... and the photo isn't reversed because his belt, which reads "Lord", isn't reversed. Did someone forget to do laundry and just thought it'd be okay to turn his undies inside out? Gross. [Source]

And finally, Pink reader Caron has given me instructions on how to decipher the name of the 7th Harry Potter book by following the clues at I was able to follow the instructions and figure out the name:

Click above to reveal the answer

If you would like to figure it out for yourself and haven't clicked above for the answer then head on over to and good luck ... if you would like step by step instructions on how to figure out the answer then highlight the area below, follow the instructions and voila:

  1. Go to Click on the eraser on her desk.
  2. Click the knob on the open door in the mirror to see the Christmas tree.
  3. Click on the top half of the main door to see a wreath.
  4. Click on the top of the mirror to reveal garland.
  5. They will all go away if you click the spider web next to the mirror.
  6. Click on the 4th chime in the window and the key for the door.
  7. Drag the key to the door knob to unlock the door.
  8. The door opens to reveal a package.
  9. When you click the bow, the package will open.
  10. Inside is a game of Hangman you can play to guess the title of Book 7
Tricky, tricky ... I'm not sure how peeps figured out how to find the answer but props to them for the head's up. [Source, thanks Caron]

Les News:
I had a great first full day in Detroit yesterday. I got my haircut by my fave guy (Tomy) at my fave salon in Royal Oak (6 Salon) and then did some Xmas shopping at Somerset (where I ran into Pink reader Hallie at A&F) before meeting up with Sarah and Mark for an impromptu pizza party at their place.

Pink reader Brittany from Denver, CO sent me this horrid picture of all the snow that was dumped on Denver over the past couple of days:

Get this, I *just* missed this snow storm by a few hours when I was laid over in Denver on Tuesday. If the storm had hit, I would still be stranded at the Denver aiport along with the 5,000 other peeps who are currently stranded there now.

It is good to be home ... where there is NO SNOW :)

Tonight a whole bunch of us are going out to Greenfield Village to partake in their Holiday Nights thing that they do every year ... it promises to be a jolly ol' time.

And I guess that is all ... I'm out.