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Friday, August 31, 2007

Track And Treat

Happy Day! Oh, Happy Day! Britney Spears's new song Gimme More hit the airwaves and the InterWeb all at about the same time yesterday afternoon (5pm PT/8pm ET) and then proceeded to spread like wildfire (click HERE to hear it if, by some crazy chance, you've yet to hear it). I'm fairly certain that not many people had faith that her new music would be any good (Mona Lisa, anyone?) but I had complete faith that the new stuff would rule. Despite all the crazy drama that has been going on in her personal life, she has been wisely paired with very talented folks that would ensure that her new music would be hot. At the time of posting, Britney's official personal website at has not been updated or changed at all ... but her official label website at has been changed a bit with a simple flash ani that plays a loop of the chorus of Gimme More, with the promise of a new site soon. Her new album, it has been announced and the title of which we're still not privy to, will be released on November 13th:

Britney Spears's long-awaited comeback single, "Gimme More," has finally arrived, and Jive records tells PEOPLE exclusively that the album is scheduled for a Nov. 13 release. The club-friendly dance track officially premiered Thursday night on New York radio station Z-100's Web site ... "The track that leaked is off of Britney Spears's forthcoming album. The song is "Gimme More," produced by Danja, [and is] written by Nathaniel "Danjahands" Hills, James Washington, Keri Hilson, Marcella Araica," a Jive Records spokesperson told PEOPLE. The song features the pop star's signature breathy vocals, melodic electronic bleeps over a driving beat and a catchy hook that's is true to the song's title. Spears opens the sexy and sassy tune by defiantly saying, "It's Britney, bitch", and producer Hills ends it in a shout out, saying, "Bet you didn't see this coming." On Wednesday, news of the single's imminent release, which comes from the singer's fifth studio album, was reported by Entertainment Weekly. The song is hot and very infectious. I think it's the perfect song to launch her much awaited (and prayed for) comeback. [Source]

Britney, for her part, has played it cool as a cucumber in recent days. She spent her week going about her business, obvs making sure to get to the tanning salon, in front of the cameras but also spent part of her time behind the scenes making preparations for her upcoming 2007 MTV VMAs performance scheduled to take place on Sunday September 9th at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. A source close to Illusionist Criss Angel has spilled all the deets about his involvement with Britney's VMAs performance to the New York Daily News:

Photo credit: X17

The paparazzi magnet plans to appear Sept. 9 on the MTV Video Music Awards, where "Mindfreak" magician Criss Angel will use his best illusions to try to conjure up a comeback for her. Angel will guide Spears in and out of a series of mirrors, making it seem as though she vanishes and then reappears several times, a source told the Daily News yesterday. Other dancers in the complicated number are being called upon to harness up for simulated flight, the source said. Aww, rats. I was kinda hoping that he was going to saw her in half or something classic like that. Well, this performance sounds like it's going to be a lot more complicated than the routine she worked up for her House of Blues tour earlier this year. Today, Britney is making her way to Las Vegas so that she can host the opening party at the new club LAX at the Luxor Hotel and Casino tonight. While Britney will be hosting, DJ AM will be spinning the tracks (he owns the club) and I'm pretty sure that Gimme More may get a spin or two. Grr ... I wish I could be in Vegas tonight for the opening ... but it's all good, David and I will be in Vegas next weekend for the entire VMA weekend so I'll just have to bide my time. I gotta say, it feels amazing to have good things to say about Britney Spears again. It kinda feels like the good ol' days all over again. [Source]

One last bit of Spearsness before we move on ... while Britney is heading for Vegas to party at LAX the nightclub, her mother and little sister Lynne and Jamie Lynn Spears were heading to LAX the airport to fly off in another direction. Here are pics of JL and mama Lynne making their way thru LAX airport, presumably on their way home to Louisiana for the long Labor Day weekend:

It is hugely unfortunate that the fractured family cannot enjoy all this good news that is going on in Britney's life. Even tho there are happy things to focus on right now, the specter of Brit's chaotic and damaging previous year still manages to show its effects. I hope that, some day, Britney can finally make peace with her family. I'm really hoping for her to have an amazing musical comeback ... but if she were to heal the rift with her family, let them back into her life in a manner where they can be a positive influence on her (and her decision-making process), then I'd be sure that a hugely successful comeback would be imminent. At this point, I'm just hoping that Britney doesn't do anything that could hinder her positive progress ... hoping and praying, ya'll. [Source]

Dang, it's interesting that it takes the emotional whirlwind that is Britney Spears to get me to prayin'.

It has been 10 years since the world was robbed of Princess Diana and today her family, friends and admirers convened in London to celebrate and commemorate her life on the sad anniversary of her death. Here are a few pics of the Royal Family coming together in order to honor Diana's memory at a chapel outside of Buckingham Palace this morning:

Royals and celebrities joined Princes William and Harry to honor their mother Princess Diana on Friday, the 10th anniversary of her death in a high-speed limousine crash in Paris. Hundreds of mourners lined the streets outside a chapel near Buckingham Palace where the Queen, Diana's ex-husband Prince Charles, her brother Charles Spencer and other royals and celebrities gathered for the memorial service. Paying their own tribute, members of the public attached flowers, photographs and messages to the gates of Kensington Palace, her London residence, although in far fewer numbers than a decade ago. Then a vast outpouring of grief stunned Britain almost as much as her death whereas now, many Britons feel the public display of sorrow 10 years ago was over-the-top. Both Princes William and Harry addressed the 500-strong congregation, recalling their mother's warmth and charisma. "William and I can separate life into two parts. There were those years when we were blessed with the physical presence beside us of both our mother and father," Harry said. "And then there are the 10 years since our mother's death. When she was alive we completely took for granted her unrivalled love of life, laughter, fun and folly. She was our guardian, friend and protector." "She will always be remembered for her amazing public work. But behind the media glare, to us, just two loving children, she was quite simply the best mother in the world" ... "I loved the princess before her death and even more after," said mourner Dominique de Fontenay. "She did great things for the people and was glamorous, and a symbol of modernity." Prince Charles' second wife, Camilla, with whom he had an affair while still married to Diana and whom Diana referred to as "The Rottweiler," did not attend the memorial service to avoid controversy, although she was invited ... Among the absentees at the service was Dodi's father, Egyptian-born Mohammed al-Fayed. Al-Fayed, owner of the luxury London store Harrods, accuses Britain's royal family of ordering the couple's murder to prevent them from marrying. Despite comprehensive police inquiries ruling out foul play, some Britons share al-Fayed's suspicions that the deaths were not an accident. An official inquest into the deaths will begin on October 2, propelling Diana into the headlines once again. Yikes! Well, without getting into all the nasty conspiracy theories right now, let's just remember that Princess Diana was an amazing woman, full of charity and love, who was taken from the world way before her time. It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years since she died. I remember hearing about her car accident late in the evening of Saturday August 30, 1997 just as I was meeting up with my friends at City Club in downtown Detroit and then returning home in the early hours of Sunday August 31st to the news that Diana had died. I was sure she'd manage to survive her injuries ... but it wasn't meant to be. Her sons, William and Harry, grew up to be strong, handsome men who I'm sure she'd be extremely proud of (even despite the scandalous photos, rumors and controversies which she herself was very familiar with thruout her life) and I hope that they are able to find some solace today in the fact that they do not mourn their mother alone. [Source]

Welp ... the bad news is in ... it is being reported that David Beckham will be out of commission for up to 8 weeks (tho, self-proclaimed fast-healer Becks is hoping to recover somewhere between 4-6 weeks) due to the injuries he sustained in the LA Galaxy vs. Pachuca game earlier this week. Here's another look at Becks's painful collision (poor Goldenballs) and a few pictures of Becks and co. leaving the hospital outfitted with a new brace on his already injured left ankle and on his newly injured right knee:

Photo credit: Big Pictures & Splash News

Time to mend it like Beckham. David Beckham, the British soccer import who seems to have spent more time on the trainer's table than the field, will now be out for about six weeks with a sprained ligament in his knee, the Los Angeles Galaxy announced Thursday. The midfielder, who previously nursed an injured ankle that cost him playing time, got the bad news after he underwent an MRI exam and was evaluated by the Galaxy's team physician. Beckham now begins rehab on the knee. During the 30th minute of play in the Galaxy vs. CF Pachuca Superliga final at the Home Depot Center on Wednesday evening, Beckham suffered a fierce tackle on the left corner of the field. He went down hard and stayed down. With the score tied 1-1, Beckham hobbled back onto the grass in the second half of overtime play. "I had to get back out there to cheer on the lads as much as I could," he said after the game. The Galaxy later lost in a penalty-kick shoot-out. Poor Becks ... he just had a really shitty Wednesday night all around. Becks called in to the Ryan Seacrest morning show on KISS FM here in LA this morning to break the news himself to the LA Galaxy fans. He sounded really upset over having to sit out for another 4-8 weeks but was hopeful that he'd be back in action by the end of the season. He also confirmed to Ryan that he and Vicki B. are planning to make a new baby next year and the told the listeners about how happy his family is to be living in the US and in LA in particular. Boo. With all this recuperation "free time" in his future I guess he'll have plenty of time to work on that baby project with Posh ... a thought that I will now try to quickly excise from my brain. Heal fast, Becksie poo. [Source, Source]

Well, these cute pictures of pregs Nicole Richie and doting Joel Madden lookin' all sweet and in lurve in Central Park in NYC earlier this week aren't the best way to stop thinking about babies but ... oh, what the hell ... they're too cute to not post:

Photo credit: Wireimage

It is so nice seeing Joel so fiercely protective of Nicole and his incubating baby. It is plainly obvious that he is very excited to become a dad. I can't wait for that little baby's arrival ... it's gonna be cute as hell seeing Joel walk around with his child in a baby sling covered with skulls and brass knuckles. [Source]

Ew. Here are pictures of Mel B. sucking face with her new(ish) hubby in their car outside of Koi here in LA this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

Blah. Mel B. already has one baby conceived by gross means, does she really need another one? [Source]

The Heroes world tour rolls on as the Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimigilia, Adrian Pasdar and Jack Coleman contingent swoops into London to promote the season 1 DVD release and season 2 premiere of their hit show Heroes:

Photo credit: Wireimage

For some strange reason, Hayden decided to dress up like her mother. What happened to the chic look she unveiled in Paris, France? This mom make-up/dress combo is a big nooooo. The guys look great in their suits, Milo especially. I think Milo looks amazing in every suit I've seen him in ... I'm just waiting to see what he looks like in his birthday suit, too. [Source]

Here are a few more pics of these Heroes elsewhere on their world tour, tho it's unclear exactly where they were. I would imagine that they were in some Bavarian country where bratwurst is consumed in heavy amounts and warm beer is imbibed in elaborate steins:

While the lederhosen on men isn't quite as sexy as, say, the Scottish kilt, as far as ethnic garb goes -- this ain't a half-bad look. Now Hayden the Milkmaid looks much better in this outfit ... even Milo seems impressed with her ... look (hey, eyes forward, buddy). Bassd scho! [Source]

Ryan Reynolds is a people person ... he is one celeb who never shies away from pressing the flesh with his adoring fans. Here are a few pics of Ryan saying hello to a few dozen admirers in NYC this week ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... and then practically getting mauled by the crush of all that lurve. Le sigh. I wouldn't mind getting in all that action myself :) [Source]

Lauren LC Conrad and her posse which consists of Lo, Audrina and whoever else shares her dislike for Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag (Speidi) spent some time enjoying the rays and the waves at the beach this week. Here are a few pics of Team LC chillin' at a beach in Malibu, CA:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Yikes! It looks like Audrina is really going to town on that bottle of Patron tequila ... I wonder if Justin Bobby is continuing to make her feel blue these days. Drink it up, sister ... I'm sure it's really fun living in LC's cold shadow. [Source]

Britney Spears isn't the only pop starlet who is making a comeback these days. Canadian phenom Skye Sweetnam is ready to unleash her new album upon the world (actually, she already reintroduced herself earlier this year by appearing on Tim Armstrong's new single Into Action -- click HERE to hear it for yourself) and played a warm-up show of sorts at Lee's Palace in Toronto, CA last night ... here are a couple pics from last night's show:

Skye told the crowd that her new album, Sound Soldier, would be released in October and that the song Human will be the first single (tho, I'm hearing that her song Music is my Boyfriend is an amazing song and prolly should be released as the single instead). I've not heard any of the new music myself (yet) but I understand from folks who have heard it that it's much different from her earlier sound. Tangled Up in Me was a big hit for Skye (it was used all over the place during the first season of Laguna Beach -- ah, Kristin and Stephen) and I recall that Erik and I loved playing her cd during our various Michigan road trips. It's great to have her back ... I *love* Into Action so I'm sure I'll be loving the rest of her new stuff too ... stay tuned!! [Source]

Here is our first look at the new promo artwork for the upcoming 4th season of Desperate Housewives:

I dunno how I feel about the flames ... the artwork looks very Witches of Eastwick (Witches of Wisteria Lane, perhaps?) to me -- a bit dated. I loved the laundromat artwork that they used before. This one is just ... eh. [Source]

And finally ... can you guess which Hollywood actor married to a woman many years his elder opted for the stunningly horrendous manpris-look while on the set of his new movie in NYC this week?

Photo credit: Splash News
Click above to find out who it is

No, those feet do not belong to Paris Hilton ... it's a dude ... with bad taste. Can you guess who it is? [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was a pretty chill day (chill as in uneventful, not temperature-wise -- it was hot as balls yesterday) so I stayed in for the most part, only venturing out to Pasadena when the sun went down in the evening. I was planning on seeing Superbad last night but found out that my local AMC was showing Rob Zombie's Halloween remake at midnight so I opted to see that instead. OY! As much as staying up until 3AM on a night before I had to wake up at 6AM sounded like a really bad idea, my desire to see the movie won out. Thankfully, the movie was damn good enough to make me not regret my decision:

Alright, let's get the bad stuff out of the way first -- there are parts of the film that are a little ridiculous (the opening scene was just bad [almost unwatchable -- it had me worried] and the bit where young Michael Meyers was sitting on the porch as the song Love Hurts played in the background was outright stupid [stooooooooopid! Rob what were you thinking?]) and there are portions of the film where Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis is extremely cheesy but, thankfully, those bits of the movie do not overshadow the rest of the film. Whereas the original John Carpenter version is focused on the character of Laurie Strode, this remake is more focused on Michael Meyers. The childhood scenes go on for a bit and really give a good picture of how Michael Meyers came to be as effed up as he was. His love of masks, apparently, started early on in his childhood ... which is a nice bit of info that was added to the story. The spirit and integrity of the original film is honored and there are a lot of little nods embedded in this new remake for fans of the original to enjoy. You'll never guess who plays the character of Annie Brackett (the sex-crazed daughter of the Haddonfield, IL Sheriff) ... highlight the next line if you want to find out:

Annie is played by Danielle Harris who played Jamie Lloyd, the little girl in the Halloween 4 (The Return of Michael Myers) and 5 (The Revenge of Michael Myers) sequels

There is a lot more gore and a lot more boobs in this version, but it's very Rob Zombie. Many of the iconic scenes, gags and lines are included in this version ... along with the absolutely essential music. While I feel that the original Halloween and Halloween 2 are absolute masterpieces, I think this remake is fairly entertaining. Rob Zombie has said that he wants absolutely nothing to do with any future sequels to his remake (he even changed the ending of the film to try and ensure there are no further sequels) which I can really respect. Tho, I'm sure the studio will have something else altogether in mind should this movie make any money.

Fans of Halloween will prolly enjoy this remake ... if you've not seen the original, there are a few scenes which mimic the original that you might find funny when they are supposed to be scary (there was a lot of laughter in the audience, which I assumed came from kids who hadn't seen the original). The famous lines where Laurie says to Dr. Loomis, That really was the boogeyman. and he replies, As a matter of fact... that was. were kept for the remake ... tho it garnered more laughs than was prolly intended.

Tonight I'm meeting up with Darion and the gang to go see something called Invasion! The Musical and then ... dancing perhaps? Another weekend already ... have a good one! I'm out.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gimme More More, More

Britney Spears just dropped the first single from her, as yet, untitled new album. At about 5pm PT KIIS FM here in LA debuted her new single Gimme More ... while Z100 in NYC also debuted the song on the East Coast.

Click HERE to hear the song for yourself at Z100's site. It's hawt, ya'll ... the comeback might actually become a reality ... okay, maybe I'm just delirious from all the excitement but still -- the song is damn good!

Please join me in exclaiming, Woot! Woot!


Outta Commission Again

Boooooooooooo! David Beckham was back in action last night in the LA Galaxy SuperLiga game against Pachuca and, very unfortunately for him and for the team, was injured in the first half of the game. Here are pictures of Becks making his collision with Pachuca player Fernando Salazar and then his painful knee impact on the pitch:

After lying on the ground for a bit, he limped off the field and was treated at the bench with, what is being described as, a "ligament strain". It is being feared that he may be out of commission for up to 6 weeks:

David Beckham looks likely to miss England's vital Euro 2008 qualifiers against Israel and Russia after injuring his knee playing for LA Galaxy. The news is a massive blow for coach Steve McClaren ahead of two matches at Wembley his team must win to have a realistic chance of progressing to next year's tournament finals in Austria and Switzerland. Beckham suffered what he has described as a "ligament strain" in his right knee during his team's SuperLiga trophy final defeat against Pachuca in Carson City and is set to undergo a scan tomorrow to reveal the full extent of the damage. The former England captain sustained the injury in a first-half challenge with Pachuca's Fernando Salazar and soon limped off. He said: "At the moment, we're calling it a ligament strain, but in the morning I'm going for a scan to see exactly what it is and for how long I'm going to be out. "But at the moment, it doesn't feel great. This is a injury that takes four to six weeks, but who knows, if the scan is not so bad maybe I've got a chance to play (for England). We'll know more tomorrow." Beckham, who has been struggling with an ankle injury since moving to America, had been due to travel to England on Sunday ahead of the qualifiers next week. But it remains to be seen whether he will now be fit to link up with McClaren's squad. This new injury could be a serious blow to Becks and the Galaxy as a whole should he remain out of commission for the full 6 weeks. Poor Becks has been plagued with injury since he arrived in LA last month ... it must be extremely frustrating for him to be introduced to American soccer in this way. I really hope his knee injury won't require a 6 week healing period ... that being said, I'm pretty sure Becks won't be ready to play in this Saturday's home game against Real Salt Lake. I'm sure this isn't what anyone had in mind for Beckham's big American debut. [Source, Source]

TMZ is reporting that Nick Hogan has been shooting off his mouth to anyone that would listen, most specifically Rides magazine, regarding his suped up yellow Supra that he just crashed this past Sunday (charmingly referring to it as a "pussy magnet"). He was also very proud of the fact that the police let him off after being pulled over for speeding in excess of 100 mph (on two different occasions) and went on to brag about "'dusting' a Ferrari, 'stomping out' a Lamborghini, and even racing his parents and sister in their rides". Interestingly enough, I'm hearing from a few Pink readers in Florida that were on the same street as Nick was on Sunday night and they tell me that Nick was racing against that silver Viper (the one that police are looking for) right before he crashed his car. Here is what a couple of anonymous Pink readers told me:

Just thought I would let you know that Nick and the Viper were racing, going about 80 on a major busy road. They flew by us while we were coming out a drive thru. He crashed a few hundred feet after that.

My husbands co-workers brother was the passenger in the "silver Viper" which actually was a silver 240 or 220 ... I am not a car person. Anyway, they were racing and they somehow clipped each other sending Hogan's car to do a 360 and then hit the tree. So both cars were wrecked to some degree. The driver of the 240 is in the process getting his drifting racing license and recently finished the school. They are all super scared of manslaughter charges if Hogan's friend dies. And if they find out they were racing both drivers can lose their licenses for a very, very long time.

Hmm ... I don't know that anyone is really surprised by these revelations ... Nick has been very vocal on the show Hogan Knows Best about his love for racing (one episode was even devoted to his love of drift racing) and it seems that he has been caught by the police at least a couple of times for street racing, it's not very difficult to believe that this is exactly what was going on this past Sunday night. He's just lucky he didn't hurt himself. His friend wasn't so lucky ... and, as if to add insult to injury, John Graziano (the other guy in Nick's car who is still in critical condition) just returned home from serving two tours of duty in Iraq! It just seems hugely unfortunate that John managed to survive two tours in Iraq only to return home and be critically injured in, what might turn out to be, a senseless street racing accident. [Source]

80's singer El Debarge was arrested over the weekend on charges of domestic abuse and even tho I'm sure a large majority of all y'all don't even know who this guy is I figured I'd post his mug shot anyways because 1.) I was a huge fan of the man back in the day and 2.) who doesn't love a mug shot?

TMZ has learned R&B sensation El Debarge is currently cooling his dancing shoes in an L.A. County Jail, arrested on Sunday for domestic violence! Rhymes With Snitch first broke the news of Debarge's arrest. El, whose real name is Eldra, scored major success in 1985 with the hit "Rhythm of the Night." His brother James was briefly married to Janet Jackson, but that marriage was annulled. Debarge currently sits in a cell, without bail. Wear it well! UPDATE: TMZ has learned that the L.A. County District Attorney has rejected the domestic violence charge against El Debarge -- but he ain't a free man yet. Well, if you do the crime -- you do the time ... er, that is unless you're a celeb (well, a current celeb ... I imagine that if El was arrested back in the hey day of his huge hit song Rhythm of the Night then he would've gotten off without arrest). I kinda fell into being an El Debarge fan. I have loved Prince and his music for as far back as I remember but my older sister thought he was "too sexy" for kids to listen to so she bought me El Debarge albums to listen to instead (she took my Prince stuff too). I was insane over his song Who's Johnny from the movie Short Circuit so I became a fan. But, over time, I lost interest and went out and repurchased those Prince albums ... so yeah, that's my El Debarge story. [Source]

Amy Winehouse has pulled out of her 2007 MTV VMAs performance which was scheduled to take place live on Sunday September 9th at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, most probably because she's still a little effed up in the head ... or maybe she's just not quite finished with her Caribbean vacay in St. Lucia yet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Amy Winehouse will not perform at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 9, her U.S. record label confirmed to the Associated Press. "In a continued effort to support Amy Winehouse's well being, in addition to the postponement of her U.S. tour, all other U.S. appearances have been canceled," Universal Republic Records said in a statement. The 23-year-old Winehouse – currently on vacation in St. Lucia with husband Blake Fielder-Civil – was hospitalized Aug. 8 and treated for exhaustion, the start of a roller coaster ride of canceled commitments and impassioned pleas from her parents and in-laws to stop taking drugs. All of her U.S. appearances have been postponed until 2008. Egads ... the girl is 23-years old and is already on the brink of death ... I'm glad that she's taking some time off so that she doesn't, you know, die or anything due to her crazy lifestyle. I hope she takes a lot of time off so that she can hopefully find the help that she desperately needs. [Source]

Courtney Love showed up at the Project trade show in Las Vegas this past Tuesday wearing a ridiculous-looking get up that is a little bit Fergie, a little bit fugly and lotta bit crazy:

Photo credit: Splash News

C. Love was at the trade show to do a little research for a new clothing line called Never the Bride that she plans to launch at some point in the future. If this get-up is a preview of what she's got planned for her new fashion line then I think she should prolly just stick to making music. [Source]

Speaking of Fergie, homegirl showed up at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in NYC for the launch of her new collection of Kipling bags which are scheduled to go on sale this weekend. Here are a few pics that Fergie posed for to promote the bags:

Photo credit: Splash News

Well, at least it's not a celebrity fragrance launch. I shudder to think what a Fergie perfume might smell like. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez was in the hiz with famed photographer David LaChapelle to shoot a new music video for her song Do It Well. Here are a few pics from the set:

Woot! J. Lo looks hawt! I love when she does the little Spanish spit curl thing. I am so excited for her new album, Brave. The album will be released on October 8 but the single is already out (click HERE to hear it for yourself). It's pretty good ... it didn't immediately grab me like Get Right did (it was the horns, y'all) but Do It Well is pretty hot. It's been a loooong time since we've gotten new J. Lo music -- it's about damn time. [Source]

Hilary Duff is making the most of her time in NYC these days ... here are pictures from her visit Tuesday night to the Eugene O'Neill Theatre in NYC to catch a performance and then go backstage to meet the cast of this year's Best Musical, Spring Awakening:

I'm fairly certain that she loved the show cuz pretty much everyone who sees it falls in love with it. I quite liked it when I saw it this past Spring with David. But, you know, I wonder what hockey hunk and current Hilary paramour, Mike Comrie, thought about the show. [Source, thanks Karlie]

Elsewhere in NYC, Paul McCartney was spotted cheering for the New York Yankees in their game against the Boston Red Sox last night ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Paul was in the hiz with Saturday Night Live's Lorne Michaels to cheer on the Yanks. My heart will forever and always belong to the Detroit Tigers but I can appreciate showin' some love to the Yanks ... not that I'd ever cheer for anyone going up against the Red Sox -- doing so would be dangerous to one's health. Eep. [Source]

Here are a few more pictures of Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia (my fave Heroes) continuing their Heroes promo tour in Paris, France this week:

Photo credit: Splash News

They both look so chic and fashionable ... not that they don't usually but something about being in Paris makes everyone look better. I love that city and I miss it ... it was about this time last year that David and I took our first international trip together to Paris. Ah ... it was so nice. I'm so jealous of the Heroes folks' trip. I really need to get back to that city sometime soon. [Source]

Oh NO! Did Brody Jenner re-injure himself in a dust up with former BFF Spencer Pratt? Did Lauren LC Conrad break another one of his fingers?

Photo credit: Splash News

Is Brody trying on a new look for size? Enquiring minds want to know! [Source]

Jesse Metcalfe made an appearance on this week's episode of LA Ink in order to get a new tattoo on his arm. He told Hannah, the tattoo artist he worked with, that he wanted a nekkid female angel roping a human heart on his arm so that he could "remember what it felt like to be in [a bad] relationship" so that he never lets himself go there again. When asked if someone broke his heart he said yes ... and immediately I thought of Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud, his ex-girlfriend:

Clearly, Jesse jumped the gun. The tattoo had to be inked sometime in July after the LA Ink tattoo shop High Voltage started filming ... and yet, Jesse and Nadine where photographed canoodling at a gas station in August:

In the pics, you can see that he already had the tattoo -- so much for never letting himself get involved with his "relationship" again. I wonder what Nadine thought of his new tattoo ... even if she didn't know what it symbolized then, she must know what it symbolizes now. [Source]

Oh and for the record, I am still really wanting to hook up with Hannah at High Voltage cuz I really want her to do my tattoo. The quest is on ... I'll let y'all know if I'm successful.

Wentworth Miller is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of German GQ magazine:

He looks amazing in these pics. I'm not usually wowed by his photospreads but this one is a nice one. Me likey! [Source]

Here are the pics (and a couple of outtakes) from Mariah Carey's current spread in this new issue of Interview magazine:

Color me, unimpressed. Why does she look so orange? Mimi has great skin, she doesn't need to let the stylist go crazy on her ass with the bronzer -- she should leave that look to Zac Efron. [Source, Source]

And finally, here are a few of the first pics from the set of the new Anna Nicole Smith movie that stars Willa Ford as Anna Nicole and Bobby Trendy as Bobby Trendy:

I dunno ... it really seems too soon after her death for a movie to be made about her life and death. But, Bobby Trendy is nothing if not opportunistic ... he's also tacky so there you go. OY! This movie has already got me worried. [Source]

Les News:
Lawd have mercy ... it's hot here in LA. I swear, it must've been about 149 degrees yesterday. Even tho my apartment is nicely cooled, I started sweating just looking out the window. It is glorious tho, dry heat is so much nicer than humid heat.

Last night I met up with Mike and his friends Adam and Larissa to have dinner with his folks who are in town from Florida. His parents took us all out for dinner at Cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks and we all had an amazing meal and a very nice time getting to know one another. Mike's parents are extremely charming and very fun to hang out with. I had a blast.

Nothing on the schedule for today ... just trying to stay cool ... but I think I need to see a movie ... I still haven't seen Superbad so today might have to be the day. Movie Theaters are well air conditioned around here :)

Have a great day, y'all ... I'm out.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Braddy Daycare

Britney Spears didn't have the greatest day yesterday, what with all the being stranded with an empty tank of gas and then getting hit with yet another parking ticket, but that didn't stop her from going out to do a bit of shopping in Beverly Hills, CA ... she even had time to change outfits -- imagine that. Here are a few pics of Britters out doing her thang (and showin' her thang) around town yesterday:

Photo credit: X17 & Splash News

I have to believe that there is a thin strip of thong wedged between those exposed butt cheeks and that she's not going back to her commando days of terror -- UGH! (Please Jebus, let it be so -- Please Jebus, let it be so) While Britney was out and about yesterday, Entertainment Weekly sniffed out the official deets on her new single which may be released to radio as early as next week: The first single from Britney Spears' long-awaited fifth studio album will debut as soon as next week, has learned ... A source who's heard the single says it's called "Gimme More," an up-tempo club cut produced by Timbaland protege Nate "Danjahandz" Hills (Justin Timberlake, T.I.). "Gimme More" was also reported as the name of the music video that Spears was spotted shooting in July. (Representatives for Jive, Spears' label, did not return calls seeking comment.) "People are going to love [the new single]," raved the source. "It's like when Justin came back [with FutureSex/LoveSounds] — she's got a whole new sound. She's funky." Another insider who's heard "Gimme More" is similarly enthusiastic: "It's a smash! She's going to come out strong. The only question is, with all the drama, are people going to want something fun or something more serious? This is a dance single." Well this is certainly good news ... but I'll believe it when I hear it ... hopefully very soon. [Source, Source]

Okay ... so the Brad Pitt and Zahara Jolie-Pitt cuteness knows no bounds ... daddy took his little princess on another little NYC outing for just the two of them in Central Park and proceeded to give us a whole slew of really supercute pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

While it's prolly not good for little Zahara's arm sockets that she get swung around like that, I'm sure her rich parents will make sure to take care of any damage that might occur from this sort of horsing around. It's unclear where the boys were (with the grandfolks, perhaps?) or where the golden child Shiloh Nouvel was (perhaps in a box somewhere?) but it is very clear that Brad and Zahara had a great time in the park together.

After they were finished playing in the grass, the pair went for a horse-drawn carriage ride together:

Photo credit: Splash News

And then they stopped off to pick up some grub:

Photo credit: Splash News

Boy, Brad really enjoys those street vendor hot dogs, don't he? I absolutely love that it was just him and Zahara for the entire time. They make the cutest couple ever. [Source]

While Brad and the princess were bizzy playing around together, mama Angelina Jolie was off visiting Iraqi refugees in Syria on behalf of the United Nations in her role as Goodwill Ambassador ... she also made time to visit with the troops as well. Here are a few pics:

US actress Angelina Jolie met Tuesday with some of the 1,200 Iraqis stranded on the border between Iraq and Syria and appealed for more international support for those affected by the Iraq conflict. "I have come to Syria and Iraq to help draw attention to this humanitarian crisis and to urge governments to increase their support for UNHCR (the UN refugee agency) and its partners," said Jolie, a goodwill ambassador for the agency. "My sole purpose in both countries is to highlight the plight of those uprooted by the war in Iraq," she added. Jolie spoke to refugees stuck in Iraq's makeshift Al Waleed camp, and later watched scores of Iraqis crossing into Syria at a border checkpoint. "It is absolutely essential that the ongoing debate about Iraq's future includes plans for addressing the enormous humanitarian consequences these people face," she said after visiting the camp. While in Iraq, Jolie left UNHCR officials to visit privately with US and other multinational forces based in the area. Jolie arrived in Syria on Monday, where she spoke to some of the thousands of Iraqi refugees registering with UNHCR. Nearly one quarter of all Iraqis in Syria are victims of violence and torture, according to the agency. After she was finished talking to the refugees, she spent some time with our own American troops who are stationed in Iraq: In this exclusive shot, Angie poses with Denver native Lance Corporal Samuel Petersen, 22, of the U.S. Marine Corps. The photo was taken today at Camp Waleed in Iraq, near the Waleed refugee camp that Angelina visited this morning. Petersen's mother, Sue, tells OK! that the Marines at this camp are training the Iraqi police on how to do border patrol ... On Tuesday, the Oscar winner ventured over into Iraq to meet with American and international troops, in addition to the 1,200 refugees stationed at a makeshift outpost, as they are unable to leave the country. For safety reasons, the 32-year-old made the trip by herself save for Mickey Brett, her head bodyguard, sources tell OK! But almost as soon as her goodwill tour began, it was already over -- she is winging her way back to the US today. It is amazing what this super-heroine can do in just a couple days' time. I'm just astounded that she can remain so committed to all of her charitable causes and still devote so much time to her family. She'll be back with her kids in no time, taking them to the movies or to a museum -- then she'll be back on set to continue work on her current film project. I'm not entirely sure that the woman actually sleeps ... and thankfully for the sake of the world, she doesn't apparently need to. [Source, Source, Source]

Beckham mania has finally died down around these here parts in LA ... things have finally seemed to settle down as the family has found a sense of normalcy. Becks hasn't had any soccer games in the past couple of days so the family went out for a day at the beach together in Malibu, CA with their friend Gordon Ramsay and his family:

Photo credit: Splash News

David and Victoria Beckham have teamed up with Gordon Ramsay's family for an afternoon of surfing lessons in Los Angeles. The ex-pats made the most of the Malibu sunshine and watched on while their sons joined the TV chef's charges for a session in catching waves. The parents decided to stay on dry land but Posh did make some effort to embrace surf culture – she left her high heels at home, instead taking to the sand in flip flops. Um ... hold up ... I'm sorry ... what the eff is wrong with these pictures? How is it that David Beckham isn't the hottest guy in either picture? Becks showed up at the beach fully clothed and decided to stand next to a couple of half-nekkid, much younger guys. Huh. Becks rarely makes mistakes like this ... but this one is a whopper. I barely even noticed him in the pics. [Source]

Apparently, Vicki B. wasn't all that impressed with the beach since she decided to ditch the family and get her rays the old fashioned Posh way -- at a day spa:

Photo credit: Splash News

It must be so hard being Posh Spice. It's nice that she's able to make time for herself for a little pampering. Whew! [Source]

The Heroes World Promo Tour rolls on as the contingent who went to Munich, Germany earlier this week made their way to Paris, France to meet their beaucoup de fans:

Photo credit: Splash News

Everyone looked all nice and spiffy ... Paris is the perfect place to get all dressed up merely to walk the streets and wave. [Source]

A new contingency of Heroes stuck around here in the US to keep the promo machine chugging here at home. Zachary Quinto (Woot!), Noah Gray-Cabey, James Kyson Lee and new cast member Dania Ramirez were all on hand for a Heroes Season 1 DVD release party/signing at the NBC Experience Store in NYC yesterday ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I'm glad that Zac is out there doing promo ... he'll deff make sure to keep the emo fans out there very happy. Zachary, Noah and James also paid a little visit to the Fuse TV show The Sauce this past Monday. The Heroes are everywhere ... wherever will they show up next? [Source]

Hilary Duff is also spending some time in NYC these days ... she brought her Dignity Tour to Radio City Music Hall this week ... and also brought along her new #1 fan, new boyfriend Mike Comrie:

I'm actually a bit surprised that Hilary and Mike are still going strong ... I was sure that their summer romance would turn out to be just a short one or two date fling (especially considering what I've heard about Mr. Corrie's previous dating record). It's nice to see Hilary happy again ... it looks like she is in a good place these days -- this Mike dude better treat her right, tho! [Source, Source]

Amy Winehouse, who seems to have recovered from her recent crazy flip-out on hubby Blake Fielder-Civil, has decided that the best way for her to battle her demons would be to take a nice Caribbean holiday on the isle of St. Lucia:

Photo credit: Splash News

Happy Day! The crazy couple appears to be back on track again. Hopefully Amy will be able to steer clear of those whacky tropical drinks (and other readily available substances) so that she doesn't have a relapse and beat/scratch the hell out of the love of her life again. I understand that blood is very difficult to get out of swimwear. [Source]

Ryan Reynolds brought his sexy ass to MTV's TRL earlier this week:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Yeah ... I don't really know what to say about these pics. I'm just gonna sit here for a min. or two and just stare at him. [Source]

Okay ... done.

And finally, Nick Hogan is speaking up publicly for the first time since his car accident this past Sunday evening. Nick posted a short message on his ever-faithful My Space profile:

I want to thank everyone who has sent their support to me. Right now I would like to ask all of you to focus your prayers on my friend John.

Additionally, his sister Brooke Hogan has also posted a short message on her My Space profile:

You have all been so wonderful to reach out to me and my family during this time. As you may know, Nick has been released from the hospital, but our good friend John remains hospitalized. Please send your love and prayers to John and his family.

But behind the scenes, TMZ is reporting that Clearwater police are investigating reports of a second car that might've been involved in the accident Sunday night: TMZ has learned that Florida police have interviewed the driver of a silver Dodge Viper that may have contributed to Nick Hogan's horrific late night crash earlier this week, that left Nick's friend seriously injured. Sources tell TMZ that several witnesses can place the Viper near the crash scene moments before and after the collision, but it may not be the only vehicle involved. A rep for Clearwater Police Dept. tells TMZ, "We suspect there may be other witnesses and we encourage them to come forward." Hmm ... perhaps this second car was parked on the grassy knoll in front of that palm tree that Nick's car slammed into. The plot thickens!! [Source, Source]

Les News:
Ah ... I do love the lazy days here in LA. The weather was so beautiful yesterday that I decided to just enjoy the day all by myself. Today's highs are forecasted for the upper 90s ... which is amazing beach weather but I have a bunch of things to take care of today that I didn't really take care of yesterday. I'm meeting up with Mike and his visiting family and friends for dinner tonight and I really don't know that his folks would be up for boogie boarding. Ah well.

Stay cool, y'all ... how is it already Wednesday again? OY! I'm out.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Must See TV

No matter what hits keep coming her way, Britney Spears continues to soldier on with her regular day-to-day activities as if nothing were wrong; as if nothing could phase her (that is, until she eventually freaks out and then does something crazy like shaving her head in plain view of the world again). While there are a lot of decisions of hers that I'm not a fan of (like, for example, her continuing desire to smoke in front of her children) I suppose we should give her props for keeping up the appearance of normalcy in the face of countless controversies and set-backs. With the 2007 MTV VMAs only a couple of weeks away it appears that Miss Brit is putting her nose to the grindstone in order to be as prepared as she can be for her upcoming VMAs performance. Here is a pic of Britney making her way out of an LA recording studio yesterday afternoon with a demo cd in hand:

Photo credit: X17

Perhaps she was recording vocals for a new song. Perhaps she was recording the backing track that she will lip-sync to on stage. Perhaps she decided to create an entirely new song altogether ... the possibilities are endless. I just hope she really prepares for this performance -- the entire world will be watching to see if she succeeds or fails and this VMAs performance could set the stage for how her music career might eventually turn out. Even if she puts on an amazing performance, nay sayers will still give her a hard time in days to come (that fact is unavoidable). But, if she gives a wretched performance she might turn away even more of her waning fans, helping ensure that her new album will flop. A lot is riding on her performance at the VMAs come September 9th ... I just hope she's ready. [Source]

While Britney is actively trying to breathe new life into her career, Lindsay Lohan is taking some much needed time away from the strains of her career and normal everyday life overall. In this week's current issue, OK! magazine published exclusive photos of Lindsay relaxing on the grounds of the Cirque Lodge Rehabilitation Center in Utah (which were taken on August 10th). Here are a few of those pics:

These photos were taken before she learned that she would be getting off the hook for the DUI and cocaine possession arrest that forced her into rehab (again) in the first place. It's hard to tell if these photos are an accurate representation of the serene care that she is getting at the center or if they are just cleverly posed photos making it seem as such (I mean who invites a tabloid magazine to shoot photos of them while they are actively and seriously undergoing rehabilitation for substance abuse?). Absent the fact that I really feel that Lindsay prolly should be held accountable for her crimes (after all, how can she really learn the lessons of consequence if she continues to slip off the hook?), I must admit that she looks happy and centered. Honestly, tho, she looked just as "happy and centered" during her last stint in rehab ... but I hope, for her sake, that she really FINALLY starts accepting the help that she desperately needs before something really tragic happens in her life. It's all well and good that she's reading that Alcoholics Anonymous book as long as she takes its message truly to heart. [Source]

There are new news outlets, including Extra, reporting that Owen Wilson did, in fact, attempt suicide over the weekend leading to the 911 call that forced his admittance to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. It's still unclear which of Owen's brothers (Andrew or Luke) found him in his Santa Monica home on that fateful Sunday afternoon but just one day after Owen was admitted for care, the heavily bearded Luke Andrew Wilson was seen getting back to work on his latest project:

Photo credit: Splash News

No, Luke wasn't working on a new movie project, he was working on repairing his balcony. Oops! It turns out that it's actually Andrew in these pics, the caption was mislabeled. I can't imagine what it must feel like to have such a close family member attempt to hurt themselves like that but I'm sure Luke is doing what he can to try and stay positive ... or to at least keep his mind off what is going on, at least for a little while. I just hope that Owen heals quickly and then is able to successfully battle his demons so that this sort of thing never happens again. [Source]

In happy couples news, here are new pictures of Reichen Lehmkuhl and his boyfriend Ryan Barry lookin' as hot as can be in matching red swimwear at the Trevor Pool Party benefiting the Trevor Project, which is a 24-hour suicide & crisis prevention helpline for gay and questioning youth, this past Sunday afternoon in Hancock Park, CA :

Photo credit: Splash News

Firstly, I'm so happy to see that Ry-chen are still together and going strong (especially in the wake of Lance Bass's breakup with Pedro Andrade). Secondly, I am always very impressed with Reichen's support of these sorts of organizations. He really makes the effort to put himself out there for GLBT services and organizations that otherwise might not attract big names. Oh ... and thirdly, I'm very happy that both Reichen and Ryan never seem to have a problem with taking off their clothes ... whether it be for a good cause or not ... it is much appreciated :) [Source]

In other happy couples news, Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey are also still happily together ... emerging for the first time since those steamy pics of the couple having sex at a Mexican resort a few weeks ago hit the InterWeb. La-Nessa made a joint appearance at the Richard Karn Celebrity Softball Game at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, WA this week lookin' all happy and in lurve:

Photo credit: Splash News

See, it only took a few weeks for everyone to forget all about those racy photos. These new pics of the pair engaged in good, clean ol' fashioned fun cast the couple back in their America's Sweethearts personas. These two make a really great couple ... I wouldn't be surprised if the couple headed down the aisle together sometime soon. [Source]

While yesterday's pictures of Brad Pitt and his children (sans Shiloh Nouvel) playing together at a park in NYC were adorable enough by themselves, here are a few more pics from that same play session which feature the little diva herself, Zahara Jolie-Pitt:

Photo credit: Splash News

This little girl is cute as hell. Her facial expressions are to die for. I have no doubt in my mind that she runs that family in any way she sees fit ... she is clearly the one who wears the pants in the Brangelina family. As I've mentioned numerous times before, I wouldn't want to get on her bad side, that's for sure. As much as one prolly shouldn't play favorites among children, I think she is deffo my favorite of the Brangelina brood. Team Zahara! [Source]

The season premiere of Heroes is just under a month away but members of the principle cast are flying all over the world to hype up support not only for the upcoming new second season but for the release of season one on DVD as well (which has just been released today). Here are pics of Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere, Jack Coleman and Adrian Pasdar making a stop in Munich, Germany for a little press conference and photocall:

Milo always looks so serious in the posed pics ... that is why I threw in that outtake photo too. Hayden looks amazing in that blue dress ... hot hot hot. [Source]

On the other side of the world, other Heroes cast members showed up in Tokyo, Japan for their own press conference/photocall ... here are pics of Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, Ali Larter and Sendhil Ramamurthy:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Not that show really needs all that much promotion at this point, it's really cool that the cast members are flying all over the world to nurture the show. I'm surprised that everyone's favorite emo super-villain Zachary Quinto wasn't on board for either of these trips. Hmm ... maybe he is too bizzy working on his role as Mr. Spock in the new Star Trek movie to jet-set around the world. While all of this foreplay is all well and good, I'm itching for the action to get underway. September 24th seems so far away! [Source]

While the new trend of celebrity fragrances sweeps the globe another celebrity trend is lookin' to get in on the action. Wilmer Valderrama was on hand at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas, NV last night for the launch of his new clothing line called Calavena. Good friend Paris Hilton was also kind enough to show up for the occasion:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I don't know how interested I am to dress like Wilmer but I think I'd much prefer dressing like him to smelling like him (no more celebrity fragrances, please!). But, I wouldn't be surprised if Wilmer ends up releasing his own celebrity fragrance called Ca$h Money one day anyways. [Source]

Wilmer's former love interest Mandy Moore has got a clothing line of her own, the spring line of which she also debuted in Las Vegas last night. Here are a couple pics from Mandy's Mblem Spring Launch party and concert at Ghostbar at the Palms Hotel and Casino:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Yeaaaah boy, Mandy really put some stink on her performance ... she looked like she was really gettin' into the music. [Source]

Additionally, Alyssa Milano is another celeb with her own clothing line ... here are a couple pics of Alyssa showing off the newest pieces in her Touch clothing line:

Alyssa's line is not a fashion line per se, it's more a sporting line of clothing for women. They actually sell her Detroit Tigers Touch designs at Comerica Park back home in Detroit. Of these three celebrity clothing lines, I think Alyssa's has the best chance at long term success. What a brilliant idea ... teaming up with Major League Baseball to create a line of sportswear that will never go out of style. [Source]

Here is the first promo photo from the upcoming season of The View on ABC:

Whoopi Goldberg looks like she fits right in and will prolly do a great job as panel moderator on the show. If you recall, there were a bunch of smiles in the promo photos last year with Rosie O'Donnell and well, we all know how that little experiment turned out. Honestly, tho, I'm sure Whoopi won't be making waves with any of the other ladies and I'm sure there will be a lot less controversy this time around ... which is exactly why I prolly won't be watching. [Source]

Here is a new promo photo of Tyra Banks for the upcoming 9th cycle of America's Next Top Model:

Of course Tyra has to make sure that she is over-the-top with fierceness in all her promo photos but this one reaches all new heights of ridiculousness -- don't you just love her? I have not tuned in to ANTM for the past few seasons but I am anxiously awaiting this one. My dear friend Jim worked behind the scenes on this cycle and I am really looking forward to how the show turned out. He spent part of his summer hanging out with Tyra, Miss Jay and all the other folks on the show (bonding especially with Twiggy) which got me all excited to see the final product. He tells me that this season will have a bunch of really cool surprises ... I can't wait. [Source]

Thank the Lord Jebus and all the angels above ... Project Runway will return with its long (very long) awaited 4th season on November 14th! Heidi Klum announced the season premiere date on her official website this week:

I have been DYING for new eps of Project Runway like nobody's business. I drove David crazy back in NYC cuz I kept filling up his DVR with the old eps of PR that were running all week long last week. PR is really one of my all-time favorite shows and I'm SUPER EXCITED that it's finally coming back. No offense Tim Gunn, but I ain't all that jazzed for your new show ... I'll watch it just to hear you give your trademark quips but my heart is totally set on the November 14th premiere of new season of Project Runway! [Source]

And finally, on the PR tip, Season 2 winner Chloe Dao has teamed up with the Pacific Design Store to create her own line of iPhone cases like this one:

In addition to the iPhone cases, there are other accessory-type items for sale HERE. There are some pretty neat things in there ... and can I just say how happy I am to know that Chloe is still working. I wonder what Jay McCarroll and Jeffrey Sebelia are up to these days. [Source]

Les News:
Well ... my luggage finally showed up late yesterday afternoon so I pretty much spent most of the day waiting around, fearful that if I hopped in the shower I'd miss the delivery. By the time it showed up at 4pm-ish I was ready to get out of the house. I drove around enjoying the sun for a bit, paid a little visit to the Diesel store on Melrose and then met up with Mike for dinner at Mexicali for Mexicali Monday. Mike and I caught up a bit with what's been going on while I was away and hung out for a while but I was pretty wiped so I ended up crashing at home. I managed to stay awake long enough to watch The Hills and then I was out. I'm still trying to get reacclimated to the time change again ... ugh, the bane of my existence.

So ... that's it ... life is getting back to normal and the sun is shining outside! Love it. Hope your week is off to a great start too ... I'm out.



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