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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mom's Mum's The Word

Britney Spears was finally able to spend some much needed semi-alone, court-ordered quality time with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James yesterday as all the parties were able to successfully comply with the judge's order (ie. Britney finally succumbed to allowing the parenting coach to accompany the children's visit to her Malibu, CA home). There isn't much information concerning Britney's first visit with her kids since losing primary physical custody of her children last week but from what I understand, it was a pretty normal visit ... Brit was spotted spending some of her visitation time with the kiddies outside. But, alas, their time together was short ... and Britney had to pack up the kids, say her goodbyes and hand them over to Kevin Federline's people, for transport back to their home with him:

Photo credit: X17

Aww ... so cute and so heartbreaking. No matter how erratically unsound some people believe Britney Spears to be, there can be no denying that she really does love her children. It just seems to me that she really needs to get her life in order, to realize what is really important to her and then take the active steps to ensure that she gets her priorities straight. I really believe that it will be a long time before the judge gives custody back to our dear Britney. I'd be *very surprised* if the judge reversed the current primary custody order in her favor at the next court hearing on October 26th. I just hope that Britney really makes the most of her reconciliation with her family so that she can actively change her life in such a way that her kids can be a part of it again on a more regular basis. Again, I fear those days are still far away in the future :( [Source]

After handing off the kids to K-Fed, Britney got back to her normal routine ... which of course means she went straight to Starbucks and went straight to flashing her panties again:

Photo credit: Splash News

Thank Jebus it was only panties that she was flashing. I just don't believe that the girl gets the seriousness of the situation. I dunno what it's going to take at this point to drive the message home. [Source]


Allllright ... I guess I should own up and admit that the good old fashioned storytelling that played a huge role in the success of Heroes last season is starting to make headway with me and my erratic brain. I really anticipated that the second season of Heroes would come out with guns blazing and lots of crazy action right off the bat. I was a bit miffed that the second season started off a bit slow, focusing more on the storyline than the action scenes. I did a bit of complaining after seeing the first two eps but my complaining is over. Even tho last night's ep wasn't very action-packed (tho, thankfully, they did bust out some special effects finally), the progressing storyline has really got me hooked. Things are getting very interesting for our heroes ... let's take a look:

It is great to finally have Sylar back on the small screen again ... I love that he went right back into psycho powers stealer mode as soon as he felt strong enough to launch his attack. It's still unclear as to why he isn't able to use the powers that he's collected already (well, it's actually unclear whether or not he still possesses those powers in the first place) and why he could not use Candice's powers but I think we know now that his capture is tied in with the company that Mohinder is working for clandestinely. You know you can't keep a bad Sylar down for long ... he'll be back to his baddie self soon enough. Peter Petrelli is still trying to figure out who he is even tho his instincts are able to kick in when he needs them to. I still don't like the amnesia storyline he's wrapped up in but I do like that he's comfortable not knowing who he really is for the time being since he feels safe with that Irish girl (plus, Milo Ventimiligia has been shirtless at least once in every ep so far so, again, no complaints from me). I really like the Hiro storyline ... his notes from the past to Ando in the present are a nice shoutout to the Back to the Future movies (Doc Brown did the same thing for Marty McFly when he got sent back to the Old West at the end of Back to the Future II). While Hiro may be love with that chick, I can't help but think he's got a bit of a crush on his hero Takezo Kensei ... he does have a very big sword that Hiro is all but obsessed with ... hey, I'm just sayin'. Clarie found herself a new boyfriend with a bad lip mole but an impressive super power. Now she won't feel so alone anymore ... but since she suspects that her adopted father, Mr. Bennett, experimented on flyboy she may have to take matters into her own hands (plus, the big OMG moment at the end foretells that Mr. Bennett is going to meet a bad end in the near future). Nichelle Nichols (who played Uhura on Star Trek) made her debut on the show ... it's unclear if George Takei (Commander Sulu on Star Trek), who plays Hiro's dead (?) father on the show will return but with Nichelle's new role as Micah's grandmother we won't be running out of former Star Trek characters to geek out about. The Mexican twins kinda bored me this week ... they better get more exciting or I'm gonna start vying for their axing. [Source]


AND SPEAKING OF AXING ... even tho I don't recap Prison Break on a usual basis, I feel that I must chime in and comment a bit on last night's ep (besides, last night's ep of The Hills was a clip show which, altho marginally entertaining, delayed any new drama until next week ... hence no recapping today). Overall, I'm satisfied with the way the season is going so far ... but I wonder how long the Panamanian prison is going to hold my attention ... I'm kinda getting bored with its limitations already. But that's not why I feel the need to comment ...

... the shitty way I feel that Dr. Sara Tancredi was killed off on the show is why I feel compelled to comment. The way I understand it ... Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Dr. Sara, got herself pregs at the end of last season and the producers were none-too-pleased about it ... after some unsuccessful wrangling (they say she wouldn't work with them, she says they wouldn't work with her), she was killed off on the show. Not only was she killed off but she wasn't even allowed to be on screen again this season to properly make her exit (again, it's unclear who's really at fault for this) ... they used a lame-ass body double with bad voice-over in the last ep and then put her head in a box this new ep. And that is the end of Dr. Sara. I think it's a bad move on the producers part ... they should've worked around her pregnancy and hammered out any money probs to ensure her return ... she is a very popular character and will be sorely missed. I hope the show manages to keep my attention for the rest of the season ... so far so good but I'm so not down with Dr. Sara's peace the spork out :( [Source]

Alrighty ... let's move on ... Jennifer Lopez played her second night at Madison Square Garden last night and pranced around on stage in all her usual flowy outfits. There was speculation that J. Lo was gonna make an announcement about her RUMORED pregnancy during the show last night but ... that didn't happen:

Photo credit: Splash News

Additionally, Jennifer paid a little visit to MTV's TRL earlier in the day yesterday and some suspected that she might make an announcement there ... yeah, no she didn't:

Photo credit: Wireimage & Splash News

At the very end of her interview with TRL VJ Damien Fahey, he asked her point blank if there was anything she wanted to announce on the show and she declined. Hmm. This morning, J. Lo performed on Good Morning America and Diane Sawyer took her chance to try and weasel a pregnancy confirmation out of her ... and altho she was unsuccessful, she did manage to get J. Lo to say some very suspicious things concerning her "great ... happy time in [her]life":

Jennifer Lopez and Diane Sawyer danced around the question that begs to be asked – is the singer pregnant? – on Tuesday's Good Morning America. Speaking amid a crowd of people outside the ABC studio in the middle of Times Square, where Lopez, 38, performed a live concert to promote her new CD Brave, a pained-looking Sawyer said to the singer: "All right, all right, I know what everybody's asking, and I know you have so little privacy in your life ... so, I'm just going to say, 'How are you?' " Replied Lopez: "I'm very well, thank you. This is really, really a great, happy time in my life. ... Everything's great." She credited her happiness to her new album and her current concert tour with husband Marc Anthony – for which Lopez has dressed in modest, loose-fitting ensembles designed by Roberto Cavalli. (Her GMA dress was equally ample.) When the interview segment of Lopez's appearance concluded, Sawyer, 61, said to her guest, "Can I hug you, 'cause I'm happy." Sawyer then embraced Lopez's shoulder, never coming anywhere near her stomach.

See ... I dunno. It could go either way ... J. Lo could be playing coy with the press or she could just be playing with them altogether. As much as I really hope that Jennifer Lopez is FINALLY pregs, I won't really believe it until I hear it from her. It kinda doesn't make sense that she would be on tour right now if she were really pregnant ... tho, pretty much everything else surrounding her behavior these days gives credence to the rumors. I guess time will tell. [Source, Source]

Yesterday I posted pictures of Victoria Beckham's new photoshoot for Elle magazine that took place this week in Paris, France, where she was caught wearing a really whacky and awfully feathery outfit ... and the ridiculousness doesn't end there. Here are a few more pics from that same photoshoot of VB wearing a few more outrageous outfits:

Photo credit: Splash News

I mean, I get that she's going for fierce ... but all I see is fug. I'm intrigued to see how these photos will turn out when they go to print in the magazine but ... I gotta know -- did Nina Garcia sign off on the styling for this shoot? I find it hard to believe that hard-nosed Nina Garcia would let this ugly shizz get past her on the Project Runway runway without ripping someone a new a-hole. [Source, Source]

Earlier in the week, before this monstrous photoshoot, Vicki B. was forced to turn on her emotion chip in plain public view when her littlest child, Cruz Beckham, got all huffy and started crying right there on the streets of Paris:

Photo credit: Splash News

Look at the careful way that VB is cradling the little boy with her stiff, mannequin like arms and the gentle way she nestles him betwixt her silicone breasts. She deffo scores huge mom points for a.) not poking the poor little lamb in the eye with her ball-bearing nipples and b.) actually feigning some sort of concern on her hugly expressive face. Um, yeah, not so much for that last one but I'm trying to be kind here. [Source]

Um ... kindness over ... here are new pics of the girl we lurve to hate, Kimberly StEWart, at the Q Music Awards this past weekend showing off her new hair-do ... which looks awfully similar to that of Victoria Beckham:

Eh. She doesn't look as entirely tragic as she usually does but that's prolly because she's trying to look like someone else. UGH. I'm still not a fan tho. [Source]

Here is one of the first photos of Pamela Anderson as a newly married woman. As you may recall, Pammy pie wed Rick Solomon at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas over the weekend and this is what the blushing bride looked like fresh from saying I Do:

Even tho I think that cake is going to last longer than this latest marriage, I still wish Pamela all the happiness in her new endeavor ... as does her last husband Kid Rock. [Source]

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden have made their way down under to the land of OZ this week where Good Charlotte are scheduled to play some shows on their never-ending tour. Here is a cute pic of Nic/Joel and baby bump sunnin' themselves poolside in Australia:

TMZ seemed pretty confident that they had the inside scoop on a potential wedding ceremony for Nic/Joel that was to take place in Orange County on October 13 ... the only problem is that Good Charlotte is scheduled to play a show in Melbourne on that same day. Yeah, I don't know that I believe that Nic/Joel are planning to be wed this week ... I suspect if they do tie the knot they're gonna make every effort to ensure that we know nothing about it until after the fact. [Source]

Well lookie here ... could it be that Pete Doherty has finally kicked his drug habit in lieu of a food addiction?

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty appears to have swapped one addiction for another. The reformed drug addict looked positively tubby as he emerged from a north London pub after meeting up with his bandmates. Wearing a black suit and his trademark brown trilby, the singer's white shirt appeared to be straining against his greatly increased girth which seems to have expanded after spending a month in rehab to kick his addiction to drugs. Clearly, Pete rediscovered his appetite for all things edible during his stay at the Clouds Clinic as the once waif-like Doherty looked much rounder in his face, but healthier than he has for some time. Well, hallelujah! I never thought I'd see the say when Pete Doherty would actually look healthy ... I really do hope that he has kicked his deadly habits and started, you know, eating food ... as long as he doesn't go overboard or anything like that. It'd be a shame if he managed to kick his drug habit only to live long enough to suffer a heart attack. [Source]

Here are a few pics of the usually perfectly groomed Zac Efron at a press conference for Nickelodeon's Australian Kids Choice Awards this week showing off his immaculate hair, glowy tan, perfectly plucked eyebrows and impeccably manicured toes ...

... and yet, surprisingly, the tween metrosexual failed to give his feet a good hair waxing. Tho, I will say this for the legally of-age lad ... I don't really mind that he's not absolutely plucked to death. The white flip-flops and jeans combo is a nice look ... I, uh, don't really mind it so much. [Source]

Trent Reznor, aka Nine Inch Nails, is shouting from the rooftops (well, more specifically from his official website) that he has finally completed his 18-year record contract with his record company and plans on establishing a more "direct relationship" with his audience from here on out. Here is the full text of his jubilant announcement:

Now this is amazing news. At long last, Trent Reznor is free to distribute new music as he sees fit at whatever intervals he likes in any capacity that he chooses. I can't help but believe that this will be a boon for NIN fans around the world. The announcement refers to a future announcement (perhaps entitled, Big News Pt 2) concerning his plans for 2008. I can't wait ... a direct line to Trent Reznor's music is a dream come true ... Woot!!! [Source, Source]

Lindsay Lohan may have checked herself out of the in-house treatment program at the Cirque Lodge in Utah last week but she's not entirely finished with her rehabbing ... and she (and her father, Michael Lohan) went straight to OK! magazine to sell tell the tale:

"It was a sobering experience," Lindsay Lohan, perhaps not realizing the pun, reveals to OK! in her first interview since leaving rehab last Friday. "It made me look at myself and all the people, places and things in my life in a different way." With her until-recently estranged father Michael by her side, Lindsay made the big move from Cirque Lodge rehab center in Utah back to life in Los Angeles. But, the young star tells OK!, she may not be gone for too long. "I'm going back to shoot Dare to Love Me, but I plan on returning to Utah so I can stay focused and avoid other distractions." One of the reasons she'd return so quickly to Utah is to avoid the constant partying of Hollywood. "Temptation is always there," the 21-year-old actress admits, adding, "but now I'll avoid it the right way." Lindsay also now seems to have perspective when she revisits those last few months before entering rehab, climaxing in her arrest for DUI and cocaine possession. "I hit rock bottom," she confesses. "Everything in my life came to a point where I had to make a decision." With her hard-partying days hopefully in her past, Lindsay has only to look to the future. "I'm here to stay," she tells OK! with conviction. "My talent is a gift and I'm going to use it." Hmmm ... should we be concerned that Lindsay and her father are already talking to tabloid magazines about her rehab "successes"? Nah ... I'm suuuuuure she knows what she's doing. [Source]

Out designer Tom Ford drops trou and poses for a very sexy photospread in the new issue of Out magazine ... here are a few of the pics:

Sorry ... I'm just a sucker for dudes who love to snap one another on the bare ass with towels in the men's locker room. You'd be surprised how often this practice occurs among dudes are are not gay :) [Source]

And finally, make your plans to be in front of your TV this coming Saturday afternoon as MTV airs the world premiere of the hit Broadway show Legally Blonde: The Musical:

For the first time on broadcast TV, MTV will air the entire show this Saturday afternoon at 1PM ET and I'm telling you -- you do not want to miss it! I'm such a huge fan of the show that I can't wait to hear what all y'all who haven't been lucky enough to see it live here in NYC think about it. I'm pretty sure you're gonna love it ... and I dare you to get the opening number Omigod You Guys out of your head after hearing it for the first time. If any of y'all have Legally Blonde on MTV watching parties make sure you SEND IN YOUR PICS!!! I'd love to post as many of them as I can :) [Source]

Les News:
Last night, David and I met up with a couple of his friends at this super secret bar called Angel Share (that we had a hard time finding initially) for a few amazing cocktails before meeting up with our homegirls Monique and Andrea for dinner at Butter. Honestly, I've heard that Butter is *the* place to go in NYC (or that it used to be, at least) but I wasn't all that impressed. I've had better expensive food at other places and I found every one of the staff that we encountered rude and totally unpleasant. Nick Lachey and Matt Dillon showed up around the time that we peaced out. I've been to some amazing hot spots in NYC in my time but Butter left much to be desired. They made a bad first impression on me ... so I'm gonna hafta Poop Sandwich them.

We looked cute tho.

This afternoon I have a super fun, secret date planned for David and me ... that he has no idea about. He knows we're doing something and has been trying to get me to spill the beans ever since I arrived but mum's the word until it takes place. I'll have deets tomorrow. Afterwards, David has us meeting someone for something later on ... so ... yeah. That's gonna be our day/night.

The storm clouds are gathering here in NYC ... the rain is comin', as is the cooler temps. Honestly, as much as I hate cold weather, I'm looking forward to no more humidity in the city. I hope y'all are having a great week thus far ... I'm out.



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