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Friday, November 02, 2007

It's Tori, Bitch!

Last night's road trip to Cleveland, OH for Sarah's and my second Tori Amos concert was really fun ... not only was the show stunning (deets to come) but the whole experience reminded me of the good ol' days when Sarah and I would drive all over the place (to Toronto, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, etc.) to see various shows back in the day. Having David along for the ride was just the icing on the cake ... even if he did sleep for 93.5% of the road trip, each way, combined ;)

First things first ... at midnight last night, the Hollywood unions decided that they would be going on strike since an agreement was not met with the Powers that Be in Tinsel Town ... the long-dreaded writers strike that Hollywood has been fearing for the past few months is just about to be upon us. Get ready for a whole lot more reality TV in y'alls future:

Hollywood writers said they would strike for the first time in nearly 20 years but left open the door for last-minute talks to avert a crippling walkout. Writers Guild of America President Patric Verrone drew loud cheers when he announced in closed-door session Thursday night that the union could strike as early as Sunday, several writers told The Associated Press. However, guild officials said privately the strike would most likely start on Monday. The WGA board was to meet Friday morning to approve the strike and set a time for the first picket lines. A strike captains' meeting was set for Saturday morning. Union leaders said they would delay the action if producers showed movement in contract negotiations — especially on the key issue of paying writers when TV episodes are sold or streamed over the Internet. "It's going to have to be a good deal, but we would much rather negotiate than go on strike," WGA chief negotiator John Bowman said. Nick Counter, president of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, said in a statement the alliance was not surprised by the strike announcement. "We are ready to meet and are prepared to close this contract this weekend," he said. The strike will not immediately impact film or prime-time TV production. Most studios have stockpiled dozens of movie scripts, and TV shows have enough scripts or completed shows in hand to last until early next year. About 3,000 of the union's 12,000 members attended Thursday's meeting. Writers said the line of questioning inside the meeting wasn't whether the group was going to strike, but how the job action would be carried out. "Where the membership stands could not be more clear," said Carlton Cuse, an executive producer of the television drama Lost and a member of the guild negotiating committee. "There was not a single dissenting voice in the room." Guild members already had authorized their negotiators to call the first strike since 1988. That strike lasted 22 weeks and cost the industry about $500 million. The mood was more subdued as writers filed out of the building and headed to their cars. Hmmm ... well it sounds like it's not a total done deal just yet ... the ball is in the hands of the Hollywood bigwigs. I guess we'll see if they'll cave to the demands made by the writers. Honestly, it could go either way. They could let the strike happen and try and hold out for as long as they can by using their stockpiled projects ... or they could just bite the bullet, cave in to the pressure so as to avoid sinking into a deep, expensive hole. We, the viewers, prolly won't notice anything right off the bat should the strike actually go into action on Monday but I'd much rather the writers get paid what they're asking for now instead of having things get out of hand later on with the pissing match that is sure to ensue. [Source]

Oh man ... just when you thought that Britney Spears couldn't get sued for anything else (well, okay, not really ... Britney can prolly get sued every single day if people were really crafty with their lawsuits) she had to go and get sued again by a former manager (not Larry Rudolph, who appears to still be firmly on Team Britney) who says that she owes him cash, natch. Here are pics of Brit Brit getting served as she exited a medical building yesterday afternoon and then a pic of the huge, stress/Cheetos induced blemish that erupted on her face afterwards:

Photo credit: Splash News

Johnny Wright -- manager of such high-powered acts as Justin Timberlake, the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC -- is suing his most famous client, Britney Spears, claiming she hasn't forked over commissions owed him from when she was actually famous for her performing. Wright Entertainment Group (WEG) managed Spears until February 2003, but were supposed to keep receiving commissions until February 2008 for deals they negotiated on Brit's behalf. Now WEG claims, that Spears stopped paying in December 2006. Oops! The lawsuit, filed in Florida by attorney Clay Townsend on Monday, alludes to Spears' erratic behavior of late, saying WEG made a concerted effort to work with "the various business managers hired and fired by Spears." You may recognize Johnny Wright from Diddy's hit MTV reality show Making the Band (Insert Number HERE) and from the new MTV reality show Making Menudo. I think it's genius that Johnny got a process server who looks practically homeless to get all up in Brit Brit's biz in order to serve her with the lawsuit papers. Poor Britters. TMZ also put all of her financial biz on public blast HERE by posting financial papers that show how much she spends on stuff compared to ex-hubby Kevin Federline. Dayum ... no wonder the poor girl's face is busting out with mega-zits. She normally has such perfect, alabaster skin. Ah well, at least she has a new #1 album to look forward to once the Billboard Album Chart comes out next week :) [Source]

Last night, MTV Europe threw it's big shindig in Munich, Germany for the 2007 European Music Awards which was hosted by Snoop Dogg. Here are a few pics from the red carpet arrivals and a little report on what went down at the big to-do:

Avril Lavigne, French electro act Justice and British rock trio Muse were multiple winners at the 14th annual MTV Europe Music Awards, held tonight (Nov. 1) in Munich. Lavigne, who performed at the event, won for most addictive track ("Girlfriend") and solo artist of 2007. Justice won the video star prize for "D.A.N.C.E." and the France region category. Muse grabbed the best live act "headliner" and the U.K. and Ireland categories. In the other main divisions, Linkin Park scooped band of the year honors, Nelly Furtado' European chart-topper "Loose" won album of the year and Amy Winehouse scored the artist's choice gong. The biggest pre-gig buzz centered on whether Winehouse would show. Although she was not officially listed among the performers, word got out in the hours leading up to the awards that Winehouse would indeed take the stage. And the British crossover star didn't disappoint, delivering a rendition of her sophomore album's title track, "Back to Black." When she collected her artists choice award earlier in the night, however, Winehouse was less than dynamic, offering an acceptance speech comprising the single word "Thanks." Other performers included show Foo Fighters, whop opened the show with a medley of their new track "The Pretender" and the Sex Pistols' punk classic "God Save the Queen." Tokio Hotel delivered one of the night's highlights with "Monsoon" and Mika offered a rendition of "Grace Kelly," complete with a psychedelic ensemble ... The MTV EMA's nominations process was opened up to the public this time, a move which saw more than 50 million votes cast, organizers say. Interesting. [Source]

Altho Amy Winehouse did manage to show up for the event and take the stage and perform, the reports are that her performance was less than stellar ... it's a wonder that she didn't just fall right over onto the stage while she was "singing". Here are a few pics from the other folks to who took the stage at the MTV EMAs last night as well:

Amy Winehouse was a last-minute addition to this year's MTV EMAs ... but she wasn't necessarily a good one. The embattled, beehived singer performed her song "Back to Black" on last night's telecast, mumbling her way through the entire song -- rendering it barely recognizable! Amy, for her part, thought that her performance was just fine, that there wasn't a thing wrong with it and we should be happy with what she gives us no matter how sorry it turns out: AMY WINEHOUSE has defended her performance at Thursday's MTV European Music Awards - citing exhaustion for her bizarre behaviour. The troubled star - who won the Artist's Choice award - mumbled through a performance of hit Back To Black at the ceremony in Munich, Germany, and appeared to have forgotten the song's lyrics. But Winehouse insists her busy schedule was to blame for her lacklustre performance ... She also admits she only agreed to appear at the EMAs to please her family. Winehouse says, "I can't really be bothered going to perform but my family love these kinds of awards shows and watching me, so I'm doing it for them really. "I'm knackered after my own gigs in Europe and was back in London chilling out when I got the call asking me to MTV. "My family are so important to me that I agreed to do it for them." Well, I know I'd be proud member of the Winehouse family that she bothered to sober up enough to get up on stage and warble her way thru a song she couldn't even remember the lyrics to. That's lurve, y'all. [Source, Source]

Speaking of lurve, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were all kinds of sickly lovey-doveyness at the AFI Fest 2007 Opening Night Gala presentation of Tom's new movie Lions for Lambs at the ArcLight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, CA last night. Tom's new BFF David Beckham came out for the premiere event, sans wifey Vicki B., and looked really cute ... like he fell out of an Abercrombie and Fitch store:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I've gotta admit, TomKat look really cute in these pics. You can almost actually believe that they are really in love. It's amazing. Katie is lookin' faboo and since she's gettin' all ready to run in the NY marathon this weekend, I really gotta give her props. I don't think that I would mind very much if TomKat did decide to come at us with another fake pregnancy again. If they keep makin' cute babies like Suri Holmes Cruise, I'm all for it! Becks, it must be said, looked really cute in his little casual outfit. I love that he dresses like a 21 year old college student despite the fact that he himself is in his 30s ... it kinda gives me license to do the same :) He and I should go shopping at A&F together ... he could help me pick out a hoodie, I could help him pick out and try on boxers briefs ... it'd be win/win! [Source]

Ryan Adams paid a little visit to The Late Show with David Letterman in NYC this week and since we don't get to see Ryan Adams very much on the blog ... here are a few pics of the lad making his exit from the show:

Photo credit: Splash News

Ryan Adams is one of my all-time fave performers ... not only does he sing a very special song to David and me (Firecracker) but I'm really enjoying all of his new music, including his new EP with the Cardinals titled Follow the Lights. One can never have too much Ryan Adams around here ;) [Source]

Jennifer Garner's stint on Broadway had its official opening last night as her show Cyrano finished up its preview run and had its official opening night. Here are a couple pics of Jen lookin' all thankful and stuff that the audience didn't walk out early on her first official night as a Broadway performer:

So how did Jennifer Garner feel after making her Broadway debut Thursday night? "I'm ready for a glass of wine!" she said while making her way into the Cyrano de Bergerac opening night party. "I'm just happy that I stayed on my feet and said everything that I was suppose to say." Atta girl ... you just keep up that professional spirit for the entire run of your show and you'll be all set. How long 'til the Tony Awards? [Source]

Yesterday I posted a newslink that Da Brat got her ass arrested for tipping a waitress by allegedly busting a glass bottle on her face. Testy, testy. Here is da mugshot:

Da Brat was arrested early Thursday after a dispute with a waitress at a nightclub northeast of Atlanta. The 33-year-old rapper, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, was charged with aggravated assault, said DeKalb County Police spokeswoman Mekka Parish. Officers answered a call to Studio 72 at 1:20 a.m. about a "brief pushing sort of thing," Parish said. Police couldn't say whether the nightclub is the one that Jermaine Dupri opened earlier this year, but the street address is the same. Club owners couldn't immediately be reached for comment. Parish said the police report indicates Harris and a 24-year-old waitress at the club got into a squabble after the waitress bumped into her. At some point, the waitress walked away and moments later was hit in the face with the bottle of rum. Parish said the waitress, who sustained a deep laceration to the cheek and some swelling on the forehead, was driven to a hospital by a friend. Harris was the first female rapper to have a platinum-selling album. She has appeared on VH1 reality shows "Celebrity Fit Club" and "The Surreal Life." LOL! I love that Da Brat's pedigree includes mentioning her stints on Celebrity Fit Club and The Surreal Life :) I must say, as far as mug shots go, Da Brat's doesn't look half bad. Her hair looks fly and she's not looking directly into the camera with tearstained eyes. Something tells me that this isn't Da Brat's first appearance in front of a mug shot camera. [Source]

A few days ago, I posted a news story sent in by Pink reader Bobby about an incident where it was believed that Paris Hilton freaked out inside a porn shop in Toronto, CA after she saw posters of her nekkid bod advertising the sale of her famed sex tape 1 Night in Paris. At the time, it wasn't clear if it was Paris or not cuz the video tape had yet to be released ... until now. TMZ is now offering the video for viewing and it really looks and sounds like it is Paris Hilton causing a stir in that porno shop:

Don't piss off Paris Hilton! She'll get you! TMZ obtained this exclusive surveillance video of Paris gettin' royally miffed in a Toronto porn shop, after spying a cardboard cutout of herself -- hawking her sex tape! Watch the entire clip HERE, showing a skeleton-hoodied Hilton demanding to talk to a manager, threatening to sue -- and then ripping down a display before leaving the store. Hilton's manager tells TMZ that the store voluntarily gave her the cutouts. And by "voluntarily" they mean "just stood there with their mouths open as Paris berated them and then walked out of the store with cutouts in hand". Seriously, doesn't Paris Hilton have anything better to do than freak out in porno shops? Aren't there a bunch of Rwandans out there in need of her help? [Source]

Lance Bass brought his book singing promo tour to LA last night and unfortch I was unable to attend since I'm here in Detroit this week. Fortch, I have an amazing friend in Mike who went out to the book signing in my stead and not only managed to snap some great pics of Lance but also got a signed book for me ... check out the pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage and Mike

Mike tells me that Lance was very nice and very complimentary and was happy to sign the book for me. Not only do I want to extend my public thanks to Lance for writing and saying very nice things but I also want to give Mike a huge SHOUT-OUT with lots of LURVE for taking the time to go to the event for me. Lawd knows I really wish I could've been there with him but seeing the pic of Lance and Mike together is good enough for me :) [Source]

In other Lance news (and a bit of left-over Halloween news), Marc Malkin has got the inside skinny on Lance's Halloween night party that was held at Mood on Wednesday night where his main straight Kathy Griffin showed up (dressed as her own mug shot) to party with Lance and all his really hot yet unfamous party guests:

Lance Bass celebrated Halloween with a gaggle of friends last night at David Judaken's Mood nightclub on Hollywood Boulevard. The former boy bander, who just released his memoir, Out of Sync, was dressed as a long-haired headbanger and rocking a bandanna à la Bret Michaels. His pal—and one of my absolute favorites—Kathy Griffin came as her own mug shot. The nonceleb guests seemed to consist mainly of hot young men. Several showed off their gym work by coming as shirtless construction workers and firefighters. One fella in a tight '70s jogging outfit had a name tag reading Larry Craig on a Gay Old Party-emblazoned shirt. There were a handful of cowboys, a couple of mechanics, at least two David Beckhams and one Larry Birkhead carrying a baby Dannielynn doll. Clearly, the lesson learned here is that the gays really know how to do Halloween. Not only do they come up with the best costumes but they also look the best when they are taking off their costumes. Woot! [Source]

Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, who I'd like to nominate as an honorary gay merely for the fact that he looks too sexy to be enjoyed by the ladies alone, spent his Halloween night dressed up as Brad Pitt's character Tyler Durden from his movie Fight Club:

Um, yeah ... I don't think that *anyone* will mind that I wanted to post this one last little Halloween leftover. Sweet Lord Jebus, Adam has got a fine ass body. [Source]

In further fine ass body-ness, here are a few AMAZINGLY HOT screencaps from this week's ep of the ABC Dirty Sexy Money (a show I don't watch) where actor Eddie Cibrian proudly showed off his acting prowess:

I honestly contend that this man cannot act to save his life ... but with a hot bod like this, who the eff cares? If ABC promises to make a habit of showcasing half-nekkid Eddie on this show on a weekly basis I *promise* to start watching. Deal? [Source]

In further shirtlessness (yeah, it's a pretty hot and heavy half-nekkid day around here today), here are a couple pics of Jake Gyllenhaal as featured in the new Mario Testino photobook Let Me In:

Lord have MERCY, I am *SO* sold on this book -- I don't even care who else is in it. I just placed my order right now ... if you feel the need, you too can enjoy this Jakeyness in full hardcover color yourself by ordering your own copy HERE. [Source]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Complex magazine, behold:

The porn 'stache is still in full effect and I still like it ... mostly because it draws attention away from JRM's crazy eyes ;) [Source via Source]

And finally, the Spice Girls are airbrushed within an inch of their lives in a new set of promo images that have just been released ahead of the official release of their new music video Headlines:

I dunno whose body Geri Halliwell stole for this photoshoot but I hope the poor woman won't be needing it back ... she looks too fab to be giving it up. I don't know that I really like this shoot ... the girls look very matronly. Even tho they are all very matronly they don't need to look matronly I think. I hope the world really is ready for Old Spice of this caliber. [Source]

Les News:
So, last night's Tori Amos concert in Cleveland, OH was by far the best one I've seen on this tour so far (and THANKFULLY it has been made available for purchase as one of Tori's official bootlegs) and I'm hearing it is the best performance by her Pip character of the US leg of the tour (perhaps the entire world tour?). At first, I was a little bummed that I was seeing Pip again on this tour after seeing her already in NYC but that feeling quickly dissipated once she started performing. I guess I don't mind a dirty girl after all. The woman was on fire ... she was primitive and animalistic and, at times, a bit scary. She was channeling an intense anger that appeared fiercely masculine and very primal. I contend that there was a bit of lesbian strength in Pip's performance ... a feeling that really resonated with me as she performed her haunting version of Blood Roses (You think Im a queer?/I think you're a queer). The rest of the setlist was just magic ... Tori sang Tear In Your Hand (our song) and Sarah and I believe she did so for us. When we talked with her in Detroit she mentioned that the song might not come that night since she wanted to do She's Your Cocaine but she asked us when our next show would be ... we were just thrilled beyond words when she started playing the song. Here are a few pics of Pip doing her thing and the full setlist:

Act I - Pip

Fat Slut
Smokey Joe
Blood Roses
Teenage Hustling
The Waitress

Interlude/Costume change

Professional Widow (Remix)

Act II - Tori

Big Wheel
Tear in Your Hand
Cornflake Girl
Northern Lad
Take To The Sky

T & Bö

Message to Ohio (Improv)
Cool On Your Island

Band Returns

Code Red

Encore 1

Precious Things

Encore 2

Bouncing Off Clouds
Hey Jupiter

Here is a vid clip of Pip performing the song Fat Slut:

Here are a few pics of Tori doing her thing for the second half of the show:

And here is a vid clip of Tori performing her improv which I've titled Message to Ohio:

The whole show was just amazing ... I was hoping they'd release it for download so I'm very happy that they did :)

The road trip to Cleveland was very fun ... here are a few pics from our trip ... including our stop at the American Flag Museum aka a random rest/food stop on the Ohio 80-90 Turnpike:

I also got to meet a few Pink readers, like Jackie pictured above, so I want to send out lots of love to them. The next shows for Sarah and me will be in SoCal ... but I'm contemplating a trip to San Jose, CA for a weekend with Tori where she'll be filming shows for her DVD. We'll see.

Today David and I are just hanging out in Detroit ... and so, I'm off. Have a great weekend! I know I will :) I'm out.



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