Sunday, December 30, 2007

Practically Perfect

Can it Be? Apparently Jamie-Lynn Spears and her 19-year old babydaddy Casey Aldridge have been spotted out and about, together even, by the Entertainment Tonight cameras since the announcement was made last week that JL is pregs -- I think. Here are a few screencaps from the video of the happy couple stepping out together, presumably, in her hometown in Louisiana:

It's unclear exactly when this video was shot ... I suppose it could've been recorded after the announcement was made but I think much more would be made of this footage if it were new ... especially since both Jamie-Lynn and Casey have been so underground since the story broke. At any regard, things are sure to heat up in 2008 as JL's baby bump continues to grow. She cannot stay hidden forever ... it's really just a matter of time before she starts to go out in public again and then we'll be able to watch the sad progression of her dying childhood. [Source]

As we await the first pics of JL's burgeoning baby bump we turn to the latest photos of Xtina Aguilera and her just about ready to burst baby bump ... here are pics of Xtina and hubby Jordan Bratman steppin' out in LA this weekend lookin' a cute as can be:

Yessir ... Xtina looks ready to explode at any moment. She still has about a day's time left to eak out the last baby borne of 2007 ... it's been such a crazy year already, I wouldn't be surprised at all if '07 managed to squeeze out one last surprise before coming to a close. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan has managed to stay baby bump free but only because she is a seasoned pro. Here are pics of Linds enjoying all that Capri, Italy has to offer ... she just arrived in town a few days ago and she's already nabbed herself a new boy to play around with:

I'm hearing that this Italian stud is a bartender that Lindsay picked up shortly after her arrival in town. The girl works fast. I hope Mr. Italy enjoys his time with L. Lo ... I don't know that she's gonna be all that interested in bringing him back home to that States as a souvenir. [Source]

Fergie Ferg performed a show at The Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ last night and she was sure to show off her new blinged out engagement ring as she did her thing on the performance stage:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Shoot ... it's not like you can blame the girl. If *I* were gettin' hitched to Josh Duhamel I'd make damn sure I let everyone on Earth know about it. Ugh ... I still kinda hate her ... but I can't really hate on her. [Source]

OY ... Las Vegas has been invaded by the Hollywood party kids this weekend as the end of the year approaches and the celebrations get underway. Father of the Year, Kevin Federline, was in the hiz at Pure partying with the likes of Brody Jenner and Paris Hilton ... natch:

Photo credit: Splash News

As if one needed another reason to steer clear of Sin City this New Year's Eve weekend. David and I were mixed up in that mess last NYE and we vowed never to subject ourselves to doing it ever again. The Vegas party scene might be fun for some folks but we just found it overwhelmingly brutal and so not fun at all. [Source]

Incidentally, Paris Hilton was showing off her newly bedazzled BlackBerry Curve as she partied the night away at Pure last night ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... which seems a bit too tacky, even by Paris Hilton standards. I'm surprised that people are still doing this to their cell phones. Didn't this fad end back in 2005? Just wondering. [Source]

Elsewhere in the world, celebs of the aging variety are steering clear of the crazy party scene so that they can enjoy nice holidays in tropical settings ... which seem to be the perfect places to get extra randy with their mates. Here are a couple pics of Sting gettin' all frisky with his woman Trudie Styler as he sucks on her toes down in Sydney Harbour, Australia:

Is it wrong that I love that Sting is such a freak? His marathon tantric-sexcapades are very well known ... something tells me that Miss Trudie ain't got no cause to complain. You go, boy! [Source]

But, let you think that toe-suckin' is a sport relegated to the aging rock star ... here's a pic of Nicolette Sheridan slurpin' on the toes of her aging balladeer, Michael Bolton as they vacay in the Caribbean:

I'm all for oldsters gettin' their respective grooves on but I'm not entirely sure I'm all that keen on seeing it. I will give them props for staying active and keepin' the home fires stoked as they move into their golden years. It's kinda sweet ... no? [Source]

Here are a couple pics of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo traveling with his team in Washington D.C. without his new ladylove Jessica Simpson:

Photo credit: Splash News

Aww ... the poor chap looks as if all the wind has been let out of his sails now that he is parted from Jessica and her boobs. Hmm ... I wonder if this bodes well or ill for the future of his football career. [Source]

In other sporting news, I have to send out much props and congrats to the New England Patriots for successfully achieving a perfect football season of gameplay this year. Led by quarterback Tom Brady, they became on the second NFL team to win every single game of an entire regular season (Miami did it back in 1972 with 14 games) and the first team to do so by winning 16 games ... they defeated the NY Giants by a score of 38-35 last night:

The New England Patriots stormed back from a 12-point third-quarter deficit early in the third quarter to down the New York Giants 38-35 Saturday night and emerge as the first team in NFL history to complete a 16-game regular season undefeated. The 1972 Miami Dolphins (14-0), the 1942 Chicago Bears (11-0) and the 1934 Chicago Bears (13-0) all advanced through regular seasons without a misstep. New England has one huge leap into history remaining: To join coach Don Shula's Dolphins of 1972 as the only unblemished champions. Miami swept three playoff games. New England's accomplishment is of such magnitude that even stone-faced coach Bill Belichick allowed himself to be swept up in the euphoria of the moment. "It's really exciting to be part of this football team," he said. "All of the credit goes to the players. They came through like they have all year." Record-setting quarterback Tom Brady quickly pointed to the challenges ahead. "Now, we get ready for what we've been preparing for all season," he said, adding, "We've won three Super Bowls (in the last six seasons). We know that's the goal every year." I'm not all that big on following football but even I couldn't let the opportunity to show the Patroits some lurve for this awesome accomplishment. I will not be surprised in the least if the boys in blue go on to win one more game come Super Bowl time. [Source]

And finally, for the last time this year, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week. As 2007 comes to a close we look to hot dude Derek to remind us that hotness knows no season, no special time of the year ... it can be appreciated at any time and under any circumstances:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Ahhh ... thank you Derek for your rippling abs, your massive arms and your ample thighs -- and for helping us bring 2007 to a really hawt close. Next up ... a whole slew of new hawtness to enjoy in 2008. Woot!! [Source]

Les News:
David and I are enjoying some lazy days here in NYC this weekend ... and I'm loving every moment of it. Last night we grabbed some great food at Tasca before we stepped out to HK to knock back a few drinks:

David has begun his preparations for his big NYE bash tomorrow night which we're both looking forward to. I hope y'all have a very fun and very safe NYE tomorrow ... we've got one more day of 2007 to get thru before we start the whole thing all over again on Tuesday. I am out.