Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's A Sunshine Day

Today is my last half day here in Detroit for a while ... I won't be back at least until sometime in March so I'm gonna try and enjoy it as much as I can (all this LOVELY snow and the bitter cold temperature is really hard to leave) while I can. After I post I'm gonna *try* and zip off to the hospital one last time to say goodbye to my mom and then I'm off to LA. There is a lot of stuff to get to today and not a lotta time so ... let's get to it ...

First things first ... the Britney ... oh ... the Britney ... here are a few pictures of Britney Spears and her friends on their way to do a little shopping together ... shopping for lingerie ... Trashy Lingerie, to be exact ... and oh, did I mention that she brought along her little Sean Preston on the shopping excursion?

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

I have a really hard time trying to figure out this girl's thought processes. Of course there is nothing wrong with a mother bringing her child along on a shopping trip with friends ... even to a lingerie store, there really isn't anything wrong with it in general. But WHY does it not occur to Miss Britney that it just looks bad for her to be seen taking her child into a store called Trashy Lingerie? This is a woman who wants to become Pop Music's reigning princess again ... this is a woman that is trying to get the public to accept her again as a Pop Star ... and it never occurs to her that the things that she does in public might adversely affect how people perceive her. I'm one of her biggest fans and I just can't believe how dumb this looks. It's starting to dawn on me that no matter how much I want her to succeed she is doing nothing but sabotaging her chances ... has actually already sabotaged her chances of making a truly successful comeback. Even if she puts out the best album of her career I'm sure that too many people have already given up on her. What a waste ... boo. [Source]

In other Spederline news, TeamKevin.com has come upon a few behind-the-scene pictures from Kevin Federline's Super Bowl commercial shoot for Nationwide Insurance ... here are a few pics of K-Fed and his ladies on the set of the commercial:

So while Britney is taking her baby boy lingerie shopping, K-Fed is actually working to make money. What the hell is wrong with this picture? I mean seriously ... [Source]

SO, the big news of the day, obviously, is the announcement of the 2007 Academy Awards nominations ... there are some BIG surprises today ... I gotta say that I am very surprised that Dreamgirls did not get a nomination for Best Picture but did end up getting more Oscar noms than any other movie (8 in all). I was sure it was going to be this year's Chicago. I'm probably more surprised that Little Miss Sunshine not only got multiple nominations but among those nominations was one for Best Picture:

I can't believe that Little Miss Sunshine got nominated ... it's nuts! I thought the movie was cute but I would've never dreamed it was Oscar-worthy. Sunshine goes up against Babel, The Departed, Letters from Iwo Jima and The Queen for the big enchilada. I'm gonna say it's either gonna go to Babel, Iwo Jima or The Queen. Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy both received nominations in the Supporting Actor categories (thank GAWD!) -- and I'd love for them both to win (I'm pretty sure J. Hud's got it locked even tho she's up against the super adorable Abigail Breslin in Sunshine). Other surprises, IMHO, included nominations for Marky Mark Wahlberg (Best Supporting Actor, The Departed), Ryan Gosling (Best Actor, Half Nelson) and Borat (Best Adapted Screenplay) ... not surprising to anyone with eyes, Beyonce didn't get a nomination for a single thing. Click HERE for a full list of the 2007 Academy Award nominees. [Source]


Last night's episode of 24 was just great ... there was a pretty big OMG for me and I'm curious to know if any other fans were as excited as I was to see the reintroduction of the leader of the Bluetooth Bunch from last season ... when it was revealed who he really is my jaw about hit the floor:

Screencaps courtesy of Twenty Four Online

Not only are we going to meet Jack Bauer's father but we now know that the leader of the Bluetooth Bunch (the secret consortium that was controlling the idiot President's actions last season) is none other than Jack Bauer's brother Graham! Holy shizz! Every year they always manage to feature a spy who is deep undercover ... if Jack Bauer's brother can be one of the season's Big Bads and we don't even learn that info until the following season ... well ... the peeps who make 24 are seriously on point.

We know for sure that Curtis was killed ... that is sad, especially since he didn't get the silent ticking clock send off that he was due (even Edgar got the silent ticking clock when he died last season). We know also know that all the CTU field agents were nuked in the blast ... that's a bummer. Working for CTU sounds like a bad idea ... unless you're Jack Bauer or Chloe O'Brien. It was pretty cool to see that Jack's sister-in-law also appears on Heroes as Nathan Petrelli's paralyzed wife (both played by actress Rena Sofer) ... did any of y'all pick up on the speculation that her son might actually be Jack's son? It was revealed that she and Jack share a past ... and the kid did look more like Jack than Graham plus they shared a "moment" when they shook hands. This was actually brought to my attention by my dear Sarah who doesn't watch the show but managed to pick up on this while I completely missed it. Hmm ... I guess we'll see. I like how the ep ended ... the Pres' speech came off nicely ... as did Jack's torture of his brother. Does he know more than we think he does or does he just hate his brother? Surely he'll find out what he knows ... right? [Source]


Heroes gave us another great ep as well ... tho, it was a little slower than previous episodes were. We did get new information and we got to meet a new "hero" and I quite like the way the producers had Claire re-doing the stuff with her friend Zach that she did with him in the first ep of the whole series ... it was a great way to make the audience feel like we were part of the story (ie. We were remembering just like Claire wanted Zach to remember):

Claire's dad, the evil bad guy, mentioned that Sylar couldn't be killed yet because "They" haven't authorized it yet ... soooo, who are "They"? Obviously he is working for someone (prolly the government but is it ever really that simple?) and therefore we're bound to meet someone more powerful than he is. I still don't get why Nathan Petrilli (flying man) is so pessimistic of his brother's powers ... I think he is starting to get it since meeting Hiro but ... his pessimism always bothers me. I have a hard time seeing the big Nigerian mind-eraser as a good guy but obviously he's working with Claire (and against her father/his boss). Will he become a full fledged "good guy" at some point?

So how many of you went immediately to primatechpaper.com as soon as the site addy came up on the screen? So far I haven't found anything spectacular (I even sent the txt message) but I'm sure someone out there will figure out if there is a secret ... tho I hope they don't get all Lost on us ... those Lost websites actually turn out to be more annoying than they are fun. I am really loving this new series ... it's really all about the story for me. I have a theory on how the explosion will occur ... but I'll save its revelation for later on in the season. [Source]


Whew ... last night's episode of Prison Break was great as well. I was a little worried that they would have a tough time getting me back into the story after going on its break but they did a fine job with the storyline. There were a lot of surprises in this episode that kept me interested ... and I really loved every minute of it:

First off, I wasn't too shocked that bad FBI guy Mahone survived being shot by scary Secret Service guy Kellerman. He kinda needs to stay in the mix ... tho I didn't anticipate that he would want out. I knew they were going to use his family against him – but with that dead agent in his trunk it's unclear as to whether he's gonna play nice or just be a loose canon against everyone. I was floored when the Burrows Bros. actually got Steadman in their possession ... and I kinda didn't foresee him shooting himself in the head (altho, I prolly should have). It makes sense tho ... there was no way they would be able to prove that he was alive (all the DNA evidence was destroyed) unless they tested him against the President's DNA (but then, they'd only be able to verify that he was a relative). I was pretty shocked when he blew his brains out. I am usually not interested in the peripheral storylines that are running simultaneously but I was totally feeling the T-Bag storyline (that poor family will pay one way or another, I'm sure of it) and then ex-prison guard Bellick storyline (homeboy is definitely going to PAY dearly for what he did ... of that I have no doubt). Over all, I was very impressed with last night's episode. They really seem to have a plan to keep the fans interested in staying with them ... who knows how the season will end (or what future seasons will be like) but I'm totally sold so far. Bring it on. [Source]


One last TV thing ... I swear ... I didn't even watch this episode of Dirt yet but the screencaps alone tell the story and are definitely worth posting:

Grant Show is playing a much different character than he played on Melrose Place. First, we get to see Courtney Cox-Arquette's character masturbating with a vibrator on the show and now we get to see Grant Show's character performing fellatio on some random dude ... yeah, this show isn't called Dirt for nothing. [Source]

Moving on ... Jennifer Garner and others were on hand for the Hollywood premiere of her new movie Catch and Release last night at the Egyptian Theater in LA ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Jen looked great (tho her dress did not) and Ben Affleck was a good boy and showed up for his lady's premiere. Juliette Lewis was also in attendance and she was lookin' amazing! I love the beret ... she really did look supercute. This romantic-comedy-looking flick looks sorta cute ... it's the kind of movie that Sarah and I would see together but since I won't be able to see her again for some time well ... I don't think it's gonna happen. [Source]

Dita von Teese isn't letting her nasty divorce from soon-to-be ex-hubby Marilyn Manson keep her down ... she was all smiles as she arrived at the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture yesterday ... she was joined by other illuminaries of fashion at the event:

Photo credit: Splash News

And by "other illuminaries of fashion" I mean Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour and NO ONE ELSE. Ivana Trump was not lookin' cute ... nor was Diane Krueger in those horrid leggings. Haven't I suffered enough already ... can't leggings be last season already? [Source]

Aww ... here are a few adorable pictures of hot dad Heath Ledger spending some quality time with his daughter Matilda:

Photo credit: Splash News

Blah ... the smoking sucks but it's kinda hard to be mad at a guy with the balls to go out in public wearing such a lovely lavender hat. [Source]

Speaking of adorable ... here is a cute picture of Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peter Sarsgaard and their baby girl Ramona in Park City, UT for the Sundance Film Festival:

I think this is the clearest look at Ramona's little face that we've seen yet. She looks a lot like her dad ... especially in the thin hair department. Cute! [Source]

Cameron Diaz is still down in Hawaii spending her quality time with her new friend Kelly Slater ...

Images Removed By Request
Photo credit: Splash News, Flynet

... and randomly Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. Who needs Justin Timberlake with hot dudes like this? [Source, Source]

And finally ... for no reason at all ... here are pictures of Mena Suvari flashing her boobs at the beach:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW images
Photo credit: Mavrix

Enjoy? [Source]

Les News:
My time here in Detroit really flew by ... yesterday my dad and I spent some time with my mom at the hospital and we got to see her walk around with the aid of a walker which was very encouraging for me to see. It pains me to leave her so soon but I'm confident that she'll be in top shape again in no time.

After I hung with my mom I FINALLY got to hang out with Tracey and Zakiya ... we had a nice dinner together and got a lot of playtime in as well:

Yeah ... Princess Z just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I'm amazed at how much she talks ... her words don't make sense but that doesn't stop her from talking. Pictures of her are just too cute ... but video is even better:

Couldn't you just die? That's my baby :) Boo ... I miss her already.

But ... I have to be off ... I don't know that I'm gonna make it to the hospital but I'm gonna try ...

I'll be comin' atcha from LA tomorrow morning ... same Bat Time, same Bat Channel. Have a great day, y'all! I'm out.