Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh Snap!

Since JC Chasez is, like, the only celeb on Earth that has been publicly speaking out in support of Britney Spears (despite the fact that he's really not that big of a celebrity anymore) it's no surprise that he invited her out to party with him. Isn't that nice? In any regard, the newly single-again Britney ran into a charming fellow who made her a very interesting proposition:

Yep, looks like an offer she simply couldn't refuse. [Source]

Here's the awkward moment of the day ... Verizon Wireless threw a pre-Grammy party for Justin Timberlake in LA last night and invited a veritable Who's Who of big name celebs to party with JT ... including one of his very best friends -- Kevin Federline:

Photo credit: Getty

This has *got* to be the funniest shizz EVER! That K-Fed not only has the balls to show up at JT's party but decides to go up and give him a hug -- on the red carpet, no less -- is pretty damn impressive. The looks on Justin's face are *priceless*. The only thing that could've made this interaction any more fun would be if K-Fed had rolled in with Isaac Cohen. [Source]

Kylie Minogue has posted a message to her fans on her official website in order to ask that they (we) not talk ill or malign the good name of her ex-boyfriend Olivier Martinez:

I can understand how all of that vitriol could get thrown around at him seeing how protective Kylie's fans are of her. The contention that he cheated on her seems to have made Olivier public enemy #1 in her fans' eyes. But, if Kylie going to these lengths to try and stem the attacks on him then it could be that the claims of his cheating are baseless. Personally, I still think something must've happened to cause such a surprising break-up but I think Kylie is just a sweet and forgiving lady. There will be no vitriol-slinging from me. [Source]

In happier Kylie news, she was on hand at Harrod's in London yesterday for a promotional event for her new fragrance called Darling ... just in time for Valentine's Day:

Photo credit: Splash News

She is such a sweetie! I love her! It's too bad that David isn't a fan of women's perfume because I think Darling would make the perfect VD gift :) [Source]

Benji and Joel Madden paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday to debut the video for the Good Charlotte song The River, the first single off their new album Good Morning Revival:

Photo credit: Getty

PERSONALLY ... I would've advised Joel to leave the flasher jacket at home but I guess the twins were lookin' pretty fly. Click HERE to check out the video for The River which features guest appearances by M. Shadows and Synyster Gates from Avenge Sevenfold. [Source]

Pink reader Keeley sends in this photo of a newly joined couple ... of epically horrendous proportions:

Tho I suppose we really can't be that shocked that Jodie Sweetin (ex-Stephanie Tanner on Full House who has dealt with an addiction to crystal meth) and Jason Whaler (no useful information to provide) have decided to join their individual insignificance into one big ... EW of a "celebrity" couple. Somewhere ... Candace Cameron is crying and the Olsen twins ... [Source, thanks Keeley]

... prolly could care less because they're too rich and important to care about such things. Here are a couple pics of Ashley Olsen rockin' a new look (one that looks like it was pilfered from Nicole Richie):

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

At least now we know who won that eBay auction for Prince's headband from the Super Bowl. Of all the Olsen twins fashion trends that I hate ... I think I hate this one the least. [Source]

Here is a super cute picture of Gavin Rossdale and his baby boy Kingston James chillin' at the airport together:

They have got to be the cutest father/son duo out there right now. CUTE!!! [Source]

Here is the first promo picture of the newly reunited band The Police who will be opening the Grammy Awards tomorrow night:

Actually, the guys don't look that bad for being so old. Additionally, The Police are offering live video of rehearsal footage on Feb. 12 at 2pm HERE. They are really hyping this reunion biz so that they can maximize the $$$ intake for the reunion tour that is sure to follow. Good on ya, guys! Cash in now while the cashin' in is good. [Source]

And finally it's time for this week's batch of pics sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Sophie from London sends in a picture of her snowman -- Alexia and the rest of the cast of her school's production of a comic version of Dracula -- Fran sends in a pic from Chile -- Jody and her fellow Chicago Bears fans celebrating despite their losing the Super Bowl last weekend -- Sarah from Metamora, Michigan sends in a pic of the adorable pink hedgehog that she made for a friend:

Thank you all so much ... the pictures are all so cute. I love them all! XOXOXO

Les News:
Diana and I spent much of yesterday putzing around Beverly Hills and Hollywood ... and we did our fair share of shopping. We ended up chillin' out at my place with a bottle of wine and a mess of Simpsons episodes. She is still on Eastern Time so we really weren't up for going out.

We're heading out today to see some of the sights and tonight we may be heading out to see Fall Out Boy at their AOL concert at The Roxy here in LA tonight which will be streaming LIVE online tonight at 8pm PT.

That is all ... I hope y'all are having a great weekend. I'm out.