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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Britney Shears

I never dreamed that I would wake up to a swirling maelstrom of emails alerting me to the fact that Britney Spears has done and gone COMPLETELY lost her mind but ... here I am trying to sort thru all of this insanity. The extremely unfortunate thing about this latest development is how sad the whole thing is. If this ain't a desperate cry for attention, I don't know what is. It would seem that Britney Spears has taken a page from the movie script from Empire Records (where Robin Tunney's character Debra shaves her head in an attempt to no longer be "invisible") in what seems to be only her latest attempt to out-do her most whacky attention-grabbing stunts. Yesterday the big story was Britney's alleged admittance into a rehab facility in Antigua -- which is, quite comically, called Crossroads (you may recall that Britney's first movie was called Crossroads):

Photo credit: Splash News

Britney Spears checked into a rehab facility and then abruptly checked out, a source confirms to PEOPLE. And then on Friday, she returned to Southern California ... The pop star checked herself into Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre in Antigua "two or three days ago" but left after just one day and headed to Florida, the source tells PEOPLE. TV's Extra first reported that the singer had entered a treatment facility. later reported that she checked out less than 24 hours later. Britney Spears' people finally denied that she admitted herself into the rehab facility late in the day after the story was already widely circulated ... but the report was that she was only there for 24-hours so it's not like anything of substance could've been gleaned from her visit anyways. [Source]

I was fairly certain that yesterday's media attention would've been enough for her to enjoy for a while ... and then she goes and really grabs headlines by shaving her head followed by an impromptu trip to a tattoo parlor. I'm just dumbfounded that local LA news stations led with this story at 11PM PT last night ... and outlets like CNN and MSNBC are even taking interest in this story -- when Britney Spears wants to get noticed she really knows how to pull out all of the stops. I never thought she'd top the infamous unveiling of her shaved genitalia late last year but I was wrong ... behold:

Britney Spears appeared in a tattoo parlor in the San Fernando Valley with her head shaved completely bald. Video on KABC-TV showed the newly shorn Spears with tiny tattoos on the back of her neck as she sits Friday night for a new tattoo — a pair of red and pink lips. "She just wanted something real small on her wrist, something dainty," Max Gott, the tattoo artist at Body and Soul in Sherman Oaks, told the TV station. "She got some cute little lips on her wrist." Derrik Snell, who works at the tattoo parlor, said Spears showed up without notice and stayed for about 90 minutes as about 60 fans, photographers and gawkers gathered outside. "She seemed fine," Snell said. "I didn't really notice (the hairdo) at first, she had a hood on when she showed up." The appearance came the same day as reports on TV and Web sites that Spears, who has drawn criticism for her recent partying and sloppy behavior, had briefly checked into rehab. Larry Rudolph, Spears' manager, couldn't be reached for comment. Heh ... if Larry Rudolph was smart he'd move to the other side of the planet and deny that he ever even knew Britney Spears. I mean ... what is he going to say about any of this? I think even the hugely talented PR svengali Elliot Mintz (famous for cleaning up Paris Hilton's messes) would have a hard time making this crazy behavior sound positive. [Source]

Here are a a few screencaps from the video footage shot by the local ABC affiliate ... after her hew hairdo and getting some new tattoos, Britney suddenly plays hard-to-get and tries to cover herself up as she exits the tattoo parlor:

Here is the timeline of how all this crazy shit went down. At approx. 7pm PT Britney shows up at a beauty salon (which was already closed for the night) and arranges to have the salon opened for her ... then she goes and shaves her own head (she was seen crying in her car before she went into the salon, a source at the salon says, "Britney came in and said she wanted them to shave her head." According to the source, when the hairdresser refused, "Britney grabbed the hair clipper and started doing it herself." Esther Tognozzi, owner of the salon, tells Us that after Britney shaved off all her hair, "She just looked in the mirror and said with tears in her eyes, 'Oh, my God, I shaved it all off. My mom is going to be so upset with me.'" Tognozzi says that prior to shaving Britney complained that her extensions were "very tight and uncomfortable." Tognozzi, who waived her normal $20 cut fee for Britney, adds that, other than the tears when she looked in the mirror, "Britney had a blank face and showed little emotion whatsoever."). At approx. 7:30 PM PT, she makes her way to the nearby Body and Soul tattoo parlor and decides to get some new ink (we know she got the lips on her wrist but she was showing off her belly region so maybe she got something else there as well). At approx. 9PM PT she makes her way home. [Source]

While some may see this as light-hearted behavior, I am really starting to get worried. It's very unfortunate that she didn't stay at the Crossroads rehab facility ... it seems clear to me that she is really screaming for help. I really hope she gets the help she needs before she decides to do something even more drastic in order to get attention.

No one in her family was able to be reached for comment ... except for Jayden James:

Clearly, he does not approve. I am at a total loss. [Source]

UPDATE: has, apparently, come up with a statement from Larry Rudolph: "Britney has been through a tragic thing that hopefully will never happen again, shaving her hair was a sort of therapeutic thing for her ... Britney knows that she needs help and is already going through counselling, she knows what needs to be done and is slowly re-building herself step by step."

Hmm ... so she is reacting to something that happened to her. There are multiple, unfounded rumors as to what that incident could be ... I will hold off speculating until we know more for sure.

There are other things going on in the world that have nothing to do with Britney Spears and her new neo-nazi boot camp makeover ... like Foxy Brown's most recent arrest for, you guessed it, assault:

Rapper Foxy Brown was arrested in Florida yesterday for battery and obstruction of justice. TMZ has obtained the rapper's mugshot taken Thursday. Foxy, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was booked by Pembroke Pines Police Department after a disturbance at a beauty supply shop. According to the police Report, Brown threw hair glue at a beauty shop employee and later swatted an officer. Foxy was in the bathroom applying product to her hair when an employee told her the business was closed. She refused to leave the establishment. Brown then spat on the employee as he called 911, staining his shirt. When a police officer approached, he tried to get the rapper to return to the store for questioning, but Foxy swatted his hand away and started swinging her arms in a struggle with the officer, who had to "use a takedown maneuver to gain control" of Brown, according to the report. Per the Broward County Sheriff's Office, Foxy was held on $1,500 bail on two offenses. Yeah ... that sounds like our good ol' Foxy. If it ain't Naomi Campbell getting arrested for beatin' somebody down, it's Foxy gettin' arrested. Wouldn't it be amazing to put these two ladies in a ring, armed with their weapons of choice (some sort of mobile device for Naomi, some beauty supply object for Foxy) in a battle royale for supremacy? Shoot, I'd pay to watch that ... er, that is if Foxy doesn't get her ass thrown back in jail for this latest incident. [Source]

Daniel Radcliffe had his West End debut last night in London, England where his on stage theatrical play Equus began its preview run ... we all know that Daniel is fully nekkid on stage for 10 minutes, plenty of time for pictures to be taken, but at this point this is the only picture of Daniel on stage that has been released -- and by all accounts, thus far, Daniel gave a stunning performance:

It wasn't a question of horsing around when Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe took to the London stage in all his glory. The 17-year-old truly impressed with a bravura full-frontal display that earned him a standing ovation. For his first leading role in the West End, Radcliffe chose Peter Shaffer's 34-year-old play Equus, where he plays a stable boy being treated by a psychiatrist for blinding six horses with a hoof pick. All 980 seats at the theatre were taken for the preview performance, and many in the audience had their fantasies fulfilled when three-quarters of the way through the second act, Radcliffe bared all for a sex scene with his young leading lady, Joanna Christie. All of a sudden there was no coughing, no muttering, just people holding their breath at the sight of a pale teenager engaging in a full embrace with a beautiful young girl ... Radcliffe was in full control of his acting abilities. He had been preparing for his debut for 14 months and was word perfect and knew every entrance and exit by heart. The audience had come from far and wide. Suzanne Fournier, 16, and her friend Bethany Williams, 15, travelled from New Brunswick, Canada, with Bethany's parents, just to see their young idol on the stage. Suzanne said: "We came just to see the play and I loved it. I was quite surprised at how good Daniel was because I had been wondering if he could pull it off and he did. I must say he was very, very fit." Bethany's mother, Cathy Williams explained: "Both the girls talked us into bringing them to see Daniel so we have made a week's holiday of it and I must say he was brilliant." Julianna Shtroblya, from the Ukraine, a 20-year-old economics student, saw the play with her mother Tamara. "It was really hard to get a visa to come to your country to see the play but it was worth it. I am going to see it again on Monday. I heard about Equus six months ago and that was when we booked our tickets." Roger Berlind, a veteran New York theatre producer, said that if the production with Radcliffe and his fellow leading man, Richard Griffiths, wanted to move to Broadway, he would help raise the finance to present it. He said that he thought Radcliffe was a "natural stage performer". Yeah yeah ... where are the nekkid pics already?! I'm sure they'll leak soon enough ... and I'm glad to hear that Daniel gave a great performance. Well done! Now ... give us the nekkids! [Source]

Jennifer Lopez isn't having as good a time at the Berlin Film Festival as she prolly anticipated. After being warmly welcomed by those in attendance at the Film Festival J. Lo was brought to the verge of tears after she received boos from the audience who watched her new movie Bordertown:

Everyone was excited about Jennifer Lopez coming to town for the premiere of Gregory Nava's "Bordertown" at the Berlin International Film Festival. But the premiere audience reacted to the movie with boos and muted applause. Jennifer Lopez must have thought she was doing something noble when she agreed to star in Gregory Nava's "Bordertown." An indie movie about a series of murders of young women in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez? A far greater thing than the usual big-budget romantic comedies she stars in, surely. Unfortunately audiences at the movie's premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival were not so convinced. The first ominous signs came at the press screening on Thursday afternoon, when the film was booed by the audience, apparently annoyed that Nava had decided to make a B-movie thriller out of such a tragedy. Then there were boos during the official premiere on Thursday evening, and applause at the end was muted. J-Lo looked visibly upset. Reviews in the German papers Friday were hardly any more complimentary ... The Berliner Zeitung says the film is "funny, but unintentionally" reporting that viewers at the press screening had reacted with "frenetic laughter" at supposedly serious scenes. However the film is also "pretty distasteful" at the same time: the critic accuses J-Lo of exploiting the real suffering of the Mexican women in order to become a star in the Central American market. "It's no coincidence that the film is coming out at the same time as her new record, the first where she sings entirely in Spanish," the paper writes. Ouch. This early bad buzz can't be good for the movie's long run. It's so unfortunate for her that cameras caught the exact moment when her eyes started welling up with tears ... the poor thing. Well, at least she can take heart that she has already been honored by Amnesty International for her humanitarian efforts in making the film in the first place. Tho, it prolly would have been the smarter thing to not try and market a movie with such a serious tone with the release of one of her albums. [Source]

Justin Timberlake, it seems, was a very good boy at his recent trip to the doctor's office:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

He was rewarded with a lolli! [Source]

Paris Hilton is celebrating her 26th birthday this weekend in Ischgl, Austria where she is taking to the slopes to get her ski on:

I'm sure the best birthday present she can hope for today is that no one throws any garbage at her ... but no one said anything about not throwing snowballs :) [Source]

Victoria Beckham and her boys Brooklyn and Romeo spent the day yesterday hanging out at Disneyland:

Photo credit: Splash News

Some people think that the trip was inspired by her desire to please her children with a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth but not so ... the real reason she wanted to visit Disneyland was because it had been ages since she got to see her family -- she desperately wanted to spend some time with her animatronic siblings who live inside the rides at Disneyland. Isn't that sweet? [Source]

And finally it's time for this week's batch of pictures sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Clara, Derek, Elaine and Gloria from Edmonton, Canada celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Pig which starts tomorrow -- Flo from Toronto, Canada is also celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Pig and she sends in a cute picture of her Shih Tzu puppy Tracy -- Jenna and Pat send in a supercute picture of their new baby girl Mireya -- Shannon, Jessie, Andria, Allison, Whitney and Andrea (the DH Barbies) attending Georgian College and studying Dental Hygiene -- Floridians Erica, Brenda and Stephanie who share the PITNB lurve daily in their lunch room -- Kevin sends in a picture of he and his friends partying in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with their hilarious t-shirts:

And Jeremy from Michigan sends in this great picture that we took together at LAX this past Tuesday night:

Jeremy was arriving from MI and I was leaving for NYC and we got to meet in the airport terminal. He has asked me to give a huge shout-out to The Royals at Western Michigan University -- so, Holla bitches!

Les News:
David and I had a wonderful evening together ... we dined at our NEW favorite place ever -- a miniscule Italian eatery called Tanti Baci. Sarah introduced us to this place when we celebrated her birthday last September here in NYC and it has since become our fave place. Afterwards, we spent a very quiet night in and just had an amazing time together.

Tonight ... David and I are flying off to Barcelona, Spain for a nice 10 day vacation to celebrate our first year together. Neither of us have ever been to Spain but we are very excited to get there. If any of y'all have any suggestions on what we should try and do/see while we're in Barcelona, please feel free to forward your suggestions. I am planning on writing, as per usual, every day so I'll have updates on our trip as our holiday progresses. Who knows ... I might randomly decide to shave me head while I'm over there ... or more probably not ... but I'm sure it'll be a great vacation nonetheless!

Happy Weekend ... I am out.



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