Monday, February 19, 2007

A Haircut To Regret

Happy President's Day, y'all (or is it actually Presidents Day without the apostrophe?). Hopefully not too many of you have to work today and are enjoying yourselves at home. David and I are enjoying our first full day here in Barcelona, Spain having already been out and about for breakfast, lunch and errands (including picking up tickets to see Nine Inch Nails here in town TONIGHT!) ... the weather is amazing and as I type this we can hear a gentleman singing in Spanish from the street below our balcony. So ... let's get to the day's goss already ...

Poor Britney. It's clear that the girl did not properly think thru her decision to shave off all of her hair last Friday night ... in fact, just a few hours before she did the now infamous deed (which is still making headlines on newspapers all over the place), she was seein smiling from ear-to-ear as she arrived in LA fresh from her 24-hour stint in rehab. Here are pictures of Britney lookin' happy at the airport ... and then lookin' sad after having shaved off most of her hair:

Personally, I think it would've been wiser to just get a perm instead. Sure it would've looked terrible but at least she'd still have her own hair. [Source]

Since shaving off her lovely locks, Britney has decided to wear a short blonde bob wig so as not to garner much attention with her bald head:

Yep, it looks so natural. You can hardly tell it's a wig that she's wearing. Let this be a lesson to y'all ... think before you go and shave your heads -- you don't want to suffer with Shavers Remorse afterwards. [Source]

In other news ... the NBA All-Star basketball game took place over the weekend and instead of focusing on the game itself (cuz I could really care less ... tho the West did beat the East 153 to 132, for those of you who do care) let's focus on the other entertainment available ... both at halftime and in the stands. Xtina Aguilera was the half-time performer and she whipped out a little ditty from her bag of performance tricks:

I didn't watch the actual performance myself but I must say that Xtina does look really hot ... I especially love her hair. [Source]

There were celebrities galore in the audience ... including Prince (wearing a very fetching ladie's hat) who was curiously seated very close to Eva Longoria:

Photo credit: Getty

Hmm ... you know, Eva really does seem to be Prince's type. He likes those caramel-colored Latinas you know. I wonder if he made his move? I wonder if he offered to let her borrow his hat if she'd go out with him? [Source]

Rufus Wainwright brought his tribute to Judy Garland to London, England at the Palladium this past weekend and was lucky enough to appear on stage with Judy's own daughter Lorna Luft ... and I bet he was in GAY Heaven ... here are a couple pictures from the show:

There are Judy Garland fans, there are superfans - and there is Rufus Wainwright. Not for him the watching of The Wizard of Oz a hundred times or occasional wearing of a blue checked dress, although the Canadian singer-songwriter has probably done those things as well. Wainwright took his idol worship to extraordinary lengths at the Palladium, one of Garland's regular haunts, where he turned the show of her life into the show of his. Garland's 1961 legendary comeback concert at Carnegie Hall became one of the most popular live albums of all time, winning five Grammys. Wainwright, who is as self-confident as it is possible to be without running for president, had the brass neck to perform the exact same show on the same New York stage last June, where it was received favourably enough for him to bring it to London and Paris this month. He has got away with it because this was not an inferior singer putting himself on the same pedestal as a legend. Wainwright was prostrate at the feet of the woman he has called "a gay beacon, a gay saint," never attempting to imitate her, simply resurrecting her finest hour for no darker motive than to remind everyone of the greatness of these old songs. In a golden Christmas tree of a suit, Wainwright shimmied in front of a 36-piece orchestra, a pure tapdancing showman on raucous numbers such as Almost Like Being in Love and Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart. His voice, a quivering, reedy thing that is an acquired taste but unique in contemporary pop, was nothing like Garland's ... He accepted the impossibility of his self-imposed task, fluffing lines, giggling, generally acting the giddy fanboy rather than the sincere artist. He enthusiastically wallowed in the campness of the Trolley Song but was genuinely touching on I Can't Give You Anything But Love. An appearance by Garland's daughter Lorna Luft gave the project the official seal of approval it richly deserved. Of course it couldn't match one of the greatest nights in showbusiness history, but for enthusiasm alone, Wainwright had earned the right to click his heels and go home a happy man. I am still kicking myself for having missed this show when he performed it in NYC last June but I hear he is bringing it to LA later on this year. You better believe I won't miss it again. I love Rufus ... it's great to have him back on the scene again. [Source]

Another performer who is back on the scene again after being out of the spotlight for a bit is Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Sophie performed at the legendary G-A-Y nightclub in London this past weekend in support of her new single Catch You from her forthcoming album Trip the Light Fantastic ... here are a few pics from her performance:

Wee! I am a huge Sophie fan ... both of her already released albums are amazing. The new single is pretty damn good as well (click HERE to hear it for yourself on her official My Space profile). I love the big hair on Soph but I'm not sure how I feel about the hot pants ... they look a bit like hot bloomers. I do like the heart tattoo on her arm ... even if it looks fake :) [Source]

Here are a couple pictures of Daniel Radcliffe signing a few autographs for all the people who just saw him perform in the nude in his new West End play Equus last Friday night:

Photo credit: WENN

We are still waiting on good pictures of Daniel's nekkidness to leak from one of his performances. There is a fake photo going around that is claiming to be of his manhood but, alas, it is just a Photoshop creation. And so ... we wait. [Source]

Back in the US, fresh from her release from the Wonderland Rehab Facility, Lindsay Lohan spent her weekend club hopping ...

... what, were you expecting her to start hanging out at coffee klatches and knitting bees? [Source]

Brangelina took to the streets of New Orleans in order to give their little ladies a tour of the neighborhood ... but, Uh-Oh, it looks like things between Zahara and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt have already gone sour:

Yeah, I knew that Zahara wouldn't be takin' no bull shizz from no Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. Shiloh may be the most genetically perfect human child on Earth but I don't think that carries much weight with Zahara. I'd like to see what baby Z would to if Shiloh started messing with her chips. [Source]

Madonna and her family, including the newest addition David Banda, have flocked into Los Angeles this past weekend ... here is a picture of the clan's arrival:

Damn ... little David looks so big already. I'm not sure what the Ciccone-Ritchies are doing in town but I'm sure we'll be finding out soon enough. [Source]

Victoria Beckham is really making herself at home in LA these days ... she dumped off the kids with their nanny and got herself out of the house to do some shopping:

I hope the first thing she shopped for was a new look because that Flashdance look she's rockin' went out of vogue about 25 years ago. [thanks Sonja]

Here are a few screencaptures from David Beckham's most recent shoot for his new Motorola ads in Hong Kong:

I have no idea what baring one's chest has to do with the sale of cell phones but all I know is that after getting a peek at Becks' bare chest I have to immediately run out and buy a Motorola phone ... oh ... I think I get it now. [Source]

Paula Abdul was among the celebs at the In Defense of Animals Benefit Concert this past weekend ... and it looks like she was trying to get some love from one of the puppies at the event:

It's too bad she had to go and pick a discerning pooch to try and make out with. [Source]

Kelis unveiled her new look at the Chicago Auto Show this weekend ...

... and I gotta say ... it's not a good look for her. Cotton Candy just isn't a good hair color ... just ask Rachel McAdams. [Source]

Mariah Carey is such a diva y'all:

Photo credit: Splash News

As soon as the cameras come out she goes into fully on Mimi Mode. Eh, it works for her, I guess. [Source]

So ... Paris Hilton threw her own birthday party this weekend in Las Vegas ... and apparently she also did her own make-up ... how else can you explain this mess:

Photo credit: Splash News

How embarrassing! All she had to to was take those goops of make-up left on her nose and smear them across her chest marks to cover them up. Voila! Even I can do make-up better than Paris Hilton. [Source]

Here are a couple new photos of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz from a recent Rolling Stone magazine photoshoot:

The pics are nice and all ... but we've already seen the P33N ... why must he tempt us so with those girly low-rise jeans? Just give us the good stuff :) [Source]

And finally, Mandy Moore's smiling face is on the cover of the new issue of Seventeen magazine ...

... but her scowly face is featured inside the mag. Why do you think that Mandy looks so pissed? Maybe she hates wearing those frilly pink dresses about as much as I hate looking at them? [Source]

Les News:
As I mentioned earlier, we are having an amazing time here in Barcelona. We have already spent the early part of the day out and about taking in the area around our hotel. While we were out, we came upon a poster advert for the NIN shows here in Barcelona this week:

Thanks to our very helpful concierge we were directed to an automated machine that sells and dispenses concert tickets right around the block from where we are staying ... we should have machines like this in the US!

I'm pretty sure we're going to be eating nothing but Tapas all week long ... the food here is excellent ... the weather is superb and the people are so friendly despite the fact that we must rely on David's high school knowledge of Spanish. The only draw-back that I've discovered so far is this country's fascination with Marc Anthony ... everywhere we went he was on the radio. Blech!

So ... we're off to the show in a few hours (it's already late here in Spain) ... have a great day, y'all! I am out!