Friday, February 23, 2007

I Am Trying To beLIEve

It appears that the wildly erratic Britney Spears saga has found its way into a holding pattern ... for the time being. With Britney sequestered away at rehab, things should be pretty quiet until she finally gets out -- one way or another. Because of Brit's mildly insane behavior, her mother Lynne Spears has had to join forces with Kevin Federline to try and figure out a way to handle the situation. Here are pictures of Lynne showing up at K-Fed's place for a meeting of the minds:

Photo credit: Mavrix

My first question is how in the hell can K-Fed afford a pad like this ... but that's really beside the point. I gotta say ... I think it's great that Britney's family is finally stepping up and at least trying to do everything they can to help her out a little. It's clear that K-Fed wants custody of his children if Britney continues her whacky behavior and my guess is that Lynne showed up at his place to try and reason with him. If Britney can go nutso while retaining custody of her children can you imagine how much loosing her children could cause her to freak out? [Source]

Tho ... the folks at Best Week Ever do not believe that Britney has lost her mind ... in fact, they believe just the opposite. It is their contention that Brit Brit has reached a level of enlightenment and has taken on the form of the Buddha:

What sage words of wisdom does the Buddha Britney have to bestow on faithful believers? Click HERE to find out for yourself. [Source]


Wee! Thanks to further help from some very astute international Pink readers, David and I got to watch this week's episode of Lost last night and, once again, I am going to refrain from getting into a usually extensive recap and just post a few things that came to mind as I watched this new episode:

We finally found out 1. how Jack got some of his tattoos and 2. what those tattoos mean. The Chinese characters, apparently, translate to: He walks amongst us but he is not one of us. (Tho Jack stated that even tho that's what it says that is not what it means). OOOOH it's so eerie! Eh ... actually, I was expecting something more cryptically interesting. The ep was OK but I wasn't wowed by any means ... maybe Bai Ling just doesn't do it for me. It did occur to me that Carl probably grew up on the on island just like Alex did (since he had never heard of The Brady Bunch) which made it dawn on me that there are 2 distinct camps among the Others ... separated by how much time they've spent on the island (ie. Carl has probably lived on the island longer than Juliet has). Speaking of Juliet ... we now see that Jack is falling in love with her -- which is good news for him because he needs a new girl to save. Yawn. Jack irritates me (Team Sawyer all the way!). I must say, tho, that I am very intrigued by where the season is going -- I will continue to watch for the rest of this season. I just hope I won't end up regretting wasting my time. [Source]

Ebony magazine threw a little pre-Oscar party last night in LA and managed to attract some of the hottest ladies in Hollywood. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Halle Berry and Mary J. Blige were lookin' luscious ... Janet Jackson was lookin' voluptuous as usual. I love that Victoria Rowell was in the hiz even if she was wearing that Mary Poppins-inspired hat. She plays Drusilla Winters on The Young and Restless and I just love her crazy ass on that show. It sho looks like Ebony knows how to party. [Source]

Giant magazine threw Jennifer Hudson a pre-Oscar party of her own and it looks like she has also done and gone lost her mind in anticipation of Oscar night this Sunday:

Someone better give that girl an Academy Award quick before she goes and does something drastic. Watch her crazy ass show up on the Oscar red carpet with a shaved head. [Source]

In case you were wondering, Suri Holmes-Cruise is still alive and kicking ... er, well about as alive and kicking as the little robot baby can be, that is. Here is a picture of Suri at LAX airport with her mother Katie Holmes (who is carrying her) and her grandmother (who is making that frightening face):

It's a good idea that they let Suri out of her box every once in a while, otherwise her little gears and mechanisms might get all rusty. We can't have that happen now, can we? [thanks Benn]

Yesterday we saw pictures of Paris Hilton smokin' what looked like a joint while she was being driven around in a car ... today we have pictures of Mischa Barton who looks like she's smokin' the same sort of thing -- but this time, Mischa is the one doing the driving:

Photo credit: Flynet

Now, I suppose it's entirely possible that Mischa is merely smoking a regular old hand-rolled cigarette and that she is not endangering the lives of other drivers on the road in any way shape or form. It is also possible that Suri Holmes-Cruise isn't a little robot and that Tom Cruise actually had sex with Katie Holmes to concieve her so I suppose you're free to believe what you want. [Source]

Here are a few new pictures of Daniel Radcliffe performing some scenes from his new West End play Equus for a photocall earlier this week ... unfortch, shirtless is about as nekkid as he gets in these pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Well now ... it looks like someone did a bit of manscaping in his happy trail region. He's not nearly as ... shaggy as he appeared in his promo pics that were released a couple of weeks ago ... er, not that I've been necessarily paying that much attention ... it just occurred to me that's all -- and stop looking at me that way! [Source]

But while Danny boy is trimming down below, it would seem that he is letting his facial hair grow out so as to appear more manly:

Yep, that beard should be nice and full in a couple of years. [Source]

Jared Leto is featured in the new issue of the French bi-annual magazine Purple in a 15 picture photospread ... here are 2 of those 15 pics:

My ... Jordan Catalano has come a long way, hasn't he? [Source]

Gap has unveiled the new models who are being featured in their new ad campaign ... and here are a few of those models:

I knew it wouldn't be long before Wentworth Miller started showing up in Gap ads. All the guys (Chris Brown, Daniel Dae Kim and Chris O'Donnell) look great if I do say so myself. [Source]

Nine Inch Nails have unveiled the cover artwork for their new album Year Zero:

Additionally, Rolling Stone magazine has also undertaken the task of trying to unravel all the crazy shizz going on surrounding the release of this new album. THIS article really does a good job explaining what is going on with the leaked tracks, the mysterious clue-ridden websites and what is going on inside of Trent Reznor's head this time around. I am most intrigued by the thing called The Presence which is featured on the cover of the new album ... [Source, Source]

... the "first sighting" of which is seen in this video posted at the Year Zero mini-site:

The vid is freaky as hell ... but you gotta give NIN props for making this new album release fun and interesting. What could possibly be next? [Source]

Well ... how about a resistance movement? A new NIN website called Art is Resistance came online last night and offers those who want to "resist" a few tools for doing so:

Including such benign items as AIM icons, desktop wallpapers and printable stickers ... to stencils that can be used for marking up city walls (er, at least that is my assumption). Yeah ... if you're into that sort of thing -- click HERE if you dare (you might want to turn your speakers down first). [Source]

And finally ... a quick little game to start the weekend off with a bang ... can you guess who is the owner of this chasm of cleavage?

Click above to see who owns this

Here's a hint, you might be more familiar with her nipple. GOOD LUCK! [Source]

Les News:
Boo. Today is our last weekday here in Barcelona and we only have the weekend left before our trip is over. We spent the morning and early afternoon touring the Iglesia Sagrada Familia which is probably the coolest/gaudiest church I've ever seen in my life. At first, I just thought the church was undergoing renovations or something ... it wasn't until we arrived today that I learned that the church is still undergoing completion ... over a hundred years after its construction was begun:

The statuary is just amazing ... I think the Passion facade is my favorite part. I'm all about the cubic representations of the characters -- they have a very modern, cartoony feel about them. David and I were just so impressed with what's been accomplished so far. I have no idea when the church is to be finally completed but it looks like they've still got a long way to go yet.

I'm not sure what we've got planned for tonight ... but I am a little sad that our time is quickly coming to an end here in Spain. Have a happy weekend, y'all ... I am out!

PS: Please stop sending me the black and white promo photo of the "frontally nude Daniel Radcliffe" -- the photo is a fake. It's been going around since last week. I must say, tho, it's a pretty good fake ... but a fake nonetheless.