Thursday, March 01, 2007

Wake Me Up When It's Over

By the looks of things, today appears to be a pretty light day goss-wise. It seems like ages since our favorite poplet shaved her head and threw the world of celebrity on its ear. There has been a little bit of movement on the Britney Spears front -- yesterday she took a little field trip from the Promises Rehab Facility in Malibu, CA to an AA meeting in Santa Monica (she looks happy in the photos ... but we've seen that behavior before). Other than that ... all's quiet on the Britney Front.

Last night, here in New York City, Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and others were on hand for the NYC premiere of their new movie Zodiac:

Photo credit: Splash News

Even despite the fact that Jakey Poo is starring in this movie I am very interested in checking it out. I've always been fascinated by the Zodiac killer and I love what I've seen from the movie's trailers thus far. The movie looks scary and suspenseful which always makes for a good time. I am so behind on my movies ... I'll have to make time to see a few once I get back home to LA. [Source, Source]


Where to begin on last night's episode of Lost ... despite the fact that I was pretty much bored to tears midway thru the ep, I must admit that there were some entertaining tid bits in the story. I know I'm in the minority here, but I do not particularly care for Hurley in the least. I realize he's the big, sweet, unfortunately cursed teddy bear of the island but overall I find him irritating and uninteresting. That said ... I can appreciate his charm as it relates to the show ... and it is always a treat to see how others suffer because of his "curse":

Screencaptures via Lost Media

At first, I thought it was brilliant to introduce Cheech Marin as Hurley's deadbeat dad because I figured he'd bring some laughs (his horrid wig was an indication to me that he was good for a couple of yuks ... especially since I've seen better rugs sewed onto Beyonce's head) but he wasn't even that funny at all. Now ... Asian reporter Tricia Tanaka (who *had* to be an homage to Asian Reporter Tricia Takanawa from Family Guy) getting her ass incinerated by a falling meteor (!!!) was pretty damn funny. It was totally implausible but funny nonetheless. The rest of the episode was so freaking boring that I don't even know what else to say. Kate is still hung up on Jack -- whoop! Locke still thinks he's in control -- whoop! Crazy French lady Danielle Rousseau is back in the mix -- whoop! I know I committed myself to the rest of the season but things are getting very tiresome on this show. This ep was absolute filler that did nothing to progress the story. Of course every show has these sorts of eps built in somewhere along the storyline but I feel it's dangerous for Lost to continue to try the audience's patience. They gave us enough filler crap in the first half of the season ... they need to bring it on or give it up already. [Source]

Well now ... what do you suppose Patrick Dempsey was doing at his friendly neighborhood newsstand yesterday afternoon? Do you suppose he was looking for People magazine which has a feature photospread on the birth of his newborn twins Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick?

Photo credit: Splash News

Even tho he has a bunch of magazines in hand, none of them are People magazine because the issue he would be looking for doesn't hit stands until tomorrow. But he (or anyone else) can head over to the People website itself for the first look at the twin babies (who were born on Feb. 1). [Source]

Hmm ... do you suppose David Beckham is cool with his wife Victoria Beckham getting tender head smooches from other men, especially when she is so far from home?

In this case, however, the world's best-paid footballer has nothing to worry about. The man paying rapt attention to Posh's newly-blonde locks on a visit to Los Angeles is her trusty hairdresser Ben Cooke, a confirmed bachelor. The 32-year-old former Spice Girl favours him as her escort when her husband is otherwise engaged ... Mr Cooke, 36, runs the Lockonego salon on King's Road, Chelsea, with his business partner Jonathan Long, 32. The pair flew to California a week ago to be on hand to address any hair emergencies for Mrs Beckham throughout the Oscars and ensuing parties. While out there, the trio decided she should go blonde and had her layered bob and new colour done by Jennifer Aniston's hairdresser, Chris MacMillan - the man responsible for most of her legendary haircuts during her years in Friends. Hmm ... I don't know that I'd be cool with David's hair dude Antonio giving him pecks on the head. It sounds like robot Posh needs to be reprogrammed. [Source]

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer are still happily attached at the hip, despite how unhappy they always appear in photographs:

Photo credit: Splash News

At first, I was a bit bored by this union but now I think I find them utterly fascinating. What on Earth could they have to talk about? Oooh, or maybe it's not about the talking at all? It will be very interesting if anything comes of this relationship ... especially if Jess talks John into doing another reality show. [Source]

Yesterday, the 2,325th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was dedicated to the legendary rock group The Doors about 40 years after the band's glory days ... here are a couple pictures of some of the surviving band members at yesterday's star dedication ceremony:

Photo credit: Splash News

The Doors' keyboardist Ray Manzarek, 68, and guitarist Robby Krieger, 61, showed up minus drummer John Densmore for the dedication of the walk's 2,325th star. "Jim always used to say: The West is the best!" Krieger said. "It has been an incredible 40 years, and now I'm back with Ray and we're still playing, and you know, it may never end." The band, whose dark sound helped to define the `60s, is known for such hits as "Light My Fire" and "L.A. Woman." "It is a great honor to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ... a street that Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger and I traipsed up and down, going into bars, asking if they'd hire a rock band," Densmore said in a statement read by Morrison's nephew, Dylan Graham. Much congrats to The Doors on this achievement which has been 40 years in the making. But consider this -- The Olsen Twins, Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul have all been honored with stars years before The Doors ... talk about your priorities. [Source]

Beyonce Knowles in her best Deena Jones attire paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday afternoon to debut her new video Beautiful Liar (which features Shakira) ... here are a few pics from her appearance:

Beautiful Liar is a new song that will appear on the re-packaged version of Beyonce's album B'Day due out in April. The song is pretty hot, which makes it better than most of the songs on B'Day. Click HERE to watch the video. Oh and Beyonce, the Dreamgirls thing is pretty much over ... get over the Deena Jones thing already. [Source]

And just because ... here are more pictures of Matthew McConaughey doing a bit more surfing:

Yeah, I don't think anyone minds taking another gander at those wet pecs. [Source]

When Matthew isn't surfing (you know, for those 10 minutes out of the day) he is bizzy practicing his favorite yoga positions:

Yep, I think this one is one of his better positions. [Source]

While watching some programming on Lifetime yesterday (What?! They show infinite reruns of The Golden Girls and Will & Grace) I discovered that they are ready to launch a new TV series called Blood Ties -- which looked to me like Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Mid-Life Crisis:

From what I could gather from the few commercials I watched, Vicki (the star) is a police detective who battles vampires (and possibly becomes one?) and finds she must walk the line between the living and the undead. I'm sure there'll be lots of forbidden love and that sort of sappy stuff on the show. Apparently the series is based on a series of books by Canadian author Tanya Huff (thanks Katie). I don't know the main vampire's name but I hope it's cheesy like Abyss or something like that. At this point, I don't know that I'll watch this new series but I do find it interesting that someone is trying to do the girl vs. the vampire thing again. [Source]

Courtney Love is actually lookin' pretty stylish in the new issue of Italian Vogue:

Maybe the secret to her success is obscuring half her face with cigarette smoke? [Source]

Kate Moss is on the cover of the new issue of Numero magazine:

Half-nekkid and stick-thin. Imagine that. [Source]

As Anna Nicole Smith's body is being prepared for burial in the Bahamas tomorrow, TMZ has released her official death certificate upon the world which was filed yesterday in Broward County, Florida:

There is a new sense of finality with the release of this document. A quiet closure before she is laid to final rest. The woman may have been utterly bonkers while living but I really hope she is enjoying eternal peace after her short, tragic life. [Source]

And finally, if any of you are planning on being at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas in a few weeks make sure you keep your plans open so that you can attend the SXSW showcase on Sunday March 18th:

The bands featured in this showcase are local bands from Memphis, TN that were hand-picked by my good friend Rachel Hurley (who runs The show promises to be an amazing way to round out this year's SXSW Festival. Be there, you won't regret it! [Source]

Les News:
I am very excited that it is finally Thursday! Today a bunch of my closest friends begin to arrive here in NYC for Oriana's birthday celebration which will take place this weekend. Sarah and Mark arrive around 9PM and I couldn't be more excited. I love hanging out in NYC with Sarah so hopefully it'll feel like the good old days.

Yesterday I did a little jaunt uptown to pick up some things for this weekend and on my way back to David's place I got to meet Pink reader Melanie on the F train. We got to talk for a few stops before saying goodbye ... it was so nice getting to meet her. Last night, David and I met up with his sister Eden for Thai food and got to catch up on what's been going on with all of us. It was a great night out.

Woot! I have a couple more errands to run before meeting up with Sarah, Oriana and Mark tonight ... so I'm off. That is all ... I'm out!