Friday, March 02, 2007

Peace At Last?

The good news is that Sarah and Mark arrived in NYC last night safe and sound, the bad news is that they were delayed because of turbulent rain which has followed them here and has made the morning grey and dreary. The other good news is that the rain is supposed to go away by the afternoon and the temps. will stay in the 50s for the rest of the weekend -- not too shabby. David and I weren't able to meet up with Sarah and Mark last night which is a bummer ... but we've got the rest of the weekend to look forward to. Let's get to the day's goss ... shall we?

Brad Pitt took some time out of his bizzy movie-making schedule to spend some quality time with his only begotten daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt on the set of his new movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ... here are a few ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE pics of Daddy and his baby girl spending some quiet quality time together:

It looked like "bring your daughters to work day" on the set earlier this week with Dad Pitt proudly carting his baby girl all over the place. Mommy Angelina Jolie is out of town so that is why Brad was watching little Shiloh -- as if he needed a reason. I'm just dying over how cute these pictures are. That baby is absolutely gorgeous -- she really is a perfect mix of both Brad and Angelina. [Source]

Last night the new thriller Zodiac had its Hollywood premiere in LA with stars Robert Downey, Jr., Chloe Sevigny and Mark Ruffalo in attendance ... apparently, Jake Gyllenhaal couldn't be bothered to make the trek out to LA for the premiere:

Photo credit: Splash News

Fred Durst, on the other hand, had nothing better to do so he showed up as well ... I didn't think anyone would mind that I omitted use of his picture. Emily Rossum was also at the LA premiere but she somehow does not make up for Jakey poo's absence. [Source]

Today is the day that Anna Nicole Smith will finally be laid to rest next to her son Daniel (who died a few months ago) in the Bahamas. After a memorial service, which planners have described as "over the top", that will take place this afternoon, Anna Nicole will be laid to eternal rest wearing a "fairy princess-style" gown. Here is a picture of Anna Nicole's body being loaded onto the jet that flew her body to the Bahamas and a picture of the church where her service will be held:

[T]he casket containing the body of Anna Nicole Smith was loaded onto a private plane at Miami International Airport for transport to the Bahamas for her funeral. This followed an almost hour-long journey, during which the casket was accompanied by a significant police escort, and as local news sources reported, highways in south Florida were blocked off to traffic to avoid any tampering with the body. In the Bahamas, attendees of the service have already arrived ... including Larry Birkhead and Howard K. Stern (who received boos and jeers from the crowd when he arrived). Also in attendance is Slash from Guns N Roses. It's unclear just who else will attend the ceremony but you can be sure that if "over the top" is what they're going for ... then "over the top" is what they're going to get. [Source, Source]

In London, England yesterday NME magazine held its annual Shockwave Music Awards and attracted a nice group of British musicians and celebs (and a few Yankees as well). Here are a couple pictures of eternal love birds Kate Moss and Pete Doherty upon their arrival at the NME awards:

Photo credit: Splash News

While neither Pete Doherty or his band Babyshambles walked home with any awards, Miss Kate Moss did -- she won the trophy for Sexiest Woman. Other awards went to My Chemical Romance (Best International Band), Robbie Williams (Worst Album - Rudebox), Lily Allen (Worst Dressed) and George W. Bush (Villain of the Year). Click HERE for a full list of NME Shockwave Award winners. [Source]

The legal battle between Sir Paul McCartney and his soon-to-be ex-wife Heather Mills is underway ... here are pictures of the splitting couple as they made their way out of the courthouse yesterday afternoon after another day of their divorce dispute surrounding custody of their daughter Beatrice:

With a V for Victory sign, Sir Paul McCartney emerged smiling from the first significant round in his divorce feud ... Although he smiled and whistled, Heather Mills looked rather less cheerful. She raised only a little smile as she left the court, where the pair have been arguing over the care of their three-year-old daughter Beatrice. After her solicitor left, Sir Paul's estranged wife spent 50 minutes talking on her mobile phone - then left through a judges' exit at the back of the building wearing sunglasses. She was driven off by a chauffeur. Sir Paul, 64, whose fortune is estimated at £825million, had spent seven hours over two days wrangling with Miss Mills, 38, in a preliminary hearing over maintenance payments ... A source said: "Heather is putting on a brave face but she is in meltdown. She had been playing hardball in the hope he would back down before the matter got to court, but that has not happened. "The real sticking point is Beatrice. Heather wants to spend more time in the U.S, particularly as she will be taking part in Dancing With the Stars (an American version of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing). And obviously he has a problem with his daughter being in another country. "She is counting on judges traditionally siding with mothers in family cases." A legal source added: "This was just the latest of a number of hearings and there are more to come. Things are far from being resolved." I'm sure things are very far from being settled but I gotta tell ya ... Heather should be sweating, I wouldn't want to be going up against Paul McCartney in a legal dispute. Since Heather has signed on to appear on the next season of Dancing with the Stars (in the US) the court might feel that she is too bizzy to take care of her child and that Sir Paul would be better guardian. What a mess ... I'm sure this thing is well on its way to gettin' dirty. [Source]

Back in LA, Ryan Phillippe spent a leisurely afternoon lunching with some friends at a cafe in West Hollywood:

Photo credit: Splash News

By the looks of that sleeveless shirt he's wearing, it looks like the weather is fine and dandy back on the West Coast. MMMMM ... it all looks so nice :) [Source]

Okay ... so seriously ... Ashlee Simpson really needs to get a style and look of her own. And for Pete's Sake, why in the hell would she feel the need to look like Mary-Kate Olsen?!?

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

The world really does not need another Ashlee Olsen. [Source]

Hmm ... that is a very nice ring that you're wearing on your left ring finger, Miss Nicole Richie:

Photo credit: Flynet

Is there something that we should know? [Source]

Where there's a recently broken up bachelor, there's Lindsay Lohan. Here is a picture of L. Lo who is in curious proximity to the freshly cast-off Cisco Adler boyfriend of Mischa Barton at an LA party earlier this week:

Well, since we've all seen both his nether parts and her nether parts we have a pretty good idea of how these two might fit together ... and suddenly I'm experiencing an unyielding wave of nausea ... UGH ... hello breakfast, it's so nice to see you again. [Source]

Jude Law was reduced to a speechless schoolgirl when he was honored by the French government at a London ceremony this week for his contribution to Film. Here are a couple pictures of the freshly pinned Jude as he preened for the cameras:

Photo credit: Splash News

Jude Law said he was "speechless" after receiving a prestigious French award for his contribution to film. Law was named a knight in the Order of Arts and Letters by French Ambassador Gerard Errera at a ceremony in London on Thursday. The ceremony was attended by Law's parents, Peter and Maggie, who divide their time between London and Saumur in western France, where they run a drama school, and director Anthony Minghella. "Your immense success has not been handed to you on a plate. It has been the product of hard work," Errera said, presenting Law with a medal. "I am speechless," the 34-year-old actor said ... and then it was all over. [Source]

Kylie Minogue was all smiles as she made her way to a recording studio in London to lay down tracks for her new album which is supposedly due out later on this year:

In addition to expressing her joy at being back to work on her music once again, I suspect Kylie was also smiling for another reason ... [Source]

... H&M has announced today that they will be dedicating their beach wear line this year to "style icon" Kylie Minogue:

H&M's theme this summer is Australia a relaxed, sporty, beach-life feel mixed with the glam look and lots of shiny metallic. H&M pays tribute to sparkling pop princess and style icon, Kylie Minogue by designing a limited line of bohemian–chic beachwear with Kylie as a muse. Kylie is also the face of the upcoming beachwear campaign. The 'H&M loves Kylie' line is part of H&M's main swimwear range and contains fifteen styles which will be in all H&M stores that sell womenswear in mid May. 'When we think Australia and glamour we think Kylie, who is such a stylish person,' says H&M's head of design Margareta van den Bosch. 'It has been a great experience to work with H&M on creating this summer range. To me it is all about summer indulgence, effortless chic and lots of fun!' says Kylie Minogue. 10 percent of all money spent on this beachwear line will be donated to WaterAid. The international charity WaterAid is dedicated to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world's poorest people. Absolutely brilliant! H&M is really stepping up, becoming a fashion force to be reckoned with by not only working with Madonna but Kylie Minogue as well. Aligning themselves with such high profile and extremely popular celebrities will go a long way to raising H&M's profile both in the US and abroad. It still remains to be seen how these new lines will be received by consumers (those Madonna jumpsuits didn't exactly fly off the racks last year) but I have a good feeling that this new venture will be met with some moniker of success. [Source]

At last ... here is a new genuine picture that shows a little bit more of Daniel Radcliffe on stage for his new West End play Equus:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

This blurry photo is from a German newspaper and even tho it doesn't show much, it does show a bit more than we've seen thus far. I am only chronicling this new information as it comes out ... nothing more. That fake black & white image that is relentlessly making its way back and forth across the InterWeb won't seem to go away -- I guess people want to believe what they see. I've received reports from Pink readers who have seen the show with their own eyes and report that the B/W image cannot be Daniel Radcliffe because he is, er how should I say this, not as well endowed (sorry folks) and ... well ... let's just say his Jewish mother has seen to the fact that he cannot be uncircumcised. Er ... yes ... this is prolly way too much information ... but, as I said, I'm merely chronicling this info as it comes out. Let's move on ... shall we? [Source]

Rodrigo Santoro, the Brazilian hottie who has been interjected poorly into the storyline of Lost this season and will (undoubtedly) sexify the new movie 300, is featured in the new March issue of GQ magazine:

He is just hot. That is all. [Source]

Avril Lavigne is doing her own little sexy thing on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Arena magazine:

I quite like the sexy Avril. She beats the hell out of the punk-wannabe Avril. Throw that hair around, girl! [Source]

And finally, Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub are featured in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly:

I suppose I needn't go into how amazing the show is (after all, it's clearly obvious all by itself) but I do like these pictures. Mary Lynn Rajskub is all kinds of hot this season and I'm so glad for it. Kudos to EW for finally taking notice ... how about next time, she gets the cover? [Source]

Les News:
As I mentioned earlier, we didn't get to meet up with Sarah and Mark last night but I'm hoping to meet up with Sarah this afternoon before we all get together for dinner tonight. Rain, rain go away already ...

It's the weekend, y'all! Do it up big. I am OUT!