Sunday, April 08, 2007

Who's Afraid Of Bunnies?

In what appears to be turning into an Easter tradition, I am not going to be able to write a regular post today because my presence is required at the Hauslaib Easter Brunch that is getting underway as I type this ... and if it's one thing you never want to do is upset the in-laws ;)

But, I do have time to wish all y'all a Happy Easter:

May all your Easter baskets be filled with light, love and lots of Easter candy and presents.

I also have time to post a few photos from last night's Passover Seder dinner here with the Hauslaibs:

I think I look quite fetching in a yarmulke, don't you? The dinner was so fun ... we did the afikomen and the Elijah thing -- so fun!

I sincerely hope all y'all are having a great weekend ... things will be back to normal around here tomorrow!