Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Keep On Keepin' On

I know that the shooting at Virginia Tech has greatly affected many people all across the country and the world ... I don't think there will ever be a "good reason" for what happened and why -- stuff like this should never happen ... and yet, they still do ...

... and we can never forget the lost.

As difficult as it may be, let's try and move on so that we can get back to a little bit of normalcy. One thing to note tho ... I received an email this morning from Pink reader Lane with this announcement:

Virginia Tech family members across the country have united to declare this Friday, April 20th, an "Orange and Maroon Effect" day to honor those killed in the tragic events on campus Monday, and to show support for Virginia Tech students, faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, and friends. "Orange and Maroon Effect" was born several years ago as an invitation to Tech fans to wear orange and maroon to Virginia Tech athletic events. We invite everyone from all over the country to be a part of the Virginia Tech family this Friday, to wear orange and maroon to support the families of those who were lost, and to support the school and community we all love so much.

I think it's a great idea and I encourage all y'all to participate. I'm going to do my best to find Hokie colors to wear on Friday (if anyone has any ideas where I can find official Virginia Tech apparel out here in the LA area, please let me know).

UPDATE: Pink reader Rochelle tells me that THIS site is selling memorial t-shirts to raise money for a memorial bench with the victims names engraved that will be given to the campus of Virginia Tech -- sounds like a great idea to me.

OK ... So ... let's get to it ...

Today is the National Day of Silence which is an annual event held to bring attention to anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination in schools. Students and teachers nationwide will observe the day in silence to echo the silence that LGBT and ally students face everyday. In it's 11th year, the Day of Silence is one of the largest student-led actions in the country. When I taught at ULS in Grosse Pointe, MI the Gay-Straight Alliance observed the Day of Silence each year and normally, I also observe that "silence" here on the blog. But, in light of yesterday's moment of silence I'm going to blog today ... but my commitment to the Day of Silence remains strong. I know there are many teachers and students out there who will observe today's Day of Silence and I commend you all. For more information on what today is all about, click HERE.

UPDATE: Pink reader Nicole, from El Paso, TX, sends in this great picture she took today at her school's Day of Silence observance:

I love it! I still have my DoS t-shirts somewhere. Thanks!

But even silent folks need some goss so here you go ...

Britney Spears really appears to be attempting to get her life and career back on track. She's been bizzy working her little tush off at the Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood, CA and apparently she's been cleaning house ... it appears that she is ready to get rid of some old stuff ...

... and bring in some new stuff. Apparently, Britney is blaming her manager Larry Rudolph for her recent troubles and has decided to give him the ol' heave-ho ... word on the street is that she fired his ass last Friday:

BRITNEY Spears is trying to take back her career. Not only has the pop tart been back in the music studio and taking regular dance classes, an insider claims she fired her manager of several months, Larry Rudolph, on Friday. Spears ... blames Rudolph for recent missteps, including introducing her to her nemesis, Paris Hilton. There may be legal ramifications as she signed a multi-year deal with Rudolph. But, since she just rehired her one-time p.r. woman, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, we're sure it will all be spun nicely in the press. Sloane didn't know about Rudolph's status when contacted. Yowch! Well, if it was Larry's brilliant idea for Britney to start hanging around Paris Hilton then he should be fired. In the span of just a few weeks of partying with Paris, Britney's chances at a successful comeback plummeted about as fast as her panties did -- and if it's all Larry's fault then he should deff be dunzo. I'm encouraged that Britney has rehired Leslie Sloane Zelnik ... hopefully now, finally, Britney can get serious about her comeback. This is a great move on her part ... let's hope she continues with a string of great moves. [Source, Source]


Well, it was bound to happen ... Monday night's ep of 24 was, by far, the most boring ep of the season and prolly the most boring ep EVER IN CREATION! Now, I realize that things have to slow down for a bit every once-in-a-while but c'mon ... Monday night's ep was such a snoozer that even President Palmer couldn't stay awake! We did get some new info and we now see where the story is going ... so I guess it wasn't a total waste of time:

Screencaptures via Twenty Four Online

So the bulk of Monday night's "drama" revolved around the release of Audrey Raines ... there was way too much talking for my taste. I get that they have to explain stuff but can't they be shooting off AK-47s while repelling from helicopters into enemy territory while doing so? Even Chloe's chagrined facial expressions weren't enough to keep me totally entertained. The big shocker was that VP Noah Daniels was ready to resign as the VP as soon as President Palmer's press conference was finished ... and then Prez Palmer freaks out and then passes out on live TV. Now Daniels is in control and we're all effed. Since Jack made his deal with Palmer to try and trick the Chinese into releasing Audrey in exchange for classified Russian technology (yeah, this was what all that talking was about for most of the ep) that means that Daniels has no interest in honoring that deal and Jack is going to have to take matters into his own hands. Interesting ... even tho Jack Bauer has had idiot Presidents in the past to deal with I don't think he's acted in such direct opposition to the White House before. So now Jack Bauer is taking on the US of A? That's a twist ... too bad I was way too uninterested in most of the ep to get all excited by that revelation. Next week's ep should be better, things look like they'll get back on track ... hopefully nap time is over. [Source]

Adam Brody, JC Chasez and Zachary Quinto were among the famous faces at the Hollywood premiere of Adam's new movie In the Land of Women Monday night ... here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Adam Brody looked great in his little 3-piece suit, as per usual, but what the hell was JC thinking with that scarf thing around his neck. Isn't that what, In the land of Women, is called a pashmina? LOL. I've seen the trailer for the flick and I gotta admit, it doesn't quite look like my cup o' tea ... despite the fact that Adam Brody is in it. It looks like something Sarah would drag me to go see ... maybe I'll have to let her drag me to see it next time I'm in Detroit. [Source]

Shia Labeouf made an appearance on MTV's TRL Monday afternoon ... and it looks like he shared a tender moment with VJ Damien:

Aww ... I love young love. Now, I may be a new Shia fan but I am not a fan of that slick hairdo he's got going on. It gets a resounding poop sandwich from me ... he needs to try again. [Source]

Forest Whitaker was honored with the 2, 335th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday afternoon ... here are a few pics from his ceremony:

Photo credit: Splash News

Forest Whitaker snagged Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild trophies this year for his role as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in "The Last King of Scotland." On Monday he cemented his winning streak with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. "I remember as a kid coming to the Walk of Fame. It was like a field trip and very exciting to us," said the 45-year-old actor-director at the ceremony for the Walk's 2,335th star. The honor represents "where I came from, and where I am going and hopefully where I am at right now," he said. Guests included
Kiefer Sutherland, Angela Bassett and Whitaker's wife, Keisha, and three daughters, Autumn, Sonnet and True.
You know, I'm pretty impressed ... the latest round of Hollywood Walk of Fame stars seem to be going to pretty deserving people. Even tho the timing of Forest's star is around the time he's releasing a movie on DVD (The Last King of Scotland out today) seems a bit suspect, the fact that he's an Academy Award winner lends credence to the honor. Congrats all around ... he is deff deserving of the honor. [Source]

Here are a bunch of pictures of Madonna and her eldest child Lourdes as they made their way around Malawi Monday:

Photo credit: Splash News

There's just something about Madonna in Africa that seems so ... odd. She did trade in her Ed Hardy headwear for something more appropriate and it looks like she's having a grand time. Lola looks less impressed ... the pic of her holding her nose is funny. I'm actually very surprised that Madonna was able to get mobile service out there ... I guess they keep putting up cell phone towers everywhere these days. I guess that's progress for ya. [Source]

Back in Southern California, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took their children Zahara and Pax Thien out for a little stroll ... and it looks like Pax is fitting in nicely as the newest member of the family. You can just remove Maddox and just insert Pax and no one would be none the wiser:

Do you suppose they are going for the interchangeable kid thing? I wonder how they decide which kids they want to take out in public on any given day. Like yesterday they were all, "Let's take the princess and the new one ... since we're wearing grey they match the best!" Hahahahah! [Source]

The New York Daily News is reporting that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling might be dunzo ... at least according to something that was overheard at the Fracture premiere last week:

We hear that "The Notebook" true-life couple Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have split. A pal of Gosling's was overheard asking the actor, "Where's Rachel tonight?" at the Los Angeles premiere of "Fracture" Wednesday. Gosling responded, "Don't you know? We broke up." A rep for Gosling refused to comment on the actor's personal life. Hmmm ... no denial ... so that's something. I'm not sure I totally believe that they are finished but ... well, these days you just never know. If true, I think Ryan Gosling would make a great match for Reese Witherspoon ... Jake Gyllenhaal needs to stay single, I think. [Source]

Woot! After being sidelined for 6 weeks with an injured knee, David Beckham appears to be healed and back to normal. Here's a pic of Becks as he took the field to practice with his Real Madrid soccer team in the Spanish capital Monday afternoon:

He even got a cute haircut for the occasion. Love it! I can't wait until he starts practicing with his new LA Galaxy soccer team in just a few short months. [Source]

I don't think I'll ever tire of watching Matthew McConaughey work out ...

Photo credit: Flynet

... it's all in his technique. There is something very alluring about his workout technique ... I just can't put my finger on it -- but I'd like to ;) [Source]

Ben Lee is hard at work on his next album, the follow up to his amazing last album Awake is the new Asleep. Set for a September release, the new album, which is to be titled Ripe will feature a bunch of really great guest appearances by Benji Madden of Good Charlotte, the members of Rooney, Sara Watkins from Nickel Creek and Mandy Moore. Here is a really cute picture of Ben with Mandy in the studio:

Ben and Mandy duet on a song called Birds and Bees. Ben talks about the recording process in his blog HERE and talks to Spin magazine about his dueting partners HERE. I have been a big Ben Lee fan for ages ... I really love Awake is the new Asleep so I'm very glad that he's already working on the follow-up. Apparently he's wading thru about 80 songs of which 20 or so are being considered for the final line-up. Woot! [Source]

For some reason, Aero Chocolate (a British confectionary treat) has enlisted the aid of Jason Lewis (and his hot, half-nekkid bod) to help sell their product:

So I have to ask ... Where can I buy Aero Chocolates? It's strange how some advertising tactics have an effect on me. [Source]

And finally ... Nine Inch Nails' new album Year Zero hit stores yesterday ... and you simply MUST go out and fetch a copy for yourselves:

You don't have to just take my recommendation ... listen to The New York Times. Get your copy today!!! [Source]

Les News:
  • The amazing novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy wins the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. [thanks Kristina]
  • Carrie Underwood was the big winner at the CMT Awards last night.
  • Click HERE to watch Tori Amos perform new music from her album American Doll Posse.
  • Barry Gib steps up to save the home of Johnny Cash.
  • Waxing with the Stars.
  • L. Lo gets felt up by the book.
  • Jessica Alba works it out.
  • J. Lo and Marc Anthony are suing the pants off the National Enquirer.
  • John Travolta has an insanely high impression of himself.
  • Victoria Beckham of the Spice Girls is 33, Jennifer Garner is 35 and Liz Phair is 40 years old. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.
  • "I just want to say that um, I'm just really, really shocked at like how nice our world is because it's just so nice. Like oh my God! Like, the other day, like I was sitting there and I saw these magazines and they said I was pregnant, and like, it's so true. Like America, believe everything you read. Because, like, you're smart and I'm stupid. Like for real. Come on y'all. Also, on the USA Today, cause always believe everything you read, it said that you know, like, I was drinking all the time. And like, it was so right. It was so true. I mean, oh my God, it was so right. I want to say hey to all my fans and I can't wait for all my stuff to come out. I'm really excited. And like my management totally knew what they were doing when they sent me to rehab. So right, you know. Just like, I'm just gonna cry right now because the world is so nice." -- Britney Spears
David and I spent a pretty quiet night at home Monday night ... even tho I'm bummed that I had to leave him (as usual) I'll be back in just a few short weeks to see Bjork at Radio City Music Hall. The weather was better yesterday so my flight home was pretty uneventful. Well ... except for the fact that Jerry O'Connell was on my plane ... actually he sat in my row on the far side of the aisle. He boarded the plane without any luggage at all, carrying just a few sheets of script which he clutched in his hand the whole time and never put down (must've been some super-secret script). I was hoping he'd do something interesting but all he did was drink 2 Budweiser beers and talk to the dude next to him and the blonde chick behind him -- no, Rebecca Romijn was nowhere in sight. It turns out that he actually knew the chick cuz they hugged goodbye at the baggage claim. Not too exciting but on a 5 hour 45 minute flight you look for any distraction you can.

It's good to be home ... well, at least for a little while. Since I'm a day behind there's a bit of goss to cover ... I may post another short post later on in the afternoon. Things should be back to normal by tomorrow ... and I am out.

PS: In my haste today I failed to send out some Birthday Lurve to my dear friend JOE! He turns ... well, older today ...

... but I still <3 him ;) Happy Birthday, Joe.