Sunday, June 17, 2007

Big Daddies

Happy Father's Day, y'all! I want to send lots of pink love to all the dads out there who may be reading the blog today. I really wish I could be back home in Detroit chillin' with my pop today so if you're able to spend this Father's Day with your dad give him an extra hug for those of us who can't be with our dads today.

Before we get into the celeb dads stuff for today, let's start with the usual Britney Spearsness so we can get it out of the way. There's no real news today, just Brit Brit hangin' out in The Valley making her way to yet another nail salon for further pampering. But, I must call attention to the fact that Miss Britney is lookin' real cute in this little red and blue number:

And thank the almighty Gods above, she appears to have finally learned how to get into and get out of a car in such a way as to preserve her dignity. I realize it's a bit ridiculous to applaud someone for not wearing something fugly and not flashing their nether parts but I think positive reinforcement really works well for our dear Britney. You look good, girl, keep it up! [Source]

And so ... it's Father's Day and I want to take a moment to give a huge shout-out to all the amazing celeb dads that we've got to know and love over the past year. Even tho there have always been celeb dads, there was something about last year that really made them seem more prominent. Here are a few pics of a few celeb dads from the past few months:

I've gotta say, I've even been very impressed with Tom Cruise and the way he always dotes on his little munchkin Suri. I love seeing pictures of dads young and old pushing their babies in carriages or just openly showing affection towards them. There is something about a father and their child that really makes one squeal, AWWWWWWW! [Source]

And, by far, the most AWWWWW!-inspiring celeb dad of the year has to be Brad Pitt. He has become the quintessential celeb dad in all of Hollywood. Here are a few pictures of Dad Brad individually with each of his children in order of their appearance in the Jolie-Pitt clan:

Photo credit: Splash News

From Maddox, to Zahara, to Shiloh Nouvel, to his newest child Pax Thien, Brad always makes a concerted effort to spend as much time with his children as he can. Whether he's dropping them off or picking them up from school, whether he's taking them shopping or just playing with them at the park, it seems plainly obvious that Brad really enjoys being a daddy to his children. A Kevin Federline, he is not. And just think, if Angelina Jolie gets her way (and really, why wouldn't she get her way), Brad can look forward to having many more children to dote on in the coming years. [Source]

In other Brangelina news, Braddy wasn't the only parent spending time with the kids this weekend. Here are pictures of Angelina Jolie out with her daughters Zahara and Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt out and about on the streets of NYC this weekend:

Photo credit: PolFoto

Ah, I take it the sibling rivalry is still in full effect between the little ladies. Shiloh looks absolutely beautiful but you just know she wouldn't be able to handle her own against a little spitfire like Princess Zahara. [Source]

Later on in the day, Angelina traded Zahara for Maddox (while hanging on to Shiloh and never taking out Pax) on her way to an art store:

Two things ... First, it must be difficult juggling so many children. It can't be easy spending quality one-on-one time with the kiddies when you've got so many kiddies to focus on. It must be strange having to hang out with your kids in different configurations just so that you can see them all. Second, do you suppose Shiloh's insanely plump lips will keep her from ever being able to close her mouth ... like, ever? [Source]

Back here in LA, Paris Hilton's father Rick and her mother Kathy spent a lovely night out in Beverly Hills, CA making sure to stop in at Mr. Chow for din-din:

Photo credit: Splash News

Just because their daughter is suffering in jail doesn't mean that the Hiltons are going to eat soot and ash to express their pain and misery. While I'm sure it's very difficult to endure, one must commend Ma and Pa Hilton for successfully carrying on their lives as if nothing was amiss in their lives at all. [Source]

Prince William, looking dapper as hell in his dress uniform, was on hand for the annual Trooping the Colour ceremony in London, England yesterday. As I understand it, the Colour ceremony is a military pagaent that stems from the tradition of British military regiments slowly marching their colours between the soldiers' ranks so that they would be able to recognise what their regiments' colours looked like (which was important for rallying the troops in battle) and which now honors the Queen's birthday. Here are a few photos from Saturday's ceremony:

I love that England has managed to preserve many of their time-honored traditions for a day and age where many others place no importance on such ceremony. There is something very cool about all the pomp and circumstance of this sort of event. Plus, any excuse to be allowed to see Prince Wills all dolled up in his military finery works for me. Yes sir, indeed. [Source]

Pete Wentz put on his DJ hat last night at the Bacardi B-Live party at Cameo in Miami Beach, FL and he brought along his #1 fan with him, Miss Ashlee Simpson:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I must admit, I'm very surprised that these two are still goin' strong. I mean, they make a cute couple and all but neither one of these two ever seem to stay in a committed relationship for long ... but so far, so good. Good for them! [Source]

Robbie Williams has been keeping himself very bizzy with his soccer duties for the LA Vale soccer team in Santa Monica with a whole bunch of training, playing and celebrating. Here are a few pics of Robbie doin' his thang on the fields of glory this weekend:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm fairly certain that once David Beckham arrives in LA and begins playing for the LA Galaxy, he's going to pretty much eclipse every other soccer player that exists in this country but I wouldn't put it past Robbie to be the #2. It's a bit sad that our country (by and large) won't pay attention to anything soccer-related unless there is a celebrity attached (and I admit, I'm the same way ... tho, instead of having a celeb attached, I just need a hot bod attached). With Becks in the majors and Robbie in the minors, maybe soccer will have a real chance of taking off in this country. Or ... maybe not ... but it'll be fun to see what happenes nonetheless. [Source]

Superhunk Milo Ventimiglia is featured in a fun photoshoot for the LA Times which accompanies a cute story about how cool it is to be a geek. I would argue that there is nothing geeky at all about Milo but I can understand the point of the article. Here are a few pics from the photoshoot:

Even tho Milo's hair is combed and tamed down into submission, I still really love these pics. He really does make the perfect embodiment of the mild-mannered alter ego of a superhero, don't you think? He deff knows how to bring the hotness. [Source]

And speaking of bringing the hotness, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week. Summer is in full swing and what better time for us all to say hello to sexy lifeguard Tyler:

Photo credit: All American Guys

You know, something tells me that Tyler prolly isn't a real, honest-to-goodness lifeguard but I'm not really complaining. I'm sure he is really good with the mouth-to-mouth stuff and really, isn't that all that matters? Woot! Enjoy! [Source]

And finally, Eli Roth, the amazing director of Hostel Part II, has posted a letter to his fans on his official My Space profile making the sad announcement that Hostel Part II will be pulled from movie theaters after next weekend. Citing the theft and piracy of a sub par version of the film, Eli has decided to cut his losses and take the movie to DVD. Here is the full text of his letter:

Hey Everyone,

I'm in Paris, doing press for the French release of Hostel Part II, and tonight I'm off to Rome for the last leg of the press tour. After that I'm going to take a long overdue break, since I've gone from one film to the next without stopping, just to recharge my brain a bit.

I want to thank all of you for your kind e-mails and incredible support for the film. However, piracy has become worse than ever now, and a stolen workprint (with unfinished music, no sound effects, and no VFX) leaked out on line before the release, and is really hurting us, especially internationally. Piracy will be the death of the film industry, as it killed the music industry, and while it makes a smaller dent in huge movies like Spider Man 3, it really hurts films like mine, which have far less of an advertising and production budget. Not only that, critics have actually been REVIEWING the film based off the pirated copy, which is inexcusable. Some of these critics I have actually known for a few years, and while I wouldn't dignify them by mentioning them by name, I know who they are, as do the studios, and other filmmakers, and they will no longer have any access to any of my films.

What I'm saying is, this is your last chance to see one of my films for a while. If you haven't seen it, go now, because after next weekend the film will be gone from theaters. There are too many other summer movies coming in, so basically we get two weeks in cinemas, and then the film will live on DVD. I am not directing CELL any time soon, and I most likely will take the rest of the year to write my other projects. Which means I wouldn't shoot until the spring, and you wouldn't see a film directed by me in the cinemas until at least next fall. If everyone on my friends list went to see the film this weekend and brought a friend, it would make a huge difference. Bring a non-horror fan - try to convert them. It's the only way these films will live. But right now the R rated horror film is in serious jeopardy. Studios feel the public doesn't want them any more, and so they are only putting PG-13 films into production. The only way to counter this perception is to get out there and support R rated horror. It's the only message they'll hear. People love the movie, and even though it only cost $10 million dollars (as opposed to the other summer tentpoles which cost $300 million), and has already earned its money back, if it's not a massive money earner then they'll just continue to make the same PG-13 films everyone complained about a few years ago.

To counter piracy, fans can flood file sharing services with fake Hostel II downloads just so no one can ever actually get the movie, but the only thing that really makes a difference is supporting the movie in the theaters. Also - the theater OWNERS know this as well. If horror movies aren't bringing in customers, they're not going to program them. If we are going to send them a message, we have to do it with our wallets, and we have to do it now. I've done all I can to make a great film for the fans, as violent and bloody and fun as possible. The rest is up to you guys...

Thanks again for all your support,


Wow. As a horror movie fan, I have to say that this really sucks. It is hugely unfortunate that thieves can so successfully ruin the fun movie-going experience for pretty much everyone else. I realize that I may not be a "real" movie critic (tho, I have no idea what Gene Shallot has that I don't ... except a creepy mustache and bad hair) but I know what I like ... and I really liked this movie. It just really, really sucks that a few selfish people can destroy something that so many people worked so hard to accomplish. I got to see, first hand, the excitement of the people who put so much of themselves into this movie ... it's just a shame that the movie can't have a longer run so that more people can get to see it as it was meant to be seen. I might have to get my butt out to the theaters sometime this week to see the movie one more time just so I can throw some more support Eli's way. I want him to continue to make kickass movies. [Source]

Les News:
  • Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, got busted, y'all!
  • Stephen Hawking is writing a sci-fi kid's book.
  • Jon Cryer got hitched.
  • Uh oh! Was Jessica Biel gettin' too clingy?
  • Greg Kinnear is 44, Thomas Haden Church is 46 and Barry Manilow is 61 years old today. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.
  • THIS is what your fave Hollywood celebs would look like undead.
I spent much of yesterday afternoon shopping for a birthday present for my friend Tom and ended up having a pretty fun time myself. I went to the Beverly Center and ended up running into Busta Rhymes and Donald Faison with his ladyfriend (and former Jessica Simpson BFF/personal assistant) CaCee Cobb. I also got to meet Pink reader Anastasia at the Diesel store and a nice fellow at D&G who failed to tell me his name. I think I found the perfect gift but I guess I won't know until I find out if he ends up returning it ;)

So yes, it turns out that my friend Tom knows how to throw a fab party with some very fab people. I spent an amazing time meeting and getting to know his friends Alyson Hannigan and her absolutely charming husband Alexis Denisof who you may recall both starred on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (oh yeah, Aly is also on some little CBS show called How I Met Your Mother as well). People, I got to chat with Willow Rosenberg and Wesley Wyndham Price (sadly, sans British accent) and managed to do so without losing my shizz ... altho I came pretty close a few times. Here are a few pics from last night's shindig:

I met Tom quite some time ago and even tho we run into one another from time to time we don't get to hang out very often. You Buffy aficionados may recoginze that Tom Lenk played Andrew on the show, and to be quite honest was one of my fave characters. To say that it was strangely exciting getting to hang out with these people would be an understatement ... to call it a thrill would be more accurate. That any of these people know and read the blog just blows my mind. I was able to have the most amazing conversations last night with many of Tom's friends. I got to talk kitties (and Becks and London and blogging) with Aly, Alexis and Steve, baseball with Eliza, brit pop music with David and "medical wonders" with Dave ... it was just a fun night. Tom looked really happy ... everyone loved his cupcakes and he walked away with a pretty nice haul of presents so I think it was a pretty good night for him as well.

OY ... but it was a late night and I slept in today which is why this post is realllly late. I'm pretty sure I know a certain someone who might gimme hell for it (she knows who she is) ;)

So I guess that is all ... again, Happy Father's Day everyone! I am out!