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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Longest Day

Happy Solstice, y'all! Those of you who are nature-minded know that today is the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year. After today the days will be getting shorter and shorter until the Winter Solstice. What a depressing thought. Anyways, I hope y'all have a great Solstice day today ...

... I wish it was going better for me, tho. I woke up and got to work as usual and just as I was about to write the blog my internet connection at home DIED! Grr. I had to haul my cookies to my friendly neighborhood coffee shop to write today's post. And here I am. But enough about that ... let's get to it.

Here are a couple really cute pictures of Britney Spears and her eldest son Sean Preston enjoying a day riding around in their toy vehicles. I'm not exactly sure when these pics were taken but they are supercute nonetheless:

Photo credit: X17

I love that Sean Preston is already ridin' around in his very own Escalade. That is pretty pimp. [Source]

In other Spears news, here are a couple newish pics of Jamie Lynn Spears gettin' all amorous with her boyfriend which are supposedly taken from her personal My Space profile tho they are nowhere to be found on her official My Space profile:

Despite the fact that she looks a little creepy in these pics, they are still cute. JL managed to bag herself a hottie, which is good news because the other Spears women have had questionable taste in men. These two have been together for some time now -- if she were Britney, she'd already have had 2 babies and a divorce by now. Oh JL, please stay young and innocent ... I'm not sure my fragile heart can take another trainwreck right now. [Source]

Paris Hilton is mere days away from being released from jail but we're just now getting a good idea of how she's been passing the time behind bars. We've heard that she's been staring at the walls when she's not bizzy reading books and fan letters ... and now we know that she has been writing letters back to the fans who have sent her letters of support over the past couple of weeks. I guess those walls aren't very interesting after all. Here is the full text of one of the letters Paris sent back to one of her fans:

If nothing else, at least Paris Hilton has found the time to catch up on her correspondence. After crafting her own Father's Day card for dad Rick Hilton over the weekend, the heiress apparently got busy penning letters to the thousands of fans who've been writing her since the beginning of the legal hullabaloo that has ended (for now) with Hilton getting locked up for a full 45 days after briefly being transferred to house arrest ... Although writing letters while suited up in an orange jumpsuit can't really compare to nights spent trolling the red carpet in designer cocktail dresses, at least Hilton seems to be feeling better since being released Wednesday from the medical ward at Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles, after which she was returned to the Century Regional Correctional Facility, where she originally started serving her sentence on June 3. After visiting Hilton on Sunday, along with husband Rick and Paris' sister Nicky, Kathy Hilton told reporters that her daughter was spending the majority of her days on the inside "looking at the four walls and reading some nice fan mail." (Authorities say she has received over 5,000 letters; Paris' manager tells E! News that the sheriff's department contacted him to haul away nearly two dozen crates of mail.) Oh, it's so good to hear that the Sheriff's department is still taking good care of our dear Paris and her needs. Again, I must stress how impressed I am that Paris Hilton has managed to stick it out this long. She is scheduled for release next Monday but I wouldn't be surprised if she gets released in the middle of the night sometime this weekend. [Source]

So ... I suppose if you are a Paris Hilton fan and you've already sent her your 5-10 fan letters (eagerly waiting for your personalized letter response) then you are scrambling to find that perfect giftbasket to send to her once she gets released. Well fear not loyal fans, the folks at Flashy Baskets by Michelle have just the right giftbasket to send her way:

Own a piece of pop culture by commemorating Paris's latest debacle with a custom made Paris giftbasket. On the left, Prison Paris gazes wistfully towards freedom. Outfitted in an orange jumpsuit and cute little handcuffs, she stands with a bottle of aspirin, a toothbrush, and her prison diary. A police car parks on the side. On the right, the Paris we all know and love (or tolerate), Paparazzi Paris. In a lovely gown, she combs back her extensions near her limo and alongside "Luxury" chocolate and perfume. Between the two Paris dolls is "The Bad Girl's Guide to the Party Life", essential for today's hipster or partygoer. Decorating her hatbox are "jewels" and excerpts from "The Power of Now", the self-help book Paris was seen clutching in the days leading up to her incarceration. Now that's hot! Hot, indeed. Even if you have no interest in sending such a fun gift to Paris Hilton, I'm sure there is someone in your life who would love to receive this fun little giftbasket :D [Source]

In sad-ish, unsurprising, Paris news, the Club Paris in Orlando, FL has announced that it will be closing its doors forever this August 12th ... so get your party on while you still can:

So sad. I hope Paris Hilton wasn't counting on Club Paris hosting her big Welcome Home bash. Hasn't she suffered enough disappointment already? [Source]

One last bit of Paris-ness, while Club Paris seems to have abandoned our favorite heiress it would seem that she has gained a new admirer. Stolen album artwork has revealed that Billy Corgan, the man behind Smashing Pumpkins, has chosen Paris to adorn the cover of their new single titled Tarantula and may put her on the cover of their album Zeitgeist ... without one bit of irony at all:

The artwork for The Smashing Pumpkins' new album 'Zeitgeist' has been stolen. Internet rumours suggest that the subjects of the pictures are as follows: two elderly men flanking the Grim Reaper at a presidential podium with the Smashing Pumpkins flag as a backdrop, Paris Hilton standing in front of a photo of an exploding bomb, schoolchildren giving a Nazi-esque salute and the devil being crucified. As you can see, the photo of Paris in front of the exploding bomb exists ... whether or not it will end up being the album cover art still remains to be seen. EIL is listing the Smashing Pumpkins single Tarantula on their website and seem to confirm that Paris has made the cover of that single. Spokespersons for the Smashing Pumpkins have released this statement regarding the stolen photos:

"Management for The Smashing Pumpkins confirms that the band's rehearsal studio in Chicago was burglarised last week. The two people who are now in jail illegally gained access to the band's private space and stole various items belonging to them over the course of several hours while the band had left for the evening. The band's management says the group feels their rights have been violated by this crime and will always pursue their rights and the law to protect their property and the safety of themselves, their families and their fans."

The new SP album Zeitgeist won't be released until July 7th but I suppose we'll find out for sure sooner than that if Paris Hilton will appear on the cover. I, for one, hope she makes it. After all, the world can never have enough Paris Hilton! [Source, Source]

Here are even more pictures of Zahara and Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt getting dropped off at kindergarten but this time they were delivered by both of their parents, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:

Photo credit: Splash News

Despite the threat of torrential downpour, Brangelina still remain committed to their children. Now, all together now -- AWWWWWWWWW! [Source]

Here are a couple new pictures of David Boreanaz with his wife and son out for a fun day at the park:

Photo credit: VIPix

They make a really cute little family. David's son looks exactly like him. Oh and I apologize for the lame Bones pun ... but hey, it could've been worse. I could've called his little boy a darling Angel. [Source]

OMG ... okay, now I'm not sure if there some Scientology thaumaturgy afoot here or whathaveyou but I am suddenly totes enamored of Suri Holmes Cruise. These pictures of the little one waving to the paparazzi are just really, really cute:

It's like she was specially created, fashioned and programmed if you will, to illicit these intense feelings of adoration. Surely there can't be anything malicious about me lovin' all this cuteness, right? I'm doomed, aren't I? [Source]

Finally ... after weeks of pussyfooting around Justin Timberlake has deigned to actually make physical contact with his new girlfriend Jessica Biel as they spend time together in Oslo, Norway. It's about damn time:

Photo credit: Splash News

Awww, don't they look so happy together. I especially love how mama Timberlake really looks happy in these pics. [Source]

Speaking of newish couples, it looks like Paula Abdul has bagged herself a new dude. Here is a picture of Paula celebrating her birthday at the new Sunset Strip eatery Ketchup with the owner himself:

Photo credit: Buzzfoto

Not bad, not bad at all. They make a really cute couple, I think. Well, at least we know that he's not after Paula for her money -- homie also owns Les Deux and Bella Cucina Italiana. He must be after her for her mind ... or her pills. [Source]

Kylie Minogue, looking utterly faboo as usual, paid a little visit to her Parisian medical center, presumably for a quick check-up:

Sporting a trendy upswept hairdo and looking cool and chic in a black dress with wide white belt, Kylie Minogue was smiling as she was snapped during a brief visit to Paris. The pop princess, who has just been voted Body of the Year by the French edition of Elle magazine, visited her hairdresser before heading off to the Tenon hospital for what was believed to be a routine breast cancer check-up. It would appear that things went well because Kylie was smiling ear to ear as she made her exit. I couldn't be more thrilled that Kylie is doing so well these days. [Source]

OH NO! Who told Milo Ventimiglia that he was authorized to get a haircut? Do the people at Heroes (who have just begun shooting scenes for the second season) know that their Peter Petrelli has lopped off his super sexy hair? Am I the only one outraged by this?

Granted, Milo looks great even without his ridiculously good-looking emo bangs but still ... he is gonna grow it back out again, right? RIGHT?!!? [Source]

Shia LeBeouf, Michael Bay and a bunch of ludicrously dressed models were all on hand for a quick photocall in Madrid, Spain to promote the new Transformers movie ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: INFphoto

Yeah, those models look thrilled to be taking part in this photoshoot. You don't suppose they resented getting dressed up in military garb by the pushy Americans, do you? [Source]

Tori Amos is featured in the new issue of Black Book magazine in a photo article where artists reveal where they get their inspiration. Here is Tori's photo and her inspirational choice:

Toris Amos at Spitalfield's Market, London

"On most days, Spitalfield's Market is bustling with activity. One of the visual creators I work with, Karen Binns, lives very near to Spitalfield's, and we gather inspiration from the multi-cultural pulse that envelops you in this place. I come to be an observer in this particular place. People that come here are not only busy buying items that entice them, they also carry their stories with them woven into their garments. You don't need money to express as sensibility and awareness of the visual arts. There are those with very little money that are walking watercolors. The visual element of my records has always been an important part of the conceptual delivery. The music is obviously the heart and soul of a project, but to have a multi-dimensional presentation that includes artwork and visual reference is inspiring."

Interestingly enough, it was just recommended to me by a certain fabulous woman named Alyson that David and I pay a little visit to the Spitalfield's Market when we visit London next month. With recommendations like this, how could I not check it out. Spitalfield's, here I come. [Source]

Daniel Craig graces the cover and is featured within the pages of the new issue of Interview magazine:

Woot! Daniel is a sexybeast, despite his pose in the third picture. Love him! [Source]

And finally, speaking of sexybeasts ... here are a few photos from Jessica Biel's photospread in the new issue of GQ magazine:

Um, wow. Even I can appreciate how hot these photos are. If Justin Timberlake were a smart man, he'd made a point to make public physical contact this woman more often. Hot! [Source]

Les News:
UGH! Despite the fact that I had to scramble this morning and get my butt to the coffee shop in order to write today's post, I am having a great day thus far. It is bright and extremely sunny here in LA today -- it's the perfect way to spend Summer Solstice :)

I spent some time reading a couple of short stories in the latest McSweeney's collection last night, opting to spend a quiet night in. Tonight I have plans for another party ... one that I hope will turn out as fun as the last party I got to attend.

If you can, try and get outside today to enjoy the day. As I mentioned earlier, after today the days will be getting shorter and shorter. Love it while you can.

That is all, I'm out.



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