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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Welcome Back, Potter

Even tho David Beckham isn't scheduled to play his first game with his new soccer team, the LA Galaxy, until this Saturday in a match against Chelsea he did attend the Galaxy vs. Tigres game at the Home Depot Center yesterday -- but only as an observer. Becks watched from the sidelines as his new team was beaten by the Mexican soccer club in a 3-0 match. Here are a few pics of Becks as he chilled in his box seats at yesterday's game:

Photo credit: Splash News

You will note that Becks's ankle was wrapped in ice. So far, I am still hearing that Becks is going to play this Saturday (despite reports fearing the contrary) but at this point, how can they really be sure. It looks like he is taking all the precautions necessary to make sure that he will be well enough to play but in the end, you know that he will not risk further injury to his ankle just to play on Saturday. There are still many games ahead in the season. Tho, if I remember correctly ... Becks was spotted with a wrapped ankle in the days leading up to his big final match with Real Madrid and he not only played in the game but had a huge part in their victory. I'm really hoping that he will be fit to play this Saturday cuz a lucky Pink is the new Blog reader and I will be there to watch the game. Remember, today is your last chance to submit an entry to try and win that ticket to this Saturday's game. [Source, Source]

David Beckham wasn't the only one watching soccer being played yesterday ... his wife Vicki B. also spent her afternoon watching a soccer match from the sidelines. But, Vicki wasn't at the LA Galaxy game ... she was at a pee wee soccer training session watching her eldest son Brooklyn Beckham play:

Photo credit: Splash News

Victoria Beckham took time out from her mission to launch herself on the American consciousness, to play soccer mum to her three football mad sons. The Spice Girl accompanied her sons to a training session at top youth football club, Real So Cal Soccer Club, and Brooklyn, 8, is already showing signs of father David Beckham's footballing talent ... Victoria spurned the 'soccer mom' uniform of tracksuit pants and baseball cap, but dressed down for the occasion in a simple grey t-shirt and jeans, and her trademark skyscraper heels as she stood pitchside cheering on her son, and chatting to club officials. As father David begun training sessions with new club LA Galaxy, Brooklyn and Romeo begun some training of their own at the club in LA's Woodland Hills, dressed in fresh new kit, with Brooklyn wearing a David Beckham Academy training top ... Victoria looked after youngest son Cruz, who sat contentedly and shared cuddles with his mother, watching as his brothers joined in the training session at the elite club. As much as soccer isn't a huge professional sport here in the US, it is hugely popular among kids and teenagers so the image of Vicki as a soccer mom fits very well into the American suburban mindset (stilletos notwithstanding). [Source]

Little Brooklyn looks like he is a chip off the old block as he busted out a few trademark Beckham moves made famous by his dad:

Photo credit: Big Pictures

But, honestly, most boys go ga-ga over soccer early on before they tire of it and move on to something else. Shoot, even I played a bit of soccer in my youth ... but one swift kick to the shins made me realize that marching band was more my style. What? Yeah, I said it. Anyways, it's cute that the Beckham boys want to follow in their father's footsteps but I wouldn't necessarily count on this desire lasting forever. [Source]

After the soccer practice session was over, Vicki B. packed up the boys and took them out for some good ol' American comfort food -- at T.G.I.Friday's:

The image of Victoria Beckham dining at an American bar & grill chain restaurant is priceless. Personally, I would've suggested they try Chili's first (the Chicken Crispers are to die for) but I suppose they'll figure out their fave junk food restaurants soon enough. [Source]

Oh and one last bit of Beckhamness, Mr. Soccer himself is featured on the cover of the new issue of ESPN magazine:

I think the media hype may be dying down for a bit until at least Becks's first game this weekend. I hope he does well in Saturday's game ... I'd hate to see all the media attention take a negative turn just because he might have an off day. [Source, thanks Ellie]

Alright ... moving on ... with the disturbing story going around that Britney Spears and her mother Lynne Spears got into a physical altercation at Britney's home recently, I thought I'd focus instead on some positive Spears news. Here are a couple of new promo pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears for the upcoming season of her TV show Zoey 101:

Well, okay ... so these pictures aren't really news necessarily but it is encouraging that JL has managed to stay out of the bitter hostility that has erupted between her mother and sister. I'm sure all of this in-fighting can't be good for her or the family at large but it appears that JL is keepin' her nose out of the Spears family feud and is instead focusing on her career. If there is any real hope left in the Spears family, it prolly resides in Jamie Lynn Spears. [Source]

Good girl Paris Hilton is doing a pretty good job of staying out of trubs these days. While we've yet to see her take on any of those charitable causes that she pledged to devote her life to while she was in jail, we have seen a lot of evidence that Paris is truly enjoying her copious amounts of free time. Here is a picture of Paris at the beach showing off her new puppy and her new bathing suit:

Photo credit: Mavrix

I don't know that it's a good sign that Paris has started dressing like her new dog but I suppose it would be a worse sign if the dog started dressing like Paris. If that little thing starts wearing Clip And Go hair extensions, I think it might be time to put it down. [Source]

While Paris was happily showing off her new puppy and bathing suit, fellow troubled Hollywood "It" Girl Lindsay Lohan was cheerfully showing off her new alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet around town yesterday:

Photo credit: X17

I was under the impression that Lindsay only voluntarily wore the SCRAM ankle bracelet at the Pure nightclub party in Las Vegas to show the world that she is serious about staying sober and was not required to wear it on a regular basis. But it seems that I was wrong ... here she is wearing it days later. I'm not sure how long Lindsay will have to wear the ankle bracelet but she really doesn't seem to mind it at all. If it helps keep her alive and well, I don't think that I mind it either. [Source]

Yay! It sounds as if things with Landro are still going well these days. Just last week, Lance Bass was talking about his new Brazilian model man-friend Pedro Andrade as if they were "just friends" but now he's gushing to anyone who will listen about how "amazing" he is ... and by the looks of the little skimpy Heatherette outfit that Pedro wore at the Life Ball gala in Vienna earlier this year (where Lance and Pedro met) I think I can understand where all of Lance's enthusiasm is coming from:

Connecting with new boyfriend Pedro Andrade was a real high for Lance Bass: He first spotted him 35,000 feet up in the air. "He was asleep in the back of the plane on the way over," the former 'N Sync star said of the Brazilian model, who was also en route to Vienna for the May 28 Life Ball. "I was like, 'He's really cute,'" Bass, 28, told PEOPLE at Monday's New York premiere of the movie Hairspray. At the time Andrade, according to designer Richie Rich, was working at the Austrian event as a model for Heatherette ... "It's so fresh and new," Bass said about the relationship. "The good thing is learning everything about him. He's really great . . . amazing" ... Bass said that it took some time to get over his break-up with Reichen Lehmkuhl last December – but he's enjoying the dating life. "It's the first time I've ever been able to date, so it's nice to go out ... and get to know people and not jump into a relationship right away, which I usually do." And will Andrade go see Bass in Hairspray? "Of course," said Lance. "He'd better." Awww ... I am so happy that Pedro makes Lance so happy. If Pedro wears this little Heatherette outfit often then I'm sure he has no problem making Lance feel happy ... in the pants! [Source]

Courtney Love played an intimate show at The Roxy last night for approx. 150 of her closest My Space friends but before she took to the stage to entertain, she took to the spray-on tanning salon to orange-ify herself:

Photo credit: Flynet

Boy, what a difference a few gallons of tanning spray makes ... she looks so natural! [Source]

Anyways, after C. Love was all painted up she hauled her cookies out to The Roxy to play a fan-only show for her closest My Space friends in an exclusive showcase of material from her upcoming album Nobody's Daughter. Here are a couple pics of the fried and dyed chanteuse on stage last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

The show was sponsored by My Space was was by invitation only but it was taped and will be available online next month for those of us who couldn't attend last night's show. [Source]

Prince made a surprise appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland yesterday just days after he played a show in the Hamptons and just weeks before he begins his 21-night residency in the UK. Here are a couple pics from Prince's Montreux performance:

Yep, it seems as if Prince has taken on the mantle of the Hardest Working Man in Show Business these days. Folks in the UK are already enjoying his latest album Planet Earth since it was given away with the Mail on Sunday newspaper last weekend but the rest of us can now stream the album online HERE until it gets released domestically. I've already listened to the album a few times and while there are many songs on the disc that I really like, unfortch I can't say that it's my favorite Prince album of all time. [Source]

On the other hand, I recently received a copy of the Original Cast Recording of Legally Blonde: The Musical and haven't been able to stop listening to it. The cast recording is now available for sale and to celebrate the release Laura Bell Bundy, Orfeh and the rest of the cast of Legally Blonde: The Musical were on hand for an in-store performance and signing at the Virgin Megastore in NYC yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Getting to hear all the music from the show makes me want to see the show again. I'm not sure when I'll be in NYC next but as much as I want to see shows like Hairspray (with Lance Bass) and Rent (with Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp ... for the umpteenth millionth time), I think I want to see Legally Blonde again too. For those of you who are fans of Laura Bell Bundy, make sure you check out her amazing country album Longing for a Place Already Gone. Now, it should go without saying that I am not the biggest country music fan on Earth but this album is really, really fun. Laura will be performing a few shows at the Birdland Ballroom in NYC starting next week so if you get the hankering for a really fun show you should check her out. [Source]

Jet Blue has been named the official airline of the Simpsons' hometown of Springfield and to celebrate, the entire Simpsons family came out for a little media photo opp to pose for pics with a Jet Blue plane:

Photo credit: Splash News

I believe that select Jet Blue flights will serve items like Buzz Cola but I don't believe that they will be serving Duff Beer or Squishy iced drinks. Anything to sell a few more movie tickets, I suppose. [Source]

And finally, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to my dear friend Mike who is turning 32 years old today. I know Mike won't mind me mentioning his actual age because he told me that he is happy to own the reality of his aging and I must give him props for that:

Mike and I have only known each other since March but he has already become one of my very good friends and I am so happy that I will be able to celebrate his birthday with him today. There is gonna be a big shindig tonight here in LA and I am looking forward to toasting him for his birthday with all of his other friends. Happy Birthday, Mike!!! XOXO

Les News:
So, I pretty much spent most (okay, all) of yesterday afternoon watching the second season of The Hills on DVD since I wanted to catch up on the eps that I missed before the third season starts in a few weeks. I must admit that I was surprised that I had missed so much drama the first time around when the show aired. C'mon, you know YOU watch the show too and can't get enough of all the LC vs. Heidi drama. I think watching this show on DVD is the best way to enjoy it because not only are there no commercial breaks but one episode leads directly into the next without stopping ... and now you see how I managed to spend 4 hours watching all those eps.

Last night, I decided to go out and see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before too much time got away from me and I missed seeing it in theaters altogether ... and I am really glad I made the time ... this new movie is, by far, the best Harry Potter film yet:

There wasn't one thing about this movie that I didn't love. The darker tone really works well, especially since the kids are growing up. The villains are really great this time around and are not all cute and cartoony. I love Imelda Staunton as Dolores Umbridge ... she is so wickedly evil despite her cutesy pink outfits. You know that a character is well-acted when all you can think about is how much you want to punch them in the face. Helena Bonham Carter plays the perfect Bellatrix Lestrange ... she didn't even need to be made-up to play the part ... she shows up on set, they push her directly to her mark and away she goes. Brills! This was the first Harry Potter movie where I was completely engrossed in the story and I wasn't at all thinking about the book version of the plot. This movie stands up well on its own and I urge you to check it out even if you aren't familiar with the book series. That being said, if you're a fan of the books and you've not seen the movie yet you should go now before the final Harry Potter book gets released on Friday. Seeing the film will really get you amped for reading the final book (as if Harry Potter fans needed any prodding). Again, I have to give props to JK Rowling for creating such an amazing story and for inspiring kids to want to read. I really hope she continues to write more books.

So ... I guess that is all ... this afternoon I have a date with the DMV and then I'll be partying with Mike for his birthday so ... off I go. I'm out.



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