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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Save A Horse ...

As summer wears on, the temperatures continue to rise here in Southern California (and, indeed, all across the country) causing folks around town to figure out a way to stay cool under any circumstances. Most people take refuge inside their air-conditioned homes or some other public establishment, while others don their finest swimwear and go for a dip in a pool or at the beach. When you're Britney Spears (who, mind you, has access to the most expensive air-conditioned luxuries, summer clothing and pools that money can buy), apparently, it makes total sense to just pull over on the side of the road, strip down to your underwear and just drag your new friend (cousin?) straight into the Pacific Ocean as is ... which is exactly what our dear Britney got the brills idea to do yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Big Pictures, Flynet & X17

You know, I'm not even gonna try to explain or justify this sort of behavior. Clearly it makes sense in her head, I'm not sure that it does in anyone else's. From what I understand, Britters spent the earlier part of the day meeting with her lawyers and must've gotten some great news because the next thing you know the girl is stripped down to her skivvies, frolicking around with Cousin Allie Daimon the bodyguard her new Yorkie named London some as of yet unidentified blonde chick who may or may not be her new BFF of the moment. Lord. Sometimes, it's better to just close your eyes and pretend that what you are seeing isn't really happening ... I suppose, this is how I've managed to stay so loyal to Britney Spears over the years ;) In happier Britney news, word is going around (via a blog posting from an alleged Britney Spears backup dancer on My Space) that Britney is going to be shooting a music video today here in LA for her new single Get Back:




I fear this backup dancer might be right in assuming that we all "ain't ready". It might be time to pray, y'all. Dear Lord, help Miss Britney with her music video today. Remind her to brush out her tangled hair extensions, to not chew gum while she's "singing" and to keep all parts of her body normally covered up by a bathing suit (when she wears one) completely covered at all times for the duration of this video shoot. I realize it's a lot to ask but the poor Britney Spears fans that have been praying for a miracle would be greatly appreciative. Amen. [Source, Source, Source]

In other news, the nominations for the 2007 Emmy Awards have been announced and there are quite a few surprises in this year's batch of nominations ... mostly dealing with who and what wasn't nominated this year -- especially in the Best Drama category (um, Lost & 24, I'm talking to you):

The Sopranos' swan song on HBO earned the acclaimed drama 15 Emmy nominations Thursday, more than any other series, and the pay-cable network's movie Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee nabbed 17 nominations to lead all categories. HBO again dominated the vote totals with 86, but ABC had a strong showing with 70, followed by NBC's 69. CBS, often overlooked by Emmy voters, had 44, and Fox had 28. In contrast to last year, when no new series was nominated in major categories and many honors went to canceled shows, returning freshmen left their mark this time. Academy of Television Arts & Sciences voters honored newcomer Heroes as a best-drama contender and gave ABC's Boston Legal its first shot at that honor, joining a list that also includes House, Grey's Anatomy and The Sopranos. (Last year's top drama 24 didn't make the cut after what was widely considered a sub par season) ... In acting categories, Sopranos star James Gandolfini earned his sixth drama nomination, joining returnees Kiefer Sutherland of 24 (last year's winner), Legal's James Spader, Rescue Me's Denis Leary and House's Hugh Laurie. Actress Minnie Driver got her first Emmy nomination for her role as a con-woman traveler on FX's freshman series The Riches, joining Mariska Hargitay, last year's winner for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Closer's Kyra Sedgwick, The Sopranos' Edie Falco, Medium's Patricia Arquette and Sally Field, a seven-time nominee with her first for ABC's new Brothers & Sisters. America Ferrera earned her first nomination for the title role on ABC hour-long comedy Ugly Betty, and former Saturday Night Live writer Tina Fey earned her first acting stripes for 30 Rock alongside Felicity Huffman (Desperate Housewives), Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds) and 2006 winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus (The New Adventures of Old Christine). Parker also was nominated in the movie and miniseries category for Oxygen's The Robber Bride) ... But some of TV's biggest hits didn't get as much love: Grey's Anatomy won supporting nominations for Katherine Heigl, T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh but none for lead actors Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. Among the Desperate Housewives housewives, only Huffman got the call. None of the three CSI series was nominated in major categories. And though 30 Rock got plenty of love, NBC's other struggling but critically beloved series, the drama Friday Night Lights, was largely shut out. It earned honors only for casting and directing. NBC had been counting on Emmy support for a ratings boost. For the first time, Survivor was snubbed entirely in the reality-competition category, which has been won by The Amazing Race four years in a row. But Race will compete again against Bravo's Top Chef and Project Runway, Fox's American Idol and ABC's Dancing With the Stars. I can't say that I'm very surprised that neither Lost nor 24 were nominated in the big category but I think it was pretty much decided upon by everyone who watched both shows that last season was not a very good one overall for either show (calling them sub par is being kind). That being said, I'm not worried about either series because we know that the producers of Lost learned their lesson and will prolly not try to test the audience's patience again and it is rare that 24 misses the mark so entirely that I think last season might have been just an aberration (this is what I keep telling myself). I'm thrilled that shows like Heroes and Ugly Betty got nominated ... they are both so well done that it's great that they are being recognized for all their hard work. I'm pulling for Heroes and all the Heroes players to go home on Emmy night with a bunch of awards. Click HERE for a full list of this year's Emmy nominations. [Source]

Last night, Director John Waters brought the new movie based on the musical based on HIS movie Hairspray back to his hometown of Baltimore, MD where the movie is set for the final premiere before the movie opens nationwide tomorrow. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage

And so, the worldwide trek of the Hairspray premieres comes home to Baltimore where the whole thing got its start. I'm not sure if many people who are familiar with this new musical version of the story have seen the original John Waters version of the tale but I urge you to check it out after you see this new movie version. Actually, I'd encourage all y'all to check out any of John Waters's movies ... they aren't for the faint of heart but they are provocative and extremely interesting. [Source]

Additionally, I came upon these two pictures of Zac Efron and Amanda Bynes from the NYC premiere of Hairspray earlier in the week and just had to post them:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Yeah, I have *no* idea what Zac is looking for in these pictures ... maybe he dropped his lip gloss down the front of Amanda's dress? [Source]

The Beckhams haven't even been living in America for a full week yet (they arrived late last Thursday night) and things are already starting to change for the fabulous ones ... well, at least for Vicki B. that is. The poor stickly woman takes one trip to T.G.I.Friday's and she already has what looks to be cellulite (or something) breaking out all over her usually svelt legs ... behold:

Photo credit: INFdaily

Victoria Beckham may be famous primping and preening, but when she stepped out for a photoshoot in her new hometown of Los Angeles, one imperfection was startlingly clear. The body-conscious Spice Girl showed off bizarre saggy skin on her leg, while her tiny thigh looked almost hollow around the bone ... She's spent her first official week in LA enjoying ritzy dinners with husband David in Santa Monica and has just recently joined the soccer mum set with a trip to watch her sons play at a local field. Next up, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, along with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, are expected to throw the couple a "Welcome to America" party on the weekend, according to the New York Post. A source told the paper: "Invitations went out all over Hollywood... they were printed on red velvet with tacky gold lettering." Yeah, I don't know what the hell is going on here. The calves look like they've got bumpy cellulite but the thigh does look like it has a gaping hole -- you can't blame that shizz on T.G.I.Friday's. It appears that the fembot can't handle the California heat and is in dire need of replacement parts. Drats ... and I really liked this model version. [Source]

In other soccer news, a bunch of celebs came out for a little party in honor of the Chelsea Soccer Football Team Club here in LA last night. Chelsea takes on the LA Galaxy at the Home Depot Center this Saturday afternoon and decided to unwind a bit on the Galaxy's home turf beforehand. Here are a few pics from the event's red carpet last night:

I can understand why Jason Statham was in the hiz but I can't really picture Paris Hilton, Tara Reid or Kristin Davis as big soccer fans. Well, I guess it's true that I am not a big soccer fan at all and yet I'm all wrapped up in this crazy footie mess these days so ... I suppose I can't really talk. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this event was Paris Hilton's first red carpet event since she released from jail a few weeks ago ... huh, and I was sure her first red carpet appearance was gonna be at a charity event for homeless, blind, comatose children or something like that. And wow, Tara Reid is really orange ... she couldn't be any oranger unless she was Courtney Love ... [Source]

... and speaking of Ms. Love, it seems that her intimate concert at The Roxy earlier this week wasn't only attended by her closest 150 My Space friends as was widely reported ... there was at least one other fan in the house -- and, apparently, Courtney was none too pleased about it:

Poor Paris Hilton was left shattered and in tears when her former pal Courtney Love flashed the finger at her during a gig earlier this week. No word on why Miss Love made the gesture in the first place. Paris was seen leaving the rocker's gig at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood after the incident. An onlooker tells The Sun: "Paris was just dancing at the side of the stage to Celebrity Skin when Courtney stuck up a finger to her. No one really knows what the reason was. Paris burst into tears and left the gig early. I thought they were friends." While this little item is hugely entertaining, I find it very hard to believe that Paris was "left shattered and in tears" just because Courtney Love flipped her off. Paris is a hardened jailbird, ya'll ... I'm sure it takes more than a middle finger to reduce her to tears ... unless Paris thought that C. Love was gonna do another full body cavity search of her with that finger or something ... then I could see how she might want to cry. [Source]

Alyson Hannigan, who shined in a lovely white dress, was on hand last night for the re-grand opening of the vintage shop DecadesTwo here in LA last night and here are a few pics:

Aly always looks so cute and her darker hair color really looks great with that dress. I love that she was chillin' with Zachary Quinto (who plays Sylar on Heroes) ... tho I must scrunch my nose up a bit that she had to be so close to Matthew St. Patrick rockin' the heinous the pit stain ... cuz you know that right after they took this pic together they prolly all hugged one another and no matter how hard you try not to you always end up touching some part of the pit stain wetness when hugging. Blah. I hope the party was worth it. [Source, thanks Katie]

In unfortunate fashion news, Hayden Christensen apparently has lost all sense of sight ...

Photo credit: Flynet

... or maybe he just has really bad taste. Yeah, I can't even give him props for the man bag until he burns those manpris. Ugh. [Source]

Speaking of fashion faux pas', what do you make of this picture of Prince not only wearing thong slippers ... but thong slippers with socks!?

I mean, I get that the little guy prolly doesn't want to hear high heels all the time but there has got to be better casual footwear out there for him to wear. [Source]

Here are a couple pics of Reese Witherspoon with her little boy Deacon as they vacationed in Hawaii recently:

Clearly the young lad is already undergoing potty training ... and I suppose it's never too early to learn how to pee in a bush properly. [Source]

Here is our first look at Tom Cruise doing his best Col. Wilhelm Klink impersonation for his new movie Valkyrie:

In this new movie, Tom plays Nazi Col. Claus von Stauffenberg who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler during WWII ... and looks very fetching in his eye patch. Even so ... I think I might skip this movie and stick with old reruns of Hogan's Heroes instead. [Source]

Here is a new ad for the Mariah Carey fragrance called M by Mariah Carey:

The ad looks a bit like the promo stuff for Britney Spears's fragrance Fantasy ... except that Mariah is wearing really bad gardening slippers from the Martha Stewart Living, K-Mart Collection, Blue Light Special bargain bin. [Source]

UPDATE: OH SNAP! It turns out that this Mimi fragrance ad is a Photoshopped fake! Click HERE to check out the original Gisele Bundchen ad courtesy of Young, Black and Fabulous (tho, Gisele is still wearing those tacky shoes). [thanks Lisa]

And finally, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to my friend Desi who turns one year older today:

I met the lovely Miss Desi not long after I moved to LA and loved her immediately (as I recall, we had a very nice time together at the MTV VMA's last year). She will be celebrating her birthday with family and friends tonight and I wish I could be there to party with her but I am sending all my love instead. Have a very Happy Birthday, Desi! XOXO

Les News:
So yesterday was pretty fun ... well, mostly fun ... well, the parts that didn't involve the California DMV were very fun. I met up with Mike for a quick birthday lunch yesterday before I had to trek out to Glendale to make my appointment with the DMV. I kinda found out I was a year overdue to register my car here in the state so I had to pay all sorts of fees and get all sorts of car tests ... hugely complicated and involved. Yeah, in Detroit, Michigan where the car was invented we don't have to jump thru so many hoops. BUT, I got it mostly taken care of and only have to go back one more time to finalize everything. I'll be taking the California driver's test as well ... but if Vicki B. can get a driver's license here in Cali than I'm sure I can too.

Anyways, after the DMV I met back up with Mike and we made our way out to the Saddle Ranch restaurant and honky-tonk for his birthday dinner celebration ... there was good peeps, good eats and a mechanical bull ... what more could you ask for:

Much to everyone's chagrin (sorry Paul) I did not ride the mechanical bull ... but after seeing how hot Mike and Paul looked on that mechanical monstrosity, well, that was one tough act that I couldn't follow. We had a great time ... as the pictures can attest.

Tonight I have a date with Kirsten ... we're going to meet up with Pink reader Lionel and his friends at the House of Blues for the Dolores O'Riordan concert. Hot!

And so ... that is all. I'm out.



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