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Friday, August 10, 2007

Becks Back In Action

Well, I had anticipated that I would be back in LA by now but due to insane delays yesterday here at Detroit Metro Airport I pushed back my flight to this afternoon ... so I got to spend one more night here in D-town. Not that this is necessarily important but I figured I'd give y'all a head's up since I said I'd be comin' atcha from the West Coast and I'm still chillin' in the Midwest. So ... let's get to it ...

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! David Beckham's ankle finally healed enough so that he could play a portion of last night's LA Galaxy soccer game vs. DC United in Washington DC. Last night's play time came in at a whopping 21 minutes, almost double the time he played in his very first LA Galaxy soccer game vs. Chelsea a few weeks ago. I really wish I could've been at RFK Stadium to enjoy all the fun but a few Pink readers (like Tara, Megan, Katrina and Matt) were in the hiz for Becks's Major League Soccer debut and have written to me their reports, some sending in their photos. Pink reader Marielle (who asked me to give a shout-out to her friends Kathy, Anna and Johnny E.) sends in these amazing photos of Becks doing his stretchy warm-up exercises right before he entered the game:

Is there anything more enjoyable than watching a hot limber man get all stretched out for action? I remember when Becks started stretching on the sidelines at the Chelsea game the whole stadium started to go crazy ... cuz they knew what was coming. Pink reader Karina sends in THIS video of Becks doing a bit of his warm-up routine.

Pink reader L. sent in a pretty detailed report from last night's game which I will quote alongside some more of Marielle and Cos. pics:

Becks came in around the 70th minute and played until the end of the game (so approximately 23 minutes). He didn't get a whole lot of action on the field other than a few passes and the like, but the roar of the crowd and the sight of the flashbulbs were ridiculous every time he touched the ball. When he entered the game, I hadn't heard a roar like that at RFK since the last HFStival I attended there in the 90s! The Galaxy had him warm up during the first half, which got people a little riled up, but after the game was over and he took off his trademark long-sleeved jersey it really set the teenage girls into a frenzy. LA lost to DC, with a final score of 1-0. The final attendance for the game was 46,686! DC usually pulls in between 15-20,000 and RFK is about a 50,000 seat stadium, so it was great to see the seats filled. It poured like crazy through the middle of the game, but everyone was so dead-set on seeing Becks that people stayed in the rain. Although I'm a hardcore DC fan, it's kind of cool to say that I saw Beckham play in his second and longest appearance with the MLS. [Source, Source, thanks L., Marielle, Kathy, Anna and Johnny E.]

Here are a few pics of Becks peeling off his wet jersey after the game was over:

Katrina sends in another vidclip HERE of Becks removing his jersey. Mmm hmm. I'm not usually a big fan of the rain but you will not hear me complianin' at all (even if the rain was what caused my flight delay last night). There was one bit of controversy before the game even got underway ... Becks inadvertently put his foot in his mouth by offending a major MLS supporter, FieldTurf, for being responsible for the artificial turf used at RFK Stadium: David Beckham can do lots of things with his feet. On Thursday, he realized he'd stuck one in his mouth. The English midfielder apologized to FieldTurf, which makes an artificial surface used in many stadiums. A day earlier, Beckham had said FieldTurf was one of the things that was "not right" about Major League Soccer and that all of the league's games should be played on grass. "I have to apologize -- I didn't realize FieldTurf was actually a company," Beckham said. Adding to the embarrassment, Beckham admitted that he had actually purchased three FieldTurf fields for one of his youth soccer academies. "At that level, I think it's a great surface," he said. Beckham said his feelings haven't changed about the use of FieldTurf for MLS games because of the toll the harder surface takes on the body. Four of the league's 13 teams play their home games on an artificial surface. Hee hee, whoops! Well, I don't know how anyone at FieldTurf (or anywhere else for that matter) could be angry at Becks for making these remarks ... especially since he is always so kind enough to remove his jersey whenever the spirit moves him :) I'm just happy that the man was able to play last night because I don't know that fans would've been too happy if he sat out another game. The Galaxy will face DC United again next Wednesday night at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA ... hopefully they'll be able to pull off victory at that game. [Source]

One last bit of Becksness, Pink reader Kara forwarded me a Motorola email newsletter that featured Becks promoting the MOTOROKR S9 headset:

Altho the headset looks more like something might see at a fast food drive-thru window, there is something about seeing Becks wearing it that makes it seem so much cooler. Woot! Thank you all, especially Marielle , L., Katrina and Tina for taking the time to share their experiences, photos and videos with all of us so that we can share in the fun! [Source, thanks Kara]

Okay ... there are other things going on other than David Beckham playing soccer so let's move on ... here are a couple pictures from Claire Danes's appearance on MTV's TRL yesterday afternoon:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Clarie visited the show to do some promo for her new movie Stardust, which opens in theaters today. As you may recall, Stardust is the movie adaptation of the book by the same name which was written by my favorite contemporary author Neil Gaiman. In the movie, Claire plays a star that has fallen from the sky who is pursued by pretty much everyone (for various reasons) thruout the course of the film. I am so happy that Stardust features such a great cast (Claire, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sienna Miller, Robert De Niro) because it is such a great story which I hope gets seen by a lot of people. I had planned on seeing the movie tonight since I thought I'd be in LA by now but I'm fairly certain that I will be seeing it at some point this weekend. You should check it out as well and let me know what you think :) [Source]

Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice of the Spice Girls paid a little visit to the Larry King Live show last night with her hired guy, attorney Gloria Allred, by her side. She was originally scheduled to talk about her paternity woes with deadbeat dad Eddie Murphy but since news broke this week of her almost 3-month long secret marriage to Stephen Belafonte the focus of the interview changed a bit. Here are a couple screencaps from Mel's appearance on the show:

Spice Girl Melanie Brown and her husband of two months, music producer Stephen Belafonte, hope to have more children – in addition to the three they already have between them. "Yeah, I'd like to, of course," Brown, 32, told Larry King on his CNN program Thursday, in response to his asking her about having more kids. Besides 4-month-old daughter Angel Iris, whose father is Eddie Murphy (from whom Brown is seeking "reasonable" child support, it was said on the King show), Brown is the mother of daughter Phoenix Chi, 8, from her marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar. Belafonte also has a daughter, Giselle, 3, from a previous relationship. As for the couple's June 6 marriage in Las Vegas, which was not revealed publicly until this week, Brown said, "It's very, very private. It's been private for nearly two months now. We wanted it to be a private thing right now … a commitment just for me and him." The couple intend to hold another ceremony later this year for friends and family members, she said. Likely not to be on the guest list: Murphy. Speaking about him, Brown said, "I think he's been extremely disrespectful, and I don't think anyone should be allowed to get away with saying what he said whilst I was pregnant" ... Regarding claims and counterclaims both she and Murphy had made before, during and after their relationship, Brown told King, "We didn't make set in stone plans to be married but we definitely spoke about it." She added, "Our relationship may have been brief but it was intense, and we were very much in love and wanted to have a family together. That's that. I mean we're both tattooed. You don't tattoo somebody's name on your body if it's brief and unimportant, let's put it that way." Well duh, nothing says "true love FOREVER" like getting matching tattoos. I dunno, there is something really sad about this whole thing getting played out in the media. Yes, what Eddie Murphy did to Mel and their baby was despicable but I don't know that she needs to get dragged all over town by Gloria Allred so that she can rehash all the sorry details over and over and over again. I get that she's pissed but it kinda makes her seem like a very sad person the more she cries on TV. At this point, I wouldn't be shocked if she ended up with her own reality TV which chronicles, in scathing detail, every part of this whole sad affair. [Source]

Brangelina have taken up temporary residency in Chicago, IL this week so that Angelina Jolie can continue work on her new film Wanted. But, ever the dutiful and doting mother, Angelina always makes time for her children whenever possible ... so she and her eldest daughter Zahara Jolie-Pitt took a little trip to the toys store to pick up a few things -- here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Princess Zahara looks so cute. It's nice to know that Maddox isn't getting all the attention these days (despite the big birthday blowout he enjoyed last week) nor are the other, younger children stealing all the spotlight. I'm just constantly amazed at how much Angelina is able to get done while being a full-time working mom. [Source]

Here are new pics of Nicole Richie out and about showing off her ever-expanding baby bump:

Photo credit: X17

Nicole looks absolutely amazing! Pregnancy really agrees with her. I am so happy to know that she and babydaddy Joel Madden are so happy together. I'm really looking forward to watching her baby bump progress continue over the coming months. [Source]

In other happy couples news, here are pictures of Hilary Duff back home in LA with her new beau, hockey player Mike Comrie gettin' all kissy kissy together yesterday:

Things appear to be going well for the new couple. I don't know that I believed they were all that serious back when they were first spotted together on July 25th but they appear to have picked up right where they left off before Hilary jetted off to Canada to play a few shows. I'm not hearing the nicest things about Mr. Comrie and the way he treats the ladies so I hope things are going well for Hilary. She deserves to find a nice guy who will treat her right ... with dignity. [Source]

Here are new pictures of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen making their way thru LAX airport this week doing their best to appear as normal as possible ...

... and failing miserably. MK continues to dress like a homeless person (tho even homeless people have the decency to not wear sheer clothing) and Ashley continues to look better by comparison. I'm sure I have *no idea* what possible need Ashley has for a handbag that is half her size but I guess Olsens will be Olsens. [Source]

Tobey Maguire continues to play dress up this week as he suited up, once again, in the little spandex biking outfit that he prolly fished out of Jake Gyllenhaal's trash bin (and had shrunk). Aw, it's okay tho ... Tobey wears it well. And OH LOOK, Tobey found himself a friend to go riding with:

Photo credit: X17

Everybody knows that a superhero has to have a sidekick so I'm glad to see that Tobey found himself a good one. If this new guy's backside is any indicator, it looks like he chose well. [Source]

I mentioned earlier this week that Amy Winehouse was treated had her stomach pumped at a medical center for exhaustion after she passed out on Wednesday. Her people said she was merely tired and worn out but reports today claim that her collapse was the result of a 3-day booze and drugs bender that finally caught up with the skeletal chanteuse ... as a result, her family and friends made her go to rehab (apparently they said, Go, go, go):

Amy Winehouse has checked herself into rehab following a suspected drugs overdose. The troubled singer was treated in hospital after collapsing on Wednesday. She is seeking help at The Priory in Roehampton after her shocking drink and drugs lifestyle finally took its toll. Amy is understood to be in a private wing of the hospital today, surrounded by her family and friends ... [who] pleaded with her after the suspected overdose this week, saying, "you will die if you don't get help". Amy's husband, Blake Fielder- Civil, and her parents Mitchell and Janis, who separated when she was nine, are understood to be with her and a security guard is posted outside, checking people as they go in and out. Today it was claimed that Amy had been on a three-day drugs bender before her collapse. A friend claims: "She looked like a zombie — white as a sheet and trembling. And I'll never forget her eyes. They were dead, like a shark. Even Amy says she will be dead within one year." The star began the bender on Monday after landing at Heathrow from a music festival in Chicago. She headed straight for the Robert Inn in Hounslow where she knocked back vodka with her husband. Later that evening Amy and Fielder-Civil went onto a favourite haunt, the Hawley Arms in Camden. The binge continued into Tuesday and at 1am on Wednesday Amy collapsed at the reception of London's University College Hospital. Her record company said at the time that she was suffering from "nervous exhaustion". Today a spokesman said: "We've no further comment to make." It's so sad when someone so hugely talented chooses to live in such a destructive manner. I just watched an interview with Amy on MTV this past weekend at Lollapalooza and she was an utter mess. She wasn't very responsive, the answers she gave weren't very coherent and she kept fidgeting when she wasn't talking. At this point, I saw toss her in with the rest of the rehab bunch and hopefully at least one of them will emerge healthy and alive. [Source, Source]

Here is a new promo picture of Iron Man from the movie of the same name that is due in theaters next summer:

I am so impressed with everything that I've seen from this movie thus far. If the film itself turns out as cool as the promo pictures have then I think the movie will be a big hit. That being said, my money is still on The Dark Knight as the big Superhero blockbuster of 2008. [Source]

And finally, Pink is the new Blog has been sorely lacking in the Jake Gyllenhaal department in recent months (not counting the horrible pics of Jake lookin' all chummy with Reese Witherspoon ... GRRR) so here are a few outtake photos of Jake from the photoshoot he did for the Guardian earlier this year:

Hmmm ... I'm sure that Jake has been missing me about as much as I've been missing him. It's okay, Jakey poo, I still heart you! [Source]

OH and one last thing ... I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to my girl VLB (Sarah Tamayo for those of you not in the know) who is celebrating her birthday today. It is my sincere wish that the bottle of perfume I got for her brings her lots of lovin' and I hope that she has an amazing birthday today! XOXO

Les News:
Well ... I got to spend an extra day and night here in Detroit which really wasn't so bad at all. After my annoyance with Southwest abated, I realized that I had more time to hang out with my folks and my friends ... and I had time to make a quick trip to Twelve Oaks Mall, too :)

But, as far as I can tell, my flight today is on schedule and I should be back in LA in no time. Thank you, so much, Detroit for a wonderful week. I had a blast and I can't wait to come back home again soon :)

I'm out.



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