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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No Day But Today -- Again

OY! All these late New York nights are starting to take their toll but I am having a great time in the city. It's surprisingly cold here (it hasn't been this cold in NYC in August since 1911) and yet, I'm loving every minute of it. The news is pretty light today (surprising for a Wednesday) but let's do the damn thing anyways :)

David Beckham has updated his official site with a new blog post -- one that I can actually believe he wrote himself. I was worried that his blog would only updated occasionally, when there are things to promote (ie. to generate ticket sales) but his latest post is surprisingly ... normal:

I love how he's not really talking about anything significant, just updating with stuff that has been going on with him lately. He promises to "let [us] know how it goes" after he plays in the England vs. Germany friendly match tonight which goes to show that he may actually devote time and energy to his blog. I think it's hilarious that he would even take the time to bizzy himself with blog posts with so much stuff going on in his life. Even if he does have a staffer doing the updating for him, at least he's taking the time to make it look like he's taking the time. [Source]

While Becks is back in the Motherland of Great Britain, wifey Vicki B. is back at their new home in LA doing what she can to keep the kiddies entertained while daddykins is away. Here are pics of VB taking the kids out for some fun at a day summer camp:

Photo credit: Splash News

To tell the truth, I would have expected that VB and co. head off to London with Becks to allay any homesickness they might be feeling but it appears that VB has really taken to her new home quite entirely. It's hard to give up the California sun, let me tell you. School will be starting up soon so it looks like Vicki B. is trying to squeeze in as much summer fun as she can before the kids have to go back to school. She may look all cold and robotic but beneath those plastic-inflated boobs and that protruding breastplate of hers beats the heart of a fun-loving spirit. [Source]

Well now, here are more pictures of Lindsay Lohan once again outside the confines of the Cirque Lodge rehab treatment facility in Utah. She has spent pretty much every day this week doing everything but staying on the grounds of the rehab center. Her family (sans father Michael Lohan) has made the trek to Utah to spend some time with her (after all, who doesn't want to do some white water rafting every now and again) ... here are pics of Lindsay with her siblings Michael, Ali and Cody doing some grocery shopping together:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm sure there aren't many things to do in Utah (outside of bike riding, river rafting and hiking) so hanging out at the local mercantile must be an extra special treat for some folks. I guess anything but staying on the grounds of the treatment facility is preferable for L. Lo. [Source]

Dina Lohan didn't go with her children to chill at the grocery store, she stayed behind at the center doing mom things (most probably, getting a massage or a pedicure). I found it very surprising that Lindsay and her family were looking so happy, especially in light of the serious charges and possibly significant prison time she was facing ... and then news came out yesterday for the real reason behind those smiles. Lindsay might actually get off pretty much scott free:

Photo credit: Splash News

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ there is a "strong possibility" the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office will NOT file felony charges against Lindsay Lohan in connection with her two DUI arrests. We're told charges may be filed tomorrow, and the D.A. is leaning toward rejecting three possible felonies. Sources say the D.A. almost certainly will not file cocaine charges in connection with her DUI bust Memorial Day weekend in Beverly Hills. As for her July 24 arrest in Santa Monica, the D.A. could charge her with felony cocaine possession, and bringing cocaine into a correctional facility -- also a felony. But we're told that the D.A. is inclined not to file those felony charges either. That basically leaves misdemeanor DUI charges for both incidents. If Lohan is found guilty of both, she'd have to serve a minimum of four days in jail. Um, is anyone else out there bothered by this? How is it possible that the DA could actually think it prudent and in the public's best interest to not file felony charges in Lindsay's second DUI arrest in the same year? This is the sort of thing I would have expected of Hollywood justice a few years ago but I can't believe that it can still happen. Paris Hilton was sent to jail for more than 4 days for a driving violation and Lindsay could end up serving less time for being arrested for 2 drunk driving offenses (in a 3 month period, mind you) while being caught in possession of cocaine! How does a DA who operates this way get to keep their job? I'm just stunned. Lindsay is off at summer camp while her serious crimes are being swept underneath the rug. It just seems so grossly unfair and wrong to me. [Source]

And speaking of Paris Hilton, there is a new report that she is working on her next book (she is a published author, after all) one that, unfortch, will not be a prison memoir (boo). Hopefully she'll get it out in print very soon, Lindsay might need something to read at camp rehab very soon:

"She is planning to do another book," Paris' literary agent Dan Strone, who handled her 2004 book Confessions Of An Heiress, told Tuesday afternoon. "She is thinking of doing a new book, and I don't think believe at this time, it's contemplated to be a so-called prison diary." Strone said anything could change, as the specifics of Paris' next book is still in the planning stages, but he told in reference to the prison memoir reports, "I don't think that's the direction she's heading." Um, seriously? What other pearls of relevant wisdom could Paris Hilton possibly bestow to her readers that she didn't include in her Confessions of an Heiress book? I really think she needs to rethink this new book's direction and go back the prison diary route. She could include her lovely jailhouse sketches and recount the painful terror that she felt in her private cell. Now that's a tome that I eagerly want to read. [Source]

Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Johnny Witworth and Dolph Lungren were all on hand for the Hollywood premiere of the new movie 3:10 to Yuma at the Mann National Theatre in Westwood, CA last night. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Now, I'm not a big fan of westerns, in fact, I really hate them. I don't know that I've ever seen a western that I even remotely liked ... but, then again, I've never seen a western with Christian Bale in it either. I could watch that man in anything ... the last movie of his that I saw, Rescue Dawn, was a gripping Vietnam POW story (not exactly my cup of tea) that I quite enjoyed irregardless of the fact that I don't really care for war movies. I might have to take the plunge and check out this movie as well ... I'm sure I can rustle up Jordan to go with me, he's hot for Christian Bale too -- but really, who isn't? [Source]

In other Christian Bale news, he is appearing in a new Bob Dylan biopic where various actors will play Dylan at different stages of his career. Among the actors who will be portraying Bob Dylan in this movie is Cate Blanchett ... who looks amazingly a lot like Dylan in these pics:

As the 'chameleon' of actors Cate Blanchett is used to adopting a number of guises. From her breakthrough role as Elizabeth I - through to her Oscar-winning turn as Katharine Hepburn in The Aviator - she is as mesmerising playing historical figures as she is modern ones. However her next role will surely outdo all the others when her performance inspired by legendary folk singer Bob Dylan hits the big screen. Looking unrecognisable from her usual polished blonde self, Blanchett has donned a wig, shades and leather jacket - all black of course - to rival that of the Mr Tambourine Man's distinctive '60s look. The Australian actress, 38, is one of six actors including Heath Ledger, Richard Gere and up-and-coming British actor Ben Whishaw who will make an appearance as Dylan - each embodying a different aspect of his life story and music. However Blanchett's casting is by far the most unconventional - and the usually unflappable actress said the prospect of it "terrified" her. Cate Blanchett has to be one of my favorite actresses ever. She is absolutely amazing in every role she takes on. When I heard that she would be playing Dylan in this movie I had no doubt that she could pull it off -- seeing her in these pics only proves the point. As excited as I am to see Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett in this new movie, I think I'm most exicted at seeing Cate's other new movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age -- a sequel of sorts to her amazing breakthru 1998 movie Elizabeth. I'm sure I'll be talking about that movie much more as the release date comes closer. [Source]

Hmm ... Xtina Aguilera may be keeping mum on any official announcements regarding her impending pregnancy but it's getting harder and harder for her to keep her "secret":

Bumps don't lie. And now, the race is on ... who's gonna blow first -- Xtina or Nicole Richie? [Source]

Hayden Panettiere turned 18-years old yesterday and the first thing she did before getting her party on at the LG Beach House in Malibu, CA was get her butt down to the Delcare Yourself offices in Beverly Hills, CA to register to vote:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Good for Hayden for taking such a responsible step. This act may seem cheesy to some but I think it's a great way for her to inspire other 18-year olds to register to vote. But, once her civic duty was out of the way she got down to the partying. Hayden partied at the LG Beach House with her good friends and co-stars Adrian Pasdar, Natalie Maines, Milo Ventimiglia, Greg Grunberg, Zachary Quinto, Mario Lopez and new Heroes cast member Kristen Bell. I understand that the Birthday Cake was pink, made with red velvet cake, with a gold crown on top and covered in purple frosted flowers. It took her 5 tries to blow out all 18 candles. It sounds like she had a really nice, really wholesome 18th birthday -- I'd expect no less. [Source]

While Hayden was partying in Malibu with her TV co-star Heroes, Brad Pitt was bizzy being a real life hero in New Orleans saving the world ... natch. What else could drag Dad Pitt away from his loving family other than a chance to help people in need somewhere in the world:

Photo credit: Splash News

Brad Pitt stopped by the construction site of his environmentally friendly housing project in New Orleans on Tuesday, calling the enterprise "a small little victory." "It's hard to claim an overall victory when you see how slowly it's still moving," Pitt tells PEOPLE of the housing project, which is slated for completion next year, built in cooperation with Global Green and the Home Depot Foundation. "[Hurricane] Katrina was a man-made disaster. This house here is a man-made solution." By this time next year, the five single-family homes and approximately 18 apartments should be able to house up to 23 families – all using green building materials and including energy-saving appliances, dual windows and high-efficiency light bulbs. The building project broke ground last May. "My family and I are very happy to be back here in this great city. We love it here very much," said Pitt, who settled in New Orleans with Angelina Jolie and their children earlier this year while he was filming The Curious Case of Benjamin Button ... Of the housing project Pitt said, "There will be a family living in here a year from now, and this is a home that treats them with dignity, with respect, that is conscious of their quality of life." Heh ... and people think that Angelina Jolie is the saint of that family. I am just really, really impressed that these high profile celebs make so much effort to help out as many people as they can, whenever they can. I imagine that their children will all be raised with these notions of charity which may ensure that they will take up their parents' philanthropy when they grow up. How can you not want to love them all the more? [Source]

New Madonna music has been leaked to the InterWeb, generating a lot of anxious buzz about the release of her new album later on this year. We know that Madge collaborated with Pharrell on her Live Earth single Hey You but we now know that she worked with him on other music, specifically for her new album ... their song The Beat Goes On has already made its debut online:

You can stream the song HERE. It's a bit of a different sound than we're used to hearing from Madonna -- and especially different than the music on her last 2 albums. I am very anxious to hear how all these new influences (from Pharrell, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake) will shape her album. So far, I like what I hear ... I wanna hear more :) [Source]

Mariah Carey is really fond of showing off her ass these days ... first she flashed it bare in the promo artwork for her new fragrance M by Mariah Carey and now she does the same on the cover of the new issue of Interview magazine:

Altho her fake bronzer appears to have been misapplied (perhaps she should as the master, Zac Efron, to help her out next time) you gotta admit that she looks pretty damn good. Hell, even tho she's prolly Photoshopped to within an inch of her life Miss Mimi has still got it goin' on. [Source]

And finally, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead is celebrating her first birthday on the cover of the new issue of US Weekly magazine:

Something tells me that she will be spending every single birthday for the rest of her life on the cover of this or that tabloid magazine. That poor thing will be inheriting more than her mother's millions, unfortch for her she will also inherit her mother's infamy ... and the fun has only just begun. Happy Birthday, Dannilyn. [Source]

One last thing, I have to send out LOTS of BIRTHDAY LURVE to the AMAZING TORI AMOS who turns a beautiful 44 years young today:

I can't even explain how much I lurve Tori Amos ... Sarah and I are so excited to see her on tour later on this year and it is my sincere hope that she has the most amazing birthday today. Much Love and Happy Birthday, Tori!!! xo

Les News:
OMG ... last night was one of the most fun nights I've had in a very long time. Not only did I get to see Rent again for the seemingly millionth time but I also got to meet and talk to both Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp afterwards ... but I'm getting ahead of myself. Even tho I've seen the show 28+ times on tour, I only actually saw it one time on Broadway a few years ago. That was the last time I saw the show (not counting seeing the movie version in theaters). I never dreamed that I would be able to see Adam and Anthony reprise their roles for this show ever again -- in fact, I thought seeing them in the movie would be as close as I would get ... until last night:

I got the chills in all the usual places and was sucked into my intense fandom as soon as the show began. I had heard that former AI contestant Tamyra Gray was amazing in the role of Mimi but I don't know that I believed it until I saw and heard her for myself last night. Those blue pleather skintight pants were made for her, she was stunning. There are a few magical moments in the show, no matter who is performing, but seeing Adam and Anthony duet together (especially in the song What You Own) just blew me away. It was really a dream come true for me. I really must implore those of you who are even remotely interested in seeing this show (either for the first time or the 15th time) to try and make it to Broadway to see these guys perform. I promise, you will be blown away. And, the good news is that Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp's run in their Rent roles has been extended to October 7th. I don't know that I'll get to see the show again this week but if I'm back in the city before 10/07 I'm gonna deffo try to see it again. Gawd, once a Rent Head, always a Rent Head.

Much love goes out to Nik and Noah for taking such good care of David and me last night. They were the guys who allowed us to meet the guys after the show. I totally choked when talking with Anthony ... I got him to sign my Broadway cast recording but failed to ask for a pic ... but I did manage to get a pic with Adam:

I also got to meet a few Pink readers, including Melissa who is pictured above :)

After Adam Pascal finishes his run with Rent this time around he's hitting the road to perform his solo stuff ... I'll be sure to keep y'all updated on his tour schedule.

OY! It's been a bizzy week, the last nights are catching up with me. I think I might have to lay low tonight ... unless I get a really great offer I can't refuse. Hope it's sunny wherever you are ... it's starting to get lighter here :)

I am out!!!



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