Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rumor Mill

Britney Spears has been outta sight for the past few days ... and there were reports that she had fled the country and was spotted in Belgium and France (and is supposedly contemplating a permanent move to London). I don't know that I really believe that our dear Britney just packed up her shizz and flew to Europe only to return about a day or two later ... but I guess if you take into consideration that she seemed to fall off the face of the Earth just after those weaveless pics of her came out and, well, who knows. Hell, she's done crazier stuff before. Anyways, irregardless of whether or not she fled the country she's been spotted back in LA again ... tooling around in her Mercedes droptop convertible:

Photo credit: X17

The visit to Belgium rumor isn't even the craziest thing being talked about regarding Britney these days ... there are other reports that she either turned down a chance to perform with Justin Timberlake at the 2007 MTV VMAs or turned down her chance to perform solo (presumably with Criss Angel) because JT will be performing as well. It's hard to keep these ridiculous stories straight ... there's another story going around that JT wrote a song specifically for Britney that she refuses to perform -- but there is no way I believe that one. But at this point, I don't know that anyone knows for sure whether or not Britney will be at the VMAs at all come September 9th. If she misses out on the chance to perform at the VMAs you might as well put a fork in her. I'm afraid there isn't much more damage that her failing reputation as a performer can sustain. [Source]

There is a bit of good news, I suppose. KIIS FM in LA has premiered a new Britney Spears song which you can stream HERE. I've listened to it a few times already and ... I'm concerned.

In other sad news, England wasn't able to fend off the Germans in their friendly soccer match at the new Wembley Stadium last night. The German team has beaten England 4 times at the old Wembley Stadium (the most of any foreign team) and has already attained their first win against the Brits in the new Wembley Stadium. Obvs, Becks didn't look too happy ... which is evident because he didn't even have the heart to take off his shirt this time :(

David Beckham's sore left ankle held up enough for him to play the entire game in the middle leg of his trans-Atlantic odyssey. Beckham made his 97th international appearance, but his presence wasn't enough to keep England from losing 2-1 to Germany in an exhibition game on Wednesday night. Frank Lampard scored in the ninth minute, but Kevin Kuranyi equalized in the 25th and Christian Pander put the Germans ahead in the 40th. Germany, which beat England 1-0 in the final international game at the old Wembley Stadium in October 2000, became the first team to beat England in the new Wembley ... After playing his first full game for the Galaxy at Giants Stadium in a 5-4 loss Saturday night, he played an energetic 90 minutes without showing too much discomfort from his injured left ankle. Beckham plans to return to the Galaxy in time to play Thursday night against Chivas USA in Carson, Calif. Altho Becks insists that all this crazy traveling is not adversely effecting his game, you gotta know that it can't be all that beneficial to his performance. Becks is prolly on a plane right now winging his way back to LA where he is scheduled to play tonight. Well, at least he's serious about earning all that money that the LA Galaxy paid for him. [Source]

OH NO! Say it ain't so! Could it be that the fairytale love affair between Lance Bass and Pedro Andrade has come to a bitter end? Famed NYC gossipist Michael Musto is reporting that it's curtains for our dear Landro ... apparently, they're dunzo:

But stop everything! I just learned something far more devastating than the fact that nightlife has died again. Lance Bass has broken up with Brazilian hottie Pedro Andrade! Ain't no lie, Pedro, bye bye bye. Boo. I totes blame the jumpsuit. I'm really bummed about this news, I liked Lance with Pedro ... they made a cute couple. Incidentally, Reichen Lehmkuhl and Ryan Barry are still going strong (as far as I know), not that there's a contest or anything like that. David and I are going to see Lance in Hairspray tonight so ... I'll see if I can sniff out any further deets from the man himself :( Peace the Spork Out, Landro ... you'll be missed. [Source]

Here are pictures of happy, jubilant Foxy Brown as she made her way into court yesterday to stand before a judge in a hearing to determine whether or not she violated the terms of her probation. Clearly the newly pregs Miss Brown had no idea that she was about to get her ass thrown in jail for bailing out on a few anger management classes and skipping town without approval from the court:

Photo credit: Splash News

Foxy Brown was hauled off to jail Wednesday after a judge revoked her probation. The 27-year-old rapper was accused of violating the terms of her release after she was arrested earlier this month on charges she smacked her neighbor with her cell phone. Authorities said Brown also skipped her anger management classes and traveled out of the city without permission. "She has an air of entitlement about her," city Department of Probation lawyer Matilde Leo said at a hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court. "Probation is a privilege, not a right ... She has finally abused that privilege to the point of no return." Judge Melissa Jackson ordered Brown jailed until her next hearing on Sept. 7. Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was on probation for attacking two manicurists at a nail salon in 2004. She was arrested Aug. 14 on charges of assaulting Arlene Raymond, 25, on July 30 after the pair got into a fight over Brown blasting her car stereo near her home in Brooklyn. Brown's lawyer, state Sen. John Sampson, argued that it wasn't necessary to send her back to jail. Clearly, the judge decided otherwise. And so, another celeb (a pregs celeb at that) gets thrown in the slammer ... and the hottest new trend for 2007 keeps rolling on. [Source]

While new tracks from Madonna's upcoming new album continue to get leaked all over the InterWeb, Maddy herself is taking it all in stride -- getting back to her regular gym routine at home in London -- and lookin' pretty damn good for having just turned 49 years old:

Photo credit: Splash News

There are also rumors going around that Madonna might be a surprise performer at the MTV VMAs next month. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland will be there for sure so it makes sense if Madge decides to crash the party as well. I am deffo gonna have to haul my cookies to Las Vegas on Sept. 9th to see what actually goes down when the show airs live from the Palms Hotel and Casino! Woot! [Source]

Madonna ain't the only one lookin' all purdy these days ... here are new pics of Zac Efron in recent days doing what he does best ...

Photo credit: Splash News

Saggy pants one day, aquamarine tank top the next ... methinks the boy is sending out mixed signals. I just wonder who exactly he's sending them out to. [Source, Source]

Fergie Ferg has returned from the BEP appearance in Seoul, Korea last week and is back in LA hard at work on a photoshoot with David LaChapelle:

You know, Fergie really knows how to work the fug but she has really grown on me in recent weeks and months. Her solo album is full of really great songs and even tho she can be a bit over the top with her fashion choices sometimes, I really do give her props for taking risks ... plus, I think I will always love her for featuring Milo Ventimiglia in her video for Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal). Yes, if she keeps coming out with hot videos like that one, I could prolly forgive her anything :) [Source]

Speaking of Milo, here are pictures from inside Hayden Panettiere's 18th birthday party which was held at the LG Beach House in Malibu, CA on Tuesday night where Milo and other Heroes co-stars partied with her family and friends:

Photo credit: X17

That is some cake ... no wonder it took her 5 blows to get all of those candles out. [Source]

In other Hayden news, she and co-star Masi Oki are the newest faces in the Got Milk? campaign:

She looks amazing ... he looks overly wind-blown ... but they both make great candidates for the Got Milk? campaign. [Source]

In further Heroes news, NBC has released a new promo vid for the show's second season:

It's a bit artsy for my taste but nothing can diminish my anxious excitement for a whole new season of the show. With new stories and new heroes to come ... I am ready to return to my Monday night schedule with the superpowered gang. [Source]

Oh ... and one last bit of Heroesness, here is the first promo picture of Kristen Bell, who has be added to the roster of heroes (or villains) this season:

Ooooooooh dramatic! I'm just happy that Kristen will now be seen by a huge audience that will surely appreciate what a great actress she is. Wee! [Source]

Here are a few newish pictures of my girl Michelle Trachtenberg from a sultry photoshoot she did last May:

The girl looks hawt as hell. I know she's been bizzy working on a couple of projects these past few months (which is why she's been out of the limelight) so it's nice that these photos have come to light to remind us just how sexy the girl is -- I mean, that's a lot of boob that we're getting in that second pic. Our little one is growing up so fast. [Source]

The boys from Maroon 5 are on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine:

And even tho Adam Levine looks like he could pass for a serial killer in this cover shot (especially with the Manson Family twins on either side of him) he more than makes up for the scariness in the other pic of him. Hawt!!!! [Source]

Speaking of hawt ... who says that old dudes can't be hawt and sexy themselves? Well, most people think that's the case but take a look at these pics of Sean Penn (47) and Russian president Vladimir Putin (55) and you decide ... who's got the hotter bod?

I know, it's a hard choice, right? Maybe if we saw them mud wrestle one another it'd be easier to make the determination? Personally, I think I have to call it a draw. [Source, Source]

And finally, Nina Gordon has resurfaced again with a new message and a new song for all of her fans. Nina has been bizzy with her new mommy duties for the past 9 months and has just posted a new demo song on her official message board for all her fans to enjoy:

The song is called Low Maintenance has been called "too dark" by some but I think it's a hauntingly beautiful track. It's great hearing new music from Nina, as always, and I can only hope that she'll keep surprising us with new tracks from time to time. [Source, thanks Ryan]

Les News:
Believe it or not but the sun has yet to make a single appearance here in NYC. The forecast is for much warmer weather this weekend with the sun scheduled to come out (finally) sometime tomorrow. While it is cool and breezy (and not nearly as unbearably rainy as you might think), I am really enjoying my time here this week. I took last night off ... David had an engagement to attend with one of his writers so I stayed home and just chilled on the couch. I got to watch a little Top Chef, got to read a little Stephen King and got to get a full night's sleep ... it was very nice. Tonight, tho, David and I are off to see Hairspray: The Musical. I am very excited to finally see the show for myself on stage.

Because David was out pretty much all of last night, I've decided to extend my stay here in NYC one more day to make up for our night apart. I think the sun and surf back home in LA can manage without me for one more day. That is all ... have a great Thursday! I'm out.

PS: Birthday lurve and congrats go out to Pink reader Angelina today -- keep your chin up :) xoxo