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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Special Delivery

We are at T-Minus 4 days until Britney Spears makes her triumphant return to the MTV VMAs performance stage and she has been getting in a bit more "collabo time" with illusionist Criss Angel at a hotel in Beverly Hills this week. Here are pics of the pair trying to look as nonchalant as they can for the cameras:

Photo credit: X17

There have been rumors going around that Britney and Criss were doing a bit more "collabo" work than has to do with her upcoming VMAs performance. The couple have been seen holding hands, which doesn't really mean anything ... but Marc Malkin is reporting that the pair were spotted sharing an intimate kiss at a McDonald's in Las Vegas this past Friday night/Saturday morning. Hmm ... if I know Britney, then these two are surely an item now -- she would never mix McD's and kissing willy-nilly. It must be lurve. [Source]

While Brit Brit was bizzy taking care of biz with Crissy, her attorney Laura Wasser went toe-to-toe with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services to ensure that Britney's good name as a mother got all cleared up ... and interestingly enough, Kevin Federline's lawyer was also at court the same day -- apparently, looking for some cameras to talk to:

Photo credit: Splash News

Britney Spears's lawyer said Tuesday the singer has been cleared of recent complaints to child welfare workers. "It does not appear the county will pursue any action at this time," attorney Laura Wasser said at a hearing in Spears's custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline. The hearing then went into private session. After the hearing, Wasser told PEOPLE she doesn't know who complained. "But I am trying to find out," she said. Officials at the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services refused to comment. Wasser declined to describe the nature of the complaints. Court officials say there will be at least three more court hearings this year in the custody dispute between Spears and Federline, including appearances Nov. 26 and Dec. 18 to review independent evaluations by the court and to consider Federline's request for primary custody of sons Sean Preston, 2, and 1-year-old Jayden James. In the meantime, Federline attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan is seeking the depositions of people close to Spears, including her assistant, former bodyguard, former manager and former nanny. I love how Laura Wasser tries to avoid the paparazzi at all costs and Mark Vincent Kaplan can't seem to walk by any sort of recording device without stopping with something to say. Thank God for TMZ, otherwise the poor chap would be talking to himself. In other Britney-related legal news, her (former?) bodyguard Julio Caesar Camera (the one who was photographed allegedly beating the hell out of a paparazzo at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas a few weeks ago while he was guarding Britney's body) has been formally charged with one count of misdemeanor battery. Yeah, there is never a dull moment around our dear Britney. [Source]

Tobey Maguire finally got around to marrying his babymama Jennifer Meyer while the couple (along with their daughter Ruby) vacationed in Hawaii this week:

Photo credit: Flynet

Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer, who are parents to a 9-month-old daughter, have gotten married in Hawaii, PEOPLE has confirmed. Maguire, 32, and Meyer, 30, exchanged vows Monday in a sunset ceremony in Kona in front of a small group of family and friends, including Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, I suppose much congratulations are in order! It's interesting that they went ahead and tied the knot -- I figured they would've gone the Brangelina route and decided to live in sin for the duration of their relationship. Best of luck, you two :) [Source]

Halle Berry has decided at the ripe young age of 41 that she is finally ready to birth a baby ... so she stopped taking her birth control pills and tricked her longtime boyfriend into inseminating her one good egg ... heh, just kid-ding. It's happy news that Halle Berry and her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry (9 years her junior) have decided to have their first child together ... really, it is:

Halle Berry is pregnant, she confirmed exclusively to Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell. The 41-year-old actress revealed the news in an e-mail to Nancy on Tuesday that she is three months pregnant with boyfriend Gabriel Aubry's baby. "Yes, I am three months pregnant! Gabriel and I are beyond excited, and I've waited a long time for this moment in life. Now the next seven months will be the longest of my life!" she wrote to Nancy. "Can't wait to see you and give you a squeeze and see a pic of your little sweetie. Until then, you heard it from ME first!" All kidding aside, I'm sure that Halle will be a great mom and that Gabriel will be a hot dad. Again, much congrats to the happy couple. [Source, Source]

Celebs in London came out to the Royal Opera House for the 10th anniversary of the GQ Men of the Year Awards, which honored Michael Caine and others, last night ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Sir Michael Caine has been given the GQ lifetime achievement award at a ceremony in London on Tuesday night. Sir Michael, 74, won for a film career which has included roles in cult hits such as The Italian Job and Alfie. He received the award from fellow British film star Jude Law, who acts opposite Sir Michael in a remake of his 1972 film Sleuth. Hot Fuzz star Simon Pegg received the actor of the year award, while James Blunt won solo artist of the year. The awards were held at the Covent Garden's Royal Opera House, were hosted by Sir Elton John ... Hip hop artist and producer Kanye West won international man of the year, while Kaiser Chiefs were awarded band of the year. Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell won not for music but for fashion, picking up most stylish man of the year. Madonna was on hand to give designer David Collins the inspiration award, but managed to avoid a spat with Sir Elton, the night's host. Sir Elton had accused Madonna of lip-synching at an awards ceremony in 2004. Introducing the US star, Sir Elton said: "This is a moment you thought you would never see." The pair embraced onstage, but Sir Elton could not resist the last word, saying he had "written a grovelling apology and offered to join the Kabbalah". Well now, it sounds like a jolly good time was had by all. Props to Elton for burying the hatchet with our Lady Madonna ... it's never a good thing when two queens continue to carry on a pointless bitter feud. [Source]

Jude Law was lucky to make it to the GQ Awards last night ... after all, he spent the afternoon prior getting arrested for assaulting a paparazzo and all:

Jude Law was arrested Tuesday for allegedly getting into a scuffle with a photographer, British media outlets are reporting. Law, 34, was outside his London home when the incident occurred. The Alfie star allegedly tried to grab a photographer's camera and was arrested. He was released on bail later that day, according to the Associated Press. In a statement released Wednesday, a rep for the actor said: "I can confirm that Jude Law voluntarily attended Marylebone Police Station yesterday following an alleged incident outside his house earlier in the day. "Mr. Law provided the police with a statement regarding his denials of allegations by a 'paparazzi' photographer against him and made his own allegations concerning the photographer. Jude has the utmost respect for the police and whilst this is an ongoing matter no further comment will be made." The actor is required to return to the police station in October "pending further inquires," according to the Times of London. Now, I'm not advocating violence here ... but it's pretty pimp that Jude could allegedly beat the hell out of a photog, get arrested, get out, get cleaned up and make it to an awards show all in a single day. I can barely make it out of the house on laundry day. [Source, Source]

Elsewhere in London, Amy Winehouse managed to clean herself up for an appearance and performance at the Mercury Music Awards -- where she lost the big enchilada, the Mercury Prize, to the British hipsters the Klaxons (tho, she did manage to enjoy quite a bit of the free booze that was available at the affair). Here are pics from Amy's performance on stage:

Singer Amy Winehouse stormed out of the Mercury Music Awards after losing to cult band the Klaxons. Her husband Blake Fielder-Civil stood up and clapped while his new wife shrugged her shoulders as they gave the winners a standing ovation. The couple then swiftly left the Grosvenor House Hotel where the ceremony was held and were driven away in a silver BMW. Amy was seen earlier in the night indulging in the free champagne at her table - despite her recent (brief) stint in rehab. She shrugged off her drug problems and confided: "I am really well at the moment. I had a great holiday with Blake and I really don't know what the fuss was about." The singer ended her run of no-shows when she turned up at the prestigious Mercury Awards. She received a warm round of applause as she performed her track Love Is A Losing Game ... Host Jools Holland said, after her performance: "She has one of the best voices of anybody of all time." After singing she sat contentedly with her father Mitch and Fielder Civil whom she kissed constantly. Her father said afterwards: "She was very happy to be here. And I'm just thrilled she was here. She gave a brilliant performance and she looks well." Winehouse, 23, was nominated for the £20,000 prize for her second album Back to Black. But London band the Klaxons took home this year's Mercury Prize for their debut album, Myths of the Near Future. The judges said of the album "rock meets pop meets dance - the Klaxons take us on an ecstatic musical adventure". Hmmm ... not to take away anything from the Klaxons or anything, but I would've thought that Amy's album would've been a shoe in for the prize. Pretty much every critic on Earth was madly in love with Back to Black when it was released. I wonder if her recent/constant craziness off-stage had anything to do with the voting. Hmm. [Source]

Back here on this side of the pond, Brad Pitt took his eldest child, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, out for a little baseball game to watch the New York Yankees take on (and destroy with a final score of 12-3) the Seattle Mariners in NYC last night ... Brad and Mad were chillin' in the front row with Spike Lee and his son:

Pink reader Liesl was also in the hiz last night and she sends a couple pics and a quick report from the game: I was at the Yankee Game in NYC last night, September 4th, against the Seattle Mariners and Brad Pitt, his son Maddox, Spike Lee and his son were all there sitting together in the front row to the right of the Yankee bullpen. Many of the Yankee players came over to talk to them during the game while waiting to be up to bat. At one point Maddox was given a ball that went foul and he and Spike Lee's son turned and gave it to a little girl who was above them, which was too cute ... They enjoyed a hot dog which Brad helped Maddox eat and later they had some cotton candy. Later, Brad enjoyed a beer out of a bottle while chatting with Spike Lee throughout and being very attentive to Maddox. Maddox and Spike Lee's son later had some fun playing thumb wars. The Yankees beat the Mariners with a final score of 12-3 and they all left during the 8th inning when we, The Yankees, were way ahead! How fun! Not only does Liesel have a great name (I love it!) but she also gave us a great little insider report. Thanks! [Source, thanks Liesl]

Elsewhere in NYC, Daniel Radcliffe paid a little visit to MTV's TRL yesterday ... here are a few pics of Danny Boy making his way into the MTV studios in Times Square:

Photo credit: Splash News

Daniel is doing promo work for his new movie December Boys, due out in theaters on September 14, and will be here in LA by tomorrow night for a premiere screening and Q&A. I was lucky enough to see the movie a few weeks ago but I am really looking forward to seeing it again. I just found out that my Aussie friend Kirsten is a friend of the movie's director and paid a visit to the set when it was filming in OZ. The movie is so good ... I think it's really going to show the US audience that Daniel can do a lot more than wave around a magic wand. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal might be feeling a bit under the weather (or maybe just went in for a turn-your-head-and-cough check-up -- oh Gawd, please let it be that) as he was seen making his way out of a medical office in LA yesterday afternoon:

It's hard to tell if the boy is sick or not in these pics cuz he always looks so good. [Source]

And speaking of looking good, Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia is looking REALLY GOOD on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Men's Fitness magazine:

Umm hmm ... look at that excellent form ... both while doing push-ups or diving in the pool ... yessiree, Milo my man is lookin' fit as can be. It's a shame that he's wearing those trunks ... cuz I'd much prefer if he rocked out the speedo ... you'll find out why a little further down the page :) [Source]

Here is our first look at the cover artwork for Jennifer Lopez's new album Brave:

Yeah, I can't help but wonder if J. Lo got the inspiration for her album cover from the amazing 70's children's TV show, The Electric Company (click HERE to see what I mean). What do you think? [Source]

In further J. Loness, here are a couple beautiful pictures of La Diva Latina in the new issue of H! magazine:

Damn. The woman looks amazing. She has still got it, y'all. [Source]

Here is a picture from Tom Cruise's new movie Valkyrie, currently shooting in Berlin, Germany, which showcases Tom's group of merry assassins who plotted to kill Hitler during WWII:

Yeah, talk about your heavy movies. This film prolly won't score high with the first date crowd. I have a hard time taking Tom Cruise serious while he wears that eye patch ... then again, I have a hard time taking Tom Cruise seriously when he's not wearing it so I guess it really doesn't matter one way or the other. [Source]

Here is the cover artwork and a couple pictures from the 2008 Dieux du Stade (mostly nekkid) Rugby Calendar which will go on sale starting September 6th:

I guess the theme for the calendar this year is "chained to the ball" or something enigmatically sexy/S&Mish like that. I have been a fan of the Dieux du Stade calendars for the past few years as they have brought me many, many months of extreme hotness entertainment ... er, in an artistic manner. Yeah, I've already got my 2008 copy on pre-order :D [Source]

And finally, here's a little game for all y'all. Fitness model Rusty Joiner and American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis both have a penchant for showing off their goods, as you can see in these photos:

Click above to see larger image

So the question becomes -- who wins the Battle of the Bulge? See, this is exactly why I don't mind spandex so much (click above to see the larger size images for comparison purposes) ... um, because it really leaves so much to the imagination ;) Milo, if you need a spandex speedo, I'm sure I could rustle one up for ya! [Source, Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was another beautifully hot day here in LA. I had to run a few errands around town and just tried to soak in the great day. I grabbed lunch at The Cheesecake Factory at The Grove where I ran into Kat Von D (apparently with her boyfriend who she was smoochin’ on) from LA Ink. I thought about going over to say hello to her but she got swarmed by some kids and then I got called for my table. Besides, in hindsight, it might've been tacky to talk to her about how I want to get tattooed by Hannah Aitchison (who I've been in contact with and may be able to fit me in her schedule in the coming weeks, stay tuned). Kat looks exactly the same in person, she really does have a rad style.

Last night was pretty quiet, I watched some TV then read some and that was about it. This afternoon I'm getting a haircut and then I think I'm going to a screening of The Darjeeling Limited. Fun times. Hope your hump day is a happy one. I'm out.



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