Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emmys Schmemmys

Okay ... I am *fairly* certain that this will be the last thing I post about Britney Spears's performance at the 2007 MTV VMAs that happened one week ago tonight ... even tho I thought yesterday's final recap of the performance would be the end of the story my good friend Leora sent me a fun SIMs version of Britney Spears performing her new single Gimme More:

Heh. It's a cute vid ... and I think a nice way to cap off a full week of a raging case of Britneyitis :) [Source]

Entertainment Weekly partnered up with Revlon to throw a massive pre-Emmy Awards party at Opera nightclub in Hollywood last night ... here are a few pics from the event's red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage & Splash News

All the usual suspects were in attendance ... Neil Patrick Harris is making the pre-party rounds in anticipation of his hopeful win tonight. Kristin Bell is also making the rounds, making sure that everyone knows that she scored a plum role on the break-out hit TV show of last season, Heroes. Truth be told, tho, I'm not at all that excited for the Emmys this year. I dunno why but I'm so uninterested. Last year Jim and I went to an awesome Emmy party and had a great time ... but this year, I don't have the heart. A bunch of us are getting together at Mike's place for an impromptu pool party, then we may watch a bit of the awards show before we go out for dinner. I think at this point, I watch too much TV already to wanna watch more TV about what TV I watched. [Source, Source]

In more important news, Heidi Montag was in Las Vegas over the weekend with her boyfriend fiancee man Spencer Pratt to celebrate her 21st birthday at the 3-week old new club LAX at Luxor. The affair was most probably meant to be a huge blow-out, with a crazy red carpet and hordes of A-List celebs clamoring to get in ...

Photo credit: Wireimage

... unfortch for Heidi, there was no one (and I mean no one) in attendance at this party. I understand Nick Cannon was the only recognizable name in the building but I think he only ended up there on accident. The poor guy prolly took a wrong turn at the Luxor Casino craps table and well ... look where he ended up. And because Heidi is such a giver (which is evident in the last two pics above) she decided to put on a little impromptu live lipsynced performance:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Egads! And she wonders why no one wanted to come to her party! Well, I'm sure all the regular folk who showed up at LAX last night expecting to see a big name celeb like Britney Spears or Xtina Aguilera were satisfied with who they ended up with. Yep ... I'm *so* sure. [Source]

Er ... we can't have a little Heidi on the blog without having a little LC as well. After days and days of waiting, Lauren LC Conrad's fashion line is finally available for sale at her official Online Store. Here is but a sampling of what LC has designed and put up for sale:

You will note that LC's dresses cost astronomically more than anything that Sarah Jessica Parker is offering from her Bitten fashion line. One LC dress costs more than an entire Bitten outfit. Hmm. I love that some of the dresses are named after LC's good friends (Audrina and Lo) but I wonder why there isn't a Whitney dress. Is she on the outs? Is Whitney about to become the new Heidi? I also think that LC should design an Elodie dress just to piss off Heidi. That way Elodie can wear her namesake dress to work and show it off in front of Heidi, who stole her position at Bolthouse Productions. And then the girls in the office can go, Oh No She Didn't! and then others can go, Oh, Yes She Did! [Source, Source]

KROQ threw a massive concert event called the LA Invasion at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA (the oft times home of the LA Galaxy) where bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Hot Hot Heat, Velvet Revolver and performers like Detroit's own Kid Rock performed ... here are a few pics:

Tommy Lee was very wise to stay far away from the Home Depot Center yesterday ;) The show looked amazing. Back in the day, I would've been front and center at a show like this but in my old age, the appeal has all but left me. I love that KROQ is holding it down for the rockers out there ... they really are one of the best radio stations in the country. [Source]

Um ... one thing's for sure ... David and Victoria Beckham are not shy when it comes to taking fashion risks. Vicki B. often wears things that make her look a bit ridiculous (like, for example, this green thing she's wearing here) but Becks rarely makes a misstep ... like this one:

Photo credit: X17

Maybe it's just cuz the purple clashes with the green but I really hate his outfit. See, even the seemingly perfect can't be right all the time. Ick. [Source]

Did y'all know that Jennifer Love Hewitt is a fan of sex toys?

Yeah, Santa Claus doesn't exist and the Easter Bunny is dead, too. Happy Sunday :) [thanks Alyx]

Here are a few pictures of Prince Harry's #1 gal pal Chelsy Davy getting her party on:

Oh ... I prolly should mention that these pics were snapped mere moments after Chelsy was released from the hospital for emergency appendix surgery. While this is impressive in its own right, had this been Lindsay Lohan, she would've been drinking from bottles of much harder booze as the surgery was taking place. Even still, props to Chelsy for knowing how to have a good time. [Source]

Here are a few amazing pics of M.I.A. from a photoshoot she did with photographer Jason Bell:

The girl is just dope as hell. Click HERE to see 25 more pics from this photoshoot. I totally <3 her!! [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week. Since temps have cooled considerably here in SoCal (much to my dismay and chagrin), I've found it necessary to dig out my fave hoodies to keep warm after the sun goes down ... much like our Hot Dude Justin pictured here:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Sure, Justin could prolly keep a lot warmer if he wore a shirt underneath that open hoodie but I don't think that anyone minds that he's flashin' some skin in this pic, right? I'm sure things have cooled down where you live, too, so I hope y'all stay warm how ever you see fit. If wearing hoodies ain't your thing, hopefully snuggling up with a Hot Dude will suffice :) [Source]

Les News:
  • OJ Simpson arrested again!
  • Kanye West beats 50 Cent in the UK portion of their Chart showdown.
  • "A lot of weight. I won't say the number, but I found the magic numbers on the treadmill. Slowly but surely. It's all happy." -- Aretha Franklin, when asked how much weight she has lost
  • Teddy Geiger is 19, Amy Poehler is 36, Marc Anthony is (an undead) 38, Molly Shannon is 43, Richard Marx is 44, David Copperfield is 51 and B.B. King is 82 years old today. Click HERE to see who else is celebrating a birthday today.
  • Sean Kanan (The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital) got busted for DUI, y'all.
Yesterday afternoon, Mike, Jill and I met up with Paul in Santa Monica to accompany him to a party/house warming/BBQ hosted by one of his co-workers. The house was beautiful, the food was delish and the company was very, very cool. We all had a great time. Afterwards we made our way to The Penthouse in the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica to grab a couple of drinks ... and pose for pics, natch:

As we were leaving, we were crowded into a small elevator with actress Lori Petty (A League of their Own, Tank Girl) and a drunken a-hole who accidentally pressed every single button on the elevator so that we had to stop on every floor (all the way from the Penthouse down to the lobby). Lori was very vocal about her displeasure in our close quarters ... I thought she was gonna hafta whip his ass. Right at the point where I thought she was gonna lose it ... we reached the lobby ... lucky for the drunkard. Plans to venture out to WeHo kinda fell apart the lazier we got so we called it a night ... I came home and spent some time doing Windows Vista updates on my new computer -- gotta love Microsoft. Er ... yeah ... I spent my Saturday night with my new computer. Thank God I've got a hot boyfriend otherwise I'd prolly be a very lonely person ;)

This afternoon, Mike is throwing a party of sorts ... so I have to jump in the shower, jump in my bathing suit and hit the door. Have a great weekend ... well, what's left of it. I'm out.