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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lucky, Charming

It would seem that all the recent attention that Britney Spears has been "enjoying" from the media is finally starting to wear thin for her. Despite the fact that Britney has been fighting to keep custody of her children, she has decided that it would be a good idea to continue her high profile love of the nightlife ... which hasn't evaded the scrutiny of the cameras ... and now, apparently, Brit is suddenly unhappy with all the attention:

Photo credit: Ramey

I love the girl to absolute death ... always have, prolly always will ... so my suggestion would be for her to chill out for a bit and enjoy her time with her kids instead of going out and getting photographed all over the place. It makes sense, if she occupies all of her time spending time with Sean Preston and Jayden James then she'll have no problem proving to the court that random drug testing is no longer required and the threat of losing custody won't be so great. She looks fed up in these pics and, honestly, it's hard to feel sorry for her in situations like this. Because, really, she is the one in control of this sort of scrutiny. [Source]

In other Spears news, the younger, less controversial Spears daughter, Jamie Lynn, has been keeping her nose out of trouble while managing to be seen out and about around town. Here are pictures of JL making her way from the Justin Timberlake concert earlier this week (with her father Jamie Spears) and then a couple pics of JL getting smooches from her mother Lynne Spears after spending time with her nephews at K-Fed's home:

Photo credit: X17

It's very difficult to see pictures of JL and not see Britney when she was that age. What went wrong? Ugh, I can't digress right now ... tho, I will say that it's just such a bummer that Britney has been cut off (prolly of her own choosing) from the little sister that she adores so much. I would much rather see Britney grabbing lunch, coffee or going shopping with her sister than with the ever-present Cousin Alli. [Source]

Jamie Lynn wasn't the only Spears-related attendant at the Justin Timberlake concert this week ... Kevin Federline was also in the hiz at the Staples Center to catch the show:

Photo credit: Splash News

K-Fed doesn't strike me as a JT fan and I can't believe that he was there to see Good Charlotte ... so I gotta wonder how he had the guts to show his face at the show. I don't honestly know how he has the guts to show his face anywhere but that's beside the point. The whole thing just seems ... odd. Can he really be this desperate for attention? [Source]

Speaking of those in desperate need of attention, here are newish pictures of Alli Sims, Britney's cousin/assistant/errand-girl doing what she does best ... taking care of Britney's every beck and call:

Photo credit: X17

It's wise of Cousin Alli to occupy her time while she waits for her, ahem, singing career to take off. You'll be happy to know that Cousin Alli finally paid her webhosting bill as her official site is up and running again (after being shut down last week). Apparently, Brit Brit lets Alli keep the change when she runs out for coffee. That's cousinly love, y'all. [Source]

Jessica Alba, Dane Cook and others were on hand at the Mann National Theater in Westwood, CA last night for the Hollywood premiere of their new movie Good Luck Chuck. Here are a few pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I was lucky enough to attend last night's premiere which, as always, was a very fun time. I can't believe that Deborah Debbie Gibson was there ... quick story -- I usually listen to my entire iTunes library on shuffle while I work in the morning and Lost In Your Eyes randomly came on ... which resulted in me singing along out loud (thankfully, I live alone so there was no one to complain/stab me in the neck). I hadn't thought of Debbie Gibson in years ... and then that got me thinking about Tiffany ... who, I am very sad to report, wasn't at last night's premiere ... but I'm getting off point. It was just a very strange occurrence to have 2 Debbie Gibson encounters in one day. The movie was ridiculously funny ... I was pretty impressed with the way it turned out. I'll post my thoughts on the film at the end of today's post. One last thing ... Jessica Alba looks absolutely flawless in person. I was shocked at how perfect she looked ... tho, I wasn't surprised at all at how sweet she was. [Source]

In NYC, Diddy held an event to launch the female version of his fragrance Unforgivable (which, I still contend, is the for a fragrance) ... here are a couple of pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I can't imagine that there are women out there who might be interested in smelling like Diddy. Tho, I can understand how that might sound like a more appealing option to smelling like, say, Celine Dion. At least I'm sure Diddy's perfume will be offered in high end department stores ... and not places like CVS. [Source]

FULL DISCLOSURE and QUICK DIGRESSION: So I ended up at CVS recently to pick up some allergy medicine and I casually passed by the fragrance counter (and by "casually" I mean, "I made a beeline for" and by "fragrance counter" I mean "that big glass closet where all the 'expensive' perfumes are locked away from shoplifters") and sure enough, they had the fragrance David Beckham Intense Instinct ... so I gathered up the nerve to ask someone to open the closet so I could buy a small bottle. I must admit, I was really looking forward to smelling like David Beckham ... when in reality, I ended up smelling like I was in junior high school (ie. It had that Drakkar/CK One smell that didn't smell sexy or even ... adult. It smelled like a cologne that one would buy at a, er, drug store). Needless to say I am disappointed ;(

Okay ... moving on ... here are a few pics of Ashanti's appearance on MTV's TRL earlier this week. She was in the hiz to promote her new movie Resident Evil: Extinction:

Can I just say that Ashanti looks amazing in these photos. I have no doubt that she will be kicking ass in the new Resident Evil movie but I think she looks lovely in these pics. I actually saw Ashanti at the Rolling Stone/Kanye West party at the Hard Rock Hotel over VMAs weekend in Las Vegas and she looked very casual, with her hair in a ponytail. She was also sitting on Nelly's lap and was lookin' like she was having a good time (ie. a touch wasted, as we all were). I like me some Ashanti. I'm anxious to see her in this new movie, which opens tomorrow, cuz I also love me some Resident Evil as well. [Source]

Shania Twain (remember her?) was spotted alive and well and doing some shopping in Toronto, CA this week ... here are a couple pics of Her Highness of Country Music making her way down Bloor Street:

The girl looks good. I hope that this reemergence means that we'll be hearing some new music from her soon. I'm tired of her releasing products that no one is interested in (*cough* Shania Starlight *cough*) when all we really want is for her to hit us with some of that Country-Pop music that we all know and love. [Source]

Here are new ADORABLE pictures of new mom Keri Russell taking her newborn son River Russell Deary (who was only born last June) out for a little stroll in his baby sack carrier:

He looks like a little old man. OMG. So cute. These pics are the best. [Source]

Here is a new pic of Hayden Panettiere on the set of Heroes shooting scenes for the new season where she, apparently, resumes her role as a cheerleader:

I wonder if her continuing stint as a cheerleader has more to do with story continuity or with the fact that nerdy guys who love to watch Heroes (present company excluded) like to fantasize about cheerleaders they can never get with. Hmm. I wonder if Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiligia approves of her reprising her cheerleader role. [Source]

Reese Witherspoon is jumping on the umbrella bandwagon (which, altho the Rihanna song of the same name is still insanely infectious, has about run its course ... it's almost becoming about as tired/played out as SexyBack) for her commercial for Avon Cosmetics. Here are a few pics of Reese on the set of her new ad campaign:

She looks great tho ... I know when I see a woman caught in a rainstorm, huddled underneath her umbrella the first thing I think is, Gee, I wonder what kind of make-up she's wearing. [Source]

Speaking of looking great, Sarah Michelle Gellar is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Self magazine:

In the cover story, SMG talks about how happy she is to have relocated from LA to NYC, saying that she feels more at home in the city than she did in Tinsel Town. I can see how SMG might be more a city girl ... in the article, she talks about the pink bike that she uses to get around town in NYC and how much she prefers that mode of transportation over driving her car in LA. I, for one, much prefer my car to any bike but to each their own. I guess I'm just bummed that my chances of running into SMG at The Grove or at a restuarant here in LA have just disappeared. [Source]

Kiera Knightley is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of Allure magazine:

I like the cover but I'm not sure how I feel about the artsy black and white photos. The feathered headdress has got to go. But I can dig that they were going for a look ... I just don't know that the Pocahontas-thing is really in right now. [Source]

Buffy and Angel album Julie Benz is featured in the new issue of Zink magazine:

Julie reprises her role in the second season of the hit Showtime series Dexter, which is why she's being shot for magazines again. David is a huge fan of the series and now that Julie Benz (ex-Darla) is on the show, I might have to take a look for myself. [Source, thanks Lisa]

And finally, speaking of my boo David, I have to send out ALL THE BIRTHDAY LURVE in the world to him ... as he is celebrating his 24th birthday today:

David will be winging his way to LA later on this afternoon and I've got a lot of fun things planned for us to do for his birthday weekend. I am so thrilled that I'll be able to spend his birthday with him here in LA ... let's all sing a rousing verse of Happy Birthday together ... Ha-py Birthday to you, Ha-py Birthday to you ... and so on ... XOXOXO

Les News:
Last night, Mike and I made our way out to Westwood for the Good Luck Chuck premiere and, as I mentioned above, we had a great time. I was pretty sure that the movie was going to be cute but I wasn't anticipating how crazy funny it turned out to be. I gotta warn you ... there are a lot of boobs in this film (which might please some of you, actually) but there is also a lot of heart as well:

Fans of physical comedy will really like this movie ... the first thing that occurred to me as folks in the film kept bashing into things in very painful ways was how much it reminded me of the comic genius of John Ritter (particularly in Three's Company). Jessica Alba really holds her own in this film ... the stuff that she pulls off is really fun. She looks amazingly hot (much hotter than the freaky alien vibe she was doing in Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer) as does Dane Cook. While there are a lot of boobs in the film, there is also quite a bit of Dane Cook's bare ass ... which kinda makes up for all the boobage. I was also very surprised at how sweet the movie turned out to be ... there's a lot of sex and female nudity but at the heart of the film is a really sweet love story. I'm not really gonna pontificate on the deepness of Good Luck Chuck but I will say that it will prolly appeal to a lot of people ... it's a great R-rated date film :)

The afterparty, sponsored by Skyy Vodka, was a really great one. The food was amazing and the desserts, well, lemme just say that I might've embarrassed myself a little at the dessert table (but it really wasn't my fault ... they made those sweet little delights small enough to stuff very easily into one's face). I got to briefly chat with and take a photo with both Jessica Alba and Dane Cook:

Who were both very sweet and very complimentary to me. I was lucky that I caught them together because the crush of people trying to get to them individually was insane. Much love goes out to my homies at Lion's Gate for taking such amazing care of me last night. Jean, Danielle, Aubrey and other Danielle ... I heart you all. Thank you so much, again!!! I also have to send much love to Pink reader Sheena (pictured above) ... it was great meeting you. XOXO

So yeah ... David arrives tonight and thus begins our big weekend. I hope y'all are having as great a week as I am ... one more day 'til the weekend ... holla!

One last thing, Sarah tells me that I have send out some love to Kathy in Dearborn who she met at the Biergarten last night. I love going to the Biergarten when I'm back home in Detroit, so maybe I'll get to say hello in person next time.

Okay ... that's all ... I'm out!!!



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