Thursday, September 27, 2007

Papa Can You Hear Me?

Things are fairly quiet on the Britney Spears front today ... she was snapped grabbing lunch in Burbank yesterday before she made her way to a recording studio ... here are pictures of Britters exiting a Mexican restaurant called Acapulco with a cd in hand (her new cd?) and a big fat diamond ring on her finger:

Photo credit: Splash News & Big! Pictures

Oh yeah, she was also snapped being handed what looks to be a glass of Margarita by her able assistant/cousin Alli Sims but, since we can't be absolutely sure what's in the glass let's just move on ... shall we? I'm more intrigued by that fat rock on her finger. Was it a gift from a secret admirer? Does Britney have a dude that she's keepin' under wraps or is she just buying expensive baubles of ice for herself? [Source]

In happier Britney news, her new single Gimme More was officially released on iTunes this past Tuesday and has already become the #3 song on the iTunes singles chart and the #1 song on their new ringtones chart:

Say what you will about Brit Brit and her effing crazy life, the girl still has appeal ... apparently there are still a lot of people out there interested in her music despite what they may think about her lifestyle. I'm telling you ... her album will be a smash hit ... well, at least for a little while. [Source]

US Weekly threw it's annual Hot in Hollywood party at Opera nightclub last night and a who's who of the Hollywood elite came out for the event ...

Photo credit: Wireimage

... er, well, okay ... so 50% of the party attendees were castmembers of the MTV show The Hills but it still looked like it was a good time ... despite the fact that LC and Heidi kept their distance and didn't come to blows. Head on over to Metromix LA to check out a bunch of party pics from inside the event. [Source]

Speaking of those Hills girls, Audrina brought along her "ex" boyfriend Justin Bobby to the Hot in Hollywood party, most likely because he couldn't get into the party on his own ... which was pretty much the scenario last year when Audrina used LC to get into the same event (before Audrina became LC's new Heidi). BUT, Audrina has her eyes set even higher ... she's been cozying up to Morris the Cat (from those 9 Lives cat food commercials) in order to climb her way even further up the social ladder:

Actually, Audrina was chillin' with Morris the Cat in order to celebrate her adoption of the 500,000th cat as part of the Morris The Cat and 9 Lives Million Cat Rescue Campaign -- which I think is an amazing endeavor (and should raise her visibility significantly around town -- altho not quite as high as if she were hanging out with that Meow Mix cat that goes Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow ...). Audrina had no good reason for hanging out with Justin Bobby other than the fact that she prolly got some nookie out of him afterwards. [Source, Source]

In sad news, David Beckham got word that his father suffered a heart attack and immediately rushed to the airport here in LA and flew back home to England to be with his father ... here are pics of a very sad-looking Becks making his way thru LAX airport:

Photo credit: Splash News

Wife Vicki B. has flown to Japan earlier this week for the launch of some new dVb product but cut her trip short so that she, too, could fly back to England to be with Daddy Beckham:

David Beckham is at his father's hospital bedside after making a mercy dash to London from Los Angeles. The former England captain landed at Heathrow Airport this afternoon and drove directly to the London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green, where his father is recovering from surgery after suffering a near-fatal heart attack last night. He will soon be joined by his wife Victoria, who has abandoned the launch of her new cosmetics range in Japan to join her husband. Posh was seen hurrying through Japan's New Tokyo International Airport today and a spokesman confirmed she is due to land back in the UK sometime tomorrow. Ted Beckham, 59, is now reported to be in a stable condition. David has not made a statement, but his spokesman said: "His priority is to see his dad and that is his first concern" ... The dash to London as soon as he heard Ted "died" on the way to Whipp's Cross hospital in East London and had to be revived by paramedics. He was taken into the resuscitation room, where doctors battled for three hours to save him and was later moved to the London Chest Hospital. This is absolutely horrible news and I am very relieved to hear that Becks's father is in stable condition and is resting comfortably. I cannot for the life of me imagine what it must've felt like for Becks to receive this horrible news but it is my sincere hope that his father fully recuperates and will be OK. [Source]

Angelina Jolie joined her new BFF, former President Bill Clinton at a recent Clinton Global Initiative event in NYC where the two powerhouses joined forces to end suffering and save the world from the forces of evil:

Photo credit: Splash News

Who needs superheroes when we can rely on Angelina Jolie and Bill Clinton with the safety and care of our planet? I can already see it now ... Brad Pitt will be the Robin to Angelina's Batman (which means he has to ride in the sidecar) and all 3 of them can join forces with humanitarians Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and Paris Hilton to form a whole new league of Super Friends! A-ha! This *must* be the reason that Paris is planning a trip to Rwanda ... she wanted to get in on the real-life superhero action. Maybe she's smarter than I thought she was. [Source]

Kiefer Sutherland was honored with the ACTRA Award of Excellence at the Los Angeles residence of Canada's Consul General yesterday afternoon ...

... and it is my understanding that the award he was given doubles as a flask -- you pop the head off and chug-a-lug -- which seems a very appropriate award for him to receive right about now. Congrats! [Source]

Yikes! Madonna must be pumping nuclear juice thru her veins in order to fight off the effects of aging because the poor woman's veins look like they're about to pop right thru her skin:

I'm all for Madge staying forever young but can't she just inject botox into her body like everyone else does? At least the botox might rein in those bulging veins a bit. EEK. [Source]

Pink reader and photographer Walter met Rosie O'Donnell on the set of Nip/Tuck last weekend and sends in this great pic of Rosie posing with 4 half-nekkid dudes, who will also, presumably, show up on the show as well:

As you can see, Rosie was checkin' out Walter's friend Griffin's hot bod in the pic. Should Rosie ever want to take another gander at Griffin (the smallest half-nekkid dude in this pic), all she need do is check him out at work -- he go-gos at MJs, HERE Lounge and Privelege. Woot! I love this pic ... and I love Nip/Tuck ... and I love that Rosie will be on Nip/Tuck again this new season. Again, I say, Woot! [thanks Walter]

Lance Bass was snapped with an as-yet-unnamed new fellow at an NYC bar called 200 Orchard at the High Voltage party ... which begs the question, is this the new man in Lance's life?

I realize that just because the two are chillin' together, posin' for pics, that it doesn't mean that they're romantically involved ... but it'd be nice to see Lance reattached to someone else since his break-up with Pedro Whatshisname. These two'd make a cute couple, no? [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Quinn writes in to say this new dude looks like Richard H. Blake who is currently appearing on Broadway in Legally Blonde as Warner Huntington III. Apparently, not only is Richard straight ... but he is married as well ... so it's not him. Poor Lance, unlucky in love again.

Here are new pictures of Matthew McConaughey wearing clothes again ... for, like, the second day in a row. Seriously, WTF is going on here?

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm not sure I'm totally on board with all this clothes-wearin' that Matthew has got going on lately. In the previous pics he was on set shooting a new commercial or something like that ... but in these pics, he's just walkin' the streets of Paris, France ... fully clothed. It's really weird. [Source]

In decidedly-less clothes wearing news, here are newish pics of Rodrigo Santoro doing a bit of surfing while he vacays in Rio de Janeiro:

He's a deffo hottie ... at least he understands the importance of wearing as little clothing as possible. I can pretty much forgive him now for almost totally and completely ruining the show Lost with his pointless character Paulo. Just stay wet and half-nekkid, Rodrigo, and everything will be just fine. [Source]

Woot! Last night during part 1 of the Top Chef season finale the announcement was officially made that season 4 of Project Runway will debut on Bravo on Wednesday November 14:

Fashion Forward News is proud to announce the premiere of Project Runway 4. Fans of the show: you've been patient for long enough, so set your DVRs and get your eyes-for-fashion ready, because here we go... Clear your schedules for Wednesday, November 14th at 10:00pm. You may recall that I reported back in August that Heidi Klum leaked news of this premiere date on her official website, only to have it removed the day after because Bravo started issuing denials, saying: "No, we have not locked a date. (Nov. 14) was posted to Heidi's Web site in error and has now been removed. Sorry for any confusion." All that dumb drama aside, I'm just ECSTATIC that the show will be returning in just a couple of months. Yay! [Source, Source, thanks Erica]

Detroit, MI is about to get a whole lot cooler ... the new MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is set to open its doors next Wednesday October, 3rd. After many years of planning and construction, the new MGM Grand is ready to jazz up downtown Detroit:

It's a good bet jaws will drop when visitors get their first look at the long-awaited MGM Grand Detroit luxury hotel, casino, spa and entertainment complex scheduled to open at 11:59 p.m. Tuesday. Built from the ground up on the western edge of downtown, the visually stunning, $805-million-plus development -- done up in rich woods and fabrics, chic d├ęcor and gee-whiz lighting and special effects -- looks every bit its extravagant price tag. In a few words, it's a knock-out, according to those who have seen it including newly-hired staff members and work crews scrambling to get the complex in shape to open next week. They say it's as if they took a little corner of the Las Vegas Strip and plopped it down in the Motor City, pulling out all the marble, teak and granite stops to put Detroit on the radar screen as a savvy and stylish entertainment mecca even for travelers not interested in gaming per se. MGM Grand is betting the house, so to speak, on attracting not only locals but travelers from neighboring states, Canada and beyond who've never before considered Detroit a travel destination. "We're ...way more than a casino," said John Hutar, general manager of the 400-room MGM Grand hotel, where nightly rates are in the $300 range. "On weekends, we hope to be a big draw for the local drive market. There are a lot of people in the metro area, southeast Michigan, northeast Indiana, northwest Ohio, even Chicago, that don't think of Detroit as a weekend getaway destination. There really hasn't been a luxury hotel in downtown Detroit" Until now. With two more new casino hotels in the works in Detroit and another rising across the river at Casino Windsor, MGM -- as the first to roll open its shiny doors -- hopes to establish itself as Metro Detroit's alpha or dominant entertainment complex. I am so excited ... this new complex has been in the works for so long, I never thought it'd finally open. I took a peek at the construction the last time I was home and it looks simply stunning in person. I am so excited for Detroit ... I have a great feeling that this new entertainment complex will pump even more new life into downtown Detroit Rock City. Yay! If any of y'all back home in Detroit get to check out the MGM Grand before I get a chance to get home in late October please send me your pics and reports. I'm really anxious to hear what folks think about the new complex. [Source, thanks Joe]

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the iconic album Thriller, Michael Jackson is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of L'Uomo Vogue magazine:

I just don't understand why MJ can't find clothes that don't look like they came from a surplus sale at a Military Uniform outlet shop (or pants that go all way down past his ankles, for that matter) but he is the King of Pop and, well, David loves him (seriously) so there you go. [thanks Dave]

The new commercial for Diddy's new fragrance Unforgiveable Woman is, apparently, too hot for US TV ...

... but folks in the UK will get to check it out as it debuts on their airwaves this week. You can check out the ad HERE and decide for yourself ... does it stink? [Source]

And finally, the grand Sydney Opera House has gone pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month ...

... which is a great cause, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to think that my homies down in OZ might also be throwin' a little lurve out to Pink is the new Blog, too ;) [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was a pretty chill day ... I ran around town taking care of a few things ... and ended up staying in so I could watch TV and read for a bit. Tonight I have 2 events that are taking place simultaneously and I need to figure out how to be in two places at once. We'll see if I'm actually able to do it all ... and that is all. I'm out.