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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Arrested Development

It was bound to happen sooner or later ... and, to be quite honest, I'm actually pretty surprised it didn't happen a lot sooner ... but at long last, our dear Britney Spears has been officially charged with her first misdemeanor crime for the hit and run accident that she was involved in over the summer. Here are a few pics of Britney just before (sporting her I-know-it-makes-me-look-crazy-
pink wig) and then just after she turned herself in to police to be officially booked for her crime, along with the booking information that has been posted to the InterWeb:

Photo credit: X17

Britney Spears was booked Monday night for her two driving-related misdemeanor charges. "At around 9:25 this evening, Ms. Spears turned herself in to the Van Nuys Jail for booking," said LAPD officer Mike Lopez. "This was by court order, which is common for a misdemeanor charge." A smiling Spears, wearing a short black dress, a black jacket and carrying a white purse, was accompanied by pal Sam Lufti and her lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, when she surrendered at the jail. The singer, 25, was fingerprinted, photographed and released about an hour later. Officer Lopez says she was neither handcuffed nor detained in a holding cell, and described her demeanor as "cooperative." LAPD says their policy is to not release the booking photo. Um ... right. Mugshots of celebs get released all the time ... I'm sure this one will turn up eventually. In any regard, I must say that I'm a bit sad that Britney was all smiles before and after she was booked for this crime ... she has a record now. It just confounds me how she can just laugh off things like an imploding career, the custodial loss of her children and now being officially booked for a crime. It's really sad. Welp, at last Britney has joined the ranks of an elite group of Hollywood "It" Girl ... bare crotch shot -- check, rehab -- check, arrest -- check. I'm sure Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are happy to call her one of their own now. At this point, I'm not sure what it's going to take to make Britney realize that her life is a complete mess ... I guess all we can do is sit by and watch how bad it gets :( [Source]


Heroes last night was a'ight, I suppose. There wasn't much action and the storyline only got advanced a wee bit. I'm most bummed that there were no new shots of half-nekkid Peter Petrelli but I guess the show can't be softcore, primetime porn all the time ... sadly:

I know they're really trying to make us interested in the whole Who's killing all the old Heroes storyline but I'm finding, so far, that I don't really care. I'm sure once things become more explained then it'll get a lot more exciting (at least, I hope it does) but at this point, I don't think they're doing enough to make it interesting. The little surprise about Matt Parkman's long, lost dad being one of the original Heroes wasn't even that exciting ... tho the revelation that the father is the nightmare guy kinda kept me interested. All I do is wonder why the Parkman character is even on the show ... he is SOOOO uninteresting and his power is SOOOOOO not as impressive as it prolly should be. But I digress ... does anyone else think that things are moving a bit too fast between Claire and her flying boyfriend? I find it hard to believe that a kid with a hairy mole on his lip has got that much game, even if he can fly. The interaction on the Hollywood sign was kinda cute ... the I'll catch you when you fall bit was a bit schmaltzy but it didn't make me totally want to gouge my eyes out. The new girl with emerging powers, Micah's cousin, is really likeable and her power to just know stuff as soon as she sees it is very cool. The Mexican twins bored me again this week ... even pairing them up with Sylar wasn't all that mind-blowing. I guess I can appreciate that the producers are setting them up by putting them in a car with Sylar ... the mice in the snake's cage sort of thing ... there's promise there. NEXT WEEK'S EP looks really good ... Peter Petrelli gets some screentime and new Heroes cast member Kristin Bell makes her debut. We're not supposed to know if she's good or bad so I suspect they will make us think she's either good or bad and then she'll turn out to be the other. She will debut in the Peter Petrelli/amnesia storyline ... I just hope she manages to get him half-nekkid for at least a portion of the ep :) [Source]


The Hills returned last night with a new ep after being on short hiatus and came roaring back with all the lovely drama that we come to expect. The usual suspects did their usual stuff and the she said/he said/she said bullshizz was flying around like mad -- all in all, it was a pretty solid ep ... unfortch, with a lot of bad editing:

Whitney, oh, Whitney ... what ever would LC do if she didn't have you to talk to while you both should be working at Teen Vogue magazine? An even better question is, what ever would I do if I couldn't see your uberly expressive face each and every week? I think a part of me would die inside :( So the crux of last night's ep was Jen Bunney's return to form of spreading rumors all over the place telling everyone else what someone previously told her in confidence. If this were real life, I doubt anyone would ever talk to her -- period. But, in the make-believe world of The Hills she plays her part perfectly. As much as she irritates me, I'm glad she's on the show ... she's the only conduit between Team LC and Team Heidi ... so I'm glad she runs back and forth like a little rat desperate for cheese (cheese in this case is screentime) telling each side what the other says about the other. Did y'all catch that shoddy editing job in regards to Spencer's lame-ass beard? It's there in one scene and then it's gone in the next then it's back in the next. See, I never thought that Spencer was good for anything in life ... his magical beard gives him a reason to exist, I think. I'm just amazed that Spencer Pratt doesn't just burst into flames with boldness of his lies. If there is one person on Earth that honestly believes that Spencer isn't the one responsible for spreading the LC/Jason Wahler sex tape rumor then I'd like to shake their hand ... then slap them with mine :D PS: Justin Bobby is growing on me ... I think it's because of his hat. Is that wrong? [Source]

Celebs galore made their way out to the Four Seasons Hotel here in LA last night for Elle Magazine's 14TH Annual Women in Hollywood event to, uh, honor women in Hollywood or something like that ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

The magazine selected a few choice women in Hollywood, like Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Connelly, Lauren Bacall, Julie Taymor and November issue covergirl Scarlett Johansson, for their tireless efforts in the entertainment industry ... which is exactly what a fashion magazine should do from time to time. All the lovely folks who came out, particularly Mary Lynn Rajskub, Alyson Hannigan and Jessica Alba, were a beauteous sight to behold ... there weren't many fashion faux pas or missteps at all ... which makes talking about the event a lot less fun. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan has left the safe environs of Utah for the dangerous waters of home here in Los Angeles. L. Lo resurfaced here in SoCal this past weekend (taking in a movie, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, at the ArcLight) and was seen trying to not make too much of a scene as she exited Termezzo Restaurant in Beverly Hills yesterday ... here are a couple of pics:

Linds is back in town to begin work on her new movie Dare to Love Me (the movie she was supposed to begin work on earlier this summer but had to postpone because she was bizzy smashing her car into things, passing out in car seats and then taking an extended stay in rehab). Personally, I think it's a bit soon for her to get right back into the full swing of the Hollywood monstermachine but I guess that doesn't really matter. A girl's gotta eat and shop, so she's gotta make money in order to do so. I just really hope she doesn't suffer a relapse and start partying again ... it's too soon to tell if she's learned her lesson in rehab but she's been in LA for a couple of days now and she's yet to hit one single party. So far, so good ... one day at a time. [Source]

Madonna's eldest child, Lourdes Ciccone Leon, celebrated her 11th birthday with some friends and her tag-along mother at a spa in Santa Monica this week ... here are a few pics of the ladies' night out:

I don't know what I'm more surprised about ... the fact that Material Girl Madonna is the almost 50-year old mother of an 11 year old girl or that said 11 year old girl has yet to fall prey to the pitfalls and traps of young Hollywood. Didn't Drew Barrymore already have a couple of stints in rehab under her belt by the time she was 11? Not even Lindsay Lohan can say that. In any regard, I'm sure Lola had herself an amazing birthday ... I mean, hello, she's Madonna's daughter. And I sincerely hope that she manages to stay out of trubs for as long as she can ... she seems like a really sweet girl. [Source]

Vicki B. and her gratuitous nipples have made their way back home to LA and said nipples (well, at least the left one) took the youngest Beckham named Cruz out for a day at The Grove ... here are a couple of pics:

Should we be concerned that Vicki B.'s nipple is a better mother than Britney Spears is? I'm just asking. Anyways ... Cruz is sooo cute. The little dude is looking more like a little man every day. [Source]

Speaking of cute, Jake Gyllenhaal has left London in order to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman in NYC last night ... here are a couple of hot pics of the suited, bearded Jakey poo as he made his way into the taping and then a couple of frumpy pics of his Jakeyness as he exited the taping:

Photo credit: Splash News

It is impossible for the man to look bad. Even in that ill-fitted, oversized sweatshirt Jake looks pretty good. It's good having him back on this side of the pond ... cuz I'm greedy. [Source]

Here are a few adorable pics of Jennifer Garner in between Broadway shows playing with her daughter Violet in a park in NYC:

Photo credit: Splash News

Violet is another little cutie pie ... I feel so bad for her tho. It's clear that her parents, Bennifer v2.0, love and adore her but having to suffer thru their projects for the rest of her long life ... sheesh ... that's gotta be a rough life. [Source]

Kylie Minogue was a vision to behold at an early press screening of the new West End production of Rent in London, England last night. The show is directed by Kylie's gay stylist and BFF William Baker (who cajoled her into doing some voicework for the show), who was hanging on her as much as he could so that he could get in a few of the pics:

He has supported her through her career, responsible for her ever-changing image, so it was only fitting that Kylie Minogue showed up to support her best pal William Baker last night. The pop princess stole the show at the press night for Rent, overshadowing the star Denise van Outen. The show, directed by Baker, was received well by the press, so he had plenty to smile about as he left the Wyndham's Theatre with Kylie, 39. Kylie even had a presence on stage - she has recorded a series of phone messages in different accents that played during the show. Ewan Thomson, a spokesman for the theatre, said: "It started off as very much an 'in' thing between Kylie and William Baker and was a great way to get her involved in a small way. It is great to have Kylie on board, she was very kind to agree to do it." Baker has injected some much-needed funk into the musical, which follows the ups and downs of young artists and musicians trying to make a living in New York. While I question the assertion that Rent the musical requires some "much needed funk" and the decision to paste all of those rosettes all over the front of Kylie's dress (which looks like it was designed by Project Runway season 3 contestant Angela), I must admit that I'm intrigued by this new production and I think Kylie looks amazing regardless. [Source]

Back here in the States, JK Rowling gave a group of kids she was speaking with a bit more than they were expecting when she kinda sorta let most of her bra become exposed ... to which my first reaction must be, Thank the Gods she was wearing a bra in the first place:

Photo credit: Splash News

She is wizard at keeping secrets. Keeping her underwear to herself is obviously another matter. The usually discreet JK Rowling found herself revealing a little more than she would have liked as she addressed a group of children in the US. The writer who managed to keep Harry Potter's fate under wraps for seven books, bared her bra as she leaned forward. Seemingly unflustered, she simply adjusted her neckline and kept talking. Um. Not enough for ya? Click HERE to watch video of the slip. And, people, the pics really should be enough for ya. [Source]

Here are a couple pics of Kathy Griffin and her new boyfriend, Apple co-founder and megabillionaire, Steve Wozniak posing for pics in Las Vegas last weekend:

I heard that she was going out with this dude for some time now but this is the first time I've gotten to see what he looks like. It is very clear to me why she fell in love with him ... which, I'm sure, has nothing at all to do with money. Homie has got a big schlong ... you can see it in her eyes. [Source]

Steve-O is very fond of getting nekkid whenever the mood strikes him ... at last, he is putting his nekkidness to good use. Here are a couple new PETA ads which feature Steve-O in all his glory:

The man has no problem peeing on the carpet so it makes sense that he would be a perfect fit for PETA. I'd rather he not go nekkid under any circumstances but if he must, this is a pretty good reason. [Source]

Fitness trainer Brian Peeler from the Bravo TV reality show Work Out must be hard up for dough in the days since his show went off the air ... here are a few pics of Brian posing for some cheesy beefcake photos in a recent photoshoot:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Anyone buyin'? [Source]

And finally ... here is a batch of photos sent in from Pink is the new Blog readers who threw watch parties for Legally Blonde the Musical on MTV over the weekend, the readers in order are -- Nathan, Bryce, and Larry Ray -- Friends and Kayt (who really got into Harvard Law after telling the admissions dean that her great clothes would brighten up the campus) who all currently attend Harvard Law -- Jeanne, Jennifer and their pooches Molly and Carson -- Melissa -- Sarah, Julie, Rachel, Ellen (who watched the MTV taping but sent in a pic from the summer when they got to see the show live) and my good friends Mike and his sister Jill who saw the show live on Broadway Sunday night and posed for a pic with star Laura Bell Bundy afterwards:

It looks like everyone had an amazing time ... thank you all for the amazing pics :)

Les News:
Yesterday was just as chill as I had hoped ... I got some errands taken care of before crashing for the rest of the day. I caught up on a lot of TV and ended up crashing again late last night ... hence the lateness today. So yeah ... that's about it ... there is a thing going on tonight that I might go out to but ... we'll see. Late, late, late ... sorry. I'm out.



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