Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sexy Times

The intrepid reporters at TMZ have made a surprisingly entertaining discovery regarding Britney Spears ... well, at least indirectly. Brit Brit caused a stir among religious folk when the album artwork for her new cd Blackout was released a few weeks ago. Britters poses in two photos with a model dressed up as a priest ... in one pic, she is sitting on his lap in a seductive manner ... oooooooh. Anyways, an eagle-eyed writer at TMZ figured out that the priest model has done some previous catalog modeling before working with our dear Britney ... he has previously appeared in catalogs for International Male:

TMZ has discovered the truth behind the priest and the rosary in Britney's "Blackout" CD booklet! Hail Mary! It seems that the priest in the shot has another job ... as an "International Male" model! When he's not in his vestment, he's in hardly anything at all! And as for the rosary, well, it's been blessed by the Pope himself! It's made by SpearJewelry, costs $298 and can be purchased at ShopKitson. OMG ... I *love* this story. Anyone at all familiar with International Male knows 1.) the kind of men's clothes they sell and 2.) the types of photos they print. Think of it as the gay version of the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog ... but gayer, for older dudes and tackier. True story, my best friend Sarah used to keep a copy of the catalog in her desk at work back in the day. I'm still not quite sure what she was doing with it but I'm sure she's got a great explanation. [Source]

In other Spederline news, Kevin Federline is playing the doting father these days when he's not trying to drag Britney back into court every other day every time she coughs, scratches her nose or puts his children's lives in jeopardy with her unsafe driving. Here are a couple pics of K-Fed and his mother hamming it up for the cameras each with his children that have been made available to Life and Style magazine:

Pics like these which end up as exclusives for tabloids smell of the same sort of thing that Larry Birkhead does with photos of his daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern Birkhead. Is K-Fed really this hard up for cash these days? Oh right ... Britney is cutting him off as much as she can so, yeah, I guess he is. I just feel so bad for these kids ... what are they going to think when they grow up and see how this custodial tug-o-war really went down ... it's sad to imagine that one of these cute little angels might end up in rehab while the other one ends up in jail. I wonder which one will end up where. So sad ;( [Source]

Hayden Panettiere played host last night at Les Deux for the Electronic Arts launch party for the Need For Speed Prostreet video game. She was joined by such esteemed celebs like Shar Jackson, Mario Lopez, Mr. and Mrs. Brady -- Chris McKnight and Adrienne Curry and others. Here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Boy, Hayden really does love her video games, don't she? She played host at the EA launch party for the video game version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix over the summer as well. I guess playing video games really helps pass the time when dealing with the Writer's Strike. I'm surprised her Heroes co-star, Milo Ventimiglia, wasn't in attendance at last night's party ... something tells me that he and Hayden like to play games together ;) [Source]

In NYC, covergirl Ashlee Simpson, boyfriend Pete Wentz and her everpresnt father Papa Joe Simpson were among the guests at the 2007 CosmoGIRL! Born to Lead Awards last night at Hearst Tower. Here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

You know, it's been a while since we've seen Papa Joe out with daughter Ashlee ... I was beginning to think that they had broken up. As close and in lurve Ash is with her Fall Out Boyfriend Petey you just know that her heart truly belongs to Papa Joe ... which is just too sick and wrong to think about. Anyways, Cosmogirl! annually honors the celebs who inspire young women to be leaders in all aspects of their lives ... from setting the latest trends to standing up for what they believe in ... and for that they deserve our respect and accolades. I know I would love to honor the person who decided to make headbands happen this year ... talk about your stunning achievements. [Source]

Heidi Klum and the throng of other Victoria's Secret Angels models who famously hawk VS's frilly things were honored here in Hollywood yesterday with an honorary star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... which, essentially, means nothing at all since the "real" Walk of Fame stars are hardly anything more than promo items that are purchased at a premium. This "special" star has been curiously dubbed the Award of Excellence star since they don't really have a category for underwear sales. Congrats all around! [Source]

Mother-to-be Xtina Augilera played host at a Rock the Vote party here in LA last night and decided to wear every bit of make-up that she owns entirely on her face:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know, people always talk about the dangers of smoking and drinking while women are pregs but I think something has to be said about the dangers of wearing too much make-up. If Xtina doesn't tone down the all that rouge, mascara and foundation her baby is going to be born looking like THIS. [Source]

Carrie Underwood was spotted doing a secret pretaping on the ice at Rockefeller Center in NYC last night. Here are a few pics from her undercover performance:

Photo credit: Splash News

This little show will be seen in its entirety on November 28th when the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center is officially lit for Xmas '07. The set looks a bit cheesy but Carrie looks really hot. I still can't believe I heart her so much. [Source]

It appears that Jake Gyllenspoon and Reese Witherspoon have taken their (faux)romance to the next level ... er, that is if the folks in this blurry pic are, in fact, Jake and Reese ... behold:

Photo credit: Splash News

The Rendition co-stars were spotted sharing a tender kiss in public while dining out at The Slanted Door restaurant in San Franciso this week. A diner said: "They looked very cute together. They didn't care who saw them kissing." As well as developing a taste for each other, the pair have also gained a penchant for fine wines. Sources say the pair checked into the Carneros Inn in the Napa Valley for a short break at the weekend. Hmm ... I suppose the peeps in this pic could be GyllenSpoon ... and I guess they could be kissing ... tho, from this angle, he could actually be gnawing on her face. I think that's what I'll choose to believe :) [Source]

Paris Hilton was spotted wearing a t-shirt that announced a few of her favorite things:

Photo credit: Splash News

Um, isn't this list missing a few key items? I hate to imagine what made the list of her fave things that didn't get emblazoned on her meager chest. [Source]

Has Lindsay Lohan traded one addiction for another? Here are pics of Lindsay ravenously shopping up a storm at Chanel this week on one of the typical/daily shopping trips that she's enjoyed since being released from rehab:

Photo credit: Splash News

Mind you, I have no problem with all the shopping ... if someone has to be addicted to something, this isn't the worst option ... but still ... L. Lo has been shopping up a storm lately. I hope she really does plan on working a lot over the coming months 'cuz at the rate she's spending she might find herself in a Michael Jackson sort of sitch. [Source]

Summer is getting into full swing down in Australia right now ... let's take a peek at what sort of folks are out enjoying the warm, luscious weather these days:

Lord have mercy. You could build a house on Hugh Jackman's chest. Small children could get lost in all that chest hair. And, he's wet. I think I need to start spending the months of November - February down in Oz :) [Source]

Oh NO! A new report has come out that a woman claiming to be Zahara Jolie-Pitt's birth mother is demanding that little Princess Z be brought back to her homeland of Ethiopia and away from her adoptive family. Could little Zahara be about to lost everything that she's worked so hard to attain?

There could be some tough times ahead for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with reports the birth family of their adopted daughter Zahara want to bring the two-year-old home to Ethiopia. Mentewab Dawit Lebiso, who claims to be Zahara's birth mother, has spoken out about the adoption, saying she'd love to be reunited with the child. The 24-year-old says: "I want my daughter to come home to see where she is from. Her grandmother and I both tried very hard to raise her, and I want her to come home to regain her identity." ... [Brangelina] could have ... immediate concerns with Mentewab claiming Zahara was conceived when she was raped by a stranger who broke into her home. After the baby was born on 7 January 2005 she moved in with her mother and got a job as a labourer. But Mentewab said she became overwhelmed, and confessed: "I thought the baby was going to die because there was no food, so I ran away." Mentewab's mother then signed the baby over for adoption. This could be Angelina's worst nightmare. In June last year the actress proudly spoke about the daughter she named Zahara, saying: "She's from Ethiopia. She's an AIDS orphan." But, according to America's In Touch magazine - which claims to have seen Zahara's adoption papers - it clearly states that Zahara has a grandmother and extended family living in Africa. Yikes, what a nightmare. I'm pretty sure that Zahara ain't going nowhere but it's sad to think that she might be embroiled in all of this mess. [Source]

People magazine has bestowed the title of 2007's Sexiest Man of the Year to none other than Matt Damon. Here is are a couple pics of Matt along with a couple of the other dudes who are ranked as People's Sexiest this year:

Personally, I think there are sexier dudes out there right now (I would've chosen David Beckham myself -- he had a pretty sexy year, I think) but Matt's not a terrible choice. He's about People magazine's type. The full list of this year's Sexiest men won't be released until the magazine hits newsstands on Friday but you can get a sneak preview of a few of the guys who made the list HERE. [Source]

Kylie Minogue is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of French Glamour magazine ... here is her cover pic:

She looks great! So fresh, so clean. I just can't get enough Kylie these days. Her ITV special The Kylie Show was utterly faboo! I have it on my iPhone and I have watched it already a few times ... it's so good. If you've yet to see The Kylie Show for yourself, you can still watch the vids on You Tube HERE. [Source]

Here are a few amazing behind the scenes photos from the set of Heroes which were posted online by director Greg Beeman on his blog. The pics are from this week's ep Four Months Ago which he directed:

Milo's hair!!!! Woot! There are a lot more pics on Beeman's blog along with pics of the storyboards for the ep. What a great little insight into how the cast like to play around behind the scenes while on set. Oh and Milo's long hair RULZ! [Source]

And finally ... here's a fun little game for this fine hump day. Can you guess which Hollywood funny man was snapped showing off an overly stuffed pair of swimtrunks while filming a new project on a beach in Mexico?

Click above to find out who it is

I think you might be surprised to find out who it is. The junk in these trunks is utterly ridic ... it looks like homie stuffed his entire sock drawer in there. LOL! [Source]

Les News:
At long last ... my personalized license plate finally arrived ... tho, I had to make an appointment at the California DMV to pick it up 4 months after I ordered it:

I managed to get the same personalization that I had when I lived in Michigan, even if I had to wait forever for it to get made. I was pretty bummed that the pressing was so off center ... but I think I managed to fix the problem.

Last night I met up with my friend Michael for dinner at Vitello's in Studio City. The food was great but the convo was better.

Tonight I'm meeting up with Jordan for some hangin' ... it should be really fun. Hope ya'll are having a great day! I'm out.

PS: Don't forget that the new season of Project Runway debuts tonight on Bravo at 10pm!!!!