Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brit's The Pits

In the wake of LA County Commissioner Gordon's new order that Britney Spears not be allowed to drive with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James in any vehicle, Britney appears to be been taking the news fairly well ... altho she has not been following the adage never let them see you sweat. Here are pics of Brit Brit stopping for one of her world-famous trips to her fave gas station in Malibu, CA on the very day that it was ordered that she is no longer allowed to drive her children in her car:

Photo credit: Splash News

I suppose it should come as no surprise that Britney is able to handle this latest development concerning custody of her children in a semi-reasonable way. She didn't really seem to care all that much when the Commissioner stripped her of primary physical custody of her children, nor did she seem all that concerned when her visitation rights were limited to just a couple days a week WITH a court-ordered monitor. Bit by bit, she is having access to her children stripped away due to her unsafe actions and yet ... all she has to show for it are a couple of moist pit stains. I still wonder what it's going to take for get her shizz straight and start putting her life back together ... if ever ;( [Source]

In happy couples news, here is a new pic of Madonna (still rockin' that not-so-cute part in her hair that I don't really like but am starting to not really mind) out with her hot hubby Guy Ritchie who was lookin' really fly in his little grey suit out for a night on the town at Harry's Bar in London this past Thursday:

These two make a great couple and I'm so glad that things appear to be going so wel for them. Madonna released a statement this week announcing a partnership with Gucci that seeks to raise $2 million dollars to benefit orphans in Malawi. She said:

I am grateful that Gucci is joining forces with me to bring attention to a country with millions of children in desperate need of our help. Raising Malawi has already done tremendous work in helping these children. But we have much more to do and this event will surely bring us closer to our goal.

Malawi's High Court has yet to give its final ruling in Madonna and Guy's bid to adopt little David Banda as their own (it will do so next year) but this fund-raising event with Gucci is sure to make their cause look more favorable. [Source]

Elsewhere in happy couplesland, Demi Moore-Kutcher and hubby Ashton Kutcher were spotted courtside at an LA Lakers game this week cheering on their fave basketball team in between all their cuddling and nuzzling. Here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yeah, neither one of them look all that interested in the game (I wonder if they even know who the Lakers were playing) but they do look really interested in one another. It's amazing how cute and yet how disgusting they look in these pics, no? [Source]

In OH MY LAWD, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? news, here are pics of Miss Thang Patti LaBelle steppin' out for the photogs in a pretty disgustingly garish fur coat made up of a few families of chinchillas ... and she didn't even have the courtesy to put on a bit of make-up:

Between Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin, I think they are the ones personally responsible for the slaughter of 80% of the chinchilla population. Oh wait, I think Diddy is partly responsible as well. I say BOO! and Poop Sandwich to them all. [Source]

As rough as Miss LaBelle is lookin' in her nasty furs, she ain't lookin' quite as tore up as Tom Cruise was lookin' on the set of some new production that is being filmed here in LA:

Sure, Tommy boy ain't lookin' his best because he's all done up in a fat suit and a bald head piece ... but it isn't too hard to imagine that this is the way things are headed for dear ol' Tom. MMMM, Katie Holmes has a great future to look forward to. Lucky thing ... at least she should be gettin' paid well. [Source]

I am very happy to report that the fourth season premiere of Project Runway, which aired on Bravo this past Wednesday night, managed to draw the network's largest audience ever for a show debut. Clearly, I wasn't the only person hongry for a new season of Project Runway:

Bravo's season-four premiere of Project Runway drew the network's biggest audience ever for a show debut Wednesday night: 2.89 million total viewers and 1.98 million viewers 18-49. The design competition was up 20% in total viewers and 24% in viewers 18-49 over the premiere of season three, which ran in fall 2006 and helped Bravo to rank as the top cable network in the demo for the 10 p.m. hour, according to Nielsen Media Research. Runway is by far Bravo's most popular series ever, building consistently over its four seasons. After a weak series premiere in late 2004 drew only about 350,000 viewers, the show finished season one with more than 2 million. Season two built on that to finish with 3.2 million viewers, and season three was even bigger, culminating in an October 2006 finale watched by 5.4 million total viewers and 3.4 million adults 18-49. The numbers don't surprise me because the show is really just that good. The competitive element with its inventive challenges really makes the show interesting to watch. The reality element, which features interesting/crazy contestants, makes the show really, really interesting to watch. While reality shows like The Real World tend to churn out the same sort of boring, forgettable drama, shows with an interesting competitive element seem to stand out in the crowd (incidentally, I'm still very much a fan of Survivor after all these years). If this Writer's Strike continues to rage on into the new year, I think that this fourth season of PR is going to be its more successful yet. Wee! What great news. [Source]

We are only a couple weeks away from the release of Kylie Minogue's 10th album X. Here is what the artwork for the limited edition Japanese version of the album is supposed to look like:

Leave it to the crafty Japanese to take the cover artwork for an already 80's-insipired album and make it even more 80's-looking. In addition to the really cool holographics, the album will come with a couple of bonus tracks. It's a shame that more Americans don't get how amazing Kylie Minogue is cuz they're really missing out. I've already got my orders in for the UK, Aussie and Japanese versions of the albums just so I can get all of the new Kylie music I can. [Source]

Fergie Ferg is lookin' pretty nice on the cover and in the pages of the issue of Allure magazine:

Miss Ferg may be airbrushed to perfection but I'm all for whatever it takes to make her look this purdy. See, one doesn't have to succumb to the deadly scalpal of someone like Dr. Jan Adams to fix their flaws ... that's what Photoshop is for :) [Source]

It's time for this week's batch of photos that have been sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Maggie sends in a pic with her hubby Dave from their recent trip to Maui. Dave has just been deployed to Iraq and Maggie is asking for everyone to "keep him in their thoughts & prayers and to hope for him to stay safe, happy, & healthy" -- Sirena, who goes to Baylor University, sends in a pic with her boyfriend and University of Oklahoma student Chris from the OU vs. Baylor game where the mighty Sooners defeated the Bears in a final score of 52-21 -- Kelly from College Park, MD hosted a Project Runway Season 4 Premiere party, where guests were encouraged to dress as their fave PR contestants, and sends in a pic with her friends Julia (who dressed as Nora from season 1) and Genevieve (who dressed as Jay also from Season 1) ... Kelly dressed as Laura from Season 3 -- Amy sends in a pic of her 7 1/2 month old baby showin' some love and a really cute messy face -- Eve, who hails all the way from New Zealand, sends in a pic having just won her 2nd bodybuilding competition in the Figure Class ... she was reppin' the pink with her hawt bikini:

Thank you all so much for another batch of great photos. I'll be keepin' Dave in my thoughts and prayers and I'm looking forward to the day when Maggie will be able to send in a new pic of Dave back home safe and sound with his family ;) Much love and congrats to everyone else as well ... thank you for taking the time to send in your photos ... as always, I love them all. XOXO

On last thing ... Tracey sent in a couple of new pics of my goddaughter Zakiya that I have to share with the world:

Her fro is out of control ... I love it! Princess Z also just posed for her first school pictures and I updated Zakiya's Picture O' The Moment on the right sidebar with one of her pics. She is gettin' so big ... and more gorgeous by the day :)

Les News:
David arrived safe and sound last night and we made a beeline to Mexicali for some late night grub. It was really rowdy there last night so I'm not sure that Friday nights are the best nights to go there for a quiet meal. We toyed with the idea of going out afterwards but ended up coming back to my place to chill. 10 mins. after we walked in the door, David was snoring happily on my couch so I guess it was a wise idea to stay in.

This afternoon, we're meeting up with Darion and Kirsten for some fun activities at Griffith Park Observatory and then ... who knows what after. I hope all y'all have having a great weekend ... I am out.