Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Outback Is Rippa!

The courts may be doing everything in its power to limit Britney Spears' access to her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James but they cannot put a stop to all the lurve that she has got to give to other creatures in need (and no, I'm not talking about Cousin Ali Sims or Brit Brit's new shadow/manager/lackey Sam). Here are pictures of Britters at a Los Angeles pet store where she purchased a set of goldfish and a budgerigar bird to add to her expanding menagerie of pets which include her new Yorkie London (who is also pictured above and came along for the ride):

Photo credit: Splash News

Unfortch, there are no laws that can forbid Britney to drive around to her hearts content with any of her animals so I would imagine that she might start strapping down any one of these lucky pets into the backseat of her car and pretend that she's driving around her children. It is so disturbing and sad to see Britney continue to act in this manner when custody of her children is at stake. Why is she so concerned with acquiring new animals to take care of when she can't even bother to straighten up her act enough to take care of her own children? I have a hard time believing that any of this makes sense even to her. [Source]

In more enchanting news, the new Disney live action/animated movie Enchanted had its Hollywood premiere last night at the El Capitan Theater here in LA. The movie's stars Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey were joined by the likes of celebs like Helen Mirren, Carrie Underwood, Idina Menzel and her hubby Taye Diggs. Here are a few pics from the premiere event's red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Call me crazy but I think this is going to be a supercute movie. I liked the concept from the first trailer that I saw earlier this year. It immediately struck me as the new Who Framed Roger Rabbit? for a new generation. It also occurred to me that this Disney movie appears to be set up to make fun of other animated fairytale movies much like the Scream movies did for horror films. I fully expect the film to be full of clich├ęs and inside jokes that poke fun at the genre as a whole. I'm also very excited to see James Marsden running around in his little princely tights as well :) Enchanted opens in theaters this Wednesday, just in time to capitalize on the Thanksgiving movie-going crowd. [Source]

Kylie Minogue was among the performers this weekend at the BBC's Children in Need Appeal event which also included participation from the reunited Spice Girls (click HERE to watch their performance) and the British boyband Take That (click HERE to see their contribution). Here are a few pics from Kylie's performance Friday night:

Annually, the Children in Need event seeks to raise money so that it can give out grants to organisations in the UK working with children who have mental, physical or sensory disabilities; behavioural or psychological disorders; are living in poverty or situations of deprivation; or suffering through distress, abuse or neglect. Clearly a very important charity to work with and, from the clips I've seen, is set up very much like the Jerry Lewis Telethon that we have here in the US. Kylie looked ravishing during this performance of her new single 2Hearts which can be seen HERE. [Source]

Hayden Panettiere did a bit of charity work herself this weekend, to benefit the geeks and nerds who worship her and her hit NBC show Heroes, by making an appearance at the Big Apple Comic Book, Toy, Art and Sci-Fi Expo at the Penn Plaza Pavillion in NYC this weekend. Here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Clearly Hayden knows which side of her bread is buttered and she knows who is doing the buttering. I love that Hayden has no problem bringing her chic little self to events that normally hot chicks couldn't be dragged to. I can only imagine how many pairs of happy pants Hayden leaves in her wake after making an appearance at an event like this. Trust me, I can identify ... but my pants are more responsive to someone like Mr. Milo Ventimiglia ;) [Source]

Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze was snapped making her way thru security at LAX airport, presumably to make a flight bound for her beloved NYC:

Sorry, it's gonna take me quite some time to get used to her new moniker of SMP. I may have to post pics of her as consistently as possible so that I can get into the swing of things. [Source]

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted here in SoCal doing whatever it is that they do when they're not hamming it up for the MTV cameras or fake planning their fake wedding for fake guests who will pretend to be their friends. Apparently, running all these hard errands get Spencer all itchy:

Awww. Well, I know what I'm getting Speidi for their wedding gift ... a year's supply of THIS. [Source]

Just when you thought that you'd seen it all when it comes to the nekkid ambition of Paris Hilton and her friend Joe Francis (of Girls Gone Wild fame) comes this installment of the pair's sexploits. Here are screencaps from a new vid that is supposedly previously unseen of Rick videotaping and narrating Paris Hilton taking a bath .. in case any one on Earth still cares:

PARIS Hilton has been trying to get herself a squeaky clean image ever since she left jail. And it seems she's finally managed it with this new sex tape, filmed while she takes a bath. In the video Paris is seen completely naked in the water, surrounded by bubbles. She swims around in the huge bath and playfully soaks herself with a shower head. It is thought this new footage was discovered earlier this year when Paris forgot to pay the rent on her storage vault. A website called then released the footage on the net, although Paris obtained a temporary injunction against them. Now, the footage has reappeared on YouTube, with stronger versions available on US websites. Honestly, the video isn't all that exciting and it doesn't show anything that we all haven't already seen many times before. But, I suppose it's goss worthy so here you have it. Click HERE to see the semi-NSFW uncensored images and watch the short vid clip for yourself. [Source]

The 2008 Spice Girls calendar has been released so if you're at all interested in spending the coming year with each of the Spices then this calendar is for you. Here are a few pics from the various months of the new calendar:

If you're like me, you don't want to be spoiled by seeing every single pic from a calendar before their months occur but I'm not planning on getting the Spice Girls calendar (instead I'll be hanging THIS calendar on my wall in '08) so I'm not spoiled by looking. Click HERE to see all the pics from the Spice Girls calendar if you feel you won't be spoiled and if you care in the least. [Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of Week to round things out for today. The temps in SoCal have been crazy hot this week (highs reached the upper 80s earlier this week) which almost got me to haul my cookies out to the beach to enjoy the sun's rays. Being able to see half-nekkid hotties like Bryan is just the icing on the cake:

Photo credit: All American Guys

While the days of 86 degree temps are quickly falling away, I'm sure we'll be able to enjoy just as much pics of dudes like Bryan over the coming months. Who says summer ever has to end? Enjoy! [Source]

Les News:
David and I spent a really great afternoon and evening with my friends Kirsten and Darion. First, we trekked our way up the mountain to watch the sun set up at Griffith Park Observatory. Unfortch the day was really hazy with smog so the sun disappeared in the gloam much quicker than we would've liked ... even still, we had a great time:

We watched a show in the planetarium called Centered on the Universe which was not only educational but it was very entertaining. It may sound dorky, I'm sure, but we really did have a great time up there. Here is a short video of Foucault’s Pendulum which swings independently of the Earth's rotation:

Yeah, it's not very exciting to watch but it's science ... so respect it, bitches!

After our educational fun, we made our way to the Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Kirsten, who hails from Melbourne, OZ has never been to an Outback before so we decided to show her what our country thinks of her country:

Say what you will, the food was damn good and I made a believer out of her with the amazing Aussie Chayze Frois :)

After dinner, we went out to The Abbey for a few drinks and that was pretty much our night. The drinking went on for a while ... which affected our plans for this evening. We were supposed to go down to Disneyland but have to, instead, take it a little easy.

I hope y'all had and are having a great weekend ... I am out :)