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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And For All Of This, We Give Thanks

Today's post is chock full of really fun stuff in preparation for Thanksgiving day tomorrow. David and I will be traveling overnight tonight and most of tomorrow morning to the East Coast to spend Thanksgiving with his family in Connecticut and we are counting on experiencing travel delays ... so I'm not sure I'll be able to do a full goss post tomorrow. Depending on how much time I have tomorrow, I'm not sure what I'll be able to post so ... I'm gonna give as much as I can today to tide y'all over. So ... here we go ...

Britney Spears enjoyed some limited visitation with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James (along with her court-ordered parenting monitor/coach) yesterday afternoon. Because the judge handling her ongoing custody case has ordered that Britney not be allowed to drive with her kids in the car, Britters (at long last) finally got around to hiring a driver to cart her and the kids around town. Here are pics of Brit Brit being chauffeured with her sleeping kiddies to the Four Seasons Hotel here in LA:

Photo credit: Splash News

It is being reported that Britney will be having her Thanksgiving celebration with the boys today but then they will be handed off to spend actual Thanksgiving day with their father Kevin Federline tomorrow (tho, Brit will be able to visit with the kids for the early part of tomorrow). It looks like the holidays are gonna be a real hoot for the Spederline brood ... with all the kid juggling that is bound to take place, I'm sure the kids are going to have turkey, stuffing and Xmas gifts coming out of their ears when it's all said and done. At least we see that Britney is finally complying with the wishes of the court ... maybe she is taking active steps to ensure that she can be a good mom in the new year. [Source]

Speaking of moms, mother-to-be Xtina Aguilera has inadvertently joined the exclusive club of bare crotch flashers this week as she spread wide enough to show the omnipresent paparazzi that she doesn't always like to wear underwear. Move over Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears ... there's a new girl movin' into the clubhouse and her name is Xtina ... behold:

Photo credit: X17
Click above to see NSFW uncensored image

CAN you not buy knickers in Hollywood? CHRISTINA AGUILERA joined the growing ranks of beauties choosing to leave their underwear at home while enjoying a night out. The pregnant star once slammed BRITNEY SPEARS, LINDSEY LOHAN and PARIS HILTON for their lack of self-control while partying. But now it seems Xtina is a fully fledged member of their commando club. It has been Xtina's M.O. in the past to follow in Britney's footsteps but this is one time I think she should've planned better and stayed away from this new trend. At least Xtina Aguilera has the distinction of being the first Hollywood "It" girl to bare her bare crotch while pregs. I suppose we should take heart ... she isn't far enough along in her pregnancy for us to see a crowning baby. Ick! [Source]

In happy family news, Lindsay Lohan has been spending some time in NYC this week where she was joined by all the members of her family (except for her media-loving father Michael Lohan who was prolly too bizzy posing for cameras at a staged photo op somewhere instead) and her new boyfriend Riley Giles for some pre-Thanksgiving bonding. Here are pics of Linds making a couple of grand exits with her mother Dina Lohan and her youngest brother Cody following behind:

Photo credit: Splash News

It seems that Riley is getting a warm welcome from the entire family this year ... who appear to be so thankful for all the goodness in their lives this year that they couldn't wait to get the party started. Here are a few pics of Les Lohans sitting down for a nice dinner together at Cipriani's restaurant in NYC last night:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm sure Lindsay is very thankful that the justice system in Hollywood is skewed just so that she can get away with multiple crimes and not have to pay for any of them by going to jail. Riley is surely thankful that Lindsay chose his rehab center in Utah so that they were able to fall in love while attempting to kick their addictive habits. Dina Lohan must surely be thankful that Lindsay is out of rehab, almost entirely done serving out her pitifully laughable sentence and will be back to making money in bad movies very soon. Daddy Michael Lohan is prolly thankful that he was left out of of this loving family gathering because he can now call every tabloid magazine and TV program and try to give statements and interviews about how his ex-wife is keeping his daughter away from him. Yes, the Lohans have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. [Source]

Back here on the West Coast, Mariah Carey paid a little promo visit to the Macy's Department Store at the Glendale Galleria which is in the San Fernando Valley in Glendale, CA. Here are a few pics of the dressed down Mimi posing for the cameras before she pressed the flesh with the folks who came out to see her and paid $90 for a bottle of her perfume in order to get an autograph from her:

Photo credit: Splash News

You know, Mariah Carey may have a reputation for being a diva but deep down, she's still a Long Island girl at heart. Mimi could've made a big splash and spectacle at the Macy's at the Beverly Center in West Hollywood, as most celebs who made promo appearances like this usually do, but not Mariah. She squeezed into a simple pair of $900 blue jeans and made her way out to the Valley to meet her real fans. Sure, she made those fans pay almost $100 bucks to get near her but still ... she really is just Mimi from the block. [Source]

Yesterday, we saw pics of Hilary Duff sitting rink-side at the NY Islanders vs. NY Rangers hockey game to watch her boyfriend and NY Islander Mike Comrie whip some ass on the ice ... today we get pics of Hilary and Mike Comrie (Hila-rie) out on the town after the game, with Mike showing off a few battle scars on his serious face:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm happy to see that Hilary seems to have found and settled on a nice guy who seems to lurve her very much. Hila-rie make a really great couple and you can tell that they are deffo into one another. I wonder if Mike is going to take Hil home to meet the folks for Thanksgiving tomorrow? [Source]

Here are a couple pics of Nicole Richie as she made her way out of a court-ordered driving class in West Hollywood this week which she is attending as part of her sentence for her DUI arrest earlier this year:

Even when Nicole is doing her civic duty to pay back her debt to society she does so in style. Pay close attention to the black t-shirt that she is wearing underneath that fab black jacket ... [Source]

... because that shirt shows up in this next batch of photos which come from In Style magazine and were taken at Nicole Richie and Joel Madden's Wizard of OZ-themed baby shower which took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel this past Sunday afternoon:

What a cute party! Everyone looks so happy and so nice (including Paris Hilton). The black shirt that Nicole wore to driving school was worn by her beau and baby daddy-to-be Joel Madden. Traditionally, baby showers usually exclude men but these are modern times and apparently men are now welcome at baby showers. Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day when Joel and Benji Madden from Good Charlotte would be hanging out at a baby shower but ... the times, they are a-changin'. Actually, the GC boys attended their little sister Sarah's baby shower the week prior as well. I think my fave pic is of the Madden boys posing with their moms Robin. As was previously reported, all the gifts brought to the shower were donated to the Richie Madden Children's Foundation which supports young mothers in need ... as, as was speculated, it turns out that Nic/Joel are expecting a baby boy as was revealed by Lionel Richie to OK! magazine. The Richie/Maddens have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving as well!! [Source]

In case you were wondering, David Beckham is still in England training with the English National Soccer Team in the hopes that he'll get to play with them in an upcoming match ...

... and he's still hawt. [Source]

Mike Tyson was sentenced to serve 24 hours in jail and three years' probation for drug possession and DUI this week in a Mesa, Arizona Superior Court ... here is his booking mug shot and a couple pics of Tyson wearing pink hand cuffs, socks and (I understand) undies as he was being led to his temporary correctional home:

Photo credit: Splash News

Iron Mike Tyson, one time boxing champion of the world, will be spending the day in jail sporting pink underwear and a black-and-white striped jumpsuit. The former heavyweight will serve his 24-hours behind bars in the secluded section of what is called Tent City, far from the prying eyes of the 1,500 other inmates at the prison in Arizona. Tyson, 41, pled guilty in September to one count of felony cocaine possession and a misdemeanor count of driving under the influence. He was arrested in 2006 leaving a club in Scottsdale ... Along with his brief prison stay, Tyson must serve three years of probation, and perform 360 hours of community service. The ear-biting fighter must also undergo drug testing. See, I don't get why Hollywood "It" Girls (well, except for Paris Hilton) don't receive the same treatment. 24 hours in jail should work out to be 24 actual hours in jail ... they would even think the pink handcuffs are cute. [Source]

Jake Gyllenhaal (and others) are featured on the cover of the new issue of Esquire magazine and is being recognized for giving one of the great Performances of the Year for his work in the movie Zodiac. Here are a couple pics of Jakey poo on the cover and in the December issue of Esquire mag:

Now, I saw Zodiac when it was out in theaters early this year and while I enjoyed Jake's performance (and the movie overall), I don't know that I'd classify it as one of the greatest of the year. But, I'm not really complaining that he is being praised for his performance ... especially since we get to see a new, hawt pic of his Jakeyness in the mag. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may hate you but Esquire magazine loves you!! Wee! Congrats, Jake! [Source]

Here are a whole bunch of really cool Gap ads which feature a bunch of really cool celebs ... I've been posting a couple of this season’s Gap ads here and there but here are the rest of the ads that I've yet to post all in one batch:

Gap always does a great job of selecting the hot celebs of the moment for their holiday campaigns and this year is no exception. I think my faves are the James Marsden, the John Krasinski and the cast of Spring Awakening ads. I really like the multi-colored scarves they put out each year but I really love the sweater that John is wearing. I might have to go shopping soon :) [Source]

Photographer Frank Louis shot a bunch of risqué pics of Project Runway season 4 contestant/designer Jack Mackenroth for his website and here are a few of them:

Jack really isn't my pick to win this season but I can see the appeal of these pics. Head on over to Frank Louis's website to see them all in their uncensored glory. It's too bad that Louis didn't take any sexy pics of PR4 designer Kevin. [Source]

Speaking of risque pics, here are a few of Rihanna and Robin Thicke lookin' all kinds of naughty for Rolling Stone magazine:

I never saw it before but these two make a really hawt couple. I like the ass-slapping pic the best ... I wonder if the mood of this photo shoot actually played out betwixt the two in real life? [Source]

Heroes phenom Hayden Panettiere has been chosen by GQ magazine as the Obsession of the Year ... and to celebrate, here are a few pics of the Hollywood "It" Girl which are sure to fuel further obsession by her straight male fan base:

First off, I think that Hayden is a great pic for Obession of the Year. She really had a great year all around and absolutely deserves all the accolades that she attains. But, don't these pics remind you of the photo shoot that Britney Spears did for Rolling Stone magazine back in her hey day? The juxtaposition of the sexy girl with the innocent young girl seems to be very popular in men's magazines. [Source]

And finally ... a little game to take us into the Thanksgiving holiday ... can you guess which chanteuse was caught with white "stuffing" packed into one of her nostrils as she made her way out of a recent concert appearance:

Photo credit: Splash News
Click above to find out who it is

I don't normally give hints when I do little games like this but here is a wee hint:

Can you guess who it is?

Les News:
David and I spent another quiet day and night together ... we only ventured out last night for dinner at Rambutan Thai in Silverlake and then we came back home. We toyed with the idea of going to a movie but I had to much packing to do so we called it an early night.

Tonight, David and I are going to see the So You Think You Can Dance live tour at the Staples Center (which is what David wanted for his birthday) before we catch our red-eye flight back to the East Coast. We'll be with his family for a few days and then I'll be in NYC for a few days after that before returning home next week.

So, I'm not sure when I'll get a chance to post tomorrow but I hope to get something up on the site at some point. I hope you all have a happy, safe and wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow and I'll be back atcha when I can from the East side.. And so ... I am out.

PS: Hopefully many of you are reading this from the comforts of your own home because you got a half-day of work today ... and I hope that YOU STAY SAFE AND SOUND tonight since it's the biggest bar night of the year. Play safe, y'all!!



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