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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Before we get to today's weekend post I have to make sure that all y'all are reminded that today is World AIDS Day, which is observed every December 1 in order to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. Each year, World AIDS Day is given a theme and this year's theme is Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise - Leadership:

There are many things you can do to help raise awareness and work towards helping find a cure for this deadly disease ... clicking HERE will get you started with a few ideas. But here is something you can do that is really quick and that can help spread awareness in a small, poignant way. Click HERE to light a virtual candle at the official site for the African Well Fund ... and perhaps you can consider making a donation to help raise funds for those suffering from AIDS attain access to clean water in order to help them fight the disease. I very much look forward to the day when World AIDS Day can change from being a day of raising awareness to a day of celebrating a cure. [Source]

Yesterday I posted a newslink regarding the news that Lindsay Lohan and Riley Giles had broken off their relationship but in my heart of hearts, I didn't want to believe it ... today, I'm sorry to say, it seems that the reports are true and RiLo have, indeed, called it quits. It pains me to confirm that they are dunzo:

Lindsay Lohan and Riley Giles, the 25-year-old snowboarder she met while seeking treatment at Utah's Cirque Lodge, have ended their relationship, sources confirm to PEOPLE. "They're over – they've broken up," a source says. "They split after Thanksgiving weekend." Adds another source: "She is concentrating on her life and her career." And that, I suppose, is that. RiLo really spent a lot of time together in NY over the long Thanksgiving weekend ... in fact, their last public outing together was last Saturday when Riley joined the other Lohans (sans daddy Michael) at a junior high basketball game that Lindsay's little brother Cody played in ... the couple flew home together to LA and then she dumped him. C'est la vie, I guess. You know, I'm bummed that I didn't really get to know Riley all that well ... the couple were together for some time and yet, he is but a stranger to me. Sad. Now he'll fritter away into obscurity for all time ... never to be heard from again ... right? Gawd, I hope so. [Source]

In NEW couple news, it seems that Jessica Simpson, who has essentially fallen off the face of the planet in recent months, is trying to get back into the spotlight by starting up a new clandestine relationship with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo ... which of course means that she is dying for folks (like In Touch Weekly) to find out about it so that speculation and conjecture can start up again and so she can win back some of the limelight she's lost in recent times. And people think she's dumb. Here is a screenshot of TMZ video that supposedly shows Jessica and Tony boarding a private plane together last night in Dallas:

TMZ has the first video of clandestine couple Jessica Simpson and QB Tony Romo -- together! Daisy Duke and the Dallas Cowboy hitched a ride on a jet at Love Field in Dallas late last night and headed to Hollywood. They landed within shooting distance -- at the Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. They've gone out of their way to avoid being seen together, and up to now they've pulled it off. They reportedly spent Thanksgiving dinner together ... In Touch has this to add: Jessica Simpson was beaming on November 30 as she boarded a private jet in Orlando, Fla. after taping a Disney special. She had a good reason-she was going to pick up her new man, Dallas Cowboy QB Tony Romo! An excited Jessica, with a couple of close friends, headed to meet Tony at a Dallas airport. "Jessica is a little nervous but so happy to see him," says an insider. "Jessica thinks he is hot! He's a really nice guy and her family loves him." In Touch reported last week that the couple spent Thanksgiving with Jessica's family in Texas and were looking forward to spending more time together. The pair, who are both 27, will attend her best friend Cacee Cobb's birthday party at Teddy's in Hollywood on Saturday night. "She wants all her friends to meet him." Also on the agenda for the hot new couple? "They are going take it easy and hang out at Jessica's house." Additionally, and most importantly, Pink reader Heather claims to have first hand knowledge that Tony and Jessica are, indeed, an item ... she writes: I met Tony today and asked him if he is dating Jessica and he said "Yes, she is a sweetheart" ... and well, that is all I need to hear. It's officially time to send out our congrats to Jessimo on their burgeoning new love affair. The upside is that we may get to see more Tony around town holding Jessica's purse like he did for Carrie Underwood when he was dating her earlier this year ... the downside is that we'll have to deal with more Jessica, too. [Source]

And speaking of more Jessica, she was among the performers at Disney World in Florida this week for the taping of this years Xmas concert spectacle at the Magic Kingdom. A Pink reader who wishes to remain anonymous provided backup for Jess and sends in a couple of pics and some inside info. Here are a couple pics of Jess's taped performance and a couple of the Pink reader's pics from backstage:

Photo credit: Splash News

The Pink reader writes: I wanted to forward you a few pics I took this morning at the taping of the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade (they tape it early). I sang in the choir that backed up Jessica Simpson for the finale of the parade. She did a great job, but was very close to a "wardrobe malfunction". The pictures aren't the best, but the last one shows her hiking up her dress that kept slipping. She was hiking that thing up every few minutes. Oh my! Can you imagine what the scene would've been like had Jessica Simpson's buxomness popped out of her dress at Disney World? I knew it ... we are deffo in for more Jessica from here on out. Booooo. [Source]

In more couples news, here are new pics of Lance Bass out with his new man Ben Thigpen at the 40th Anniversary Party for Wilhelmina Models in NYC this week. Astute Pink reader Ashley noticed that Lance recently updated his official My Space profile to say that he is officially "in a relationship" ... which means that if Lance took the time to update his My Space profile it *must* be true love:

It's great to see LaBen out and about, going to events together. They make a really hawt couple which is no real surprise ... Lance has always been able to pull some megahot guys. I'm very happy to know that things are getting more serious for these two ... I hope it lasts :) [Source, Source, thanks Ashley]

Couples, couples, couples ... everyone in Hollywood is all attached a happy ... it's weird. Here are new pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt and her boyfriend fiancée Ross McCall together on holiday down in Hawaii just a few days after official word came out that the two have decided to get married. Awwwww:

Photo credit: Splash News

Jennifer Love Hewitt is engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. The engagement took place last week, added the spokesperson. Hewitt, 28, and McCall, 31, have been a couple for almost two years. This will be the first marriage for both. No wedding date has been set. This is another couple that I am very happy to see have managed to keep it together. They have been together for, like, ever so it's about time that they took it to the next level. Despite the fact that J. Love is all pissed that some folks have been talkin' shizz about her, I'm sure that she is really happy with the way things are going in her life. I had my doubts about her show The Ghost Whisperer when it debuted a couple of years ago and it actually turned into a hit (who knew?). Now she's getting married to the man of her dreams and things couldn't be better ... I hope it lasts :) [Source]

Despite the fact that they were once bitter rivals (no matter what they said publicly at the time, you *know* they were) there seems to be nothing but love between Xtina Aguilera and Britney Spears these days ... well, at least on the Xtina side. Here are a couple pics of Xtina out this week wearing a vintage Britney Spears t-shirt:

My only question is, when did Britney Spears put out maternity wear? Was this stuff sold at her concerts and I was just unaware? Hmmm. [Source]

The cast of The CW's hit teen drama Gossip Girl seem to have fallen into the Gap ... er, more specifically, they have fallen onto the roving GapTidings Truck which is making its way around NYC to promote Gap's Holiday 2007 Accessories line ... check it out:

It's always so nice to see co-stars getting along so well ... I'm sure there isn't a hint of jealousy or malice among this happy group of actors ... at least, not yet. They genuinely look like they're having a great time together ... let's just assume that it's all authentic. [Source]

Yiiiiikes! Marie Osmond is PISSED that she didn't win this year's championship title for Dancing with the Stars so she is taking her wrath out on the rest of us ... as if it was our fault that she sucked. To get her revenge, Marie has decided to unleash a new crop of her scary-assed dolls which have been styled in her DTWS outfits in order to generate nightmares for all the poor, unsuspecting fools who bring these horrid little things into their homes:

Couldn't get enough of Marie Osmond this season on Dancing with the Stars? Perhaps the next best thing is to bring her home for the holidays ... Though Osmond didn't win the mirror ball trophy, there's no denying that the season five second runner-up gave some unforgettable performances. The limited collection will include dolls dressed in the same costumes Osmond wore on the show—the Boogie Woogie doll, the Paso Doble doll, the Quickstep doll and the (controversial) season finale Freestyle doll. I, uh, have no words. Doll collectors scare me. [Source, Source]

A new list of the 20 Worst Foods in America (according to The Today Show) has been unveiled and I am horrified to learn that my all-time favorite thing to eat ON EARTH sits right on top at #1. Outback Steak House's Aussie Cheese Fries (pronounced Ozzie Chayze Froys) has been deemed the absolute worst food to eat in America ... EEK!

The U.S. food industry has declared war on your waistline,

1: The worst food in America
Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing

* 2,900 calories
* 182 g fat
* 240 g carbs

Even if you split these "starters" with three friends, you'll have downed a dinner's worth of calories before your entrée arrives.

Boooo! I am really bummed that my Aussie Cheese Fries are getting such a bad rap ... sure, it may prove difficult to breathe after you eat a plate of this deliciousness (er, well, the labored breathing actually starts after you've eaten just a few of the cheese-piled french fries drowned in their ranch dressing) and it's true that you can actually feel your arteries hardening with each mouthful but ... they taste so damn good ... maybe it's worth risking death just for such a delectable snack. Personally, I blame the Aussies. It has to be their fault ... somehow. [Source, thanks Yasmin]

And finally, here is this week's batch of photos sent in by Pink is the new Blog readers -- Linda sends in a pic with a sign made by her friend Tracey in celebration of her recent engagement to her man Tyler who proposed to her on November 17 at Atlantis in Paradise Island, Bahamas -- Jessie who has just graduated from the Tanjong Katong Secondary School in Singapore sends in a couple of pics from her Super Sweet 16 party -- Stephen sends in a pic from his 18th birthday party which went down last weekend -- Megan sends in a pic of her new pink hair tips -- Kate and Liz send in a cute pic from NYC where they were chillin' beneath thier pink umbrella-ella=ella:

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for another batch of really fun pics. Much congrats and love to you all for taking the time ... and many thanks to all y'all who continue to send in your amazing photos. I love them, as always ... so thank you. XOXO

Les News:
Yesterday was cold, dreary and rainy and that meant that I was afforded the opportunity to just veg out, watch some TV, play some video games and read. I finally finished The Subtle Knife, Book II of His Dark Materials trilogy and have gotten well into Book III, The Amber Spyglass. I am totally enraptured by this story ... the writing is superb and the storyline is so surprising and interesting. I am starting to see more of the "atheistness" of the trilogy but I love it all the more. Any book that causes you to think, to really consider what it is that you believe, I more than welcome it on my bookshelf. I'm almost dreading coming to the end of this third book because I don't want the story to end.

The sun is out and shining today so I think I'm gonna venture out into the real world. I'm going out with Darion tonight to see Beowulf again but this time in IMAX 3D so I'm really jazzed for that. I hope all y'all have a great weekend ... I am out.



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