Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Superhero Hype!

Things may have been a little rough over the past year for our dear Britney Spears but it really does seem as if things have been looking up for her in the past few weeks. Sure, she is still embroiled in a bitter custody battle against her ex-hubby Kevin Federline for control of their two children Sean Preston and Jayden James ... and sure, the time allowed with her children each week is strictly limited by the court but ... homegirl just celebrated her 26th birthday in style (and possibly in a criminal way but that's beside the point) and she has managed to go weeks without running over anyone with her car. Now that's progress. The best news of all, I think, is that Miss Brit finally got rid of those brown boots that she's been living in for the past 45 years and went out and got herself some sexy new red boots:

Photo credit: X17

Thank the Lawd, new boots. It's unclear for how many years Britney plans on wearing these new darlings but it's nice that we'll get to enjoy a change of pace. I hope those other boots have been done away with once and for all ... I can't even being to imagine what they must smell like at this point. Eep! [Source]

After wowing the crowd in Vancouver, British Columbia on Sunday for the opening night show of the Spice Girls Reunion Tour, les Spices packed up all their bags, their mens and their children and hopped aboard Air Spice One to make their way to San Jose, CA for night two of the tour which took place last night. Here are a few pics of all the Spices as they made their way thru the airport and then as they arrived on US soil:

Hours after bursting onto the stage for the first night of the Spice Girls comeback tour, Melanie Brown and Geri Halliwell switched from international pop stars to doting mothers as they left Vancouver for LA. Scary Spice was spotted wrangling Angel Iris - her daughter to former boyfriend Eddie Murhpy - while queuing up at the airport before her flight. She was joined by Geri Halliwell and her daughter Bluebell, who was taking baby steps through the terminal with her mother's careful guidance. Mel B and Geri, who describes herself as a "working mother", later scooped up their daughters and joined the remaining Spice Girls as they boarded a private jet. Victoria Beckham, who was accompanied by her husband David, is thought to have been ushered through security. They look like one big happy bunch, don't they? And not a single sniff of in-fighting? Hmm ... I wonder how long that will last. [Source]

But, before the Spice clan departed from Vancouver, Vicki B. and her littlest child, Cruz, got all dolled up for a little shopping excursion in town ... lookin' all kinds of adorable:

Photo credit: Finalpixx

Actually, it wasn't all shopping fun for VB ... she was actually scoping out how well her dVb line was selling at local Aritzia store. At any rate, little Cruz Beckham looked so cute in his little bomber jacket and his little Cruz skull cap. I wonder if the other Beckham boys ever get jealous that Vicki B. tends to favor her newest son. [Source]

Anyways, last night was the second stop on the Spice Girls Reunion Tour ... here are a few pics from the show in San Jose, CA which took place at the HP Pavilion:

Photo credit: Splash News

I gotta admit ... the costumes look really fun! Tonight, Darion and I are going to the Staples Center here in downtown LA for the first of the 2 shows they are doing here this week. I am so excited ... I've waited a very long time to get to zig-a-zig-ah with the Spice Girls live in concert. Woot!!! [Source]

Pink reader Mily was at the San Jose show last night and she sends in these pics of David Beckham also in the crowd trying to take photos of his lovely wife and her Spicy friends on stage:

Mily writes: My friend Kim and I attended the Spice Girls show in San Jose, CA tonight. We were sitting 8th row at the show and David Beckham, Simon Fuller, and Carrie Underwood were all sitting in the section next to us!! The girls around us were going nuts, but security made sure that no one got near them. Tons of people were just taking pictures of them, and one guy even got into some trouble for taking "too many" pictures. David was singing along to a few songs, but spent most of his time taking pictures of the show. Towards the end Scary Spice pointed to David & Gang and told them they needed to stand up, and said "It's your fault I messed up my rap during Wannabe" and pointed towards David. Ha! I love it! It sounds like it's a fun show ... I can't wait to see it for myself. I'm not counting on being able to be this close to dear Becks but ... you never know ;) Thanks so much for sharing!!! [thanks Mily]

One last bit of Spiceness, Victoria Beckham graces the cover of the new issue of Elle magazine ... check it out:

You know ... even I have to admit that Vicki B. don't look too shabby on this cover. Altho her tan looks a wee bit unnatural (ie. touched up), it doesn't look bad at all. I quite like this coverphoto ... I can't wait to see what the rest of the photoshoot looks like. [Source]

Okay ... so have any of you seen the trailer for the new movie P.S. I Love You which stars Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler due to hit theaters on December 21? At first, I was hesitant to even consider seeing this movie ... but then I saw the trailer a few more times and it kinda grew on me ... especially when you consider that Gerrard Butler is in it ...

... yeah ... that helps a lot. The trailer makes it clear that this movie is gonna be a schmaltzy cryfest but the scenes with Lisa Kudrow are really laugh out loud funny. And, um, if Gerard has any semi-nekkid scenes in the flick (you know, before his untimely demise) then I'm all for it. The movie opens in theaters when I'll be home for Xmas so I have a sneaking feeling that I might be seeing it with Sarah ;) [Source]

Amy Winehouse continues her sad, shame-spiral into the abyss of despair as she was snapped running out to take care of the munchies a few errands at 4am again this week for the third morning in a row. Here are pics of Amy roaming the freezing streets of London while wearing only a pink tank top shirt in search of a sugary snack to sate her late night cravings:

Photo credit: Mr. Paparazzi

Amy Winehouse's nocturnal lifestyle continued for the THIRD night in a row - with a 4.15am run to the newsagents to pick up an unusual late night snack – a box of ice lollies. And she enjoyed a visit from another celebrity pal – Sadie Frost who called around at the very early - or late - hour of 6am to offer help to her pal in her hour of need. Troubled Amy nipped out in the early hours this morning to her local newsagents to stock up on ice-lollies and sweets. Considering she was seen earlier this week wandering the streets semi-clad, the fact she was fully dressed on this occasion could be seen as progress ... Back to Black star Amy is not said to be coping well while her husband Blake Fielder-Civil is in Pentonville Prison where he is awaiting trial on assault and trial-fixing charges. A source said: "Amy is in a real state at the moment. She is still using drugs and is not coping well without Blake around. Some pals thought she'd be better off without him, but it has only made her worse. She is feeling very low after cancelling the rest of her tour ..." In the midst of her current crisis, Amy also appears to have turned to Doherty for support. It's understandable that when you're down on your luck and your husband is behind bars, you need all the friends you can get. But scruffy Doherty, who looks in need of similar support following his well-documented troubles with drugs and the law, may be just the kind of friend Amy doesn't need. Hmm ... I wonder what her PR folks are gonna come up with this time to try and explain away this latest erratic behavior. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan was snapped in Hollywood this week shooting a new ad campaign or photoshoot or ... something ... with a few friends ...

Uhhhh. Yeah. I have no idea. [Source]

Things appear to be coming along nicely with the reunited Jesse Metcalfe and his usually estranged girlfriend Nadine Coyle. Here are a couple of pics of Jesse making his grand exit from Nadine's London flat in the early morning daylight:

Photo credit: Mr. Paparazzi

It looks like the boy is starting to take care of himself again ... clearly, not getting dumped does wonders for one's self-esteem. [Source]

Hulk Hogan and his children Nick and Brooke were spotted here in SoCal helping mama Linda Hogan find a new place to move into since she filed for divorce from the Hulkster a few weeks ago ... let's just assume for a moment that the Hogan family is really breaking apart (and that the divorce isn't a huge scam to try and protect some of the family's assets should a lawsuit be filed against them over the car accident that critically injured John Graziano where Nick Hogan was behind the wheel) ... it only makes sense that the kids would want to stick with the parent with the most cash, right?

Photo credit: X17

At least for now ... depending on how the divorce proceedings go down, I'm sure the kiddies will be happy to switch teams in order to follow the money. OY, I wouldn't want to be in that family for the world. [Source]

Emma Watson is showing off an older, more mature side of herself in the new issue of In Style magazine ... here are a couple of pics from her photoshoot:

I really miss the days when Emma as Hermoine was running around with her ratty hair uncombed as she was trying to act all smarty-pants to everyone at Hogwart's. She was so cute then. I kinda don't like seeing her all dolled up in make-up. Altho, truth be told, she doesn't look at all tarty ... she looks much nicer than, say, someone like a certain younger Lohan we all know. [Source]

Tom Brady thinks that his seething masculinity (and a high kick or two) is enough to get folks to pony up and buy bottles of Stetson cologne:

Uh, he might be right. I'm not the biggest Brady fan but I do like these pics. In fact, I think I might make THIS my desktop wallpaper. [Source]

And now for the Superhero portion of the blog post (the above L. Lo photos notwithstanding): Entertainment Tonight scored the first look at Matthew Fox all done up as Racer X for the new live-action movie version of the classic cartoon Speed Racer ... here are a few screencaps:

I think I like the idea of Matthew Fox all squeezed into a leather costume like this. I'm very curious to see how Speed Racer translates to the big screen but I do love that Emile Hirsch will be playing Speed, John Goodman will be playing Pops and Christina Ricci (who I think is perfectly cast) will play Trixie. Click HERE to watch the ET interview with Matthew on his role in Speed Racer. [Source]

The amazingly fun Batman: The Dark Knight viral website unleashed a new game for folks to play this week (something involving fans having to actually go into bakeries around the country to pick up cakes) which led to the eventual release of a brand new teaser poster for the movie:

It's simple yet effective. I understand that a prequel of sorts for the movie will be shown ahead of the new movie I Am Legend when it opens in theaters later on this month. I'd suggest going on opening weekend to make sure you don't miss seeing it. [Source]

Elsewhere in Superheroland, a new promo image has been released for the new movie Iron Man:

I guess the folks making this movie don't want you to think that Batman is the only hero hitting the big screen in 2008. [Source]

And finally ... the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France has been all decked out in Xmas lights ...

Photo credit: Wireimage

... which is a healthy reminder that we are only 20 days away from the big day. Have you started your Xmas shopping yet? [Source]

Les News:
Blah ... Mike and I were hoping to make the trek out to Malibu, CA last night to party with Jordan for his birthday but the heinous LA traffic totally ruined our plans. Mike wasn't able to get out of work early enough for us to beat the worst of the traffic and we got stuck in town instead. I'm pretty sure Jordan was able to carry on without us but I'm hoping to be able to take him out for a birthday dinner soon. I can't wait to get him his present :)

Tonight is the big Spice Girls night (the first of 2). I have some things to take care of this afternoon but I am very much looking forward to seeing the Spice Girls, all 5 of them, live on stage for the very first time. Wee!!! I will do my best to have some deets for all y'all tomorrow ... who knows, maybe I'll be able to enjoy a close encounter of the Spice kind ;)

I am out.