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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Spice Of Life

OY! Lots to get thru today so let's just get right to it ... Britney Spears appears to already be over that last new guy who she was seen with (remember, the waiter who got photographed with her and managed to get his 15 seconds of fame?) because she's already found an even newer guy ... you might already know his name:

Troubled singer Britney Spears has been spotted out shopping for a new house and has raised questions that she has turned to religion by carrying a book with a picture of Jesus on it. The mother of two dressed smartly in a dark suit-style jacket and trousers with high-heeled boots as she walked through the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. She was later spotted wearing a different outfit and carrying a book with a large picture of Jesus with her - which now has fans wondering if she has turned to religion in a bid to help her sort her troubled life. Hallelujah! She is finally getting help ... tho, I wouldn't really count on a total reversal of fortune just yet ... but if this book, I Am the Door by Paul Ferrini can help out in any small way ... I'd be much obliged. Something tells me that Jebus isn't the only new dude on Brit Brit's mind these days ... [Source]

... in fact, Brit Brit has been spending quite a bit of time with a different new guy ... a real estate agent named Robert Edie who works for Betzen and Levin Real Estate ...

It's interesting ... Britney Spears already bought, like, 5 new homes this year already ... I wonder if she really is interested in new real estate or if she is just trying to spend as much time with this hot young chap. After all, Britney's wiles aren't what they used to be ... it seems that she has to be a bit more cunning to woo gentlemen of this caliber (ie. employed). Good luck with that, Britters!! [Source, Source]


Hmm ... I'm not sure if it's me or if there is something amiss with this fourth season of Project Runway but I'm just not really feelin' it yet. I've mentioned before that I have yet to be wowed by any of the challenges this season and the contestants aren't really reaching out and grabbing me. I think my zest for the show comes from all the familiar things about Project Runway that I've loved in previous seasons but the new elements are just so ... eh. That said, I think last night's challenge was a good one and I think we may have finally found the villain for this season:

First things first ... one of my absolute fave things about Project Runway from the very beginning is Nina Garcia and her no-nonsense approach to ripping apart the fragile egos of the designers who stand before her for judgment. In all honesty, Nina tells it like it is ... she will call you out for unfinished seams or outdated styling ... and I love her for it (I also love that she doesn't seem bothered when she makes people cry). You can imagine my glee when she was allowed out of the judging room and into the designer's work room to help Tim Gunn intro the new challenge. I loved the idea of taking outdated fashion fads and reinventing them in a modern way. I think the grouping of designers worked really well ... Team Christian was strong and I was sure they were gonna win ... I was really happy that the judges actually chose my pick for the winner this ep. Team Jillian's collection was, by far, the coolest and most successful in taking the fads and making them cool and new. I had my doubts about Jillian and her leadership skills but they managed to pull off a great win. Team Chris, on the other hand, was just doomed from the start. Their fads were just really hard to work with ... shoulder pads? Really? All I kept thinking was that Bea Arthur was gonna have to come out and model whatever it was they came up with -- and had they done that, I think Bea could've rocked the hell out of that fugly ass jacket. I'm really bummed that Chris got auf'ed already. I liked him and his designs ... I think he did the best with those horrid shoulder pads. Steven should've got gone but ... c'est la vie. I was a bit surprised at what a big beyotch Victoria turned out to be. I thought she'd be all sweet but instead she looks to be in the lead for head villain this season. Could she turn out to be worse than Wendy Pepper? I think so ... she looks like she has no problem with backstabbing and intimidation. Poor Ricky is hanging on by a thread ... I think his days are numbered. Barring any freak exits in the next ep, I think he will be the next to go. I fully expect him to have an overdramatically tearful exit when his day of reckoning finally comes. Hmm ... maybe this season is starting to look up already :) [Source]

In related Bravo TV romance news, OutZone is reporting that Jack from this season of Project Runway and Dale, the runner up from the last season of Top Chef are happily attached ... and look at what a cute couple they make:

We love it when there's love in the family! And across shows, no less! So we are thrilled to share the news that our very own Dale Levitski from "Top Chef" is dating "Project Runway's" Jack Mackenroth. How did we uncover this news? We picked up the phone and called Jack, who had this to say: "It's very baby steps. I really like him a lot. And geography is a bit of an issue, but we'll see where it goes. I like him a lot. I assume he likes me a lot. Unless he's lying ...(laughter) ... He's adorable. I like keeping it incestuous, keep it in the Bravo family." SO we immediately had to call Dale, who told us, "Yeah, we randomly met over Myspace. And then we bumped into each other at the OUT100 party and clicked. He's hilarious. We're just gonna roll with it and see what happens. And he's cute as %&#@. We have the same sense of humor. We giggle a lot, and you know, anytime you end up going through the Bravo-reality-show ... we just looked at each other and said, 'yeah ...'" The above picture was described to us, by the way, as "it was the first time we met. All starry-eyed and stupid." AWWW, I love it! A My Space/Reality TV romance ... it's sure to last forever and ever and ever. They do make a great couple ... I wish them nothing but the best and I hope we get to see a lot more of them out and about together. [Source]

In legal news, Jack Bauer ... er, Kiefer Sutherland was given permission by the judge in his DUI case to serve out his 48-day sentence in a private jail in Glendale, CA instead of having to serve out his penalty at the Twin Towers facility where all the hardened criminals go. Apparently eager to get the whole thing over with, Kiefer immediately surrendered himself to the authorities and was booked and then locked up in his jailhouse of choice ... where he will celebrate his birthday, Xmas and the New Year ... ouch!

Kiefer Sutherland surrendered to jail Wednesday to begin a 48-day sentence for his DUI arrest. Sutherland, 40, was processed into the jail in Glendale, Calif., a Los Angeles suburb, at 5:46 p.m., according to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. "Mr. Sutherland is very polite and humble. He was very cooperative during the booking process," said jail spokesman Officer John Balian. "He will be issued an orange jumpsuit, and will be housed alone in a cell, since he'll be a long-term inmate." Sutherland will be assigned to laundry and kitchen duty, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to the other inmates. As an inmate worker, he'll be allowed the roam the jail "about 75 percent of the time" – rather than be confined to his cell all day – though the only time he'll be in contact with other inmates is when he's serving food, said Balian. The actor was sentenced in an L.A. courtroom earlier in the afternoon for the DUI arrest and for violating probation. The 24 star wore a black pinstripe suit and looked contrite before the judge, who spared him from the much harsher L.A. County facility. Asked if he had any comment, Sutherland smiled and shook his head as he walked away from the courtroom. Judge Stuart M. Rice also sentenced Sutherland to five years probation, and he must complete an 18-month alcohol education program and attend weekly therapy sessions for six months. Sutherland is expected to serve his entire term, the L.A. City Attorney's Office said in a statement. "Sutherland will be serving the 48 days in the Glendale City Jail, with no early release and no good time/work time credit, so we expect that he will serve the entire 48 days in jail," the statement said ... Sutherland previously released a statement saying, "I'm very disappointed in myself for the poor judgment I exhibited recently, and I'm deeply sorry for the disappointment and distress this has caused my family, friends and co-workers on 24 and at 20th Century Fox. I appreciate the support and concern that has been extended to me these last weeks both personally and professionally." Well, if Kiefer, I mean Jack, I mean Kiefer can survive 3 years in a Chinese prison and still manage to get out and save the world from nuclear attack then I'm sure he'll have no problem navigating the waters at the City of Glendale Jailhouse. See ya on the other side, dude. [Source, Source]

Elsewhere in celebs-in-jail land, rapper Akon was booked on the charge of endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment yesterday as well and all we have is this lovely mugshot to show for it:

Akon doesn't strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed, despite the fact that he showed up to get booked looking like a sharp-dressed tool. Akon has decided to plead not guilty on the charges that he threw a fan off stage and into the audience at a live performance earlier this year despite the fact that video exists that shows that he did throw that fan off stage and into the audience. Add to that, his lawyer released a statement that Akon "deeply regrets" the incident for which he plead not guilty to. Um. Can they just lock him up already cuz I don't wanna hear any more foolishness from him for a while. [Source]

GQ threw a little soriee at the Chateau Marmont here in LA last night to celebrate its Men of the Year issue and quite a few men ... and boys ... and women came out for the affair:

Photo credit: Splash News

There must've been something in the drinks that they were serving at last night's party because, once inside, everyone seemed to couple up and get cozy with the person standing next to them:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I wonder how many of these fraternizations actually flourished into full-fledged hook-ups by night's end. Ahhh, the possibilities boggle the mind. [Source]

Nicolas Cage, Justin Bartha, Diane Kruger and others were on hand at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Japan for a photocall/screening of their new movie National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, which is due to hit theaters here in the states on December 21 ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I may have made this clear in previous blog posts over the years but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NATIONAL TREASURE AND I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY. It's like ... a sickness ... one that I don't want to be cured of. I've prolly seen the movie about 95 times in my life ... which is kinda sad and I prolly shouldn't be admitting to it in public but ... whatevs. Personally, I blame this crazy interest on the fact that I used to teach History and ... that's all I got. So, of course, I am very excited for this new sequel. I really hope the sequel can measure up to the original ... cuz I'll be really upset if I only end up wanting to watch Book of Secrets a measly 35 times. [Source]

Here are the first pictures of Zac Efron on the set of his new movie Seventeen:

Photo credit: JFXonline

While the photos themselves aren't very telling and, therefore, not all that exciting, it does show that Zac is capable of doing more than making musical movies and going to the gym. See, he works for those megamillions that he enjoys. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan also works as well ... I think ... here are more pics of Lindsay hanging out with some super friends on this new photoshoot thing that she's been working on this week:

Photo credit: JFXonline

I understand all this weirdness with the costumed folk is for a photoshoot that will appear in Harper's Bazaar magazine at some point. Yeah, I still don't get it. [Source]

OMG ... have you heard? Amy Winehouse is a crazy mess these days ...

... just in case it hasn't been evident thus far this week. At least she started terrorizing the streets of London in the day time instead of the wee hours of the night/morning. [Source]

BoyCulture has sniffed out these absolutely amazing photos of upstart Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson who is currently starring in Xanadu: The Musical on the Great White Way. Cheyenne has gotten a reputation for his massively, delish thighs (which he shows off nightly in the finale number of Xanadu) and has decided to let reFresh magazine help him show them off further:

Thank you sweet Lord Jebus for this beauteous bounty for which I may never be able to repay. Mmm mmm mmm ... this reminds me, I need to see Xanadu on Broadway again. [Source]

Here are a few outtake photos of GQ magazine's choice for Obsession of the Year for 2007 Hayden Panettiere:

I present these pics for those of you who may not be as interested in Cheyenne Jackson's thighs as I am. See, I'm all for equal opportunity lusting. [Source]

Burgeoning Hollywood "It" Girl Blake Lively is featured on the cover of the new issue of Lucky magazine:

Doesn't she look a sweet and lovely on this magazine cover? I'm sure it won't be long until she's posing in her skiivies in a baby doll nighty in the pages of GQ magazine, too. [Source]

Yesterday we got to see a few pics of Matthew Fox all dressed up as Racer X for the new live-action movie version of the cartoon Speed Racer ... and today we get to see what the other cast members look like as well:

OMG ... seriously, the best casting ever. Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci look amazing ... as does John Goodman as pops. I'm so excited to see how the Wachowski Brothers bring this old 60s cartoon to life. I love it!!! [Source]

And finally, Kitson here in West Hollywood is paying homage to the Year of Blogs in their new holiday window display and I'm happy to report that Pink is the new Blog and my David's amazing site Jossip are both featured in the display:

Heh. It looks pretty cool. Personally, I would've made the PINTB logo pink but ... whatevs. If you happen to be in the area sometime soon you might want to check it out for yourself :)

Les News:
Okay ... so Darion and I had the most amazing, most funnest time ever last night and I'm gonna end up posting a whole bunch of spoilers of the Spice Girls Reunion Tour. If you don't want to be spoiled at all you might want to just stop reading right now. If you want to hear all about the show ... then here we go ...


I'll be completely honest, I really didn't know what to expect from last night's show. I heard from Pink readers who saw the show in Vancouver and San Jose that it is a great show but I didn't know how great it would actually be. It's not that I expected it to be bad but I guess I didn't expect it to be as good as it was. The Spices spent a lotta money on the staging and it really showed ... I think the last time I saw a show this big was when Madonna was on tour last. Before the show started, we saw that David Beckham and the boys were holed up in a suite at the very back of the arena ... and they were joined by TomKat and Suri (Click HERE to see a pic). The place erupted in screams when Becks leaned over to buy some cotton candy for his kids ...

... yeah, they were pretty much our entertainment until the show began ...

Photo credit: Splash News

but once the show got underway, all eyes were on the Spice Girls:

There were so many great elements to the show ... I loved the costumes and the video screens. The girls really had their choreography down but they really didn't bust out any major moves ... there was a lot of posing and twirling but it was all in sync and it looked very tight. The singing, I can confirm, was live even if it wasn't all that great all the time. It was hard to tell who but someone was out of tune a few times. But still, I prefer so-so live signing to absolute lip syncing. I was very impressed by Vicki B. I can't lie. She looked great, sang her little heart out and really worked the stage ... the crowd cheered for her every time she stepped in front of the other girls. BUT, Geri looked the best out of them all. I mean ... she looked daaaaamn good. Her abs ... Lord have mercy, she is ripped.

Each girl got to sing/perform their own solo song ... Mel C sang her hit song I Turn To You, Geri sang the song she made a hit again on one of her solo albums, It's Raining Men (cuz the show wasn't gay enough). Emma sang her song Maybe from her most successful solo album ... and then Mel B did a cover of Are You Gonna Go My Way (but she had a bull whip and a cat suit so ... it was all good). Vicki B. didn't have a hit song to sing or cover ... in fact, she didn't sing for her solo portion at all ... all she did was pose and prance on the catwalk. Check it out:

Hahahhahahaha ... whatevs, she worked it so I can't be mad at her. Here is the full setlist from the show:

Spice Up Your Life
Say You'll Be There
Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
Lady Is A Vamp
Too Much
2 Become 1
Who Do You Think You Are
Vicki B's solo - no singing, just prancing
Mel B's solo - Are You Gonna Go My Way
Emma's solo - Maybe
Viva Forever
Geri's Solo - It's Raining Men
Mel C's solo - I Turn To You
Let Love Lead The Way
Celebration Medley


Humpty Dance (Dance Segue) / If U Can't Dance
Spice Up Your Life - again

Darion and I danced and screamed the whole time ... we had a total blast. I waited 10 years to see those beyotches up on stage and it was worth the wait ... the show is deffo worth seeing. I understand they just added new dates (they're hittin' Detroit on February 16th) so you have to see them live if you can. I'm really excited to see the show again on Friday night with David :)

I got to meet a few Pink readers last night ...

It was very nice meeting you Ryan, Ami, Julia, Elle & Kelly. Thank you for the great pics!! Darion and I both took a million pics which you can see HERE if you like.

So .. yeah ... David arrives late tonight and I have tons to take care of before he gets here ... so I'm out.



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