Friday, April 11, 2008

Vanilla Ice Busted!

90's white rapper Robert Van Winkle, better known to the world as Vanilla Ice, was arrested in his Palm Beach County, Florida home last night on the charge of domestic battery on his wife -- too cold, too cold ... TMZ has the available deets, natch:

Former rap star Vanilla Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle, was arrested tonight at his home after an alleged altercation with his wife. Ice was booked by Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputies at 10:43 PM ET on a charge of domestic battery. Sources tell TMZ he got into an argument with his wife, Laura, and he pushed her. Vanilla Ice is still in custody at Palm Beach County Jail. Palm Beach County Sheriff's tell TMZ that in most cases, people arrested for domestic violence are usually held over to see a judge. Looks like Mr. Van Winkle will spend a night in the pokey.

From the sound of it, it appears that there may be nothing at all to this altercation ... whether or not he really battered his wife, the details thus far do not make it seem like anything of substance will come from this incident. To be completely honest, I'm just stunned at how quickly Vanilla Ice's mug shot made its way to the InterWeb ... sometimes the photo never gets released but in jurisdictions where celebrity mug shot releases are common place the photos make their way half way around the world before the accused is even fingerprinted. What a world, what a world. [Source]