Thursday, April 10, 2008

Urban Word Of The Day: Irregardless

Pink readers Eryka and Jasmine gave me the head's up that the Urban Word of the Day today is one of my fave words ever -- Irregardless. You may recall that the word gained fame from its use in the movie Mean Girls (I even blogged about it HERE back in 2005) and I have been known to use it occasionally right here on the blog (which *always* results in a flurry of emails from readers to insist on telling me that "irregardless is not a word") ... so I think a salute is in order:

Urban Word of the Day

April 10, 2008: Irregardless

Without lack of disregard.

Joey: Irregardless, she's a [batch].
Beth: Irregardless isn't even a word.

Holllllla! It's not as if I needed further validation to use the word but it's nice to have nonetheless. Happy Irregardless Day, y'all! [Source, Source]